Self Healing Retreats at FalconBlanco
After I went through my experiences with Fibromyalgia, the same disappointments were repeated with my Hernia: There was no real healing offered from the established medical health system. At the end I was left alone and had to search for an alternative solution by myself. This was extremely difficult when I had Fibromyalgia due to my lack of energy. Luckily I had no depressions, which happens often with Fibromyalgia and inhibits to be active enough to look for information outside of what is offered from the medical system. People, who have a base supported by meditation, are doing much better and I was meditating since about fifty years. So my intuition still worked even under the heavy weight of Fibromyalgia. So when I found out a treatment what felt right, then I treated myself with it. Doing so, quite a number of various treatments came together which I strictly followed. With the result that I was healed after about one and a half year. I have written in details about it in my health pages.

When something similar happened with me a few months ago and I got an inguinal Hernia, it was not so difficult to search for an alternative way to heal this disease, because although I was lacking energy, I was motivated and having recovered from Fibromyalgia, this gave me additional strength. But I needed several months to get a treatment for the Hernia together, to avoid surgery, which seems to be the only conventional solution. Since a few weeks I am treating myself and I am already better, what means there is no pain anymore even when doing some heavy work, but to be healed it will need quite some time more. Also like with Fibromyalgia it's a ‘process’, which includes the whole system on all levels and not only one specific part of the body. I have written about ‘my Hernia experience’ and will continue to investigate and to report about it. (But as there is hardly anything about alternative healing for Hernia, I would appreciate very much if somebody who knows about it can give me an advice, also I would like if you can report about your own experience after surgery. Until now I mostly heard horrifying stories...)

