Human Cheatcode

Question: I had read some of your mgs in news column on meditation. Some of your responses I found to be true which is the reason I am writing to you. I hope you can solve my problem which is basically physical but has spiritual dimension as well.

BeiYin: No one can solve your problem except yourself, but I will do what I can to support you in your intention. First I suggest that you try to see that it is not the right thing to make a split between the physical and the spiritual. This all has to do with your existence and how you respond to every thing which shows up within the margin of your awareness. It is the process of growing in which your physical is not separated. There is no 'spiritual dimension' on top or apart of this. It becomes 'spiritual' in the same way as you are involved to find your truth. For this you are searching and you are looking for confirmation for your most essential existence. There are obstacles build up from your personal structure, which show up in your reactions (including your body reactions and your illness is one of these), mainly because of your identifications with images, wishes, expectations and your experiences you had.

Question: Motor Neurone Disease (MND) or ALS in US is progressive muscular weakening illness. Patients have a life span of 2 to 5 yrs from the onset of this disease. Excuse me 4 using all sort of abbreviation as I am struggling to type to you. It is similar to muscular dystrophy. I suffer because I feel pain in all my muscles. Scientist Stephen Hawkins is reported to suffer from MND as well. Western doctors don't know what causes it to happen as such they couldn't find a cure.

BeiYin: We know that doctors and scientist in medicine know very little (even they blow up their little knowledge and make it seem something important so they can act as authorities and believe in it themselves, etc.) - that they give names to symptoms, trying to eliminate these doesn't help people that much. I personally have a similar problem with an illness and I am trying to find a solution. Doing so I found out that we can't expect much help from doctors and so most important might be that we find out ourselves, knowing that we are in a process of transformation in which we must be involved ourselves in the first place. So first I see the physical symptoms as part of my individual process carried out on the physical level. It is like it is and I try not to fall into the trap of suffering, which otherwise will be a difficult obstacle to overcome in my searching for a creative solution. There are enough other difficulties like lake of energy and with this lake of motivation, tiredness, etc. so indeed it is not easy... (By the way: We are collecting information about unresolved illnesses and possible treatments on our Web site... but we just started with it.)

Question: I had tried many things to cure it; from alternative medicine, meditation, to Qi Gong. All were not effective to date. A priest told me, that this is my Karma as I was a General in my previous life. Of course as a general, I had to kill many people which resulted in my present illness. This theory sounds logical but not convincing enough for me. There are enlightened souls including my Kundalini Master who don't believe in the theory of Karma.

BeiYin: Indeed it doesn't help to know that one's suffering comes from 'karma'. Pretty clear is that there is nothing without cause, although we might not be able to find always out about it. Giving the reason to karma, destiny or a higher force might make one resign. I guess this is why your Kundalini Master denies the 'theory of Karma'.

Question: I think good about my illness, it forces me to think about life and death. From here, I learned my things or truths such what is Love, the nature of man etc. Now I am learning to meditate on Light and Sound. I hope to find the Human Cheat Code. Humans do not much differ from computers. All computer games can have cheat codes. I am sure "God" in his infinite wisdom will not have forgotten to put in a cheat code for humans. Hope you know this cheat code.

BeiYin: I do not agree with you that computers are not so much different than humans. The significant difference is that humans are capable to be conscious about themselves and about what they are doing. Humans can respond in a conscious way and make decisions out of their responsibility. You are right when you are referring on reactions. Computer do things because they are reacting the way they are programmed, this includes the failures because they are wrong programmed, but these errors are based on their history. To make the computer well functioning the history has to be cleared. Similar with humans: To find out about the program which is causing bad functioning based on one's history, the only way is to be aware of one's reactions and so eventually to be able to trace them back. For this humans can use their consciousness, being aware of themselves and their reactions and then being aware of their background structure, the old programming from personal history. You are searching for a 'code' to get out of the game, out of the trap you are caught in. You are right: there is a secret code. The problem is that one has to find something 'secret' which is so near and so obvious that it is invisible, because we are looking too far away and we can't see what is just in front of our nose tip. We can't see it because we are trapped in our own old (worn out?) game. Like the silly dog, we are trying to catch our own tail. I told you already about the 'code' in my last post and I'm telling you with this post the same. In it's essence I'm talking and writing about nothing else: offering a hint to get out of the trap. How it comes that it is so difficult to receive and to see the 'code'? Probably because of our programming we are so used to search in a certain way that we can't see. Our blinders doesn't allow to open up the view to see in all directions, we are limited to one direction. Or is it because we are so used to add to our 'properties' in every thing we do, that we even can't imagine that gaining might be also possible when we drop things? Or even it might be that sometimes we can only receive when we have dropped things before? Is it the 'holding' which doesn't allow that we see the most obvious?
So when we are suffering wanting to get out of the pain, we are looking for a code and can't see that the condition to see the code is that we must drop the identification with our expectation and our wishes. It might be just necessary to accept the situation and it doesn't matter how tough this might be, what could mean: to be aware of one's reality in this moment without the urge wanting it to be different or have different circumstances.
I wrote it in my last post: If we can really appreciate the most simple fact that we are alive, being aware of it in this very moment, then it might happen that every thing else falls in it's place, just by itself without the need that we do anything about it. This is the 'code'. Use it, it is really up to you, it only depends if you are ready for it. Have you suffered enough now? OK, then take off the blinders and see... The step you are going to do is not only important for yourself although it is in the first place for yourself. As you are part of the 'whole' that means 'humanity', so your intention and doing is significant and a step forward also for the whole. Do you remember what the first man on the moon said? "This first step on the moon is ... "

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