Questioning concepts... "Enlightenment"
Question: I read your writings and it sounds like you don't think enlightenment exists! This shocks me. I always thought the Buddha was enlightened and so were probably more like him.
BeiYin: If I would think so then this would mean that I have no proof and I refuse just to believe it.   All beliefs contain insecurity and there is no proof. Beliefs consist in concepts one can adapt and make to ones own, so they give a certain sense and security to ones life, filling up ones void. Even the strongest fundamental beliefs in our society delivered for example by authorities and established systems and now being part of society and of each individual, should be critically observed with the question if these really serve us. Concepts of all kind holding us in a cage as long we haven't realized the concepts in our daily life. The serious conflict in this is that holding a concept about something, inhibits the realization of it. For example: The concept of 'freedom' might be beautiful and gives a certain satisfaction, but looking at daily reality one is forced to ask oneself where freedom really is. Is the concept of freedom given to people that they can hang on an illusion they can strive for and so keeping them quiet?
I don't know if Buddha was enlightened or that he really existed, as I never met him and even I would know him personally, there is no way to find out about it, as I'm not enlightened and only an enlightened person is capable to recognize another enlightened person. Of course I would ask him very specific questions, trying to find out about him, but as we can experience around, people are pretending all kind of things and they are really virtuose in this. It is somehow similar with art: Only an artist can recognize an expression as 'real art'. There are so many people pretending, that probably no field is excluded and for sure 'being enlightened' is no exception. There is pretty much information available what enlightenment could be and so it is not difficult to make a convincing concept out of it, then write a few wise and clever books, which will satisfy the need of the present 'thinking fashion', then give yourself an attractive guru outfit and you will gather people around you...
Question: Why people are pretending? And why should someone pretend to be enlightened?
BeiYin: Simply because this lifts one up as being the most special human possible and having admirer and followers gives a lot of confirmation for one's role.
I'm not saying that 'enlightenment' is not possible, but that somebody is expressing oneself after having had spiritual experiences is not enough. These experiences might be authentic and change the personality of this person, but this is not necessarily coming out of 'enlightenment'.

Question: What about those various founders of religions, have they been enlightened?
BeiYin: I don't know. It might be possible, but looking at and understanding humans nature, I would say that a basic step to enlightenment is to know about humans nature and then with this knowledge and feeling responsible to do something about 'reality' then this person might feel the urge to give some 'rules' and advises to better behavior and so human conditions. But then also knowing that for humans their personality and the satisfaction of their desires and especially the confirmation of their self image, is the most important in this state of human evolution and there hasn't change something essential about it the last two thousand years. Bearing account of these facts, then I would say that a really 'enlightened' human probably would not have expressed her/himself, because - without any exception - all is used for one's 'lousy' personality and NOT to go beyond it - toward 'enlightenment'.

Question: If one can't be enlightened, then what is the point of it all... is there a point?
BeiYin: For what kind of goal you are striving doesn't really matter: It might be power, money, possessions, being strong or beautiful, knowledge, wisdom, attention, love or enlightenment. As long as you have something which gives sense to you and fills the void in which you would fall not having any thing to go for, it doesn't really matter.

