Marcus T. wrote:
> The time has come for us all to commence in the shift necessary for
> a new world to come about. We are all so excited about getting away
> and creating intentional communities to express an example of how
> wonderful the world `could' be. By giving people a chance to
> realize and experience a place in which people can live together
> harmoniously and joyously. We seek to help one another and love the
> process of growth, change and living as one. I am so grateful to
> know and to see that people in general all wish to express and to
> experience this in their lives.

> I now propose a new concept I have been pondering on for some time
> now. I have yet to receive this ideology form anyone else and I wish
> to share it with you in hopes that we may all build on it and create
> it as a reality. What I am about to share with you is profound and
> inspirational. Something I received directly from a Devine source.
> I believe that this is my destiny. I also believe that we all share
> this destiny. The reason I believe this is the simple fact that we
> are all interconnected. We are all a part of the same whole. We are
> one.

> This oneness ideology is the core concept behind this inspirational
> project I wish to share with you. It is elemental, logical,
> scientific and spiritual. I have read many books, listen to many
> CD's and watched many movies which confirm all that I wish to
> actualize as reality. I am excited to see others who have a slight
> interest in expanding their mind to the realization of this
> project. So, let the realization unfold!!!

> CORE CONCEPT # 1 morphogenetic fields and critical mass - its
> central idea is that when enough individuals in a population adopt a
> new idea or behavior, there occurs an ideological breakthrough that
> allows this new awareness to be communicated directly from mind to
> mind without the connection of external experience and then all
> individuals in the population spontaneously adopt it. "It may be
> that when enough of us hold something to be true, it becomes true
> for everyone."
> Go to: for more information or
> look up mass meditation and its influences.

> This concept is the first major step towards the concept of the
> intentional community. This serves as a principle understanding
> behind what the purpose if the entire intentional community is for!
> I have come to realize that if this understanding is adopted, we may
> begin to realize what we may do for the entire world, not just for
> the individuals within the community. I know that some of these
> concepts may seem far fetched for some people. Because of this, I
> highly recommend reading books that give deeper meaning to the idea
> of "collective consciousness and critical mass theory". This leads
> us into: 

> CORE CONCEPT #2: Building the influential field of energy within the
> community. this concept has been expanding more and more since
> there are so many amazing ways to build a powerful energy field in
> which all the individuals within the community create and maintain.
> Further reading on these concepts can be found in the book - Power
> vs Force, learning the Chakra system, Quantum physics (watch the
> movie, what the bleep do we know). Celestian prophecy and much much
> more.

> This is also the core concept which I am looking for the most input
> since this is what will be the foundation of "how" the community
> will be built and developed. Questions to consider:

> What kind of living environment would help boost the `energy field'
> of the community ( examples: structure of the buildings, building
> materials, water flow patterns of the piping, shape of the
> buildings, building locations within the community [thinking about
> pyramid structure, temples, stone hedge, feng shui, chi flow,
> balance within nature, manipulating energy fields, etc.)

> Where should it be located? On a plain, valley, mountain, field,
> forest, dessert, hot climate, cold climate, closer to the equater,
> or north/south pole. By the sea or far away, by a lake, or river
> (all based on the reasoning of creating a powerful energy space.
> Maybe geographical location may play a significant role, like living
> in the Himalayas or on an island or maybe not on the earth at all.
> Space station. All ideas should be interesting)

> What kind of principles should be applied to creating the energy
> field necessary for creating a change powerful enough to affecting
> the entire world. What kind of teachings? What kind of community
> relationships between individuals? What kind of lifestyle? What
> kind of focus? Thus far, the school of the New spirituality and the
> concepts in Power vs Force and many other books have influenced me.
> They focus greatly on changing the reality of children. I think this
> is really what I am shooting for as well. To create a community
> which its sole-purpose is to raise children to become masters
> (avatars). What influences you??

