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How can we know that our goals and intentions are our true calling?
Why people don't mind to be treated badly in a relationship?
Is it ever morally permissible to lie?
Why people are violent and destructive?
Why we always face problems?
Why there are so many conflict situations in daily life?
What is God?
What is the best way to kill myself?
Does it bother you to be ignored even though you don't admit it?
Why does silence make people nervous?
Dog lovers... What dog made the biggest impact in your life?
Help me with my violent Husband!
Use Stem Cell To Grow Teeth?
Should the human race be destroyed?
Is knowledge objective? Is truth objective?
Of six BILLION people on this planet there isn't ONE who can say to have seen GOD?
What is ‘soul’? Are you a soul in your body?
Why stupid, ignorant people are happier then conscious ones?
How long would u live if cancer & coronary heart diseases were curable?
Who believes in life on other planets?
Why do people question others and their beliefs?
Why do comets seem to be sitting so still?
What is your definition of a normal person?
Can a person change ones personality completely?
I HATE MY LIFE, someone please help me?
Why do people need a label?
What's your thought on this quote? 
What is life?
Is it really the philosophers' task to change the world?
Do we listen to our own experiences as we age, thus, acquiring Wisdom?
How you know that one's philosophy is the best of all which have been taught?
Can't meditate, my mind is full of thoughts. What should I do to get rid of thoughts?
What are some solutions to the organ donor shortage?
What should one do when helpless?
??????  What is the best in life?
Knowing that the choice you will make will enrich your life but hurt those you love, what would you do?
What gives a man freedom?
Sadness....? Why do I always feel sad?
Who is the God who created the world out of nothing?
How do you deal with a super strict father?
Why live?
I am a man - but feel and think like a woman - what should I do?
My life is going down hill, I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude but I just don't know what to do anymore!
Why am I the way I am?
Why do people smoke? They think it looks cool?
If you knew one thing to change the course of the world forever, what would you do?
How can we be free from fear?
How do you change something bad about you?
Do some other people seem like robots to you?
I still feel something missing!
What matters the most in your life?
What is the best source of motivation?
How can I grow tall like 7 ft or like 6'9"?
Thoughts/Opinions on this quote?
Forms of self-expression?
What is the opposite of Consciousness?
What should I do with my life?
Why it is so hard for people of different beliefs to get along?
Is the only thing we have to fear - fear itself?
Miseries of Truth? What disadvantages you face to be a truthful person?
Does our mind have absolute or free will?
Is it possible to expand the intellectual base?
How can we achieve happiness?
How can I improve the world we live in, or simply the world around me?
What do you want out of life?
What is the best way to use our tools of observation to drop your conditioning?
How can a person have a better attitude and be optimistic?
What do you know now, that you wish you knew when you were younger?
Have you worked as part of a team? What did you find difficult?  What did you find rewarding?
Do we leave our minds in a lazy state?
Why do people believe that the story they tell themselves is truth?
How to tell if God is real?
I am so confused! I feel confused about life, myself, everything!
If Jesus had been born in 1987, would we think he was a terrorist?
What is better: Giving or receiving? And why?
Do you believe that some things can only occur once in a person's life time?
Is Spain poor or rich?
Completely stressed out... I have no idea where I am going with my life any more?
We have Rights but what about Responsibility?
When someone says it's human nature, do you believe that?
Could my elimination of meat & food additives really be what's improving my chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms?
What would you do if someone very unpleasant wanted hurt/kill you or your family & the police wouldn't help you?
Is it true that the average American adult is divorced, overweight and in debt?
Have you ever felt the urge to leave civilization and live by yourself or with a few close friends/family in the middle of nowhere?
What do you do when feeling unlucky and frustrated?
How do we become as little children?
Are you free to ask any question?
So many points of view and so many viewing points?
Is it true that there is always a price to pay in taking the next step?
Are all opinions valid?
When the truth is hard to swallow, what do you chase it with?
When you meet the Dragon on the road, do you fight or let him have his way?
If I was to say to you "I see you", would could I mean?
How do you cope with everything life throws at you?
Visionaries, dare to share your truth; what do you see?
What is life without love?
How do you deal with rejection?
Can a fool ask more questions that 3 wise men can answer?
Are you a religious or a spiritual person?
What is wrong with society?
Do you believe that things happen for a reason?
To all the trolls on here!
Why we get into stress??? 
Give me advice on how to be myself?
What is the meaning of Life?
What would you do to help end poverty? What can you do... or rather, what are you willing to do?
What do you do when you really need to talk to someone but can't find anybody safe?
Can we prevent death, disease and old age?
Why do people project their miseries on others and cannot see that they are their own miserable perpetrators?
How we can find out what is our own self image and concepts about life?
Are you doing your part to help our environment?
What are the factor that are responsible for the creation of a persons personality?
Why am I not happy? I have everything a person could want?
The more conscious we become the more we die and the more alive we become! 
Should we fight ARROGANCE with arrogance? What are the best ways ?
Where is truth?
Which would you choose? A life with a lot suffering and a few joys, or a cocooned life with no suffering?
Is it possible to be a realist?
How well do you know yourself? Are there things you still haven't learned about yourself?
What can I do?
How do you react when you get an answer that you don't like?
Can conflict be managed? If so how do you manage conflict? 
Living alone vs. living with others?
How do you free yourself?
What are some alternative therapies for Fibromyalgia?
Does life hold any more surprises for you? Or do you think you've pretty much got it all?
Anyone agree all those medicine drugs are not good? 
What is closest to reality in your opinion?
What is the real essence of being a human? 
Do you like to take it easy? Or have an easy way out?
What is one quality that would sum up your overall concept of true love?
How is a video game easier to play than the real game of "life"?
What would you do if....?
What does someone have to /say/do or like to be humorous?
Do you believe that there is someone for everyone?
I'm jealous of other's successful career, looking at others, I feel low self esteem.
I cannot understand myself!?
Society's culture of 'labeling'?
What do you do when you feel like giving up on life?
Why can't I just be nice?
Have you found meaning in life?
What happened when you tried a Ouija Board?
Do you agree with the idea of 'questioning everything'?
What is the point in life? I just don't get it.   best answer
What is the purpose of life? On which point must a person concentrate?   best answer
Do you think life is worth living without love?   best answer
What is the one thing necessary for a meaningful life?  best answer
How do you define intelligence?
What makes you want to live?  best answer
How did you find inner peace?
Do you feel guilty when you do nothing?
Why am I so caught up on finding meaning in my life?  best answer
Am I missing out on life?
Thinking analytically is a capacity we all have. Do you agree with this?
Why don’t all of us have the analytical thinking capacity?
How can I prepare to stay calm, rational, and in control when my dad starts yelling and screaming?
Why do people seek for meaning?
Which is bigger the universe or the imagination?

How can we know that our goals and intentions are our true calling? 
BeiYin: We will know after questioning ourselves and then realizing that we are conditioned by our human nature being identified with our concepts and self-image. We will realize that we want to be in a certain way and if we are not, then pretending to be like that, lying to others & ourselves, bound to the survival needs of our personality. Clearing our unconscious background & going beyond, we will know…

Why people don't mind to be treated badly in a relationship? 
BeiYin: Part of human nature is to find 'self confirmation' for one's existence, which mainly means being confirmed in one's self image and concepts, these are forming one's world view. Included are one's feeling and body sensations. Being grown up under circumstances that created lacks and deformation, these are also part of the 'personality' and the individual seeks also confirmation for these negative forms. Having an inferior complex and feeling not 'worth' to be treated well, self confirmation will be received by being treated bad and the suffering from it is part of the 'game' in which one is trapped. This only can change by finding one's true values, going beyond established self images. How this can be done? Through regularly meditation practice. It might be possible through psycho therapy and other techniques but for sure meditation is the most natural and secure way. The problem doing it is that indeed it will change one's self image and this is not wanted if the individual is not 'ready' for it. Probably then it needs quite some more suffering...

Is it ever morally permissible to lie? 
BeiYin: What is called 'moral' is a cover up for our human nature in which lying and pretending is an important part of our survival game. Observing this within oneself and ones surrounding, then realizing truth and so understanding reality, one can free oneself from lies.

Why people are violent and destructive? 
BeiYin: People carry too much accumulated frustration and anger, this urges for an outlet. Or is it that these people are structured by lacks in early childhood experiences and also later and then choose ‘being bad’ as a way to get attention from others? They might have tried with being brave & good but it didn't work. 
Established behavior is part of the personality, the individual is identified with it, so by being violent and destroying things and people, this gives the feeling of power and with this the feeling of existence. The more violent one feels, then also one feels more 'realized', - not falling into a void. There has been and is so much violence in this world and there seems no change since historical times with it. Punishing people doesn't help, either education. Religion and moral guidelines hasn't helped much or even caused the contrary? How can one deal with ones frustration and anger not reacting these out with violence? When too weak to be violent, people are mean or damage others hiding behind a screen, that for sure is not less violent and destructive.

Why we always face problems? 
BeiYin: The problem is that in reality we don't want to face problems. Mostly we try to avoid to relate to what shows up, putting things we don't like under the carpet. If we would face a problem, dealing with it in a creative way, then we might find out, that what we see as a problem is caused by our own attitude, our own individual position and condition. Then we might find out, that solving the problem is the only real way to do something about ones own, mostly unconscious structure and background. Changing this, the problem is solved. This tells, that 'problems' are an important part of our 'growing process', without, we would stay without change in stuck conditions. So the 'problem' is a precious mean if we are willing to face it, seeing it as something positive and challenging. 

Why there are so many conflict situations in daily life? 
BeiYin: Conflicts arise because we need to deal with people and circumstances and then it shows up that these are not what we would like it to be. We have a specific view, a standpoint gained throughout our life. We are identified with it, it forms our personality and we are holding tied on this and defend it. Other people have their own specific position and do the same, so when not being able to confirm each other, then conflicts occur. Having the need to come nearer together in spite of the differences, we suffer and try to bridge the gape, finding something common that connects us. This might lie on a deeper level and makes the separating facts less important. In this process coming nearer to our own source... 
Understanding, that differences are part of the personality and as more we clear up ourselves, as more we can see where conflicts come from and we will be able to solve these more easy, being able to view beyond our limiting conditions.

What is God? 
BeiYin: "God" is a word, standing for a symbol, an idea, an image and a concept. This can represent a belief in which emotions are completing the mental concept. The dilemma is, that a concept inhibits often the realization of it. On the other hand, "God" can be an experience which then goes beyond words and concepts. A spoken or written report about this experience will end up in a concept, giving satisfaction and a certain security for those who are in need of it.

What is the best way to kill myself? 
InkyPinkie: The best way is to let it happen by itself, like the normal people do: Just live like every body: Breath polluted air, drink contaminated water or with chemicals enriched sugar drinks, eat the normal junk food, have a lot of stress being in the rat race, joining goals offered by this society, which just manipulate people to spend their money. Buy a house with credit, marry and have children. Just do the usual things...
It will not last long, then you will get sick, that's the moment when you can decide: You can go in treatment with the established health system, which will cause a long way of suffering until you finally die or you can die without help - or you can heal yourself and die healthy and happy. That's an interesting and challenging process and will need your whole engagement because it involves your whole existence; you need to find out about all your aspects of your being. Not only the body, but also your emotions, your mind and other levels going beyond all what you have experienced until now. Indeed fascinating! And the result might be, that you will be completely healed and are able to die healthy and without suffering. 
That's one way, the other is that you start right now to ask yourself some questions and find out why you want to kill yourself. If something for you is worth nothing, then you might throw it away and then after you might find out, that indeed it had a value you didn't recognize but then it was lost... So better be careful and do some effort before you do something that is definitely. Your decision might come out of accumulated anger, frustration and disappointment. Why this has accumulated? Was it because your dreams, illusions and your expectations were not fulfilled? From where did you receive those images and concepts and had made them to your own? These pictures had given you motivation and going for it had given you energy, and then when reality did not meet your expectations, then you got angry and this again and again... until you came to the point to give up because your energy went down too much. Better to look at the background and discover that those images doesn't serve you, they can't give you real fulfillment and happiness, so then why not look for better ones and go on? Take self responsibility and don't depend on others and what is offered. Find out in the first place about yourself, there is much more you will discover which will give you real motivation and new energy. The key might be that you find new ways to express yourself. You might have an artistic talent you don't know yet... It is not about demonstrating to the outside who you are, then you will depend on responses. First feel well with yourself, all the rest will follow, but not the other way around. 
Does this sound right? Then find out more. Ask questions to yourself and then to others, you will receive answers. Go on, try it...

Does it bother you to be ignored even though you don't admit it? 
BeiYin: Who doesn't want to be seen? Of course it bothers me when I'm ignored. I had this experience many times in my life and often I was asking myself: Am I invisible? How it is possible that some people totally ignore me? Of course this bothered me. 
You are right; it probably has to do with being different. Indeed I always felt different and still I am, more than ever before. But now it doesn't bother me, I just notice it. I can understand why some people don't see me. If something or some body is different, then there is something 'unknown' and this irritates people, but they don't want to be irritated and the best way is to ignore. 
I can say that over the last years I didn't feel ignored in public, in contrary and that is because I get in contact easily and talk to people as if I know them since long and show my interest, this works and even with people when they are busy. It is because I don't ignore them and that's what they are used, so when I give them my attention, then of course they are glad and don't ignore me. But it happens that I'm ignored some times when I talk in a group of people, especially when it has to do with pointing out something personally what goes against the self image of this person, then it shows that ignoring what is said, is an effective defense. But then it happens when I point this out, then the person ignores me totally or as a last defense leaves the room... 
So I guess being ignored has a lot to do how one behaves and is treating others, even when not saying anything, probably it is ones attitude one has established and what shows just in ones face or body expression. 
If one feels rebellious or is angry or frustrated and so somehow doesn't want much contact with people, then one will ignore people as they are felt as too much and then one is not attractive to others and also will be ignored. So changing ones inner condition will change ones attitude and people will react differently.

Why does silence make people nervous? 
BeiYin: Because people don't want to confront themselves: Silence gives them the opportunity to be aware of themselves and this they try to avoid by keeping themselves busy all the time. When they don't do something, then they still keep their senses occupied by letting the radio or TV run. If there is silence then they feel uncomfortable as if falling into a void. If they can't keep their senses occupied then they think, having fantasies of all kind, but they hardly think about themselves, they are mostly not aware of their emotions. People are filled with accumulated anger and frustration, being in silence then all this might come up, so silence must be avoided. The pressure of the inside load is strong and needs to escape, mostly looking for occasions when people confronting outside situations and others, then they react and let their tension come out, having a good reason by giving the fault to the other or the circumstances. When in silence then this possibility is not given and if emotional reactions are coming up, then the fault can't be given to any body else than to oneself. So silence must be avoided. 
If people would accept silence and the thoughts and emotions showing up, then they could use this to clean up their unconscious background structure, they could release their accumulated load. But they don't know that this is possible and the common behavior and attitude is to avoid any reflection about oneself. Unless one is somehow more advanced in ones personal evolution and is questioning oneself. Then one might be able to take silence and even look for it, for example walking in nature or just sitting in a quiet place. One can even do it intentionally doing various exercises, like yoga, Tai Chi etc. or one can do meditation or a 'StressReleaseExercise' using silence in the most effective and creative way. Then silence will not anymore make one nervous but give release and relaxation. Unfortunately these possibilities are still widely unknown or better said not yet integrated in people's daily life and attitude; mainly because there is resistance against every thing that can make them reflect about themselves, like silence.

Dog lovers... What dog made the biggest impact in your life? 
BeiYin: I can say that all dogs I had in my life had an impact on me, I can't say which one had the strongest. I loved them all and when they left me, - there have been five over the last thirty years -, then it was always hard for me to say good-bye to them and each of them I miss, but I can feel their presence still in my heart. They were very personal and great characters, each of them in their way. Now I live with two dogs and they are also very special. I can't imagine that I could have been without my dogs all over the years and I only can say that I appreciate having had them and still have such giving friends...

Help me with my violent Husband! 
My husband hurt me last night. He threatened to break my hand and then he twisted my fingers back... It really hurt! He also threatened to take my 8 month old daughter away if I tried to leave him. I don't know what to do anymore! I do love him and in a year's time, this is the third time ever he's hurt me.
BeiYin: There is no doubt that your husband is sick and for sure you should not take his violent behavior any longer. As it seems not possible that he changes, you need to leave him. He is too sick that he can stay reasonable when you would talk to him and tell him that you want to leave. Don't do it. Just leave and go somewhere he can't find you. 
An other aspect is that there is no coincident, you met him and were attracted to him for whatever reason. 
I am convinced that whatever happens in our life, is exactly what we need in our personal growing process. If we can see it like this, then even heavy happenings will be not just negative. 
You are angry and depressed, this is understandable, but this is alone your responsibility and you need to work on this. You can't change your husband, but you can change yourself. The first thing you can do is to observe your reactions. You are getting angry, be aware of it when it happens. You don't need to let it out, this is too provoking for your husband, he doesn't want you to be angry and if you are then he is reacting violently. So observe your anger and then you will see where it came from and what have caused it. The same when you are depressed. You might see, that the reason is, that things are different than you have expected them to be. You had dreams and these were not fulfilled, because reality is different. Can you see and accept it? You have a self-image you were trying to live and it was not possible. Giving the fault to the outside and to others is no solution although every body does it. There is a lot to reflect about, to question yourself... This is a challenge and you might be ready to confront it. In so far your difficult situation is the best what could happen, even though it is painful and extremely difficult to deal with it. You are asked to get out of dependencies to take self responsibility, accept the challenge! 
This will also have a positive influence on your husband, but probably not enough to heal him. At least it might help you to leave him without provoking violence…
There is a lot more to say, but you need to ask, first yourself and then others, - the answers will come to you. 