Question: Why are people 'good' or 'bad'? Why it is important for most to look neat and clean? And for others to have a crazy outfit and being different? For most it is important to wear the newest fashion and for others to wear worn out and rotten cloth?
BeiYin: They all want to be special and get attention or they want to demonstrate something. For some people the confirmation with outside means has lost it's importance. There might be many reasons for it: If somebody is ugly then probably has not chosen the goal to be beautiful or if somebody is poor and after having tried for many years to be rich has given up and looks for something else, and so on... Probably it has to do with one's personal state of evolution, but still the most important is one's personal satisfaction with the intention to seek on the outside for it.
Question: If there is no enlightenment, then I don't see the point of searching for it.
If there is no truth, there is no reason to look for it.
BeiYin: If there is or not enlightenment - who knows? But there is the concept of it and this is enough! Like all the other concepts with which people fill up themselves and their lives.
'Looking for truth' means to get confirmation for your own truth, probably the concept of how it should be: Your experiences, your feeling and your thoughts. Then you will feel well and have no depressions.
Question: If there is no being, then there is no reason to be.
BeiYin: What are you saying here? Isn't this nonsense? Do you exist or not? You know that you exist. A Zen master would hit you on your nose or kick you and when you scream out of pain, he would ask you: "Do you exist?" There is absolutely no doubt about it! What might be is that you want to exist more than you exist and you are looking for ways for it, but because you do so, then with this you are pointing into a far out direction and loosing the present opportunity to experience your 'existence'. You are playing a game with yourself. It might even be possible that you reach 'instant enlightenment' if you could realize your position and drop your games. But there is the 'guardian of the threshold' and will not allow that you enter this space. At least not that easy and just by talking about it...
Question: I am getting more and more depressed about this lately, because I see that there is a certain futility to life, in the way it is so unlimited. I wish to learn so many things, and see so many people holding hands and dance and be joyful, and all those things... and I realize that I am trapped in my existence as a human being that has needs and desires and wants and wishes, and I can't possibly fulfill all of them. Do all the things I want to do. Learn all the subjects and facts I want to.
BeiYin: You are depressed? Congratulations! I see this as absolutely positive. This is a sign of your growing process and shows that there is build up an obstacle so that you can question yourself and maybe find out about all this... So you might ask yourself why you 'want to learn so many things'. You are NOT trapped in your existence just because you have needs and wishes. Yes, you are human and so if you feel that you want 'to hold hands' then just do it!
Question: It's impossible! There just is not enough time. I feel for a second maybe it is better then - to quit it? I don't know... But I found my new major subject, which is going to lead to "peace, understanding and co-operation", on the way subjects concerning global education. It will be very exciting, I am sure. Maybe I can do something good some day.
BeiYin: "There is not enough time?" You are in the beginning of your life! If I would say this, having maybe ten or twenty years left ahead... But I don't say this, I prefer to finish this comment, what happens after I don't worry about it...
If you are 'excited' then just go on, there will be no space left for 'depressions', so enjoy it as long as it lasts... "Maybe I can do something good some day." Yes, nice goal, but what you are not doing now has in the best case the function of a carrot for a donkey, it makes him moving toward a desirable goal.
Question: Do you believe it is impossible to reach enlightenment?
BeiYin: Do you think it is possible to jump over one's own shadow? The fact is that many people are trying it and this keeps them busy all their life. It makes sense to them although it is senseless. The same with 'going beyond one's personality', sounds good as a concept, but in reality it just doesn't work: The dog runs after his own tail! At least he has fun - and feels his existence... So go on, the majority of humanity is with you!
Question: So then what is enlightenment, does it really exists?
BeiYin: This question indicates that there is a lack of understanding what enlightenment really is. Or there is a misunderstanding. Probably because the last thirty years this conception became overloaded with religious and mystical luggage.
Let us see what the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English tells us: Enlightenment = the act of enlightening: This law is so difficult to understand that only a lawyer can provide enlightenment. 2: the state of having been enlightened: The family owed a great deal to the enlightenment of their mother's opinions about the bringing up of children.
Enlightenment = the period in the 18th century in Europe, when certain thinkers taught that science and the free use of reason would improve the human condition.
So far it doesn't say much to enlighten the subject. So let's continue: enlighten = to cause to understand; free from false beliefs: Peter thought the world was flat until I enlightened him! Aha! "Free from false beliefs" This makes it a little bit clearer: If one is free from false beliefs then one is 'enlightened', at least in this specific part, but not totally of course. So to follow the 'use of reason' it would mean if somebody is free of ALL false beliefs then this person would be 'enlightened'! It seems to me that this is still not enough. I am convinced that it doesn't matter if a belief is false or true, - as long the belief is just a belief and not realized in one's personal growing process. I even want to go further: A person is not really 'enlightened' if there are still remaining beliefs and concepts and as long one's existence is based on confirmations of one's self image.
Resume: 'Enlightenment' is possible, but it doesn't mean that there exist or had ever exist any humans with a complete realized state of this ultimate state of 'being'.

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