Is Change possible?     BeiYin
There are always changes, but mostly this is an illusion, because the movement in one's thoughts and feeling and superficial changes on the outside happenings give the impression that there is 'change'.
Before a person can do something for a 'transformational change', it needs some basic information. I will list just a few:
O One must know and realize that a real change is not wanted, because the basic characteristic of any system is that it tries to keep oneself together in the state how it is. A change is only welcome when this means to make oneself stronger, more secure, or richer in one's property, whatever this might be... If for one reason one needs to give up something, then this is mostly causing suffering if not something else is received in exchange. Mostly a person will defend oneself against any kind of change or loss.
O Since many generations humanity is fed with concepts and images of all kind. Idealistic dreams have grown so strong that they cover reality with a dense cloud of colored mist. People are identified with their self image and are looking permanently for confirmation for it. Whatever one is doing serves for this purpose. In the first place this happens on the material level but then also on the mind and emotional field.
O People are getting their feeling of 'existence' out of their reactions on the mind and emotional level. If they don't find enough reason to react in their normal daily life, then they provoke incidence to be able to react, using other people for it - and then giving them and circumstances the fault.
All this has people made dependent on other people and circumstances, because all happenings, reactions, problems, things, suffering, happiness, actions, goals, excitement, entertainment and every thing else that is filling them, gives them the feeling of existence. Within this there is no essential change and there is no change possible. All stays in one's 'personal drama' and often this can be pretty tough...
O Part of one's defense strategy is avoiding self confrontation or questioning oneself. If one is forced through circumstances then one's system reacts and with this one can escape, by attacking, hiding or just leaving - with any kind of reason.
Trying to change something without the basic self knowledge, is like when a dog is trying to catch one's own tail: the dog is just turning around himself. That's what most people are doing all their life long.
And even when people becoming 'spiritual', then they still stay with the same illusion. They have changed their concept and goal, but they haven't changed themselves, at least not in an essential way. Of course a 'spiritual' person will also defend one's position with teeth and claws, although avoiding extreme violence - if possible...
So I really don't know why I am talking about this here. Any question?
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