Use Stem Cell To Grow Teeth? 
I have just found out about the use of stem cell to grow teeth and just wondering when will it be released to the general public. I can't wait much longer. NEED New Teeth
I started to investigate about growing third teeth and I read also about the Stem Cells. I have the impression that this will need much more time. They are still looking for money for their research...
BeiYin: I don't want to wait for ten years or more and also I don't want to depend on the health system with their teeth repairer.
We must find another way. I have heard that in China is a tribe or village, where they know how to grow third teeth. Is there anybody who knows about this? I would travel to China if I know where it is.
How about EFT? I had surprising results with it in various occasions. I will try it now with my teeth growing intention. 
EFT helped me to heal my inguinal hernia without surgery and all and every body had said only surgery could repair it. This is not true and so I don't believe in anything 'authorities' are telling! I broke my food and was told it needed surgery. I rejected this and my foot healed perfectly without it. I had Fibromyalgia and was told that there is no cure and I must live with it, describing me painkiller. I refused this and investigated myself and then treated myself. After one year I was totally healed. So why should I believe that teeth can't grow again? Yes, people think I'm crazy just because I swim against the stream. I don't care what people think about me, I do what feels right...
So let's do our own investigation.

What's the real essence of self-awareness and how to increase this aspect of myself? 
BeiYin: The real essence of self-awareness is awareness, what means 'pure awareness' not bound to 'personality', not even to an 'observer'. So pretty beyond the evolutionary state of humans, not even desirable, although if not yet, then probably soon included in the most sophisticated spiritual concept. 
How to increase self-awareness? Self-awareness increases by itself during life, it is the most essential aspect of ones being and all development of all the other aspects leads into the increasing of awareness, although there occur blockages that seem to hinder the increasing, but these are obstacles which cause that energy accumulates and then can force a transformation, what means the step from one established condition into another more sublime. 
To increase self-awareness in the most effective way and helping all aspects of oneself to grow, one can practice 'meditation'. One can do it by oneself, not depending on others or any time or place. Information how to do it and help is available for free. 
One aspect of personality needs to be mentioned: Like all systems, also ones 'personality' has the inbuilt tendency, to hold on ones established structure and is doing everything, using all kind of tricks to survive and to defend oneself, this is inbuilt from nature and so unconscious. So whatever is used to 'increase' the awareness like meditation might be sabotaged and so rejected, by finding all kind of good arguments. Don't let this become an obstacle, convince yourself and just meditate!

What can I do to make the world a better place? 
BeiYin: Take self responsibility, get out of dependencies. To be able to do this you need to get to know yourself. Learn about human nature and be aware how much you are conditioned by this and by society. Be aware how much manipulation is happening, etc. Clear up the mess inside yourself. Ask questions, question yourself, be critical to whatever shows up. Look behind the appearance... Develop your intuition and do what feels right: Relating and responding to what comes to you. Take action when it is needed. 
There is quite a lot you can do, you will find out yourself when you have discovered your abilities, your talents and you can follow and trust the 'call from within'.

Should the human race be destroyed? 
BeiYin: I can understand your anger about what goes on with humanity and that they destroy the planet and themselves...
But destroying humanity would mean 'to pour out the bathing water with the baby'... Shouldn't we better ask why we are in this situation? Isn't it caused by ourselves? By you and me? So then what can we do about it? Being angry and finding a fault at the outside and others is the normal behavior of most and might be one of the reasons why we are where we are! So why not starting with ourselves changing the conditions? Are not our established habits and our attitudes the reason? Isn't it because we are not behaving responsible and are in dependency? The first step might be to take self responsibility and get out of dependencies. Starting to be critical about what we have been told about what we should believe, what is good for us, how we should behave, what we should ... If we are tired to be slaves, buying what we are told, thinking what we are taught, then we might come to the point where we make a decision...
We might need to admit that we are still on a very primitive state of evolution, we are not the crown of existence, probably far away of this, but we are alive and we are conscious about this, so we should start here... We have the choice and we have enough power to decide. 
Destroying ourselves? No! The situation is disastrous but we can take it as a challenge and go ahead, using our abilities and make the best out of it. What can we loose doing so? Nothing! We only can win, so let's do it!!!

Is knowledge objective? Is truth objective? 
BeiYin: The fact of being in a certain condition is coming out of influences, the result is a fact and objective and does not depend on an observer, although the condition must not be stable and can even change by the influence of an observer. There is no lasting condition it only exists as a fact in the middle between past and future. There is no 'truth' in a fact, as 'truth' depends on some one who judges out of ones own condition. Or one can call it 'absolute truth', then it is just the pure fact of being. Objectivity also depends on some one who is observing and judging. If this one is human and so bound to senses and ones conditioning, then there can't be any thing 'objective'. 
Knowledge can't be objective as always bound to a limited personal condition.
There might exist states of being human, when the 'knowledge' is transcended, meaning that the individual has realized a truth by 'being' it, with this going beyond 'knowledge', which is bound to mind and emotions. This experience can be called 'objective', but when expressed and received by others the words used to describe will be instantly be interpreted and made to ones own truth, that is subjective because depending on ones individual condition. So 'knowledge' might in extremely rare individuals be 'objective', depending on the personal realization, but only if it is kept and not expressed and shared on an intellectual level. 
As long as the observer is a conglomerate out of concepts (called ‘knowledge’), beliefs, dreams, images, used to form ones personality and being identified with it, as long these properties dominate, there is no objective truth and no knowledge going beyond ones own limitation. 
There might arise the question: If there exist a state of being and the experience of 'objective truth' then how can one reach this out of ones limited condition? What can one do to get out of ones limitations to reach 'truth'? Yes, there are ways, but you need to be open for it, not wanting to hold on your established conditions, defending these with all means… the first step would be that you ask questions by yourself, - coming out of questioning yourself. So do it…

Of six BILLION people residing on this planet there isn't ONE who can say to have seen GOD? 
BeiYin: There is the scientific proof that 'God' exist, that's what I read. Or let's better say: If there is the scientific proof that 'God' exist, then how can this be proofed? I scientific can explain it, but then it depends totally on the person who receives the information, to understand the words used and to integrate them into ones own knowledge 'data bank', comparing it with the already stored information and being able to draw a result out of it, so understanding it. This needs a trained capability for which a non-scientific will not be able. So there's no way a scientific can reach one who might be familiar with some facts, but is not able to use a trained abstract thinking. So when one asks the scientific to explain the existence of ‘God’ then knowing that he cant explain it to a non-scientific person, he will probably smile and say something trivial or nothing. Do you remember Albert Einstein? He seemed to be a simple believer like others, but he came to a realized experience because he had his scientific proof of ‘God’ even though not being able to share it.
Mathematics can explain the basics to a fife years old kid, but probably this is all, logarithm and other advanced levels are out of reach for the infant. A non-scientific is like a kid, even though grown up is not capable to grasp any scientific information and also not about the existence of 'God' or whatever word one might use to describe the same...
Not yet clear? Then let me use another example: A three years old girl loves her doll and the same age old boy loves his teddy bear. For them this is not a toy, it is alive and helps them to go to sleep holding it in their arms and it will make that the child learns to have affections and starts to express them, taking care of the loved 'toy'. Take away the doll or the teddy bear and tell the child that this is not alive and only plastic and you might open the teddy and show that there's only wood wool in it. If you go further and rip of the head, then you can do serious damage to the child, which can cause a trauma for all life and influence and disturb all kind of relationships in the adult future. So better leave the child with the belief that the teddy bear is real and alive. The child needs it for their personal development; the time will come when it will leave the teddy and change to practice the same having done with the toy then with people. 
There is only one serious difference: The children will not get stuck and hold on their projections to their doll and teddy bear, but this is because it belongs to the growing cycle, while with ‘adults’ the holding on a belief or concept might last all life time, holding the individual in a frame of concepts and belief systems and the tragically side effect is, that the established concepts inhibit the realization of it. Unless one is really tired of ones worn out concepts, starts to be critical and questions oneself and every thing of one was influenced. Then realizing that one was dependent and even manipulated by others who had their benefit out of this. One might make a decision and take self responsibility. One will come to this point through out the training of life, if not in this one then the next one…
It is for sure that there is a growing force within each of us, this is easy to understand just by observing nature around and then we will recognize it also within ourselves. We will be able to give space, trust it and then listen to it. We donut need to give it a name, because then we have realized it by ‘being’ it and that's the only real way to proof it for oneself.
There are ways to help oneself to open up and allow letting go of worn out conditions… I have already written about it here and you will find it looking for it…

What is ‘soul’? Are you a soul in your body? 
Bomoon: We are so much used to value every thing in material terms and also mind and emotions are in a certain way material. There every thing can be measured and proofed. In so far a 'soul' does not exist, there is no way to proof the contrary. That people believe things, are identified with all of it, make it to their intellectual and emotional property, so people defend it, die for it, etc. but it is no proof at all. But yes, there is something that goes beyond the material and body aspects. There is some sort of 'longing', a kind of 'inner call' and this for sure is not limited to the body or any material aspect. Also I know and I have experienced it in meditation, that there are spaces that are beyond the body, mind and emotions and for sure not bound to the material forms and not to the body, although we live mainly on this level and use it to express ourselves. One day maybe we will be capable to express from a level beyond. I have the impression that some artists can do so, I receive this in some poems and also in music. This feeling gives me trust and I can be calm and don't have the need for religious or spiritual concepts... To answer the question: "Are you a soul in your body?" we first need to find out who we are, who we really are and this will answer it.

BeiYin: ”Soul” is a word, representing a concept. Where this concept came from is hard to find out, as it exist quite some time. Probably it came out as expression from someone who had an experience, which was going beyond the experience transmitted through the senses. Or it came from fantasies and the need to protect oneself from the unknown by giving sense and a new dimension one could believe in. Who knows? One can join the traditional concept, part of religions or other traditional beliefs, or one can quest all this and do ones own investigation by asking questions to oneself: Who I am? Obviously I am the body and I am my thoughts and my feelings. What else? Bomoon is right: There is something else and this goes beyond the daily life experience and can't be sensed if one is totally caught in material aspects or in concepts about whatever. So even every body has this 'longing' for more, hardly anybody dares to go into this question because this goes into something unknown, this is frightening and so will be avoided and rejected. Unless one is really tired of struggling and turning around oneself and the daily frustrating reality. 
Satisfaction can't come out of any intellectual explication what 'soul' might be. The concepts about it are established and described in many words, what is needed is a direct and vivid experience of ones own 'soul'. Can one gain this? Yes!
How? This can't be a goal one can reach by doing certain things or being in a certain way or trying to live and fulfill a specific concept, although there is an exercise, if one want to call it like this and this is 'meditation'. Helping to go beyond thoughts and feelings, having the experience of 'having a soul'. Although I am convinced that this is also possible by living ones daily life by relating and responding out of ones awareness as good as one is capable (although meditation helps a lot, not only relaxes and so furthers ones awareness, but also opens to new fields...) What will guide to self responsibility and one will get out of dependencies and worn out concepts and self images. One will not need to find confirmation for ones existence anymore, one can enjoy ones being all together with ones body, feeling and mind, as ones existence is not limited to this and one has the direct experience with another dimension, it doesn't matter how one will call it. 

Why stupid, ignorant people are happier then conscious ones? 
BeiYin: Stupid people do not see the world as suffering and if they suffer they can be comforted by beautiful concepts like religions, god, superstitions, social brainwashing (e.g. "Life is what u make it, u need to keep positive, etc...")
People, who see things as they are, see lots of suffering and pain in this world. They can't be comforted easily. Some like Buddha will give you ideas that are hard to follow e.g. "do not attach to anything and do not desire anything in your life".
Why is that paradox that people with less brain are better off in this world?
To answer your question depends very much on where you are and where do you see yourself: As stupid, ignorant and with less brain, representing the huge majority or as the other extremely rare individuals like Buddha and a few more, being beyond the average humans. (Probably there will be others in between who haven't yet decided and still are a mixture of ignorant and lucid...) If your view is that people with less brain are better off in this world, then I guess that you belong to the majority.  The fact that you posted this question many times to different categories seems to confirm this, but I will check your profile and your other q&A. 
I looked at it and I see that you are new here at ‘answers’. You used half of your points to post the same question all over the place. Pretty silly isn't it? Well, let's say that you are just ignorant. 
Now as it is obvious that you belong to the first group, believing that you are better off, so I don't want to disturb you in your established state of being, because this, as you wrote it, would cause you suffering and pain and for sure I don't want give this to you. 
But are you really ‘happy’? And as you can't know anything about the happiness of conscious people, whatever you see is just an interpretation from your own limited stand point, - so you can decide to stay where you are and better don't read all the answers you will receive, or you take the risk and continue reading, maybe really reflecting about it. Anyway you will only be open for that what you want to receive, the rest or the most you will not see, that's why people are ‘ignorant’, that's the best defense. If this doesn't work anymore, then you can react with anger and find easily a reason to give me the fault. Just the usual way you ignorant, happy people behave in daily life. 
In case that you don't want to go on like this, then you might question yourself first and then there might come out some essential questions and for sure you will get an answer, here or from somewhere else. I would be happy to answer any question you might have coming out of your new attitude, although I must warn you in advance that my answers might open your eyes and then you will see ‘things as they are’ as you wrote, which then would reduce your established happiness or better said your established concept about happiness. But this is up to you.

How long would u live if cancer & coronary heart diseases were curable? 
Say they will create treatments for most cancer types and coronary heart issues causing heart arrests, etc. how long could one live and what could cause death then?
InkyPinkie: You would live so long until you die, the cause would be the treatments you are receiving, causing another disease and another or clocking you up to such an extent that your system can't take more and give up. 
Why this? Because you and the whole medical system doesn't  know what 'disease' really is. They are treating the symptoms but they are not 'healing', causing side effects with their medications and then giving medication for the side effects... Who is interested to find out about the real cause of a disease, the root cause? 
Maybe 'disease' is something completely different than the established knowledge is limited to? Disease might not only caused by environmental reasons or ones nutrition or whatever one takes in. These can be the reasons on one level, the physical, but what about the mental and the emotional level? Yes, it is known that an imbalance can cause a physical disease and so these levels are also treated with medication. Oh boy! 
But last not least: There might be another level causing imbalance that lays beyond all the other and what is not connected yet and because of this causing imbalance and disease. Who is asking to find out? Are we on such a low evolutionary state, that we need to suffer from so many diseases and being stuck in a vicious cycle, turning around ourselves, that we first have to suffer to such an extreme, before we even question ourselves, our world view and our attitudes and habits? 
What is causing 'death'? Are we really alive? Are zombies alive? So why you want to prolong your state of being? Wake up, be alive, get out of dependencies and take self responsibility! Then you would live the utmost and able heal yourself and even find out, that 'death' is an illusion.

Who believes in life on other planets? 
BeiYin: We know that there are an infinite number of galaxies out there and the probability that we posses the only planet which has developed life is so small that it would be just too silly to believe we are living on the only one. Would accepting this mean that we are not the 'crown of creation'? Better let's admit it, then after recognizing that humans are in a still very primitive state, with all the destruction and self destruction going on, because material aspects are the most important and nearly all what humans are striving for and then we might realize that religious and spiritual concepts are mainly a cover-up on top of selfish behavior. Seeing and experiencing all this, one easily can fall into disappointment and depression, as there seems no way out and no change possible. 
Just the possibility and this is more than probable, that there is life on other planets, can give us some hope that it might be in our reach that there is a growing process going on, although for us, in this short moment we can only oversee, there seems no changes. We need to look very near to observe that indeed there is some progress and this we can recognize best when we look at ourselves being aware about our inner growing. This of course has its ups and downs and we might need to observe for many years... Maybe at least twenty years... or do you think that you are the same ignorant and silly person you have been? Probably not, even though you might be more frustrated and disappointed and will have lost some part of your illusions and blown up concepts... Coming nearer to accept reality and let go some of your worries...

PS: By the way: I'm a visitor on this planet (so I can ensure you that there is life on other planets!) and that makes it that I see things going on here clearer. So if you want to ask me some questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Oops! I should have made a smiley in my PS ;-) to make it clear that this was meant funny. Now I'm accused to have a superiority complex and other horrible things more. Well, people see what they want to see, it gives them the opportunity to spit out what they had to swallow all life long...