The Vision
Now the idea about the ‘healing Oneself retreats’: I had the vision about it since many years and I had thought that first a good team should come together to take care of the retreats and the people participating in it, and this was the reason why I started to build up an ‘Intentional Community’, but it turned out that such a group of people is using nearly all their energy for themselves and the maintaining of the place and there is hardly left enough strength to realize a project like ‘healing retreats’. So I have dropped the intention about a ‘community’ and I'm not waiting anymore that there is enough motivation and interest from an established team. If there is absolutely no other way, then I can do it alone. It is just a question of organizing it in the right and possible way. (And this even doesn't depend on this place. ‘Self healing retreats’ could be done every where if a group of interested people come together and a minimum of facilities exist...) Here at FalconBlanco there's enough to start with: Kitchen and enough common rooms and space, individual living room (mostly single bed rooms) for about 15 people, meditation dome, also possible for other activities, like Reiki, massage, Yoga, Qui Gong, Tai Chi, singing, music, etc. There is an ozone sauna and more can easily be build, as well an Inippi for sweat lodges. There are bicycles and some body building equipment. There are fruit trees and a vegetable garden, which can be amplified. The place is in the middle of unspoiled nature and there are walking paths all around through pine forest and fields. The nearest beach is 9 km away. So the place seems to be ideal. It is not a handicap that there are no paid employees to take care of participants, this is part of the idea and has a positive side: It can be organized in a way that it functions with the initiative and help of all participants. This will build up creative energy, which will serve also for the healing process. That of course needs ‘self responsibility’ and some enthusiasm. As there are no paid workers, all work to maintain the place, the cleaning, the cooking, etc. will need to be done by the people who are participating in the ‘retreat’, which can be seen as daily life circumstances, with the difference that the focus is one's healing. What means that only people can join who are able to do the daily work, sharing with each other all what needs to be done and then participate in the various ways of healing. There is help available to be initiated into meditation, yoga, Reiki, EFT, Sun gazing, the right alimentation, how to do the ozone sauna, etc. but then it has to be done by each individual by oneself, what includes that the participants help each other. There is no guidance from any ‘health professional’! I cannot give any advice only the access to information: there is already gathered some of it on the FalconBlanco Health pages and more on files and also books and CDs and there is the possibility to search for more. There are two computers available for common use, to be in contact with the outside world or to search the Internet for alternative health solutions. People also might bring their own laptop, which can be connected to the intern red and so to the Internet. (Up to three more. Now there are five connected.)
So far it means that people who are searching for an alternative way to heal their health problem will have the space and information to start with. There can't be given any health advice, as there is no ‘health professional’ present. (Although it might be possible that there will be some guests who are ‘health professionals’ and who share their knowledge... I will search for some and invite who might be interested to support our project...) Who joins the retreats, will in togetherness with others search for a healing way, all depends on one's own intuition and decision what treatment to try. The first step is to get out of the strong dependency from the established health system and so there will probably only be people interested, who had enough experience and are able to do this step. As it was said before: Community as a concept doesn't work in practice, but it might function if there is an actual urgent common goal. In this case it would be the intention of all who are suffering from a disease to find a new way and a new vision about healing and disease, in this we are all interested and so we will be motivated to do each our part. But not only those who are suffering from a disease, also those who feel desperate about the world situation and one's feeling of impotence to do something about it, looking for new perspectives as part of one's growing process.
Another aspect of ‘disease’ I need to point out: Disease can be a ‘trigger’ which turns the sufferer to ‘oneself’ and then can start a ‘healing process’ which goes much further than the healing of a disease or making the symptoms disappear. ‘Healing’ which goes beyond the physical body doesn't necessarily need a disease, one can start it consciously out of an ‘inner need’, not needing to treat oneself but even though can use the same methods like meditation, yoga, reiki, sun gazing, Tai Chi, Qui Gong, etc. to further one's intention. It depends on your upbringing which religious or philosophical background you have or nothing like this at all. At FalconBlanco this will not have any importance. We don't favor any direction or spiritual concept. It is enough if one wants ‘to grow’ and that one has reached the moment when there is the urge to do something about it out of one's own decision and own responsibility. This of course one can do at any time and not depending on any place, but often it is difficult to start with it because of the situation to which one is bound; and so it might help for a start to begin with it in a surrounding which is favorable for one's intention, without too much distraction and responsibilities to other people or occupations and the space and time to take care of oneself...
Duration of staying
From experience with guests during many years it can be said, that the duration of staying in this kind of retreats should be two months as a minimum, better three month, as it needs a few weeks to get settled and to get the process started...
"How much will this cost?"
This question might arise now. Well, in FalconBlanco money is no motive for one's doing. Never has been and even less now and in the future. This is a step in one's growing process and is from a certain moment on a ‘spiritual’ step, - which is completely different than concepts about ‘spirituality’. Who has realized this in one's life will have the experience that if one trusts in oneself and in the healing energy which is present every where and always, then there opens up a field of abundance and every thing needed will be provided. One even don't need to look for it with much effort, one only need to be open to receive. This is widely unknown in our society where every thing turns around money and the efforts to get it. Even ‘spiritual healer’ don't mind to charge for their service. The really negative aspect of charging for healing is that the need of sick and desperate people is often used without scruple to get their money. Who is sick since some time will know about this and it also might be a good reason to look for another solution. I am convinced that to change the materialistic attitude, which is deeply rooted in the collective consciousness and is destroying ourselves and our world, we should share freely with each other our gifts and we can start with taking care of people and so all healing should be given for free, furthering every ones growing and healing process and so rising our consciousness and then as a step within this process, going beyond the materialistic world view. All disease is part of a healing process which includes the whole being and treating only the symptoms to make them disappear, no matter if this is done with chemicals, surgery or ‘alternative healing methods’, is short sighted and no real healing and so it is no wonder that mostly there are money interests involved. Let's break this vicious circle and let's start to do it differently! The opportunity to start with it is given at FalconBlanco.
The consequence: In these 'self healing retreats' there is NO money involved!
At FalconBlanco there will be no charge for anything, and for sure not for participating in a ‘healing retreat’, - as you are doing mostly the healing yourself and as you know already: There is NO service of any kind. The work to take care of the people during the retreat and for the place is also done by the participants. (Even in the case there comes a permanent team of volunteers together taking care of some of the daily work to maintain the place, then there will be no charge for anything.)
So this place is offered totally for free, included the individual sleeping and living room, the common rooms and all facilities - and even the food. There is no trick and no trap hidden behind, not even the intention to convince the participants of something! From experience over many years I can say that for maintaining the place and taking care of the daily needs of people, animals and plants, a minimum of four hours of daily work from each participants will be necessary, if they are capable to work effectively. Working in nature, with plants and animals, can be a helpful part of one's healing process. If somebody wants to participate who has not enough energy to work five hours, then we can see how many participants there are present and so maybe willing that they can support this person.
So this is the concept of the ‘self healing retreats’. What is needed now is that people are getting involved and see it as their project coming out of the need of all. Then there might come suggestions and questions.
I see this not as ‘my’ project but as something what should come out of the need of many who are suffering and so they should be strongly motivated. I only give the space and will help as much as I can to realize this ‘vision’ as a common project.

