What is the Meaning of Life?
> If you've never asked the question
> Who or when or why or  how
> Give your mind that great suggestion
> Go ahead and do it now
> You will find when you consider
> All the options that abound
> There is still but one conclusion
> Where peace of mind is found
BeiYin: Yes, one might ask these questions if one is disturbed and out of balance, because
the concept one has build up through out one's life has collapsed and nothing seems
to make sense any more. So then there are offered a lot of options, one only need to
choose. If one has failed in a materialistic outside goal, then something religious
might give new sense and satisfaction, and so the desired peace of mind is found.
This might work for some time keeping one busy. One can survive. If one has avoided
the many offered and socially accepted means to dump oneself into numbness, like with
drugs, medication, alcohol, etc. or finding a similar numbness in work, sex or
> What matters most in life today
> Is where you stand along the way
> Not what you have, but what you are
BeiYin: This is meant in a 'spiritual' sense and so offering a new concept to be adapted. But
who are we? Now it is the usual that we are what we own: Knowledge, wisdom,
intelligence, good feelings, bad feelings, love feelings, hate feelings, then our
body and all the things we have gathered. All these we are and of course all those
concepts, beliefs, habits, attitudes. All this makes our precious personality, that's
what we are. Now we are told that we are more and we need to trust in something
beyond ourselves, what we can't see or experience, but when we believe in it and when
we trust, then this will come to us. If we are in need, because we are not yet
content with what we have and are, then we are open to try a new concept. It doesn't
really matter if we try another concept, what can happen? Most important that we are
kept busy and don't fall again into an empty space. This feeling must be avoided as
it let us have doubts in our identity and so our feeling of existence is reduced.
But hey, in another post I read that the glass must be first empty because it can be
filled with something else, something better. Now. if my personality only starts to
empty, then I get into panic feelings and I will try to fill up the gape immediately.
So I will not allow to become totally empty and so never will be filled with
something new. If I fill up a gape with a promising new concept, spiritual or not,
then this will not make me empty for something new, in contrary it just continues
with the old satisfaction games. Now my real doubts start and with this my questions.
But I doubt all answers which might be offered. Are these filling me up or do they
help me to empty me, so that maybe I can experience myself without being identified
with all those contents? Looking through all those offers, I prefer not to trust
anybody and any new concept or instance which has to do with words and feelings, so
that I can again grasp at them and so stay trapped. I am looking now for something to
not depend. I want to take the reins into my own hands, I want to be responsible for
myself. I will not walk any known path, if there is no path visible then I will just
sit down and rest or look into myself what might show up from there. New questions
are showing up. I am capable to observe my feelings and my thought, yes, I am my
feelings and my thoughts, but when I can observe them, then I as the observer must be
more than that what I observe. Right? So I'm aware of this instance and I'm aware
that to be this, there is nothing else necessary than just this awareness. I
experience an unknown calmness, which is not disturbed by any thoughts or any
sensation. I know that I exist, even without property. I can own it all but I am free
of it and don't depend anymore on it. Now I can get up and see who I am when I
confront daily life. How will I relate to what shows up in front of me, not
responding out of my condition as an owner who needs to defend his property, but as
an observer who is free of those worn out conditions?
A new adventure in my life has started and I see it as a challenge which let me
experience myself, I can enjoy myself and feel like a bird carried by the uplifting
wind... effortless towards the light.

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