Meditation or Prayer?
Question: I am Christian and I was told to avoid any kind of meditation techniques and better stick on the prayer we are doing since our childhood. Meditation has its origin coming from Buddhism and Hinduism and doesn't go together with Christianism, we must avoid to mix up our belief with other dubious beliefs and not allow influences which might undermine our strong belief in Jesus Christ and our Church. What is your opinion about this?
BeiYin: There are many meditation techniques developed during history, each more or less directed to a specific entity which is essential part of the belief, confirming and enforcing it. But meditation by itself is free of any kind of manipulation and is only directed to the essence of one's existence and this doesn't depend or is limited to any kind of belief system, concept or religion. The specific meditation technique belonging to a belief, like prayer of Christians or mantra meditation of Hinduism will have a certain result but mainly will keep the one who practice it within this belief system. The person who is just meditating without special technique might find the essence of one's being and so find out that this is not bound to any religion.
It is pretty clear that the church is not interested that their sheep find out about it and then maybe leave, not depending anymore on this specific kind of world view offered, - with all it's consequences. So if you feel comfortable with were you are, stay with your prayer and follow the advice of your pastor. If he tells you that all meditation comes from the devil, then you might want to believe him.
But if you have serious doubts about it and you can see that all power institutions are using their influence to manipulate their followers, then you might be ready to find out by yourself... Of course it is very easy, as you have been feeling comfortable that long being in a trap, that you just go into another one. So better watch out and don't trust anybody. This might be the first step in your 'meditation': that you only trust yourself and that you become aware of the many temptations, which are caused by your own unconscious background...
Question: My best psychiatrist, and my first, told me I should meditate by using the "OM" method, what are your thoughts on this?
BeiYin: OM meditation works like a strong dissoluble, which will let fade away concepts, self image, value measurements, etc. In your case obviously not what you need, as your established concepts etc. are shattered anyway and have given you mental health problems. The breaking up of strong concepts causes strong reactions. Listen to your system and try to understand what goes on. You need to take responsibility for yourself. Being in a growing process means also to be in transition, it means to be unstable and to lose sometimes the ground under one's feed if one is not grounded enough. These are 'healing crisis' and putting labels on it and calling it a disease and with a sophisticated name doesn't help to heal, especially not if the symptoms are suppressed with chemicals...
If a psychiatrist gives this advice then this sounds like the story of the owner of a glazier workshop who gave catapults to the children of his quarter...
Question: I am lost as to why what had happened to me. I always read a lot about religion, and get into philosophical conversations, etc. I guess my imagination took over, and tried to make things real for me. Somewhere along the line, I believed everything I was reading or chatting about... with other religious people. I don't know why I linked myself with things, and they took on a personal meaning for me.
BeiYin: Better be critical in how far you are doing still the same, when reading or having 'communication' with people here or with me! You needed this because you felt lost and you were looking for sense and meaning, so believing in concepts was fulfilling this urge. But not really as your existence was deeply under washed. I don't know why, maybe due to your life experience or from an early child trauma. This makes you vulnerable and easy to be manipulated. So watch out!
You will find a secure feeling within yourself, not being dependent from any concept or meaning given from others, when you feel comfortable being 'naked', knowing that all others in reality are also naked. Like at the nudist beach, were every body is naked and then after short time it just feels natural...
Question: ...why do you think I am not taking responsibility for myself?
BeiYin: Might it be that the above has something to do with 'taking responsibility'? And also with the difficulty that you see what is meant?
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