Why do people question others and theirbeliefs? 
If you have no problem with others then why do you try to create one?
BeiYin: People question themselves and others, because they feel the urge to go beyond their established concepts. They want a proof for their beliefs and can't find it in their lives, so they need to provoke a situation where they can maybe find an answer. Or they attack other beliefs to find confirmation for their own. The same will serve who defend ones belief, so both sides are going into a kind of game, using each other to find confirmation for their own position. It is the simple thing with fighting, the one who wins feels stronger and gets satisfaction out of it, feeling more secure and feeling ones existence more. The one who is loosing also feels ones existence more by suffering, probably reacting then with anger and so going into the next fight with more energy. 
Pretty primitive, isn't it? There is not much difference in getting into a street fight or arguing at the Internet with others. Until one becomes tired of these games and reflects about them, maybe coming to more essential questions...

Why do comets seem to be sitting so still? 
InkyPinkie: This is an interesting question, because it tells that we can't trust our senses, we need to combine these with our critical attitude and information we have gained and stored, although these also can give us fault conclusions, so we never can be sure about what we see, hear or receive in general. Our interpretation might be far away from reality... This indeed is not funny because it is causing a lot of confusion and we waste a lot of energy going for something that is not what it seems to be... Although from a different view point, not being too much identified and stuck in ones doing, one can see ones doing as a joke, because at the end there is nothing left, after our ash has been thrown into the wind...
A fly passing in front of your nose seems to be very fast, the same fly with the same speed but ten meter away seems to fly very slow, but the same fly with same speed 1 km away looks like as standing still in the air, you can also say 'sitting in the air' even though there might be no cloud or other seat available. You got it? For sure comets can't sit somewhere as they are flying much faster than a fly and a seat in space is difficult to find. 

What is your definition of a normal person? 
Are there any normal people left out there?
Bomoon: You should first answer this question by yourself, because what 'normal' is depends totally on your view. Obviously you see yourself as 'normal'. So what is your self-image? Your wish is that every body else should be the same, then you would be confirmed in your own image and feel comfortable.
My definition of a 'normal person' is that there is no 'normal'. Even in a group with the most extreme behavior, their own view for them is 'normal'. 
If one belongs to the same world view and attitude of the majority of people, then the fact that money and material aspects are of dominating importance in their life and this then is 'normal'. The fact that people don't like to think and reflect too much and don't like to make decisions out of their own responsibility is 'normal'. The fact that people depend on authorities and believe in them without having any doubts, this is 'normal'. The fact that people don't ask questions and if they do then they expect an answer that fits in their already established concepts, this is 'normal'. 
Does this answer your questions? If you now say: "Yeah, yes, somehow..." Then you are probably a 'normal' person. If you say: "In contrary, this makes me think of many more questions and especially questions I need to ask to myself..." Then for sure you are not a 'normal person'.

Can a person change ones personality completely? 
BeiYin: 'Personality' is an illusion, created as part of the human condition and nature in its momentary state of evolution. Personality is like moving pictures projected to a screen. What you see seems to be real, people talking, fighting, suffering, enjoying, etc. But these are only lights and shadows on a flat and empty surface, although you see it in three dimensions and as real. It is just an illusion of reality. You can go into it, engage yourself, try to change something about the pictures you see. Or your personality is changed through dramatic and traumatic influences, turning you upside down. Whatever you do whatever happens to you, you are still caught in your illusionary picture world, so keeping and holding your  'personality'. Which of course is the most precious you have because you don't know anything else, as you are bound and limited to it and you are even defending it with all means. 'Personality' gives you the feeling of existence. You are getting your satisfaction and meaning of life out of it. As much as you explore and expanding it, you will still stay in your illusion, turning around and around yourself. Gaining power or becoming spiritual, you are in a cage created by yourself, imprisoned by yourself, being identified with your 'personality', no matter into which dimensions you might have changed, you are still stuck in your 'lousy personality'. You even might have the concept to go 'beyond your personality' but with this just going into a new more sophisticated dimension of illusion. 

I HATE MY LIFE, someone please help me? 
I'm asking myself why the heck am I even living for? My dad calls me bad names and tells me that I won't do anything in life.
BeiYin: You can be thankful for the challenging situation in which you are. You have the best condition to be forced to get out of dependency. If you feel good or not only depends on you! Discover the value of 'existence' and that you own the power to make decisions. It is up to you to create the condition to be happy. Then you will like yourself and others will like you. You are on a good way, what shows because you are asking questions. Question yourself and you will get answers. You are doing well, go on...

Why do people need a label? 
Why do people feel the need to define themselves with a label? Is it just me that finds this silly?
BeiYin: People need labels, because this is part of human nature. Humans are conceptual beings in the momentary state of evolution. They are identified with their mind and the content of it. Words, ideas, concepts, beliefs, pictures and images are 'labels' standing as a kind of symbol for the 'real' thing. The dilemma is that the label inhibits to relate and respond to the reality as the label is bound to the interpretation and established background structure of the individual and so every thing showing up is filtered and colored and not seen like it really is and so the response, if there is any and not suppressed, then seldom is objective and not always adequate and fair.
So people move within a picture world, that gives a certain frame and so security, but they move like zombies, conditioned and limited to their own creation. Indeed pretty silly, but that's the average condition of humans, although with the inbuilt longing to get out of this cage and also the possibility.

What's your thought on this quote? 
Jesus is God spelling Himself out in language that men can understand.” -- 
S.D. Gordon
BeiYin: So then what is it men really understand? Isn't it that they just change one image against an other one? What do they with their 'understanding'? It gives them something to chew on or a kind of security, protecting them from a void they might otherwise fall into? With this 'understanding' they receive advises how they should behave and they can hold the 'right' attitude, holding guidelines they can follow. With this 'understanding' they can follow an authority and don't need to take self responsibility, they can stay in dependency, trusting an imaginary picture built up from projections and unconscious needs. Holding on an infantile state of being and at the same time pretending to have reached superiority. Meeting like minded others with the same understanding and so being confirmed and strengthened in ones own or fighting against other views and so making ones own position untouchable, eliminating others views by forcing ones own ‘understanding’ on all around, gaining more power and of course using it for the ‘good for all’ and all in the name of an ‘understanding’ that was brought to men, - from where, from whom? There where the ‘understanding’ ends, there one must ‘believe’… Oh boy!
Look around in what state humanity is and where they have brought the whole planet with their ‘understanding’!

What is life? 
BeiYin: A question about the most essential for us 'humans' who are being alive, difficult to answer because we can't grab it. We can't see it only the outcome of it. If we know what it is, then probably also we would know the origin of it. 
Life makes that all beings grow, but also that all and every thing changes constantly. There seems destruction in changes, things disappear and there is transformation from one form or state of being into an other one. Life appears to be in a constant flow. Are there a beginning and an end, or goes it in circles? When I look at my own circles when I turn around myself, repeating happenings and the way I react to them, then it seems that my turning goes in a spiral way, with less movements coming nearer to the center. What will happen when I come to the center point, when I become the center? Will I remain in silence, without any motion? The absolute center of a wheel doesn't move, right? Maybe arriving there one will be in a new dimension? Beyond any meaning, beyond any question, beyond any understanding? Just being life, just being alive, without anymore question because all concepts are left behind and the answer is realized...

Is it really the philosophers' task to change the world? 
BeiYin: "If a man has a good wife, then he will be happy, if he has a bad wife, then he will become a philosopher!" Probably because he will have a good reason to ask what sense his life has if he is suffering, while when he is happy he has no reason to ask. Then when asking and really going for an answer he will come to the result, that he will need to change himself, getting out of dependencies and taking self responsibility. From there he will be able to make decisions and respond to daily life circumstances in a different way. He will be capable to relate to whatever shows up more objective and so indeed have changed his personal world view, behavior and also his habits. And so with all this he will have changed the world, and even without any intention, it became his 'task' as he started a chain reaction...
InkyPinkie: A policeman helps to direct the traffic, he writes tickets and tells what you have done wrong, but his task is not to change the world. A teacher gives information about knowledge, about numbers, how to write and spell, but his task is not to change the world. A politician talks about how things should be done, how much money citizens must pay to keep things going, but his task is not to change anything and for sure not the world. 
So then why they do their job? The policeman might feel great because he has power and can people tell what they must do. The teacher feels great because he knows more than his pupils and can tell them what they should know. The politician feels extraordinary great because he has more power and can direct the world, - without changing anything substantially. 
Now what about the philosopher? Why he is a philosopher? Why he is interested to think about things a 'normal' person is absolutely not interested? Maybe he just likes to think. This gives him satisfaction and confirms him in his existence, as he is identified with his mind and the experience of going into the most extraordinary fields of mind and matter lifts him up far above ordinary people. It helps him in his glory when he makes known to the public about his mental discoveries and he will impress and become  famous, but it is not his intention and not his 'task' to change the world. He enriches the world with new concepts about existence, but with this there is no change, not in people and not in the world. 
Unless the motivation to think comes out of a personal urge, because there are doubts and questions about the philosophers own personal condition and situation. He might suffer and doesn't know how to change the circumstances in which he is so much stuck. So he starts to think about it... and comes to a result by understanding himself, human nature and also more or less the world around. He will postulate his theories and write books about his sophisticated ideas. It might even help people, so they can see the world under a different viewpoint, thanks to the new established philosophical concepts. In very rare cases it might be even possible that a few people are using these concepts to understand not only themselves, but out of personal urge are doing a step beyond those concepts. At least this is a possibility...
I am not informed if there have been philosophers so genius that they could use their own concepts to go beyond their concepts. This would be like dropping ones whole knowledge about biological agriculture and starting to plant ones own vegetable by turning around the dirt. Indeed I believe this can happen. Probably the moment comes when the satisfaction from moving ones mind is not enough and the philosopher comes to an end when hitting the wall of his limitation he had created by his own concepts. If then he is entering into a ‘transformation’, he indeed will change and with this he will have changed the world, being a part of it. 

Do you look at the world with eyes half way open or half way shut? 
Or do you only look with one eye opened and let the other eye sleep?
InkyPinkie: Is this similar as when you see a bottle as half full or half empty?
Or do you want to say that we are only half aware about ourselves and what happens around us? Probably we are much less aware than half...
Well, a good question coming out of this would be why we are only half aware or half asleep although we could be much more awake. What makes us want to not look at ourselves? Why we don't want to see the world as it is? 'Why we built up a whole artificial 'potemkintious village' not wanting to recognize reality?
I believe a 'good question' is a question which triggers other eventually more profound questions.

Do we listen to our own experiences as we age, thus, acquiring Wisdom? 
BeiYin: A good question is when it triggers more questions and then working through them, being able to answer the original question. Your question seems to be a good one.
What is an 'experience'? Is it something new we encounter and then respond out of our stored memory we have, so called knowledge? And so confirming the experience and making it to an old one? Is experience how we react to a new situation, no matter what is causing the reaction, although it is our conditioning, our unconscious background structure? Is experience formed by being aware of one's reaction in a certain situation, mentally or emotionally? Or is experience formed just by engraving reactions into our system? That would explain why people can't relate and respond out of a fresh and open mind, as they are bound to their conditioning from experiences they have had.
It seems that the word 'experience' has so many different meanings, that it needs more context to know what is meant. 
Let me have a look what my dictionary says: 
'Experience’: 1.) knowledge, contact, involvement, practice, familiarity, acquaintance, exposure, participation, observation 2.) incident, event, happening, affair, episode, occurrence, circumstance, adventure, encounter, trial, test, ordeal. 3.) common sense, wisdom, sagacity, knowledge, know-how, savior faire, savior vivre, sophistication, skill, judgment. 
So obviously it depends from where one is looking...
What means to 'listen to our own experiences'? Does it mean that we are aware of our reaction when we have the encounter? Or does it mean that we are just observing an outside happening, without relating or responding from our own conditioning? This people might do, but then for sure is not acquiring wisdom. So obviously one needs to be aware of one's own reaction and then relating this to one's own conditioning and in this way maybe coming to some insights what then might acquiring wisdom. 
But how is it possible that some times children show in their responses 'wisdom'? As this can't come out of experience. One might come to the conclusion that experience is not necessary to respond with wisdom, or that for a grownup it would first be needed to grow beyond the established knowledge coming out of experience. 
So wisdom does not depend on age and is not bound to experience. I'm not a 'Christian' but I remember something Jesus said: "If you don't become like children, then you can't enter into the kingdom of heaven..." What could also mean to enter into 'wisdom'. 
To become like children I would interpret that one needs to go beyond one's experience through observing, relating and responding to one's reactions, becoming aware from where these are coming from and so clearing up one's 'personality', then being able to connect with a field of 'knowledge' which lays beyond human conditioning and experience. There one might find also 'Peace and Love' what means having it realized living and expressing it in one's daily life. That seems quite rare... (Or was this not part of your question?)

How you know that one's philosophy is the best of all which have been taught? 
BeiYin: This question sounds like coming from a philosopher who is looking for satisfaction by getting confirmed by people telling him that of course his/hers philosophy is the best. But joking apart: This question comes from a field which is bound to the intellect and sees 'philosophy' as a mean to get satisfaction, self confirmation and security out of one's intellectual manifestations.
True and real 'philosophy' comes out of one's personal growing process and must not necessarily be pronounced or expressed through concepts, which then can be used by other people, giving them some arguments to add to their world view, satisfying the need for a 'higher sense' beside their established dominating materialistic world view. There is no 'best philosophy'. The best is what serves you best and this can be any of the many existing which are 'taught' as concepts: Sophisticated philosophical concepts, the best on the market! 
The only one that is real, and this without doubt is the 'best', comes out of one's advanced life experience as a conclusion of the wisdom one has gained.

I cannot sit in meditation. My mind is always full of thoughts. What should i do to get rid of thoughts? 
BeiYin: You are caught in a concept about meditation, believing that there shouldn't be thoughts. 
So first except your thoughts, let them be part of your meditation, in no way you should fight against them or trying to suppress them. Don't use any tricks. 
I will just tell you now how to do it:
To start with, you might choose favorable conditions. Find a quiet place where you can be without disturbance by too much noise or other influences. You shouldn't be under the    effect of alcohol or any kind of drugs; you shouldn't be too tired or exhausted. 
Sit comfortably; if possible with a straight back, and then you can begin. Twenty minutes each time is enough, you can do it twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. But at least once a day and this every day. Every day!! Maybe you will   need to force yourself a little bit the first few days, but then after three weeks it will be an established habit and you will do it, not wanting to miss it anymore.
OK? Now you start: Close your eyes.
You don't need to do anything, nothing at all!!  You just sit there and - you are aware of it... What this means that you are aware of your body. You are aware that you are sitting there. You might be aware of the silence or some noise in the near or far background. But you don't do anything! You are just aware of what is there. You don't focus or concentrate on it, you are just aware of it, - nothing else. Then what happens is that you are aware of being lost in some thoughts, what means that you went into thoughts about something, it doesn't matter what this is. That is all right and part of the meditation. What means that you don't want to avoid thoughts or any feelings; you don't suppress what comes up. Just let it happen, without judging it or giving any special importance to it. Just let it happen... and observe it. So there is one thing which will help so that you don't go   constantly from one thought into another: The moment when you are aware that you are thinking, then you just switch to being aware of your breathing. The same: You don't focus or concentrate on your breathing, you are just aware of it. Without wanting to do anything about it, just observe it! This might go on for a while and then again you find yourself lost in some thoughts. That's all right! So then you go back to observing your breathing. And so on and on... Then it might happen that there are moments when there are no thoughts and no awareness of yourself or your surrounding and it seems you were falling into a sleep. This too is all right, don't worry about it, if you were really falling into a sleep, then you will wake up soon, probably you were just relaxed and      needed it... Just be aware of yourself and the state of being you are now. Maybe you are indeed more relaxed... So you get up and go to your daily work...
I hope this helps. More information you will find at my Web site. If there is any difficulty showing up, you can ask here or by email.

Can you answer any of these questions? 
1. How can I find purpose in my life?
2. How can I find peace?
3. How can I deal with past mistakes?
4. How can I really change?
BeiYin: Very good questions. My answers can be only good, if you can understand them, what means that you are open to receive and not stuck in established concepts or limited by other conditions. As I don't know you, not being able to adapt my answer to your capability, I only can express myself as simple and clear as possible and if there is confusion, then you will need to ask for details.
1. How can I find purpose in my life?
To find purpose you will need to take or have taken a few initial steps first. That you ask this question tells me that you do not agree with the common purpose that people are living in our society. Probably you are asking for something more real and more essential than the usual purpose that is mainly based on a materialistic world view. So the first step you have already taken. The next would be, that you are aware of your self. What means that you are aware of your thoughts and feelings but not totally identified with them. You are conscious that you are reacting to stimuli coming from outside. You are aware that you are reacting because you are programmed and there is a structure established that triggers reactions. Next step: You are observing without judging and you are conscious what has caused the established structure. Next step: You are entering in a state, where you are aware of your existence not depending on any outside stimuli. You might come to this state by relaxing deeply after letting go of any intention or you could reach this state because you have practiced meditation for some time. Out of this state you will have the experience of ‘purpose’ that consists in pure being. 'The next step will be that you have the urge to express yourself and you will have the experience that whatever you do, relating to what shows up and then responding to it, is your expression and this is and gives you purpose. You don't need to look or search for any purpose anymore.
2. How can I find peace? 
When you have found purpose when experiencing your pure existence, then you also will have found peace. 
3. How can I deal with past mistakes?
You will understand, that the mistakes happened, because you were limited due to your conditions, your needs, your expectations. That all has to do with your self-image. Once you have look through this illusions, you can forgive yourself for past 'mistakes'. You are aware that you will do more mistakes; even you do your best. 
4. How can I really change?
Having realized your true purpose, having found peace within yourself, you have forgiven yourself for past mistakes, then you are capable to let happen a 'real change' by being conscious about a conditions and then using your will power to make a decision, so you will drop worn out habits or attitudes. 
Your questions are answered? Maybe not, because you haven't completed the necessary steps to be able to understand. But do you feel motivated enough to go on, asking questions and doing your best, being engaged in life...

