What inhibits Transformation? BeiYin
Transformation happens, but it can't be done, at least this is what it looks like when we observe the reality of human nature in daily life.
There is so much resistance and defense, that it becomes obvious that people are holding with all means on their established self image. They react very sensible to the slightest touch and react immediately not allowing that their property is taken away. Openness is an illusion, it might be part of one's self image, but only allows influences which confirm the personality in their concepts, beliefs, opinions and view points. Whatever doesn't fit into this pictures will be rejected. How can transformation happen under this conditions? Indeed, it can't happen. There might be the inner longing for transformation, but the cocoon is so compact that it doesn't allow any change. 
It can be observed, that any system has the tendency to hold itself together and to defend itself against any kind of influence which doesn't enforce or enrich. All systems allow growth, to become bigger, stronger, gain more power, become more clever, more sophisticated, etc. but will fight any influence which might change the system.
Transformation can't happen under these circumstances, but then when the system blows up more and more, separation occurs within the system and the parts start to fight against each other: destruction from within happens. With the result of stress, disease, cancer, violence, depression, revelation, revolution, war, etc. All what shows up in individuals, groups, companies, countries and what is seen as negative and must be eliminated, causing more destruction. 
So a big part of the life energy is used to defend the systems and there are a high sophisticated methods developed to eliminate symptoms showing up. The cause never is touched, because then constructive changes would be needed, which would make a transformation possible and this is not allowed because of the nature of systems. So destruction continues from within, causing endless suffering. Until an instance wakes up which takes a distance from itself and observes the nature of things, recognizing the game going on and doing a second step, making a decision and gaining the ability to get out of the dependency of established structures and games. 
Now, is it really necessary to go through all these established games with all its destruction and suffering? Humans have tried to find ways to avoid this, but when there was found a way then the established system has swallowed it and has made it to a part of the system, so it became a trap and lost its value as a transformation tool. 
The tool appears when the individual is ready for it. It shows up as a state of being which is not occupied by identification with properties. Then this new state of awareness can be used to see behind  what seems to be reality and one can find a new way to deal with it, being able to relate and respond not anymore in total dependency from  one's own background structure. 
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