Healing the Cause - the Root Cause

BeiYin: If a carriage is stuck in the mud, you can push as hard as you can, you will not be able to move it. The carriage of humanity obviously is stuck or one might say: is moving towards the abyss. To make a change possible it needs many who unite their strength and organize themselves, then it might be possible to change the direction of humanity, but of course it would be necessary that all push in the same direction...
Question: It seems as if your post indicates that we should "Do something" when we see the suffering of others and I agree with you on that.
BeiYin: That was not exactly what I meant. I wanted to say that we should try 'to heal the cause'. Even medical doctors 'do something' if somebody is suffering, but they are not healing the cause by treating with radiation, surgery and chemicals. With out doubt they do the best they can, that's what they have learned. But this has very little to do with healing, what for me means 'to connect with one's life energy source', with this finding one's balance and the healing can happen.
Question: I agree with you that our efforts are more effective, if we all "push in the same direction".
BeiYin: It's impossible that we all push in the same direction. This is unrealistic. Only those can make the effort and take the decision who are aware of the problem and these are very few. You are the only person who responded to my post (out of 3.900 members?) So the list owner suggested that I should better go to my own forum, because the members of her 'community' would reject the subject, - so that's what I have done now with this post.
Question: I agree with you that there is another way to address the issue of the starfish on the beach - we could seek out a larger source from which the starfish were washed up on the beach - the root cause, and focus our efforts on "fixing" that cause.
BeiYin: I wouldn't call it "fixing" or "repairing", because that's what usually is done by eliminating the symptoms. I prefer to call it 'healing' and this covers the whole. So what is the cause, the root cause, because the lakes, the ocean and all water is dying? The contamination? No, this is a cause, but it is not the 'root cause'. Is the root cause that the factories dumping their waste into the water? No, this is a course, but not the 'root cause'. Is it because the factories have to work money effective? No. Is it because they are using poison in their production? No. Is it they are producing things which in the first place make money because people are buying it, even it is 'junk'? No. Is it because people are buying and consuming those things? No. All these causes are not the root causes. Maybe we come nearer when we ask: Why people are consuming these things, even knowing that these are damaging the environment? I can't give the exact answer here, but maybe we can find out together. To do so we must be motivated.
Question: In the case with the starfish, that might mean seeking to alter the exploitation of our natural resources through lobbying our congress persons in office (I live in the US). Or it might be writing a letter to the editor of a local newspaper to rally others in our cause. Or it might be utilizing the research (or doing the research) on sustainable energy, or water conservation, erosion of the coastline, or some such issue.
BeiYin: Do you really think that a congress person is interested to change anything? They are defending their established system and they are getting fatter and fatter, that's their only interest. (For sure there are exceptions, but they don't last long in congress. The same with presidents...) If you write a letter to a newspaper, then this is probably owned by one of the multies and so they publish only what serves them. Yes, the research could be used, but as soon this is reducing the profit of the money maker, then they buy the patent or find ways to suppress a new discovery.
Question: In the case of the carriage in the mud, this approach would lead a person to call the highway department to get the roads improved. Or getting in touch with the auto manufacturers to build better cars that don't get stuck so easily. Or maybe it means getting journalists involved to bring the issue to the attention of a greater number of people.
BeiYin: I used this example to point something out on another level. On the level with the cars we are stuck anyway and will be more and more in the not so far future.
Question: In my field, we call this "macro" level advocacy. Macro level advocacy makes the world a better place for the masses, rather than focusing on the one.
BeiYin: Please tell me what is your 'field'. I don't know what you mean by 'making the world a better place'. Isn't this what the money maker promise with all advertisements and so manipulating the masses? And the same with politicians...
Question: However, Macro level work is useless without micro level work. Micro level work is focusing on the one in front of you.
BeiYin: If this means to influence a person in front of me, so that these people can take their healing in their own hands, not depending on the establishes health system, which is not healing them, but have established such an authoritarian position, that there is no doubt or questioning about it. So people prefer to depend totally, they want to leave everything as it is, just getting rid of their bothering symptoms. They even don't know what disease is, they don't want to know it. And here Reiki could be offered to open a possibility, but that would mean not just treating the suffering person, but making it clear that they can do it themselves, not depending on any Reiki practitioner, as this healing energy is free and available for every body. But connecting to this 'life source' means to enter into a healing process which includes the whole being, what of course means that with this one becomes more conscious and also aware of the many manipulations around.
Question: The one starfish, or the one carriage in the mud. Again, there are a number of ways to focus on the micro--> with the starfish, it means honoring that throwing this ONE in the water saves this one. It is good to save this one. If I choose to pass by the whole beach in order to hit the books on coastal erosion, I have not saved any of the current starfish, in my efforts to save all the future starfish. Saving future starfish is good. Saving this ONE is good, too.
It takes both the micro worker, who will save the one, working in conjunction to save the many.