What small change can you do to make the world that you live in better? 
BeiYin: A small change I can do and every body can do, when we remember that we are visitors on this planet for a relatively very short time. In this sequence we can cause well being or destruction and this depends on our attitude. If we feel responsible for ourselves and for our action, then we will not damage anything and not ourselves. We will respect all being. This will cause a positive attitude and we will relate and respond differently to all what shows up. We will understand that all what we encounter during our residence on Earth is meant to teach us and if we respond in an open and creative way, then this will be a step in our growing. We will see, that every thing serves us and we don't need to fight against things we don't like just because these are different than from our expectation. We can use the energy we save for constructive actions and for sure this will make this world a better place.

How or where can I learn to brain wash? 
Bomoon: Hey, why do you want to brain wash? Comes this need because you are brainwashed? To brainwash somebody means that this person does what you want, right? What do you want? To sell something? Or you want to have influence over this person? Do you need to have followers?
Wouldn't it be better if you clear up first your own unconscious background, that of course is connected and stored in your brain? 
In any case: Manipulations you might do, will keep you busy for some time, but at the end you will need to deal with yourself. If you have spend so much energy and time to get what you want although these were illusions, then you will need to face yourself, so better do it right now and don't waste your time to wash brains if it is not your own.

How can I vent my anger? 
Silly question really. I have lots of parent issues. How and where I can vent my anger?
BeiYin: This is NOT a silly question. It is probably the cleverest question you can ask and just the fact that you are asking, is cleverer than the average people are capable.
That you ask this question shows that you are not content to be angry, you don't get any satisfaction out of it, you feel that you are not doing good releasing your anger by projecting it to other people, giving them the fault and so you want to change that you get angry at all. Good, this is an advanced condition. 
The next step is, that you understand what is causing that you are angry and you mentioned already, that you have parent issues. This might be the direction you need to investigate. How you can do this? Observe yourself when you are getting angry. This can be a reaction to situations or the behavior of people. This might be a situation similar to one in your past when you were not yet able to react and express your disappointment and frustration. So you have accumulated anger that was stored and suppressed, with the result that you are looking for a release and you are using whatever situation with people, trying to release some of the pressure. You feel that this is no solution, so you are asking for help. Maybe the best would be, that you find somebody you can talk with, who can understand you. Just expressing yourself could be already clear up something. 
If you don't have somebody, you can write to me, although this is not the same as talking person to person. But at least writing gives you the opportunity to express yourself and you can be sure, that I will listen to you and also answer.
This '' is a great space, but of course it has its limitations, even though we can use it in the best way possible. You are on the right track, go on!

Which one is the best philosophy ever been taught? 
InkyPinkie: Whatever has been taught are concepts coming out of the life experience of somebody who had the capacity to bring it into words, that can be understood and be integrated into ones own already established world view. In so far functioning as a frame or trap, giving a kind of intellectual security, but keeping the person stuck and limited, mostly not open for any new influence.  Not to go into such trap, one only can avoid any kind of philosophy, so better not reading any book. The best book without doubt is the 'book of life'. The philosophy one will gain and develop must not be written down, manifesting ones intellectual property. Ones philosophy can be best lived and nothing else. One will become the bright shining sun, warming all around... Then there can't exist any question what philosophy is the best, because there is no separation when living it...

Is what you have right now the best that there is? 
BeiYin: Indeed, if I don't relate with my full attention and responsibility to the situation in which I'm right now, then I will not be able to respond in the most effective way and I might get stuck and step back to repeat the 'lesson'. If I am convinced that what there is at this moment is the best for me, then I will not waste energy in dreams of having better conditions. 
One can go one step further and can be convinced that one will receive every thing one needs out of the abundance source. Then one can make the surprising experience that it works, but it can be spoiled when one wants more...
I can tell about this from my life: When I was about eighteen years old and looking around, observing people in the 'rat race' then I had ask myself about it, as I had serious doubts about the sense what people are doing. Then I heard a very clear voice from inside: Don't worry, you will have always enough money, so much as it is good for you..." This voice was so clear, that from then on I trusted what I was told and it worked indeed. That doesn't mean that I didn't work and earn money, but I never did something because of money, only because I wanted to do it. This worked for me for the last fifty years and not only with money, but with every thing. What ever I need, it comes to me, some times within a few days, some times within hours. It is unbelievable and often I am still surprised. There are some challenges in this, but it goes too far to talk about it now...
Yes, what there is, without doubt, is the best which serves me to learn and if I completed the 'lesson' then new situations will show up, to which I can relate and respond...

Are instincts the best guide to follow? 
BeiYin: Instincts are the best guide for animals. As humans we have a better choice because we are capable to develop a level that goes beyond mind and emotions and that is 'intuition'. Most humans still follow their instincts, because they are identified with their properties: Body, mind and emotions and so they defend themselves to survive with their established 'personality' and this behavior belongs still to the instinct, causing then all the disappointment and suffering... There is a long way to go for most people to find guidance from within, not following just their needs or wishes and not depending on outside authorities or given concepts and belief systems. How to develop 'intuition' will be another interesting question...

Why would one enjoy being mentally sick? 
Why would someone feel good about degrading and treating people like crap and being socially isolated and taking from others? And also really good at convincing people…
BeiYin: This person is not really enjoying and not feeling good, even it might look like. This behavior is the result because having had experiences in the past, maybe even in early childhood, of being hurt, probably by being treated like 'crap', so the self value could not develop properly. Hurting others is the best way not to need to make contact and also it is a negative way to get attention without the need to relate to people. The created isolation is a way to escape, avoiding the danger to be hurt. The technique is to find a good reason to find fault in others and often such a person is very clever in convincing others to be right. One should be very careful not to provoke such a person and even more important not react to his/her provocation, it might be that this person provokes people by treating them like crap so that they react angry defending themselves and this gives a reason to this person to react even stronger and this can be a violent reaction. So be very careful! This forces you to be aware of your reactions, not suppressing these, but observing them and realizing that the reaction could be triggered because there is something in ones unconscious background that is responding and wants to get out, the same as in this person who provokes. So in a certain way one can be thankful to the provoker for his aggression to be able to find out about ones limitation history...

What are some solutions to the organ donor shortage? 
BeiYin: The best solution without doubt is to prevent that it becomes necessary to change the sick organ. Has changing organs something to do with 'healing'? Or is it part of the health system that is too much connected with materialistic aspects and not even interested to prevent or to heal? Isn't this 'immoral'?

PS: Watch the following video to get an idea what happens about 'healing'. Reality should make us take decisions!

What should one do when helpless? 
BeiYin: Ask yourself what it means when you feel 'helpless'. Does it mean that you have given up to look for a solution to get out of your condition? Why you have given up? Are you so much disillusioned? Why you are disillusioned? Because your wishes and dreams are not fulfilled? There seems to be a discrepancy between your concept how things should be and reality how it is? And then you wanted to change reality and it turned out that you couldn't do anything about it? That's why you give up and are feeling helpless? 
So, - are you capable to come to a conclusion and understand that indeed you can help yourself, just by doing a checkup on your expectations to what should be? Then looking at your concepts you have established? This might not be easy as you are identified with your concepts; these are your property and are forming your personality. Now you will need to make a decision: You want to hold on these concepts with all means or you might feel that these are worn out and you can let go of them... This is a challenge and can be quite some work. You are willing to go for it? Then you are not helpless. That's it!
PS: Apart of this you can ask for help and that's what you have done. But real help is when giving you advice that you can help yourself. Pretty clear, isn't

BeiYin: The best in life without any doubt is that we are alive and this we know when we are conscious about it. Only then we will be able to appreciate being alive, every thing else we will see in secondary places. Not only the importance of all will change its place, but also we will see how it is connected with ourselves, our past, the influences we have received, the experiences we gained and also the chocks and the disappointments. We will see things in a different light, more objective and not depending so much on it, more in connection with the whole. We will less worry and will enjoy life. We will be open to what comes to us, seeing it as a gift or as a challenge that will help us to grow. Then we can relate to what shows up and respond in a relaxed way, not so much conditioned by our wishes and needs. The rigidity of our concepts will fade away... 
And all this because we are conscious that we are alive. So it becomes clear as the sunlight, that this is the best.

Knowing that the choice you will make will enrich your life but hurt those you love, what would you do? 
BeiYin: If there is a dilemma showing up, then this is the moment to check and in your case both sides. You will need to ask several questions to yourself: Why do you think that this what you want to chose will 'enrich' your life? Maybe you should better question your established values... Where comes the motive from of your choice? There can be many influences and sources, in how far are these real and not part of the common social images and goals, which includes all those manipulations and games and also specific world views? 
Why do you think your choice will hurt those you love? Did you talk with them? If they love you, then they might understand you and let you free to do what you want or they have a good argument to protect you so that you don't go into the wrong direction. Are you open and willing to listen to them? 
You see, there are many aspects and it is hardly possible to say something about your situation without knowing more details. But maybe this gives you some hint...

What gives a man freedom? 
InkyPinkie: "Freedom is where's nothing left to loose..." What could mean that all properties are gone: Material properties and the responsibility to take care of these, established concepts and beliefs, wishes and dreams, that were holding one in limiting frames... When all these are lost, because all was taken away from us or we could let it go, recognizing that all this was holding us in dependency, then we might have reached a state of freedom. But is it really necessary to get rid of all ones properties to have freedom? Or is it that one only need to overcome ones identification with all those belongings? Exists 'personality' not only because of the illusion to be what one owns? Getting ones self confirmation and feeling of existence out of it? Then there can't be freedom. But then it should be possible to use belongings without being identified with them and not having the need to get confirmation out of it. So one doesn't need to loose all to be free, one just need to look through the common game in which one was caught so long. Easier said than done! But we know that this is possible, although it requires a kind of work, hardly anybody is willing and able to do. Questioning oneself and ones property might be a first step. Realizing ones reactions when the need shows up to defend oneself and all the other reactions connected with ones personality… Once started, the process of letting go, the progress will show up by itself and one will be able to respond to whatever shows up and take it as a challenge, responding out of ones new gained freedom!

Sadness....? Why do I always feel sad? 
InkyPinkie: Really 'always'? Not telling anything about yourself makes it impossible to answer your question. There can be just to many reasons. Let me guess...
You are twelve years old and you have chosen somebody who is famous, beautiful but always sad. You have made this to your self-image and this gives you the feeling of importance. Or more simple: You need some attention and asking this question here...
If it is not like this, then maybe something else like: You are fourteen years old and your body is not yet developed, you admire those sexy divas and you feel that you never will reach their status, this makes you sad. This is causing a kind of chain reaction, because with your sadness you are not attractive to others and you stay alone, what makes you even more sad. Meanwhile your sadness is so well established that it has become a permanent state and attitude. It is your fixed self-image. Sometimes you want to laugh, but this doesn't fit, so you are suppressing it...
Or you are sad because you are not getting what you want, but being sad you have not enough energy and motivation to put some effort to go for it and so you stay in your sadness as a victim of circumstances and your own poor condition. 
What you need is a decision: A clear and strong NO! Enough is enough, from now on I will enjoy life and myself and I will go for what feels good and makes me happy!
There could be said quite some more, but now its your turn. Find out by yourself...

Who is the God who created the world out of nothing? 
BeiYin: It is the human mind, supported by emotions, that is creating fantasies, dreams, concepts, beliefs, images: finding security and sense in it, filling up the void and - all out of nothing!
Then being identified with one's creation and looking constantly for confirmation to strengthen it, by distributing it all over the world and convincing others. Keeping oneself busy all life long fighting for one's specific creation. 
Turning around oneself and one's creation, being self sufficient with it, not wanting to look at this game in an objective way and even it becomes unhealthy and destructive and manifests in disease and other signs of imbalance, there is done everything not to find out about it, to maybe discover that the true reason for the suffering comes from holding on one's illusion and the personality that is fed and feeds itself by these false creations. But these creations exist, although as an illusory world. 
To come down from one's dream clouds, confronting reality is a task, humans are not ready for and only very few can accept this challenge and look through the veil.

How do you deal with a super strict father? 
He insults his children everyday, he shouts, he curse a lot and does this when people are around. He is so proud he does not admit his mistakes; he never says: I'm sorry I was wrong. 
BeiYin: Your question is: "How can I deal with my super strict father?" Right? To give you an answer that might help you, it would be necessary to know something about you. It depends much how old you are. This is your first contact with 'answers' and your first question, so your need seems real and you are looking for help. From what you write I come to the conclusion that you are not the person who needs help and you are not part of this family and he is not your father, but you know about the situation and you would like to help. There are several children and probably too young that they can understand that their father is sick and has some serious problems. It is far too much ask that they don't take his behavior personally, because they still depend emotionally on their parents and as this father treats his children not just recently like this, there is already enough damage done in their unconscious background. So they are not able to deal with their father and because the mother also is not able to change the situation as the father is dominating and not capable to listen and to recognize his behavior, so the only solution is to inform the social administration they will take care of the children. 
You mentioned the bible and I can presume that you have a Christian background. That could mean that there is the possibility for a solution: If the children are not too young then they can start to practice their Christian attitude. They can love their father in spite his bad character. They can see him and accept him as a human being who has a lot of problems and is out of balance, that means he has extreme emotionally reactions. Probably he is disappointed about his life. He had dreams and wishes that are not fulfilled, so he is angry. It is not a solution and does not help at all, to see him as bad and that he is a sinner. He is in need but he can't see this and he can't ask for help. His way is to provoke his surrounding, probably not only his wife and children. Why he is doing this? Don't put a label on him and just call him bad. He is provoking because this is his way to call for help. Pretty absurd indeed, but look around and you will understand and look through people's behavior... So let's say he is calling for help and he expects that you are reacting in a certain way. What could this be? Can you use your Christian belief to deal with him? Can you really LOVE him in spite of his brutal behavior? Can you see that he is sick and needs healing? And maybe you are the only way to start his healing. This is a challenge, not an easy one, but here you can practice your belief and the situation forces you to look at yourself to make some changes. If you don't look at yourself and that's the usual way, then of course you will do also the same by giving the fault to the other and to the outside. This family situation is NOT a coincidence! Now it depend on YOUR attitude what you make out of it. If you can have a positive attitude and see the situation as a challenge in your own personal growing process, then this will make a big difference and the first step for a creative solution. 
It is good that you ask questions, it is real work to find answers, and I hope you will continue and that my input is helping to go forward to find a creative solution by realizing it. 

Why live? 
What's your point? In this world today money takes over hearts, sex is more important than love, power crushes humanity, getting your wants instead of giving help for other's needs. Why live tell me? Think about it. I only live day by day, waiting for death to get me, sounds crazy huh?! Well to me that's the day of no more of this BS world. Makes me sick to even think of how everything change. 11 year old can get birth control pills now without parent. What's the point of looking for love when all you get is judge at? No, I don't need no crazy medicine or no quack doctor to tell me to run in the rat race world. This is only my opinion.
BeiYin: In the details of your question there is already the answer. Those people who are stuck in the attitude you are describing, are not asking about anything only how they can get more of the things they have already enough and are trapped in. You do see good part of reality and you are in the position of knowing that you don't want this, because your values are differently. Now the dilemma is that you want the disgusting reality to be differently and like you want it to be and you don't know how you might change something about it, so that people change and the world changes. Maybe you tried your best and you were running against walls and it is understandable that you are angry, frustrated and disappointed and now as you nearly have given up, you can't find sense in your life. 
Your opinion is not the one of average people and it is possible that you feel alone, but at least you are capable to question things and you are looking still for an answer. 
So let's see: You know how things ‘should be’. Why live? To live your life and realize what feels right for you in spite of all the other people around. I just remember some thing I heard in school when talking about Martin Luther (not Martin Luther King, who probably is more known in our days) So Martin Luther said: “…and if the world would be full with devils, I still would do what feels right…” And also he said: “If I would know that tomorrow the world ends, I still would plant a tree today!” I am not Christian but this is also my attitude and so I'm not worried too much what other are doing and what their attitude is, I live the way that feels right for me and of course I'm not doing the things you described. I am just responsible for myself and what I'm doing and from there I can relate to the reality which shows up in my daily life and I will respond the best I can. I can see it as a challenge and in this way I am able to learn from it. I don't need to defend myself and close myself up, I'm free to make my decisions. Do you see what I mean? 
Some times I ask myself if it really makes sense what I'm doing and has a positive influence, for example with my writing here, but at the moment it still feels right, and I continue, although there is no feedback. But I don't need confirmation for my doing as long it feels good and I trust that if I have a doubt and a question that the answer and a new challenge will show up!

