Can meditation be bad for me?

Question: When I returned normal as an effect of the prescribed medication of course, I wonder why? Had this helped me? I didn't feel that I had grown, or were enlightened? Isn't that the purpose or goal of meditation?
BeiYin: There is a confusion: You are asking if meditation is bad for you, but you are writing then about medication, asking if this has helped you. I think it had helped you to find back to yourself, although I don't believe that this is of help as a permanent treatment. Of course with medication one can not 'grow'. Then you ask about enlightenment and if this wouldn't be the goal of meditation. So I will comment about this:
No, this is not the purpose and not the goal. With what you express you are showing the attitude of an 'artist' who is painting with the goal to sell his art. What makes clear that he is not a real artist, who never thinks about selling when he/she is painting. Meditating with a goal in mind you are like somebody who wants to sleep and is forcing himself to sleep. With the result not being able to sleep. In this society the usual attitude is that what one does needs to have a result which can be measured mainly in money, fame or power. If one meditates, that means to go into a field quite different from usual purpose and goals. We will talk more about this later...
Question: I thought the response from the doctor's were rather interesting. They replied to me, that I had lost touch with reality... how can this happen? I don't understand. Everything around us is real. I'm real. So how can you lose touch with reality? In my mind, the only way to lose touch with reality is to die...
BeiYin: Then I repeat what your other doctor told you and what you didn't like at all: "What is real?" Actually a good question, although not for somebody who is under shock. To answer your question: "How could this happen, why had I lost touch with reality?" is only possible to answer if we first get cleared up 'what is real'. Probably there is no objective reality, all depends on the person who perceives and this can be very different for another person. Not only because the senses have a different capability, but also because the background is different and so works like a filter. In general I would say that everything what we can be aware of through our senses is real and of course our thoughts and emotions are included. Our reactions are real. Our dreams and fantasies are real. Our self image is real. Our concepts are real.
When your doctor said that you had lost touch with reality, then he said this without relating to your reality. In fact you had lost touch because your personal reality, - until then more or less well established -, had gotten out of its frame and was shattered. There had happened a new reality, but you couldn't put it under one hat with the old one and your mind was not capable to deal with this dilemma and so you got 'out of your mind'.
Apart of this one does not lose reality when one dies, this is just an entering into another field, but everything will be real there: People one meets, one's feelings and thoughts, everything...

The Only Meditation There Is: Watching
Quote Osho's commentary: The man with no mind, or mindlessness, has nothing to control. He is just pure silence with nothing repressed, with nothing disciplined -- just a pure empty sky.
InkyPinkie: The one who wrote these commentaries, without doubt has used his mind, and he used it to manipulate thousands in a very clever way, using all the capacity of his mind. At the end paying for his tricks using 'truth' to trap followers. His intellect was great and so people with a similar mind feel still attracted. Telling people, who get their self confirmation in the first place out of their mind, about 'mindlessness' is like selling fridges to Eskimos. An extraordinary salesman of course can do this. But probably a few Eskimos will stay cool and just laugh...
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