What is 'God'?
Question: I was asking myself this question and tried to find out about it. I went to various discussion boards and also talked with a lot of people, but as more I think about it and talk as more confused I'm becoming. I was told that I need to believe then my confusion will disappear. But somehow I refuse to believe in something I don't understand. Is there a solution? Can you tell me what is 'God'?
BeiYin: On your search to find out about it, you probably got to know the various concepts about what 'God' is. Why these were not satisfying you?
Question: Yes, this is another part of my problem. I see that most people are not asking further on, they just believe what they are told in their Sunday school, then when they grow up, they join the common goals: Going for a career, making money, having a family, children, etc. and they stay with their belief they were told as children. But then after having worked hard for thirty or fifty years, they are becoming tired and sick and then they are mostly occupied with their suffering. They have problems with their children, with their partner, etc. and this goes on and on, until they break down. If this hasn't happen before because they have ruined their health with drugs, alcohol or just their eating habits. So for what was serving their belief they were thought in their childhood? Maybe it gave them some kind of 'moral' direction, but the worn out picture of 'Hell and Heaven' doesn't seem to work anymore, as the rising amount of crimes, desperation and suicides show clearly. Isn't there a huge discrepancy between what the regions tell us and the daily life around us? Isn't this world in the first place materialistic and nearly everything people are doing and especially the people who have the power and the possibility to do it differently, are striving for materialistic goals? And isn't it obvious that with this humanity is destroying this planet and all life on it? And all this with our beautiful beliefs and in 'God'? So how can I honestly believe in this? There is something profoundly wrong about it!
When I look around me, then I observe that the people who want to sell me their products, are using the same methods: They are telling me what will make me happy, promising me satisfaction and a kind of heaven on earth. They want that I believe in their honesty and they all just want the best for me. Very similar to what all politicians are pretending. But can I trust in all these promises? When I see the corruption everywhere then I doubt this and it becomes clear that probably they all just want my money. And then seeing their religious phrases used, I just feel disgusted and realize that they are trying to manipulate me. Looking at it I am even more confused and only want to go away from so much falseness all around. Is there a way to get out of it?
BeiYin: You see it pretty clear and I don't have to add much to it. My simple advice for the moment would be: Twice a day meditation for at least 20 minutes. Try to stay away for some time from too much influence from outside: Switch off the TV, avoid any junk food, (eat mainly fresh vegetable and fruits), avoid all drugs, no tobacco, no alcohol. Go for long walks in nature. Relate to animals and plants. Talk and try to connect with simple people. Listen to good music. Do something with your hands, like repairing something, etc. And for the moment take it easy. Then you will see that your confusion will clear up and then you will be more capable to look beyond your position.
Then come back and we will talk about what 'God' is...
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