I am a man - but feel and think like a woman - what should I do? 
I have always wanted to be female from as early as I can remember. All the girls around me say I have feminine qualities and mannerisms and legs to die for. They are serious in what they say. To be honest... I love it. I love wearing girl's clothes... and look great in them too. I love the choice and freedom that women have. I would love to express myself more this way... but find myself to scared to do so. What do you think I should do?
BeiYin: So there is a discrepancy what you want and what there is. You have a male body and you also say that you are a man, but you have developed a self-image of yourself that is female. So then a dilemma shows up. How to find a solution?
I don't think that the help of a surgeon will do it by changing your male attributes into female so that it fits your self-image. Eliminating parts of the body that doesn't fit will not be possible to redo. So it might be more convenience that you change your self-image. It might be necessary to look how this was developed. What was your early impression of your father? There is an age when the boy identifies himself with his father, maybe this was not possible and something went wrong and you identified yourself with your mother or another female around you. So you have build up a self-image of a female and of course you were trying to live this image. Now writing about it I remember that I had something similar that happened when I was about ten years old I was partly identified with my mother because I had no father and so I also like you tried clothes from my mother and painted my lips. But I didn't go further into it because I had a teacher in school I could identify with and then this female tendency went away. With you it is more difficult because you have already established this female image and are living it some how. In how far it is possible that you question yourself and your self-image? What do you know about how a man feels? From where comes this information? Are women more sensitive? What are “feminine qualities”? You wrote: “I love the choice and freedom that women have!” What is this choice and why do you think women have a special ‘freedom’? You want to express yourself in that way. What is this way? Why you don't express yourself? Why this must fit a certain image? You are already strongly identified with your female image and so it will be difficult that you let go of it. That's a challenge you will need to confront. There is a lot what needs to be investigated and you might find out that there is not such difference how women and men feel. And about the legs, well fifty years ago my legs could make women jealous, now they are just too hairy, so I'm not in danger to feel like a women. But joke apart, your situation is serious and you should go to the roots and find out. Now for me it is not possible to say more, as it needs your engagement. You should find a friend you can talk with…

Bomoon:  People are so genius to play roles. They are identified with an image they have adapted and then they get their feeling of existence out of it. It doesn't really matter what this role is, they play it fully and defend their image and role with teeth and claws and they can get very angry if someone doubts their identity. We also can observe that people change their self-image some times dramatically after a traumatic experience. So this tells that the self-image is not the same as your 'true self' whatever this is... The image can change, not that easy as you can change your cloth, but not so far away from this. Nobody wants to be naked, but maybe this is necessary to be then able for a choice what self-image fits better...
Looking at myself I can say that I don't feel specific female or male in my emotions or the way I think. It is just me and I see that there is not much difference in other people. Yes people play many rolls, but I don't want to go into one of these. I express myself, that's me but not as female or male.

My life is going down hill, I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude but I just don't know what to do anymore! 
I'm 16 and I don't feel like explaining the whole story I'm just going through so much stress more stress then what others my age have to go through. I suppose I can look on the bright side I have a roof over my head but there's just so many changes going on in my household.
You wouldn't believe how much yelling, screaming and frustration I hear and see each day if anything I long for peace all I want for X-mas this year is go all the frustration among my family members to go away, I want us to unite I'm not kidding either Im serious that's all I want just everyone to be happy and peaceful. What's your advice to me because I feel lost?
BeiYin: There are changes going on around you and even you would like to have it like before, you can't turn back the clock. You want peace, that's understandable, but there is no peace around you and that makes you unhappy. 'As you can't change the other people, the only way to have peace, is to have peace with yourself not depending on the outside or others. You want every body happy and peaceful, but you can't make them like this, so the only way is that you are happy and peaceful, if you can realize this then it might have an influence on your family, maybe stronger than you can imagine now. 
When you ask me how you can get your balance back getting out of the stress the situation is causing, then I would suggest to do a simple 'Stress Release Exercise' you find at my Web site. It is easy to do and it really works. You can do it alone and immediately after you read the information. 
But stay realistic, the frustration of your family cant go away just like this, they all must do their part, you can start now to do what is in your possibilities. I have the impression you are ready to take self responsibility so that's the first step. Get out of dependency from your family and do the next step: Do something for yourself, do the exercise!

Why am I the way I am? 
My family is South American... I'm Hispanic and have light eyes and ashy blonde hair. In school my friends say that Hispanics are Mexicans but my family is Colombian. I'm confused... am I white or Hispanic?
BeiYin: You should better focus on other values that are not just physical. In the first place you are human, citizen of planet Earth. Sadly the skin color makes a difference, but only for those who are looking for reasons to feel superior and in fact they are demonstrating their primitive state of being. 
As a human you have the capability to use your brain and you are aware of your feelings. You can use both to find your way out of confusion, to know what is essential and what not. You can ask questions, in the first place to yourself and then also to others. You need to find out who you really are and what you want to be, independent of established images of others. You can find real values within yourself and that is the most important! You don't need valuation from others.
You are responsible for your life and you take care of this and for the people around you. Relate to every thing what shows up in the best way you are capable and then respond by being aware of your reactions which might influence to make clear decisions. 
You see, there is another level you can be occupied, don't get lost in outside aspects too much. You have the power to change your view. Use it!

Why do people smoke? They think it looks cool?
BeiYin: When people start to smoke, mostly when they are young, then it is very much a social thing. They want to demonstrate that they are grown up, doing things the adults are doing, so they feel that it looks ‘cool’. But then they get addicted because of the nicotine that has a numbing effect to ones mind, although some smokers say that smoking stimulates their thinking. But probably this is just an excuse to justify their silliness.
People who are smoking are trying to release their stress and so they smoke excessively when there is more stress. But they can't release any stress by smoking, they only reduce their response to situations that create stress. People who are in a conflict situation smoke a lot with the same reason, but they can't help finding a solution by smoking, it only reduces their response by numbing them. ‘But then they need something that stimulates them and so smoker need to drink coffee. It looks like that nicotine goes together with caffeine. We can observe this everywhere.
It is not just stress because of outside difficulties. There is another more subtle reason why people smoke. A conflict situation can be caused by coming to the moment in ones life when nothing seems to make sense, there is confusing because things didn't work out how one wants it and then there is just too much one should deal with, but one feels impotent to deal with life and coming to the point falling into a void. The smoker doesn't want to deal with this situation and somehow it works he/she fills the void with smoke, paying very expensive with this when rejecting the given challenges in life.
Smoker are not willing to confront openly a conflict situation, smoking is the best way for them to hide. This is dramatically serious, because if they do not relate and respond out of their full capacity, then they get stuck in their personal evolution and this also has a serious effect on their whole system. Nicotine is toxic and weakens the system, but this is not the most serious. When the growing is intentionally blocked, then this accumulates energy and tension and this will blow up the system in its weakest point. It might be that the system destroys itself through a disease or the smoker has destructive tendencies, manifesting aggression and violence in his/hers surrounding. This might happen verbal or in form of emotional threatening and in extreme cases they are provoking others to use their reaction to be physically violent.
It is difficult to relate to smoker, because they don't want to look at themselves. They don't ask for help and they reject any help. They are in a spiral of self-destruction and they draw others into it. That is probably the main reason why smoker doing so hard if they want to quit smoking even when they are effected by their habit and seriously sick. It seems not only a personal problem but also a social one. This society is formed and ruled by smokers and hardly anybody is questioning the situation and wanting seriously to do something about it. 
There is another aspect why people smoke: Because they like to regret into an infantile state, where they don't need to take self responsibility, so instead of sucking a dummy (Am. pacifier) they suck at a cigarette or cigar. It brings them back to the beautiful time when lying in mothers arms, protected, warm and secure. So when people need to confront situations in daily life that are not giving this satisfaction they would like to have when they were a baby, then they grab a cigarette. People are not conscious about it and they indeed don't want to look at it and they get really angry if one question their habit and they react the same as a baby if you take away the pacifier (!). 
Probably people drink for a similar reason, if they suck on a bottle then this is the same and works the same as a dummy pacifier! So it is obvious that people don't want to grow up! And it is easy to understand why they get angry if life's situations are threatening, forcing them to grow!

If you knew one thing to change the course of the world forever, what would you do? 
If you really think about it, its tough. One thing you could do to change the world. How would it be changed?
BeiYin: I would change the value system on this planet, a total shift from the materialistic world view to a wholesome view where developing human qualities are the first interest. This will have to start changing the education of children. 
Your question is theory and any answer must be fantasy without any possibility of realization. How could it be possible to change the education? Where are the teachers to educate in the new way? Educating children in a way that is totally different than the society is not possible. Ask parents who want to avoid that their child eats junk food and drinks those sugar drinks, this is hardly possible when living in this society with all those advertisements, etc. So it is not enough that the education changes if not the on materialistic behavior based social system changes. But then there would be a total chaos, because people are not able to adapt to something so different. That means not only education and the social system must change, but also the established behavior of all people must change, with other words: There is a shift in the state of consciousness necessary, this indeed would change the course of the world forever. But the world is what it is with people still in a primitive state of evolution and there is no way to change the course, even though we would very much like that this could be possible. So we will need to deal with what we have, if we like it or not. 
In any case the most effective to change something, is to start with oneself. We can question ourselves and be critical how we might answer or what we receive from outside. It is difficult to find an answer that is not already part of the established system and it is extremely difficult to leave the road and look for ones own path... 
If we ask questions then these should better stay on a realistic level with the possibility to find a practical solution.

Bomoon:  I live in a kind of 'Intentionally Community'. The idea is to live as free as possible trusting that people have enough self responsibility to do or not to do what is right and serve all. But you can't imagine what happens then: silliness takes over! So it was necessary to make some basic rules, for example that people who want to live here, can't smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol. So what happens? People come here and they say that they don't smoke and drink and then they do it hidden in their room and a few are that clever, that they do it for a long time until it shows. Now the question is to give up the whole intention to live in a community. The situation is that from the existing eight members five are smoking and some of them also drink and I suspect that a few also take drugs. And all those people want to live differently from society and do something good! Unbelievable. Pretty sad, another good intention is spoiled by silly people!

How can we be free from fear? 
BeiYin: To free oneself from fear, first one needs to know what fear is and where it comes from. Fear is a response of our system, a reaction caused by certain outside situations. The reaction can happen on all levels: Body, mind and emotions or only on one or two of these. The reaction is produced due to our unconscious background, where all the programs, concepts, beliefs, wishes, dreams, etc. are stored. This works like a reflector and every thing we encounter, is filtered and mirrored or projected to the outside and then a reaction is produced. 
To get free from reactions or from fear, one has to find out about ones background, with other words one needs to be aware of it. First step is to observe ones reaction and this of course is only possible if one is not totally sucked by it. It is a necessary first step not to be sucked and then going into a flight and fight reaction. One needs to stay cool and observe oneself. Then one might find out, what has caused the reaction, not outside but inside, what means ones unconscious conditioning. Probably it has to do with ones existence. That could mean that one needs to defend ones identification with all the property one has gained: Ones self image, ones concepts, beliefs, knowledge, ones body and last not least all the property on the material level. All this must be defended and if something threatening shows up then automatically the personality that gets its feeling of existence out of it, reacts and part of this reaction shows up as fear. To be fearless one needs to clear up ones personal background. This is a learning process and the best field for this is daily life. This will offer exactly the circumstances where one will be confronted with situations, that will produce reactions and then one will have the opportunity to observe... So life is your best teacher to grow and part of it is to free yourself from fear.

How do you change something bad about you? 
A bad habit or something you can't stand about yourself b/c i always try to change but it's too hard and sometimes it gets so overwhelming that I feel like I'm going to burst open.
BeiYin: If you see something as 'bad' you are doing, that means that what you have been doing for some time, because it was introduced to you as something desirable or you were educated to do it and then you find out that it is not good anymore, because you have learned meanwhile about yourself and what is good or not. Then of course the normal way is to change your behavior, but it turns out that this is not easy. Why not? Because your doing has become a habit. It is like a carriage going for a long time the same dirt road. After some time the wheels make a track that work like a railroad and then even make it easier for the driver who doesn't need to watch the road anymore, but then wanting to get out of the track, to take another direction, then it will not be possible. If we look more in general, then we see that development mostly means to change direction and not following the foot steps of the people who were walking before us. It is so much easier to do what all are doing, to think what all are thinking, to feel the same, to go for the same goals. In case that we don't follow the herd, then we might get lost. If we have a new view and out of this we create a concept how to deal with life, then we are looking for confirmation for our concept, trying to convince other people by talking or writing and we feel insecure until the new form is established and a habit. 
So if you have difficulties to let go of your bad habit, then you should first establish a new habit and if you are convinced that this is a good one, then it will be easy to drop the bad one. Of course your habits and every thing else you are doing are strongly influenced by your world view and your self-image, so it might be necessary to have a close look at these, before you are able to change something about.

Do some other people seem like robots to you? 
I've thought like this for a few years now, I swear most people behave like robots, its like they don't have any thoughts for themselves and have a lower state of consciousness than others. They seem to act on their animal instincts alone rather than intellect. Does anyone feel like this or just me??
BeiYin: No, it's not only you who feels like this. But sadly it is the majority of humans who are stuck in their conditioning, depending totally on their established value system and on authorities. You are right when you perceive them as 'robots', indeed they have no thoughts by themselves, they get their security from joining the big herd. You know about the lemmings? When they multiply too much and then they can't find enough food, then they go for a march and all follow them. Then they go down at a cliff and most of them die, the few that survive will find enough food... Are we as humans the same in what we are doing? Blind following that what every body is doing? There are a few who know that they don't want to follow, they try to do something by their own. This is extremely difficult, as you will have experienced, we need to find our path going into unknown fields...
Go on, you are not alone with it!

I still feel something missing! 
I think that something is missing in my life, I don't know why. Even I am happy by what I have, I am confused, any help?!
BeiYin: To give you a good answer that might help you in your confusion, it needs more details about yourself but let me guess: You are happy with what you have, but this is not really what you are looking for because there is something missing. The answer might lay in one word: "have". You are happy with what you 'have'. But probably you are not happy what you "are" or you just don't know what you are and that's because you are confused. To get out of this confusion you need to find out what and who you are. That is called: Self-knowledge. The fact that you ask this question tells that you are beyond average people who never doubt their personality. But you want more, you need to discover who you are really, your self-image is not that secure anymore, otherwise you wouldn't be confused. 
Now this can be just my interpretation... But that's all I can respond and it might not help you. Do you really expect some help from people here at 'answers'? I doubt this, as you will know already that true help will come in the first place out of yourself...

What matters the most in your life? 
BeiYin: What matters the most in life without any doubt is that we are alive and this we know when we are conscious about it. Only then we will be able to appreciate being alive and enjoy ourselves, other things we will see in secondary places. Not only the importance of all these occupations and worries will change its place, but also we will see how it is connected with ourselves, our past, the influences we have received, the experiences we gained and also the chocks and the disappointments. We will see things in a different light, more objective and not depending so much on situations and conditions, more in connection with the whole. We will less worry and will enjoy life. We will be open to what comes to us, seeing it as a gift or as a challenge that will help us to grow. Then we can relate to what shows up and respond in a relaxed way, not so much conditioned by our wishes and needs. The rigidity of our concepts will fade away... 
And all this because we are conscious that we are alive. So it becomes clear as the sunlight, that this is what matters the most.

What is the best source of motivation? 
BeiYin: The strongest source of motivation although not the best, is the need to survive. There are other sources like desire, wishes, dreams, fantasies, wanting to please somebody, being under the influence of an authority, being threatened, fear, hate, etc. but these of course are not the best sources.
The best source of motivation is ones understanding. Realizing the need for something to do, because of an appearing situation or condition. The basic step will be to understand oneself through self-knowledge, what means to be aware of ones condition and also ones unconscious background conditioning. Then it will be possible to relate to a situation in a more objective way and not just out of ones personal needs. In this state of understanding responsibility is the source of motivation and allows to make clear decisions with strong enough energy to act, not being distracted by insecurity coming from unconscious influences when encountering difficulties in ones action. 
Connected with the realization of awareness of oneself and as the most subtle state of realization and motivation is *love*. This without doubt is the best source of motivation and also the strongest. 

How can I grow tall like 7 ft or like 6'9"? 
I am 5'8" now. my age is 15. I want to be 7'ft tall or minimum 6'9''. Is It possible & how or how to inject my pituitary gland that will allow to grow tall.
BeiYin: You are confused: To be tall doesn't make you great! Be content with yourself how you are and develop your abilities that until now you have not yet discovered. Develop your still infantile thinking, let grow your emotions. Get to know yourself, then you have the possibility to become great and it will not depend at all how tall you are.