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PS: The last days I received several offers about various free services and then it turned out that these are very clever marketing tricks. These offers are often directed to suffering people, - very disgusting indeed these sophisticated sales. One hardly can trust anybody in the Internet... So you might think that the described 'healing retreats' are using similar tricks. I only can say that this is NOT the case. Indeed every thing is for free, what means that you only need to pay your journey to come here and to go back.

Comment: "This concept is unrealistic. Such a project needs to be well organized and structured. People need support..."
BeiYin: One condition for people participating in a 'self healing retreat' is that they are capable to be responsible for themselves. If they are not then this place stays like a kindergarten who it has been most of the last twenty years. People should be motivated to search about solutions for their situation and be able to make decisions out of their own intuition. This doesn't mean only in case of a disease but also in general about one's life situation and conflicts. People who has gone through a process of disease with all experiences and disappointment of the established health system, might be ready to take their healing into their own hands. If they are still depending on help and a 'well organized structure' then I don't see that they could appreciate the space offered for a 'self healing retreat' and these indeed would be the same people coming to FalconBlanco since many years, often leaving disappointed, because they didn't receive the help they wanted. If there are no people who are ready in the sense I mentioned, then I will give up the idea. For sure I will not go again through an experience of twenty years trying something which is not possible... 
I came to the conclusion that this idea is too far ahead of our time and has no chance to be realized now. It could be possible if there would be a health professional leading the retreats, so I leave this open and will look around.

At this moment I am occupied with my personal problem of healing my hernia and this takes most of my energy, but still it is not enough and so the healing process is very slow. Meanwhile other things are left undone and the chaos is accumulating, what doesn't make it easier...
I can not invest more energy into the self healing retreat idea and must leave all. There is nobody who is really interested to participate and I don't see the possibility to do it all alone, at least not at this moment.
When I'm healed myself then for sure I will need a way to offer what I have learned, but probably this will happen through my Web site and not in direct contact with people around me. Even when I'm healed and have enough energy I don't see in the future that I want to deal with all the resistance and ignorance showing up when people been ask to take responsibility themselves.
I will try to figure out a way that people might be able to receive information which can help them to help themselves. At the moment I can't see it, but I will investigate about it, even though it seems hopeless. And as I said in the beginning: Consciousness of humanity in general seems to be in a state of development or better called 'underdevelopment' that doesn't allow to think by themselves in a responsible way. And also the common knowledge about what disease is, is so primitive and erroneously, that it is no wonder that 'authorities' can manipulate and dominate the population. There is no way to fight this, it is obviously part of the growing process of humanity and this will need several generations and so can't be my challenge or occupation at this moment.
I can only look ahead in my personal doing and that is to heal myself and then clean up the mess around me...
PS: When I see all the suffering in this world and all these diseases which are not be seen in a creative way and so causing more and more suffering, then I come near to the feeling of desperation because I can't do anything about it even though I see the solution very clearly, - a solution nobody wants to know about it...
I know many who are searching, searching, searching, and finding only pills, thrills, fast cars, gambling, sensory stimuli, and new partners.

People find exactly that for what they are searching and this must fit into their known concepts, which of course is limited to their self image and world view. Since more than one hundred years people are programmed from the established health system. They have been told what disease is and these are all labeled and categorized and that medical doctors know how to cure, etc. So people are used to trust authorities. Self responsibility is something unknown. When people are searching for a solution, then to get rid of their suffering the easiest and fastest way and for this, as every body knows, the adequate pills serves best. Now many people need to take other pills to get rid of the side effects of the first pills they are taking, then later more for the new side effects showing up, etc. When they are searching now, because they are tired and fed up then they are searching for an alternative medication, but their attitude hasn't changed at all.
I am talking from my own experience: I am healed from Fibromyalgia. I needed more than a year for this, finding treatments myself, etc. I have made a Web site about it. ( With the idea that this might help other people who suffer from this disease. There are about two thousand visitors daily at my Web site. What is not surprising as there are 200 million persons with Fibromyalgia on this planet. And because the established health system has no healing to offer accept pain killer, so people are searching and searching to be healed. When they come to my Web site and are told there that they need to take self responsibility and go into a healing process which includes all levels of their existence, then they are disappointed and leave, going on searching for an instant method...
PS: For the same reason 'self healing retreats' are not acceptable and have no chance to be realized. Looking nearer I see that for similar reasons an 'Intentional Community' is a illusion and must fail... Even though I needed thirty years to see this clear, it had plenty of learning side effects and so having been worth the effort...
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