Getting what we desire or 
getting what we really need?


Quote: Positive Mental Focus - Just How Important Is It?
[...] We've all heard that what we focus on determines the results we get in life. That makes sense. If you want something badly enough, and you focus all your energy on getting it, you'll very likely achieve it. Whereas if you don't focus on getting it, you wont.

BeiYin: Yes, one can put all ones energy into the desire and then focus all ones mental and emotional energy... Why not using magical rituals?  That was done to help to focus the energy. Manipulation... One might then get what one wants, but it might turn out that the price is too high and the fulfillment doesn't give the satisfaction one had expected.  Is it because the desire was created from ones accumulated frustration and not being happy with ones existence? Wanting to enrich it with things or excitement - so blowing up one's personality even more?

Well, I only can say that this is not my way and I reject any kind of manipulation. To explain why, I will have to tell something about my story: ‘Getting what I desire or getting what I really need.’ Once when I was young, about twenty, I was looking around, being aware of peoples rat race to get what they think they need and putting all their energy into it and so they are working hard and nearly every thing turns around making money. OK, so I had asked myself about the sense of this and had ask: 'Must I also do this to get what I need?' Then a very clear voice from inside of myself answered me: “You will have always enough and as much as it is good for you. Don't worry, do what feels right and all will come to you!” This was so clear and from then on I didn't worry anymore, not about my survival needs and not about having the money I needed to do things I wanted... 

I had no money and nobody who supported me and I wanted to study. The professor in the place I visited, accepted me, I found a space to live for free, only I had to take care of the central heating. Indeed, without doing much effort, I found what I needed. From then on I had always enough to eat and I could do what I wanted. This went on for years and when I was married and opened a shop without money, then every thing went well, but there came a tied time when I had to pay the things I had ordered in advance. 
One day a lady came into my shop and said: “Nice shop you have, do you need money?” I said: “Well, yes, at the moment I'm kind of short...” She answered: “OK, how much do you need?” and wrote a check... Unbelievable but true. Life went on and I never had any problem with receiving what was necessary. 

Since thirty years I'm living on the Ibiza island and I don't do anything for money, I do only what feels right and needs to be done. It still works and even better than before: There is abundance in every thing. (Just finding the right people who want to live the same life style, this seems to be extremely difficult, but I'm working on this...)  In the community "FalconBlanco" I have founded there is abundance of food and work for more than twenty people, but still we don't do anything for money, only what needs to be done and feels right. Sometimes it happened that something was needed, for example one day the cook said: “We need cooking oil, buy some when you go to the city.” I said: “No, we don't need to buy, we will receive it, just wait a bit.” The next day we received one pallet with about 400 liter of the finest olive oil.  Too much for the kitchen, but we started a new project and used the oil to make biodiesel for our van. This went on and on and I could tell a lot of stories. One day I saw that one guest had bought several bottles of mineral water. I ask him about it and he said that he wanted some and that there wasn't any. I told him that if we need some then we will receive it, but if he buys then this might cut the flow.
The next day we received several hundred liter of mineral water. 
There are many communities with money problems and with difficulties to survive. We don't have these problems, but there are enough others..., but this is another subject...
So what makes the difference between focusing on a need and just receiving what is needed? Think about it... Any question? Feel free to ask.

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