Thoughts/Opinions on this quote? 
“For he who waits, conquers nothing but his own failure.”
BeiYin: This quote is expressing a negative attitude. ‘The one who waits’ is seen as some one who hasn't yet done anything and waits in a passive and lazy way for something to happen and then of course will receive nothing else than a failure. But seen in a positive way it might be, that the one who waits has done every thing possible what is in his/her abilities and then waits for the result and this for sure will not be a failure, even though it might turn out to be a failure. 
The word 'conquer' points to the possibility that the 'waiting' is a state of observing in alertness, not doing yet anything, but waiting for the right moment to go into action. This for sure is a clever way to conquer and not to waste ones energy going against obstacles or resistance. With this attitude the risk of a failure is strongly reduced. 
The negativity shown in the quote, tells that this expression is done out of repeated experience, when the author of this quote was doing nothing, probably in a depressed condition and then out of desperation were blindly fighting to conquer the desired and then failed and so getting confirmation for the same experience as before. And then comes as a consequence to this quote...
Isn’t it astonishing that one can recognize the life story of a person just from a short phrase?

Forms of self-expression? 
There are obvious forms of self-expression, such as writing, painting, engaging in sexual activity, and dancing. Can you think of some less obvious ones? And, for you, what is your favorite vehicle for self-expression and why? 
My favorite is dancing because that is when I feel most free. I feel limited when writing because of the words available to me. With painting, I feel limited by the colors. I realize that with dance, my own ability can be limiting, but that is true for other forms as well
BeiYin: The most obvious form of our self-expression although the less we give attention is that we are alive and whatever comes out of being alive is our self-expression. We can express our thoughts and feelings with words, but even these stay hidden inside, they are still self-expression. We can paint or write, expressing our vision or we can keep it as dreams, it is still an expression of ourselves.
Apart that I like to write, to talk or to make videos, the favorite vehicle for self-expression is my consciousness, being aware of myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my senses, that is expression in the subtlest way... You are right: Self-expression is limited to a form, but maybe we shouldn't see this as limitation, when we realize that ALL form is expression – not limited to oneself.

What is the opposite of Consciousness? 
BeiYin: The opposite of consciousness you might find in a 'black hole', although you will not find anything when you enter in it, because you will not be able to keep your consciousness that you need to find something. 
Now as you have received an answer that is not an answer because you can't proof it, so you need to reflect about it very intensively. When you do it long enough and really intense, then you might experience the opposite of consciousness, by falling into a 'black hole'. Then you will have the answer!
PS: Don't worry, when you do this 'intense reflection' you will not fall into a 'black hole', because consciousness works like a centrifugal governor, when you accelerate too much then your consciousness slows down automatically, that's the way your personality survives. So I'm afraid your question will not be answered...

What should I do with my life?
I will be straightforward: I am a screw up in every way. I work an easy job that I cannot do. I have no family. I should be enjoying my life. I am 22 but I am not in school and have no idea what I Want for a career. I just want to die. I thought about joining the French foreign legion. I hear it's exciting but I hear it's hard to get in. I know that must sound crazy but I need some excitement. Or else I fell like I am going to die... I wish I would just die. What should I do with my life?
BeiYin: Look at the good sides of what you are; don't tell me that there is nothing good. You are 22 years old and healthy. There are always ups and downs in every ones life and you are not going to give up now. To go to the legion is not such a good idea. I have known a few who have been there and I tell you these are real tough guys... You don't need to go there to learn how to survive; you can start right now with the challenges life is offering you. 
Listen, you seem to be a bit silly, but obviously you are not that silly like other people in the same condition as you. You are an exception in so far that you are capable to ask looking for a solution. Other people just hang around or do silly things and then paying expensive for it. Asking questions is a good start and you should go on with it. If you receive an answer from outside, then think about it and if it feels right then go for it and then ask more questions! 
You ask what you should do with your life. Probably nobody can tell you about it, it is your life and only you can decide what you like to do. 
I can only suggest, that you look at yourself in a good way, you are strong and you can do what ever you like to do. 'Ask yourself what this might be. 
What you should do with your life? Well, just live it! You are alive and that is the most precious you have, you can enjoy it and this doesn't even depend on outside conditions, it depends only on you and the way you look at it. This is a basic condition, if you feel good with yourself, then every thing else is secondary and life will open to you, you just need to choose. Hey, you don't need a 'career' to be somebody and then to feel good. This is a cliché; don't go into this common trap! OK, you might be silly but not that much, so don't believe that your happiness depends on a position or that you need to do something exciting. It is exciting enough to be alive, to be able to see, to hear, to talk, to connect with people, to relate to what ever shows up and to respond to it. The best way you can, it can be simple and that is the best as long as you are in contact with yourself and with what is real in this world. 
Don't worry about dying, you have quite some time left until then enjoy life and yourself, pull yourself out of the mud you will fall in some times like now. Get out and go on! And ask questions...

Why it is so hard for people of different beliefs to get along? 
With so many religions in the world do you think there will ever be a day when all beliefs could come together in acceptance of the others? As A Wiccan we are taught that the Divine comes from within. and that there is no single path to the Divine whether You are monotheist or polytheist A Christian, A Muslim, A Buddhist, A Wiccan or follow any other faith in the higher power. I also believe that true love comes from within mans hearts just as true evil comes from mans hearts as well.
BeiYin: To find out the reason for human behavior one needs to know about human nature and look at the roots. 
What is a belief? It is a concept about conditions how they should be or how one wishes them to be, without being able to proof these concepts or having realized them. Concepts are given by authorities or people who had certain experiences and pronounced their insights coming out of them. 
People are always looking for answers and explanations for unknown reasons of situations or conditions, so a given concept satisfies this need and fills a void. Then people are identified with the concept as their mental and emotional ‘property’. They get their security out of it and so need to defend it. Any concept or belief that is different must be rejected, acceptance is not possible. Arguing and fighting against other concepts strengthens ones own belief and so often confrontation is wanted. 
Any ‘teaching’ has to do with concepts and if it is said that the Divine comes from within then it doesn't matter if it is right or wrong, it is a belief as long it is not realized and experienced. 
The belief that true love comes from within mans hearts, is a very simple and naive concept. ‘Love’ is not situated at a specific place and then is produced from there. Love is the outcome from a long evolutionary process and even though it is connected with strong longing and hope and a lot of images and concepts, without realization in ones personal life, it stays a concept and is only feeding ones need to hold on something one can imagine. But sooner or later one will need to go beyond all beliefs and concepts, what also includes ones personality, to be able to realize ones beliefs. In this process there are showing up difficulties causing absurd situations, contradictory to ones beliefs and these dilemmas will cause doubts and many questions, like yours… 
Once love is realized and lived, then indeed there is no difference seen in all those various belief systems. 

Is the only thing we have to fear - fear itself? 
BeiYin: Fear is a reaction of the system, caused by mostly unconscious conditions, that were set through past influences like education, experiences, traumas, etc. or the confrontation with unknown facts or situations. Fear caused because of void can indeed filled with fear, so one goes into a game with oneself, getting a kind of satisfaction out of it... As identification with ones reactions and also fear, gives the feeling of existence and one is confirmed in ones personality, which has fear as one of its 'properties'. To overcome ones fear involves ones personality and one has to go beyond to be able to let go...

Miseries of Truth? What disadvantages you face to be a truthful person? 
BeiYin: There are no disadvantages being truthful to yourself. Truthful doesn't mean that you need to tell people what you see. People don't want to know the truth about themselves and if you tell them something they don't want to know, then they need to defend themselves and will reject you or attack you, then this will be a disadvantage, because you want to connect with people and not provoke negative reactions. So you can avoid these reactions by not expressing your truthful observation or carefully express yourself in a way that it will not create negative reactions. Indeed very difficult if not impossible. 
If you are truthful to yourself, then there might show up difficult situations where you need to make decisions that might hurt another person because you don't want to make a compromise that doesn't feel right. So I guess it is not possible to avoid disadvantages when being truthful. Being truthful is not a state of being, it is a process and a constant movement, relating and responding to whatever shows up in the most authentic and objective way possible. 
Being truthful to yourself will create a dilemma, when you realize that you are playing a game with yourself, that you are pretending something that you not really are, that it is only an image you are trying to live. So the disadvantage would be that you are not secure about yourself and are confused, but looking nearer at it, it will show that this is not a disadvantage just because it is a confrontation with yourself and you will need to make a decision, to be honest to yourself or continue the established game. 
To be truthful would mean that one admits that one is not totally truthful, that one has an image of oneself one would like to realize, but that this might be far away from being true. 
To admit that there might be still be a long way to go, can be a necessary step in ones truth…
PS: I'm not a Christian, but I was wondering why Jesus didn't respond to the question from Pilatus: "What is truth?' Pilatus was an intelligent man and it could have been possible to convince him... But it is possible that Jesus was feeling the 'misery of truth' after so many years of trying to trigger an interest about it from people and without much result, so he was just tired and so he didn't say anything in response to the question...

InkyPinkie: I'm not silly enough to say always the truth. Anyway what is 'truth'? This is very subjective and bound to my perception. So other people have their own truth and I'm not going to confront them... Does this mean that I'm now a less truthful person? Being a truthful person in a world of pretenders and liars, one will feel pretty lonely and isolated, even one holds back with ones truth. Is it worth the pain? Of course it is. There is nothing that can change ones value when one has recognized ones truth. The feeling coming out of this giving clearness and light can't be beaten by anything else. Of course every thing has its side effects and if there might show up some misery, then so be it. It just shows that there is personality involved and reacting because of holding back...

Does our mind have absolute or freewill? 
InkyPinkie: You are joking! Your mind is the result of conditioning. There is no free will in it. Mind is reacting constantly and is the slave of the master: one's personality! Mind is that primitive or sophisticated as the master. Mind is a tool and nothing without the master who is using it. 'Will' comes from the 'master' and he for sure is not free. Being identified with his mind he is in a game with himself, satisfied in a certain way, but not 'free' even though this is part of his beliefs. 

Is it possible to expand the intellectual base? 
A base is a base. Is it possible to expand it?
BeiYin: Of course you can expand your intellectual base. The base is on what you stand right now; it is the result of your work and gathering in the past. You can expand this base by expanding your intellectual knowledge in quality and quantity, by learning, reading, observing, listening, thinking, making experiences by relating and responding to daily life's happening, etc. 
But maybe you mean by 'intellectual base' the given intelligence base, the degree of capability of your intelligence? That base is more difficult to expand as it is connected and limited to what we have received from our parents and what has built up during life time and has formed ones personality. Expanding ones personality will have the result that energy will be freed and this will influence ones intelligence positively and so expand ones base. ‘Expending’ in this case would not mean to gather more, but rather let go of established concepts, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, habits and also clearing up ones unconscious background. Thus expanding intelligence into another dimension, giving the possibility to grow into a base that goes beyond the horizons of intellectual knowledge…

How can we achieve happiness? 
BeiYin: To answer this question, I need to ask myself many more questions. 'Achieving' means that I can do something to get to the state of 'happiness'? What can I do? Can 'happiness' be a goal? I don't think so. Yes, people all want to be happy, mostly by striving to fulfill their wishes and desires of all kind. But are they 'happy' when finally they could fulfill their dreams? One will be content, but to be happy it needs something more or something different, what is this? 
Happiness as a state of being does not depend on outside situations and conditions, it is an inside condition. So then what is causing this condition and what is it exactly? Is it the feeling of being fulfilled or whole? A state when one is completely content with what there is? Then this is obviously the result of something. What has caused this? Might it be that this is the result of a life long striving for happiness or the result of finally giving up all intentions and coming to a state of just ‘being’? 
Is the striving for happiness the intention to feel ones existence in a specific way and following a concept of happiness? We can observe that this doesn't work and is causing a lot of frustration and disappointment with the follow up of depressions and a break down. So striving for happiness is not possible or can one see ‘happiness’ as a carrot that makes the donkey moving? But he never can reach it? Or might it be that during this ‘moving’ what also could be called ‘life’, something is growing and makes one understanding that the goal is not the important. It is the relating to what shows up on ones way one is walking. Relating and responding to what shows up, one can feel oneself and one can experience ones existence in the most present state and then this might be real happiness? But it seems that there is no way to talk about it, there is no way to get out of the conceptual thinking, one has to live ‘this moment’ and then will know what ‘happiness’ really is. 
Resume: Is it possible to do something to achieve happiness? No, the concept ‘happiness’ can't be realized. So what can we do? We can live in a responsible way, being conscious that we are here to grow and that whatever shows up in our daily life, is the best and most effective in our growing process if we are relating to what shows up and then responding to it the best way we are capable, being aware of our reactions, observing ourselves and our surrounding. Then there will come the moment when we will enjoy ourselves and what is there, without wanting to be it in a certain way, then out of this enjoying there might come something we might recognize as happiness…

How can I improve the world we live in, or simply the world around me? 
I'm just an average girl, I'm not rich or anything, but I am interested to know what little things I can do to improve the world we all live in? Or just my city? Or something. How can I (little me) have an effect on the world around me? What can I do? I know there is community services, volunteer stuff. But I want some neat, fun, interesting ideas that will make our environment better? A project that will make an effect to this world, or this city, or some people. Anything. I need ideas.
BeiYin: You seem to be a special person and not just 'an average girl'. Asking something like this shows that there is a motive behind, that there is the wish to go beyond ones personal needs and do something for others and the disastrous situation of our world. Indeed the world would improve and change if more people would ask such a question...
The most effective way to improve the world and every thing around you is that you improve yourself first, which means your potentials, abilities and your talents. You need to find out what are your strengths. To be effective you need tools, then you can use these in the best way. You need to find out as much as you can about that what you want to improve, so that is this world you live in and yourself as a part of it. You can learn by asking questions, being critical about what you are observing and then check the different sources of information, being extremely critical from where the information are coming, trying to look behind the appearance. Starting with yourself you might investigate about human nature, observing people and yourself. Finding out about attitudes and behavior, looking what motivates people and who might manipulate them for their own interests. That will probably let you find out that your unconscious background needs to be cleared up, as there are so many influences from the past and presence, society, culture, etc. that might not let you be free enough to decide what you really want. 
To use your tools effectively you need to be trained to use them. So train your mind, feelings, and intuition and don't forget your body must be fit as well. Take care of your body by eating the right food (no junk food!) doing plenty of exercises, enough sleep and avoid every thing that could damage your system or wasting your energy, like tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
I suggest that you do a simple exercise that will train you to release any stress. You will not accumulate stress and that will keep you open and saves your energy. Read about it and then just do it at:
If there is any question, just go on asking, the answers will come to you. You can have the trust that you are guided from within and you will be able to relate in the best way to whatever shows up in your daily life and you will respond to it out of your abilities. So you will grow and have an influence on others and the world, already at this moment and in a more intended and directed way in your future lifetime.

What do you want out of life? 
BeiYin: What do I want out of life? I sit here looking at the empty screen and I can't find anything I would want more than I have already. I am convinced that every thing I need comes to me and this is what has happened since I gave up fighting and striving for something I though I needed. All that what has happened and seemed not to be good, turned out also to be necessary, because it forced me to use my energy and capability to confront the challenging situation, so it helped me to grow. After I had learned through these experiences, I could adopt the attitude, that what ever shows up in my life, that this is exactly what I need and out of this I can take it as a challenge, use my energy and find a creative solution. Knowing this and having had the experience that it works, I can relate in an open way to every thing what shows up and it gives me the freedom to respond out of my responsibility in a relaxed way, doing the best I can, not worrying about the result. What happens then and this might be the result of my attitude and the way I live, that I don't feel separated from life, what means from my surrounding, from people, animals or what ever there is... Not being separated from life and what there is, makes it possible to understand every thing much better and I can look behind the appearance. 
So what else could I possibly want from life? 

What is the best way to use our tools of observation to drop your conditioning? 
BeiYin: I can use my abilities of observing, hearing, talking, feeling, thinking, and being aware to get to know myself and what surrounds me. I can understand how things are connected and what holds them together. Understanding human nature, I can observe myself and understand my motivations and also might go so far to see that I can be very sophisticated in my observations but still it is a trick of my identification to hold on that what I believe I am. Working on my 'personality' is another nice game to keep me busy. I can demonstrate how clever I am in my work on myself and how advanced I am after many years of self investigation. Oh boy! What a game, it never ends...

How can a person have a better attitude and be optimistic? 
BeiYin: A certain attitude and also being optimistic is the result of ones individual growing process and of what components the personality is made. The way a person's world view is formed depends on the many concepts and beliefs that were adapted. Out of all these influences the attitude is build and out of experiences a person had, being confirmed in ones world view or being disappointed, this person would be more or less optimistic. 
To have a better attitude one will need to work on oneself and then change ones personality and to be optimistic one probably need to change ones concepts about this world, people and last not least ones self-image. 
This is not easy and not so many people are ready and willing to do the effort, so mostly they prefer to stay like they are, even they are suffering.
There are some techniques to change ones attitude and to be more optimistic, for example EFT (emotional freedom technique) you will find information about it in the Internet. I have done it and indeed it works. But I am not so much convinced anymore about it, it looks like a shortcut but meanwhile I know that there is no shortcut, one will need to do the work all from the beginning up to the end...
So it will be necessary that one gets to know oneself in all aspects, what means also to find out about ones background, those parts that are hidden, called ones unconsciousness. From there we are reacting to what comes to us and this has a dominating influence on our attitude and how we respond to what shows up in our daily life circumstances. For whatever change we need to clear up our background, that's the work we can't avoid if we want a real change.