BeiYin: Yes, the intention is good. Let's come from the starfish and carriage example to the 'focusing at the one': When a suffering person is sending a request for healing and then receives a long distance healing with Reiki, then the intention without doubt is 'good' and if it helps this suffering person then this is a positive result. But wouldn't it be even better if the treated person learns to heal oneself, not depending on somebody else? Then this person could give the 'light' to other people and in this way it would be also a 'macro level work' which could be very fast cover the whole planet and so change the consumer habits of people drastically, because other values will have more importance. What happens now, at least this is my impression, is that people are satisfied by receiving and sending Reiki, but then this is all. The treatment might connect with the 'life healing energy', but if this is not done consciously, then not much will change. It seems to be pretty clear that whatever is done, it serves in the first place to satisfy one's personality, it really doesn't matter what it is. Knowing this would give the possibility to do the first step for a change, by being critical about everything and then maybe not taking oneself that important and looking for something which could be done, which doesn't give this direct satisfaction but might be more effective on the 'macro level'.
Question: It also takes the folks who witness the suffering. A journalist might not save any of the starfish by presenting the story on national TV, but she might prompt others to want to "DO something". A minister might not save the sick patient in the hospital, but by serving witness to the grief, the minister honors the person suffering, and probably provides some comfort in doing so.
BeiYin: The media are serving in the first place those who are interested to manipulate the masses. If they animate people to 'do something' then mostly guiding them in the wanted direction.
Question: And there is reiki...
You wrote: "To make a 'shift' happen, we need to do something about the cause, and the real cause is that all those sufferers are out of balance, or with other words: not connected with their 'life energy source'. This can happen through 'Reiki'."
Sending reiki, in my humble opinion, does help people get connected with their life energy source. As such, it is the number one best thing we can do, in addition to anything else we might do, or even when we are unable to do anything else.
BeiYin: As I said before: If this 'sending Reiki' really would connect people with their 'life energy source', then this would be great and the best possible. But my impression is that this rarely happens, instead of this people are depending on the sending Reiki. Are they clearly informed that this is an energy which is available for them right now by connecting with it right now by themselves? And being remind again and again because they don't want to do anything by themselves, as they are used all life long and confirmed in this by society and all people around...
Question: Because there are so many "carriages stuck in the mud" so many suffering, so many in need of some kind of help, it is easy to get discouraged that we can not save the world.
BeiYin: So there is no doubt that the best help one can give is the help that the sufferers can help themselves. Then those will be able to help others and so on and this is spreading out the 'light' and exactly this will 'save the world' but not by wanting to save the world.
Question: However, the main point of my earlier post was to say that even though we can't do everything, let us focus on what we can do, and do it. I do agree with you, there are "other things" we can do, and I believe that many on this list are also involved in "other things" that they can do in addition to reiki. And I do believe that many on this list [the Reiki list where this exchange started] are doing "other things" in addition to reiki when we see suffering. But no one among us is doing everything because there are too many carriages in the mud for any among us to get to all of them.
BeiYin: I would be interested to know what people are doing apart of 'sending Reiki'. Maybe you can start a thread in the Reiki group?
Question: Please continue with your vision of doing healing retreats. Offering self-healing is certainly a valuable way to offer help to many suffering today. It is valuable, and I applaud your efforts to get it together.
BeiYin: Yes I will continue, even though it seems to be an impossible intention. There has been no response to my Web page about it not even in this forum. I am not discouraged because of this and I will go on with my intention, even this might be the last thing in my life.
Question: My "one" way of offering help is to work on advocacy for causes which I believe in. I'm calling the folks about the road, and talking to car manufacturers about building better cars that don't get stuck so easily. (I haven't actually worked on this issue, but have worked on hunger, transportation, breast cancer, racial injustices, several environmental causes, and other social issues in my local community)
BeiYin: I would be interested to know about this work and if you think it is effective and what hinders to be effective. Maybe better in another thread.
Question: There are billions of tasks that we do everyday that in some tiny way help the planet. Please encourage those that do those tasks to continue with them rather than to become upset that their "one thing" isn't what you would choose for them to do. And from my perspective, we ARE united in many ways getting the carriage out of the mud. One is working on providing comfort to those in the carriage who are suffering, and one is in back of the carriage pushing. We are not all in the mud pushing together, but we are all in our own mud, and we are all pushing for improvements.
BeiYin: And there are trillions of causes which destroy all life on this planet, but probably there is only one root cause, [We might find out more about it...] It is not my intention to discourage anybody, but I ask to give freely without wanting or expecting anything in return, not even one's own satisfaction because of one's doing. 'Improvement' for me only can be to take care in the first place of one's own healing and this might be the most important and that includes being critical and aware of all the traps around and within oneself. This might be ask too much and so people get afraid and react with resistance, but this is another subject...

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