> Technology, Technology, Technology
> This is also one big reason why I am putting this information out
> there, I am so intrigued by the amazing advancements that have
> occurred in the past few decades that are out there which just have
> not been applied to our everyday lives. What are they and how can 
> we apply them to this new community? How will it benefit us? How 
> will it raise the community consciousness, advance our learning
> mechanisms and build our intellect, empower the community to develop
> masters, raise energy levels and become fully conscious? Interests
> I would like to discuss in this area are: Food production,
> preparation, creation and enhancement (Nutraceuticals). Power
> (solar, wind, water, biological, etc), health (exercise, meditation,
> nutrition, and all other heath and wellness advancements.
> Nanotechnology (all areas including medical and computer)
> Environmental advancements and technological growth in
> transportation and communication and especially `living environment'
> (homes, greenhouse, bathroom, kitchen, appliances, and other
> amenities). What's the latest and greatest and how can we apply it
> to our community in order to empower its youth and its structure to
> empower and influence the world through this energy field.

> Once this energy is in place how will we be able to dispurse this
> energy? Though some kind of emitting capability, transmitting
> capability or natural capability? What can we do so that the world
> is constantly receiving this new powerful energy field? This
> questions can be answered through deep scientific research on the
> movement of energy fields (movement of stars, ocean waves, solar
> system pattern universal laws, etc) or it can be a more metaphysical
> approach (spiritual connection, philosophical viewpoints, etc). I am
> very interested in seeing what kind of ideas this may bring up. I am
> very open to all and any ideas on all of these subjects. So, the
> ones you have ideas about or have interest in, please reply back to
> me so that I may expand on it with you.

> Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I look
> forward to hearing a response from you. Peace and Blessings.

BeiYin's comment:
Oh boy!! How beautiful, how marvelous! How easy it is to live in a
world of fantasy and dreams, of course with a solid base of knowledge,
gained from books. But better stay away from any touch of reality,
never come down from your clouds... Never confront daily life!
I am dealing with people and those beautiful ideas since thirty years,
from people who come hear to realize their dreams and longing for
their 'wonderful world', but they are not capable to deal with daily
life of a community and for sure not with reality living in this
society in the established rat race. But when they come here to live
their dream, then after short time they leave disappointed and forget
about their dream or they continue being excited even their experience
is not favorable, but they can put the fault on me, the conditions or
whatever and then they found their own community to make it better,
but then after a few months or not more than three years they give up.
I have observed this now for many years without exception.
There is no realization possible based on beautiful ideas, they might
be the most perfect designed. One can't start to build a house
beginning from the roof. The first always needs to be the foundation.
So it is not possible to avoid to start with digging in the mud and
pretty deep if one wants that the building is stable and withstands
storm or even earth cracks. But nobody seems to see this as necessary
when building a community. Who wants to dig in dirt and mud, huh, we
are all one and beautiful beings, we must believe in this, all
together we only need to believe in what we want!!! Blah, blah, blah.
So they come with all their blown up enthusiasm and collapse when it
turns out that they have to come down from their clouds. What a
disaster when they find out that they have to deal with their fellow
dreamer and that these are just normal egoistic, lazy, silly, clumsy
and ignorant average human being, not willing to look at them selves
to discover what they are, but instead giving all the fault to the
other. Oh boy, go to live for a while in communities and make your
daily experiences, you might make it for a few weeks and as you are so
extremely strong in your vision, you might make it for a few months,
but then being disappointed about what is there, probably want to
found your own community.
I have had a lot of 'spiritual' people here, they are unbearable and
not able to deal with the daily reality, but someone with such an
sophisticated vision as you is representing the next generation of
visionaries and missionaries who will only be able to start to realize
their dream in the extra territorial, far from earth and dirt.
Bon voyage! You can look down to me and other earth worms from far
above and feel great!

PS: I wouldn't be surprised when you get hundreds of enthusiastic
responses from people who want to follow you and I'm not that much
surprised that not even one person responded to my posts, so that it
might be that finally I have to close the Web site of FalconBlanco and also my intention with this place, because there is no sense in putting effort into something that nobody has interests in...

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