What do you know now, that you wish you knew when you were younger? 
BeiYin: That one can't trust anybody. There are people who are not liars and pretenders, at least not intentional, but the majority is lying to themselves and to others, even though they believe their own lies. People have their concepts and their self-image and they are trying to live this. It doesn't really work because daily reality is different, but people don't want to see this and so they are lying to themselves and to others by pretending that every thing is all right. 
I know now, that I even can't trust myself because I am also 'people' and have or had the same manner to trick myself, seeing something that is not real, just because I need and want it to see, so that it fits into my world view or my self-image. So I know that I need to be very critical in every thing. This will avoid that I fall easily into traps and it will not create dependencies. I can't trust people, believing that they are in the same way responsible as I am. I have learned after many years of investigation and observation about human nature, that one can't trust what people say or write. They might believe themselves what they express, but they do it because they want something and then it mostly turns out that they were just pretending. 
I know now that one needs to be extremely selective, in every thing and one must look behind the appearance, which mostly is a trick. 
I know that this sounds negative for most people, but it is just realistic and this doesn't exclude that in spite of this I am positive in my attitude towards people, but in contrary when I was young this doesn't come out of naivety, but out of understanding human nature and beyond...

Have you worked as part of a team? What did you find difficult?  What did you find rewarding? 
BeiYin: A good question and this probably will be a long answer, because it is a situation in which I have been working for the last thirty years. My initial idea was to form a team of 'like minded' or 'kindred spirits', that means people who were interested to live together in a free set up with the intention to do something together and each of them for themselves in an essential way to make 'a change' in the sense that they use the space and opportunity to work on themselves... and then also make an input into the common pool… Helping people where it is necessary without asking for an award. 
To describe the difficulties in this intention I could write a book, what was rewarding can be said in one sentence, although this might be worth the pain described in a book.
To realize this idea I worked very hard several years on the physical level and created a place with living space for about twenty people. Then I invited people to come as guests or permanent members. To give it a form people could understand, I called it ‘Intentional Community’, as there was no better name. That was a mistake, because people then had specific expectations coming out of a concept and then they tried to live this, but not relating to the actual situation. This turned out to be one of the mayor difficulties with people, they all have an image how things should be and then when they come and things doesn't fit into their picture, then they are resistant, complain and look for the fault outside. It seems normal that nearly all people have some parents’ issues and if they don't like something, then they give the fault to me, as a kind of father figure and it is not possible or only in very rare cases, to point this out. They just don't want to listen to maybe get out of this attitude to project their own condition into the outside. 
After ten years of ups and downs I thought: One must be crazy trying to realize such a project… but I continued. I had offered the place to groups, therapy, healing, yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc. and it was interesting to meet all kind of people, but in a very structured frame in which the expectation of people were more or less fulfilled. But after a few years of this experience I finished all groups because it felt as part of the usual consumer habits; people were paying and then consumed what was offered, going into exercises they were told and then were satisfy having certain experiences… But I had doubts that an artificial set up like a therapy group would be necessary. Yes, I believe that might help to start ones transformation, but if one can see and understand that life is our best teacher and gives us all opportunities to learn and transform in the most effective way, then one doesn't need ‘professional help’. So I went back to my original idea to live and work together with people who have the same interest in their personal growing. 
It turned out that there are only very few people really interested. They all say that they want to know themselves, but then it shows that what they really want is self confirmation of their established self image and if something comes across that doesn't serve for this purpose, then they reject this opportunity to look at themselves. For quite some time I could not understand how it is possible to misunderstand ‘self knowledge’ to such an extreme. But now I know that people only see what they want to see and they understand or misunderstand every thing in the way so that it serves them, there is no logic or rationality. So people are constantly coming and going. When writing, they make themselves interesting by telling beautiful things about themselves and how much they desire a life in nature, living with other people, working not for money but because it makes sense, how much they are interested in growth and self knowledge, that they don't smoke, drink and take drugs and that they would do any kind of work necessary and that they are interested in meditation and other ways to improve their awareness. It sounds so good! And then when they are here: Oh boy! They come with a perfect package of expectations and as this never fits perfectly, then they are disappointed and give the fault to the outside, that would be the right moment to look at themselves to realize that they are conditioned, but that's not what they want and willing to do. So they are not content and are looking to give the fault to the place or to me, without asking any question or questioning themselves. Then it shows, that they nearly all are smoking, not doing it openly but hidden in their rooms. It is not even seldom that they drink alcohol or take drugs. 
How can one believe that a transformation might be possible if one is not honest to oneself and to others? Smoker and people who take alcohol and drugs are not willing and able to look at themselves and when they drink and smoke then this helps them to avoid looking at themselves. So it became pretty clear that with such people my intention must fail… So several times I came to the moment when I wanted to give up, but then there came somebody who seemed to be different and brought a new energy and so we went on. This happened again and again. Those few people, who were capable to be member of such a project, had their own intentions and then when they left, they started their own project, although as far as I know, they gave up after a few years…
There have been times when living and working with a 'team', when there was felt 'togetherness'. Sometimes this happened in simple practical things, for example: To start the diesel engine of a motor plow, which had to be done with a rope around a disk on the motor, one had to pull on the rope with all ones strength, many times and often it was not possible because my strength was not enough and I was exhausted after several intents. So I put a long rope on this starter wheel and six people of the 'team' pulled all together. They had to do it all at the same time, so they pulled and they had to do it only once, then the motor started! There was the experience of togetherness working as a team!... Another example: There were times, when there was a constant flew of information within the team, because there was communication between each member and so the whole team was informed about everything what was necessary and what happened. It worked the same like with ants or bees; they always know what goes on, without loudspeakers or blackboards. That shows that there is a 'team' that function. Probably with ants and bees it works because there are no personalities involved. With humans this is not possible because there are so many personal needs that are projected on the situation or people, creating jealousy, anger and all kind of weird reactions, blocking the flow of communication and finally making the being together impossible. We can pretend to be very clever, knowing every thing, surrendering and whatever more sophisticated spiritual attitudes there might be possible, but we are not even able to build a functioning team like the bees or ants, unless there is a strong goal every body is engaged in or there is a strong leader every body else can follow. Every thing else seems to be an illusion because people are stuck in their personal needs and not capable to go beyond this. The evolution of humans obviously needs many generations more before something like a 'team' with free members is possible.
Does the notion of paradise lessen the value of our lives on earth? 
Can the belief in paradise allow us to destroy ourselves? To say it's ok if bombs fall, its ok if people kill one another, its ok if there is poverty, starvation, pestilence, and disease on this earth. Does it make us think we do not need to resist these things, because paradise will come soon and make it all better, for ourselves and these victims?

Do we leave our minds in a lazy state? 
Does this lessen our will to fight the ills of this earth, and in turn bring hell upon ourselves? After all; this life is temporary and it will pass... do we live our lives in pursuit of reaching paradise with our prayers, with our hopes, and cease to strive to open our eyes and ready our hands in doing what we may think is too overwhelming, and perhaps impossible? Do we learn to accept suffering in the here and now, in place of hope for a heaven?
BeiYin: It is pretty clear that in view to the future, that then every thing will be good and better, the importance of this moment is significantly reduced. Any kind of 'hope' does the same, so that people don't need to take responsibility for the situation and conditions they are in. The need to behave good not to be punished is not a good motivation to relate to once daily life. Fear and hope have been used to manipulate people since beginning of mankind and will be used until people wake up and get out of dependency, taking self responsibility and do what is necessary in this moment. Then people will relate to the moment and to whatever shows up with an open mind and what is most important: with an open heart, willing to do the best not only for themselves but also for others. 
We need to accept the fact that humanity is still in a primitive state of evolution and humans are bound to a picture world, concepts, beliefs and a self-image coming out of this. People are identified with these images and they are looking to find self confirmation by living their life in dependency of this, only be able to observe in a subjective way. Their values are also bound to this conceptual thinking and all those concepts developed, it's not just heaven and hell, there are concepts about every thing and reality because of this can't be seen and because the need to be confirmed in ones concepts, one doesn't want to see reality and people reject every thing that doesn't fit in their picture world view. Most of the problems arise from here, creating disappointment and suffering. Isn't it a fact hat humans have created hell on earth? And isn't it the most silly thing to believe in Santa Claus or in heaven? Isn't it time to grow up and leave those images behind to become grownup? But how? What can we do? 
Well, it would be a start to ask some questions coming out of a critical position and not just to find confirmation for ones religious beliefs...

Why do people believe that the story they tell themselves is truth? 
BeiYin: With 'story' you are saying: Concept, belief, image, picture, dream, fantasy, opinion, world view, etc. and that people are trying to live these.
People believe their 'story' because they are identified with it, - it is their property, this gives sense to their life, this keeps them busy. This makes good part of people's personality; out of this they get their feeling of existence. Because of this they are seeking constantly confirmation, out of this they are expressing themselves, if necessary provoking others if confirmation is not given freely. 
What people own this way must be their 'truth' and they will defend it with all means, there is no openness for a 'truth' that is different from their own.

InkyPinkie: One can answer this question just by observing ones surrounding.
There is this dog, owning a bone. It is an old bone, it has nothing that could be worth defending it, but the dog will use all his strength against any one who only comes near to his bone. Indeed the dog not only owns this rotten old bone, the bone is part of the dog, it is part of his life story and so his truth. Who wants to doubt this, can try to come near to the bone and will see... 
Humans are not different, try to tell them that their bone is rotten, worn out and nothing worth, they will react in the same way as the dog... Truth is what we own, truth is what we are. Nobody is allowed to touch this, wanting to reduce it. 
So when observing nature, we might find out, that the same nature forces work in all beings and out of this we might be able to do a step going beyond our well kept truth and maybe stepping out of our story...
Yes, it will be difficult that the dog will let go of his old bone, but who knows... 
Quantum jumps can happen!?

How to tell if God isreal? 
Here's a way to see if God is real. Take 100 Christians that say they have seen Jesus or have spoken with Him, and put them through a lie detector test. If they are telling the truth, I will continue on with my Christian faith. If they are liars, good bye. What do you think? There is a chance for error, as some may be so adamant in their own lies, they start to believe it as the truth (I forget what the psychiatric term for that is).
BeiYin: Good question, because it shows the limitation and the confusion of human mind. Any kind of belief is not a proof of truth, although for the person who believes this will be a truth, because there is a strong need and so rational thinking is excluded. To check if a belief is true with a lie detector test is absurd. You can't proof if a dream is true, right? Is a self-image true? It is what it is and this is the truth for the person who has created it. You can see it as a lie, because you are in a different position. 
'God' is an image, created out of the limited human imagination; it became a strong image in which people believe. They need this, it gives them hope, sense and orientation, - it is their truth. They will defend their belief and there is no reasoning possible. 
The only way to proof if 'God is real', is if you are capable to go beyond the level of mind and images to a form of realization within yourself, but you can't answer your question by staying on an emotional/mind level. You can talk a lot and argue about al kind of aspects, but this is like turning around yourself, not being able to go beyond your narrow sight to reach the horizon. 
Stay with your Christian faith or if this is not enough for you, then find out about yourself. Try to find 'self-knowledge'. You can start in general by finding out about 'human nature'. Ask questions and be very critical with the answers you are getting and finding. Develop your intuition... There is a lot to search and to do, so you will be engaged for some time...
Continue asking questions, your attitude is important. You can use this space, it is a good opportunity to express oneself and clear up oneself, finding answers and confront different viewpoints. Isn't this great?

I am so confused! I feel confused about life, myself, everything! 
I don't know who I am or who my friends are or who to be! Why am I feeling this way and how do I fix it?
BeiYin: There are many different reasons possible why you are confused. A precise answer depends on this but in general I would say that confusion can be seen in a positive way. It shows that there is a transition, what means you are moving from one position into another. It is positive because most people are stuck in their established position and nothing can be done to move them if they are not ready. So you are privileged. This is a state of transition and you need to move on. What you can do? If you don't know who you are, then you should find out about it. Get to know yourself! Investigate and ask yourself questions. Be critical about the answers you will find, most are coming out of the established thinking. You don't want to fall back into this? Of course not, so go forward. Don't be afraid to enter into new fields of being. Observe yourself and your surrounding. Find out about human nature, and then you will understand, what moves people and why they are stuck... Look behind the appearance; be aware that people are pretending. They all have a self-image they try to live and this creates a lot of disappointment and so people are reacting all the time. Find out about it and observe yourself. Be aware of your own reactions; try to stay calm and relaxed. You can do some special exercises, for example yoga or meditation. You need to move your body enough and it is important to eat the right food that influences your mental and emotional balance. There's a lot more you can do...
Life is a challenge and it will be positive if you accept the challenge. Go for it and ask questions... 
PS: I give you the link for an exercise you can do, it is easy and very effective...

If Jesus had been born in 1987, would we think he was a terrorist? 
InkyPinkie: He would be only twenty years old by now and because he would only talk about spiritual stuff and not be violent at all, so nobody would think that he might be a terrorist. If he would talk in public places, very few people would listen to him, unless he would do some miracles, changing water into Coca Cola or multiplying Hot dogs… So probably he would use the Internet for his message, but also here the response would be poor, there are just too many who are trying to say something important, essential and new... But as people like to follow a leader, he would find enough disciples and could make a cyber community, for sure more successful than when he was walking the countries two thousand years ago, as it is much easier from a computer to follow him. 
Reflecting about the possible situation, one can think that Jesus would have a serious conflict with the religious system established by Christianity and then when he would talk critical about it, then it could be possible that the authorities would put him in the same box together with terrorists, in case he would go with his message into the media and so becoming dangerous. If he would stay only in the Internet, probably the authorities wouldn't take him serious. If he would have joint the career of a politician, to have more influence and a significant number of people would listen to him, then when he would be really successful, then the opposite would find a way to crucify him. It is also possible that his followers then would react, but as he was teaching nonviolence and insisted on it, so they wouldn't do anything that they could be seen as terrorists. 
To have really an impact on a great number of people, I would suggest that he doesn't start to teach being only twenty years old. He should first study various fields, for example Computers & Internet, Social Science, Society & Culture, Politics & Government, Health, Public Relations, Yahoo Products, etc. Then he should use Film, Television and all possible media to distribute his message and of course he should write several books… Once being famous and publicly accepted, nobody would get the idea that he is a terrorist.
PS: And seriously: He could then convince all terrorists not to use violence, making it absolutely clear that violence only can provoke more violence, but can not solve any problem.

What is better: Giving or receiving? And why? 
BeiYin: This question shows quite some innocence. It is not the question what is better. Giving and receiving is both essential part of life and all beings. On a primitive level when it is limited to survival, then the receiving comes first, but with humans there should be a difference in so far as giving and receiving should be in balance or better said: A person should be like a balance, the scale pans go up and down, when giving and receiving, but one must not be too excited about it. As more one is in the center of the balance beam, as more one can stay calm, what doesn't mean one cannot enjoy both sides: Giving and receiving. 
Another issue is the motivation why one is giving. Is it because one is relating to a situation or person and there is the need to do something? Because one wants to help or just because it feels right? Not asking or expecting anything in return? Then there will be receiving at the same time and it might be that we get back the double or more than we have given. 
If we relate to life and whatever shows up in our daily situations, then it depends how we respond. If one is expecting in the first place, then one is not open to receive and might miss the best opportunities. If one gives when it is necessary, open for the needs of others, then one also is open to receive. It is that simple! 
If a person is in balance, then will have had the experience that whatever is necessary will show up in its right moment. So giving means to relate and respond to every moment in life and then the receiving will come by itself and one not only will receive the right lessons to learn and to develop oneself, but also every thing else. 
This is not very well known and people believe they must fight and work hard to get what they need and this in the first place and only then comes the need of others. This is the attitude of the established materialistic world view and unfortunately a religious or moral concept doesn't change much about it. 
We should know, that we are not separated from our surrounding and others and if we care, then we will be taken care as well and be part of the abundance... 

Do you believe that some things can only occur once in a person's life time?
Do you think you are the type of person who has the wisdom to identify an opportunity if you saw one? 
BeiYin: Yes, 'something' does only occur once in a person's life and that is this very moment. If you are capable to be aware of this and then are able to relate and respond to what ever shows up in your life - in this moment, then this is the most wisdom you can live and there will be no opportunity you might miss.
You are surrounded by examples and you will live and experience these...

Is Spain poor or rich? 
Spain is an industrialized nation with free health care right? But Iv heard that Spain lives of welfare from richer European nations such as the UK and Germany.
But I wouldn't know never even been to Spain. Is it another strong European economy or a parasite?
BeiYin: What a question! Is there nothing else to ask than for the material aspect? Spain has a lot of artist, painters, poets, writer, musician, philosophers and more. Spain is beautiful in many aspects, the people are kind and will welcome strangers into their house, saying: "This is your house!" People are free to express themselves more than in other countries and in much more Spain is rich. You need to explore it yourself and make the experience. Why so many foreigners live in Spain? Because they like to live here. Like me! 

Completely stressed out... I have no idea where I am going with my life any more? 
I am in my second year of college and am a double major in marketing and broadcast journalism. My business classes are not going well and I hate them, but my parents said they would not pay for my schooling unless I have a business major. I hate these classes. I like journalism but find some class's tedious easy work.
I have no idea what I am supposed to do with my life. Between hating my life and being so confused about what I am doing, I miss music and musical theater. Any stress relievers? Please I need them badly!
BeiYin: You are in a transition, that's difficult. It is part of the growing up. Don't worry you will get over it. You need to get out of dependencies, what means your conditioning. See the problems showing up now as a challenge. Confront it and make decisions, without giving much energy in that what you don't like and are rejecting. 
You might think it is not important, but you should take care of your body, eat well (no junk food) and don't waste energy by manipulating your system, not with stimulation and not with tranquilizers. Do enough exercises, if possible in nature. Listen to your system and do what feels right. There is quite some more you can do, you will find out yourself. 
One exercise I can suggest, that will not only help to release your stress, but free you from worries and will get you out of dependencies and conditioning. I call it: "StressReleaseExercise", it is easy to do and you can start with it right now, after reading the link above.

We have Rights but what about Responsibility? 
Just want to gather some thoughts on where people stand on the issue of Rights & Responsibilities. I am a Paramedic (EMT-P) and it is really starting to piss me off when I roll up onto a call and I see a 20 year old beat the $*it out of his GF and he is yelling about his rights... what about his GF where were her rights when he took a bat to her face? Or Religious protest where a group of religious followers chase down a gay man call him terrible names chase him into the street where he is struck by a car and killed... Of course the religious followers have a RIGHT to freedom of speach... who cares about the responsibility to not encourage or promote hate or violence towards others. I am Just wondering what you guys think of Rights Vs Responsibility? How do you think they go hand in hand??
InkyPinkie: At the moment I can't give you an answer about 'Rights Vs Responsibility' but I want to tell you that I can understand you as I feel often the same about people. You have a hard job and you are confronted with reality. That's how people are and quite different than we would like them to be. Don't let the discrepancy effect you too much. It is good that you ask questions and are trying to clear up things, but maybe even more important that you understand that the outside happening is a reflection of on inside conflict and the only thing one can do is to find ones own balance, - in a world of chaos and cruelty.

When someone says it's human nature, do you believe that? 
BeiYin: If someone says something, then you must not 'believe' it. You can be open to information and then check it by yourself. In case of 'human nature' you can observe yourself and your surrounding and then you can decide out of your own knowing and experience if it is right or wrong what you were told. So this information might have a special value for you because it makes you understand your behavior and your established attitudes and then you might want to change them and the best is that when you know about the background, where it comes from, that then you will be able to change it. But of course not if you just take it as an explanation that is only an excuse for a disturbing behavior. A condition that you make something creative out of the information, is that you look at yourself, relating and responding out of your own responsibility…

Could my elimination of meat & food additives really be what's improving my chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms? 
I've been dogged by chronic fatigue syndrome and associated symptoms for over two years, and nothing I tried was making me feel any better. It wasn't just the poor sleep, tiredness and vague flu like symptoms, but also depression, joint pain, digestive problems, ringing in my ears... just a ton of stuff. Finally, in desperation, I made some drastic changes to my diet. I started with a colon cleansing regimen about two months ago. At that time I also took all meat out of my diet, and I began eating only whole, unprocessed foods containing no chemicals. I upped my water intake. One day about a month later, I suddenly realized I was feeling a whole lot better. I had more energy, was headache free for the first time, and my digestion, muscle and joints, and my general mood were all improved. Then, a week ago, I slipped back into old eating patterns when I couldn't do my regular shopping, and I've felt horrible for three days. Could my diet really be responsible for such dramatic changes?
BeiYin: Yes, your eating habits can cause dramatic changes, because your system is weak and getting easily out of balance. I suggest that you visit my Web site, where I am describing what I have done to heal myself from Fibromyalgia. It was not easy, but I can tell you that I am completely healed, although the doctors said that there is no cure and that I must live with it. That's now more than two years and no symptoms have been coming back. 
What you started to do is the right thing, there is more to do, but it is worth the engagement.

How drinking negatively affects our life? 
BeiYin: The most negative effect is that alcohol is numbing, reducing the awareness and one's will power. The person who drinks doesn't want to confront life and not oneself and not others. Drinking reduces ones ability to feel responsible and also to relate and respond to what shows up in ones life, so reducing the possibility to connect on a deeper level with others. In the same way it is numbing, it is stimulating a kind of good feeling within this numbness and that makes the drinker addicted. Drinking creates a state of pseudo happiness, the drinker can relax and nothing really matters. Any thought that this might not be the right thing to do and that one is destroying oneself in this way, vanishes in a cloud of uncertainty. Opportunities are not seen, life energy is wasted, and there is no growing and no interest to change anything. If there is anger accumulated, then this might come out in an uncontrolled way as violence when drunken. It is not possible to talk in a reasonable way with a drinker, he might adapt himself to situations and behave kindly, but in the next moment he might react violently. With a drinker one never knows what will happen in the next moment...
Plenty of negative effects from drinking, right? Then one might make the decision to stop it right away, confronting life and oneself, starting a new life. It is a challenge, for sure not easy, but worth the trouble and effort!

When people say, "I am trying to find myself", what exactly do they mean?  How do you find yourself? 
BeiYin: I was always pretty sure what this means and so when people wrote to me that they are trying to find themselves, then my understanding was that they want to know themselves, finding out about themselves, what would include their attitude, their behavior, why they react, what the motives of their goals are and where these are coming from. But when these people came here, then it turned out that they had absolutely no interest to get to know themselves. They were not interested to meditate, in my experience and view the best way to create a base to find out about oneself. They were not interested when I was talking about the subject, instead of this they were showing resistance and were mostly complaining about things on the outside they didn't like. This happened again and again and I had asked myself why these people say that they are trying to find themselves. Until it became clear that what they want is 'self confirmation'! They want to experience themselves, they want to feel themselves, they want to feel their existence by being seen and acknowledged from others and also be able to react. So often people were provoking to receive confirmation from the other person through their reaction. Oh boy! Just the usual game what we can observe everywhere. And when I pointed this out to maybe start real 'self knowledge' then people escaped by giving the fault to me or to outside circumstances. Like saying: "You can't be right, because you have a pimple on your nose!" 
It is now more than thirty years that I am trying to run an 'Intentional Community' or whatever one might call it. The idea was that a group of people live together who are interested to 'find themselves' and then do something together out of this knowledge that would go beyond ones limited self centered personality. But now I'm coming near to the point to give up, as I must realize, that this is an illusion. I know that 'finding oneself' is something real, but obviously this is so rare that it is not possible to get a group together and it looks like that those people who have this urge to find themselves are doing it alone and are not interested to share this with others. Indeed, this is a very individual thing and one needs, at least in the beginning, to protect oneself by separating oneself from others. So now I understand why people want to live together with others: Just because they want to be confirmed in their beliefs, their self image and in their concepts, but nothing necessarily is involved like 'self knowledge' or 'finding oneself'. 
Even though I spend more than thirty years on this intention, it was not for nothing. I learned a lot about human nature, this world in many aspects and - last not least about myself. So I can say that I ‘found myself’. 
If you ask me how did I find myself, then I can tell you that I always had a clear vision what I wanted to do and on the path of the realization of my goal I was relating to every thing what was showing up. I reflected about it and was asking all kind of questions to clear up the situation, and then I responded in the best way I was capable, making my decision by taking responsibility. I mentioned it before: What helped me and without I wouldn't have been able to continue with the same intensity all over the years, that I was meditating regularly. This created the favorable condition that I could be aware more and more about my mostly unconscious conditioning by observing myself specially when confronting daily life and also looking behind the appearance of other people and their behavior. 
Thank you for your question, indeed an important and essential one.

InkyPinkie: Indeed, there is hardly any quest for self-knowledge from people and then there are those 'spiritual' people where 'self-knowledge' is part of their self-image and they are using many kinds of techniques, like kundalini-yoga, self hypnotism, imagination and many other manipulation methods to further their self-knowledge - or is it still 'self confirmation? Probably it is, but of course on a much higher level than the usual ordinary self confirmation... At least they are capable to explain every thing and write about it in detailed explanations. They must feel good, demonstrating their self security, congratulations!

What would you do if someone very unpleasant wanted hurt/kill you or your family & the police wouldn't help you? 
BeiYin: Well, all these 17 answers are in the same tone. All want to answer violence with violence. That's the usual way and all those who want to use force are probably Christians, followers of Jesus? I'm not Christian but I believe that we have to change our attitude. Look around; has there something changed during the last two thousand years? There has been no time without wars and killing! War is present everywhere, not only between countries, but also between neighbors and even within families. Why? Because violence always is answered with violence. Shouldn't we at least start to question this destructive behavior? 
Might it be a first step to ask why this person wants to hurt/kill you? Did you something that has caused this reaction? Did you reject this person? It is necessary to clear up the situation and not just react. Clear up means to find out about yourself, your attitude that might have caused the situation. It might be the fault of the other, he might be crazy, but do you think that this has nothing to do with yourself? It is too easy to give always the fault to the other and the outside, that's the normal behavior of people, always and everywhere. Do you think that's the only way? Or might it be that every thing is connected and has triggered the situation. So wouldn't the solution be to see both sides, understand both sides and try to change ones own attitude as a first step? I believe that not only the weapons have changed the Neanderthal human has used, but also the capability to deal with situations - or not?

Is it true that the average American adult is divorced, overweight and in debt? 
InkyPinkie: It is probably true in the same way as it is true that the average human on this planet is neurotic, pathetic, selfish, extremely unaware of their behavior, reactions and attitude, mostly suppressing their feelings and accumulating anger and frustration and then reacting with violence when they have the occasion. Are not the average humans like zombies, keeping and deepening their numbness with alcohol, tobacco and drugs? Are not the average humans caught in a trap of materialistic world view, not even being able to look further than beyond their own nose? Are not the average humans so extremely stupid, that they not only destroy themselves with their life style and eating habits and so are all sick and depending on the pharmaceutical industry to get their medication? Are not the average humans totally depending on authorities not being able to take self responsibility? 
Is this true? Or is it even worse? Ah, you are not belonging to the average humans? Hard to believe because the average human is what 99,99999% of humans represents, so if you don't belong to them then you must be very special! And you must feel pretty lonely... But anyway, congratulation!

Have you ever felt the urge to leave civilization and live by yourself or with a few close friends/family in the middle of nowhere? 
I sometimes think about this and how lame everyday stress and drama is in our modern day civilization. its so annoying. why did life have to become so hard? we spend our whole lives learning away. and most of the stuff is stuff I'm not gonna even use later on anyway. we learn and learn and learn up until we are about 21. and if you don't you're probably stuck at some crummy job. I wish there was no civilization some times. I visited the rain forest a couple years ago and I loved it. everything working together in perfect harmony, every creature not caring about what the other one thinks of it, it's merely trying to survive. what a calm, peaceful, experience. why did things have to get so hard??? we are too smart for our own good. How did evolution let (or God) let this happen? I often think most of our modern-day activities are quite pointless. What do I do?
BeiYin: I can understand you because I had the same urge thirty years ago and I realized this need and found a place in midst of nature, surrounded by forest, far away from 'civilization' but not too far not being able to connect. I planted my own vegetable and fruits and build up the place with my own hands. A good experience, but after a few years I felt that it would be good to live with other people together, even though my animals are giving me good companion. So then started the hard part, different than if you have a job in a company, dealing with people there, having your problems with survival in this society, being trapped in the rate race, etc. different but not easier. People are sooooooo difficult! They want what they want out of their specific concepts and their self-image and they are hardly capable to deal or relate with conditions that doesn't fit in their expectation. Mostly they want confirmation for their established existence and living together and working on a common project is hardly possible. I could write a book about it! So after thirty years I am at the point to give up and live alone or only with my partner, but the idea to live with people doesn't work, unless I would take the role of a leader, but that's not what I want, so there seems no solution... 
I suggest that you stay critical about this society and find your own way, but not necessary leaving civilization. You need to find calmness and peace in the first place within yourself and that doesn't depend where you are. 

What do you do when feeling unlucky and frustrated? 
BeiYin: Emotions are reactions of your system, triggered by situations or happenings. When this reaction produces the feeling of frustration then it tells that there is a conflict between reality and what your wish or expectation is. You are aware of your feelings and you are identified with them, so it might be that you are not aware why you are feeling like this. So then you need to do several steps. First is to observe your feelings. To do so it will be necessary to do one little step and stand beside your feelings, otherwise you wouldn't be able to observe them. Then you can ask why you are frustrated and probably the answer will show up, giving you the understanding of your position and that you have a certain concept or self image and out of this you have an expectation how things should be. Mostly you can't change the outside conditions so you might come to the conclusion that you need to change your expectation and so your concept. Doing so you will be able to accept the reality you are encountering and you will not feel unlucky or frustrated. There are more benefits coming out of this, but you will experience these by yourself...

How do we become as littlechildren? 
What is the spiritual virtue that this is teaching? Ignorance is bliss... Is there a way to become ignorant again, after we have already learned the sad, hard truths of this world? How do we embrace that "eternal ignorance" of childhood?
BeiYin: It is the 'becoming' as a child, that indicates and is pointing to a process of clearance of all the concepts and images we have gathered and being identified with and as the illusion of 'personality' is made out of identifications with all those dreams, wishes, images, concepts, etc. so the process of growing is to go beyond all this and gain the state of being like a child. To do so one doesn't need any 'technique' or a specific belief system, one only need to relate and respond to life, what means to all what shows up in ones personal daily happenings. (The ‘NOW’) This will cause reactions because of the established individual structure and this is the moment to observe ones reaction and being conscious about it, then one has the possibility to find the origin in ones worn out concept and eventually make the decision to let go of it. So one can have the trust that life gives us the right circumstances in the right moment, to do this kind of work. Of course the final result has nothing to do with ‘ignorance’.
PS: I am convinced that meditation is the best and most effective way to create the basic condition that the described work can be done without too much resistance.

Are you free to ask any question? 
You might like to say yes, given the freedom of asking that is here, but I would invite you to think again. Why for instance certain question that you answer, or ever star for their excellence, came to someone else where in the matter of their being they mattered so much to you?
BeiYin: The question is not if one is 'free' to ask, the question is 'why' one is asking; I am free to question myself and every thing else. Are these questions then authentic? Do these come out of a real urge? Has this to do with my existence? Is it essential for me to find an answer? Asking a question is already half of the answer and probably I will get the other half also out of myself. If there is an answer coming from some one else, then it is only an answer for me if there is resonance coming from inside, so this answer reflects my already existing answer. I feel free to express any kind of question, but I will be aware that the place might not right to ask. I am here in 'answers' only a few weeks and I am still excited about the possibilities and the freedom offered here, although I see the limitations and understand that my question should be very clear and simple. I'm not talking about intellectual stuff but what comes out of me as an urge. When I answer questions then because I see the urge and need of the asker, although some times it is just my interpretation, mostly if the question is not clear and without details, but the question inspires me and what comes out of me is like I'm talking to myself. So I believe this place gives a lot of opportunities and freedom to express oneself and I don't feel disturbed by all those silly nonsense questions and answers, I can just ignore them. 

So many points of view and so many viewing points? 
Are they all right? Are they all wrong? Or are they all something else? What do you see?
BeiYin: There are no points of view without the viewer and there are only as many viewing points as there are viewers. They are all right as long the points of view belong to the viewer, they will be felt as wrong when they are different and belonging to some one else. All points of view are the integrated part of ones personality and because these are ones property and giving the feeling of existence, so these viewpoints must be defended against other viewpoints, which are different. So giving the opportunity to establish a common game, which gives a certain satisfaction to all participants.

PS: So what one can do about it? Continuing with the game and when one becomes tired of it then one can have a critical look and ask oneself some questions, then maybe recognizing ones game or at least amplifying ones viewpoint and seeing the similarity in ones different viewpoints...

Is it true that there is always a price to pay in taking the next step? 
Do we really sacrifice for the path? If so , does that ever change? How? When?
BeiYin: Is it a price to pay when one becomes aware that the weight one is carrying causes ones suffering? Letting go of this weight makes it possible to do the next step, so it shouldn't be seen as a 'sacrifice'. If you can drop this worn out attitude of being a victim and having to sacrifice, then indeed it has changed and you are free, not holding any longer on dead weights of concepts and self images... How? Relating to life and each moment, which shows up in front of you with all happenings. Relate out of responsibility and respond as good as you are capable, make your decisions and be aware of your reactions, finding out about the origin and so clearing up your unconscious background structure, step by step. That's your work right now and daily life is the best play and learning place. Trust that the right event will come in the right moment, with this you will avoid to waste energy in being resistant to what comes to you. 
PS: The best way to prepare a favorable basic condition is daily meditation. At least this has worked for me the last fifty years…

Are all opinions valid? 
BeiYin: There are no opinions without the one who has and owns them and there are as many opinions as there are individuals holding these opinions. They are all right and felt as valid as long the opinion belongs to the viewer, they will be felt as wrong when they are different and belonging to some one else. All opinions are integrated part of ones personality and because these are ones property and giving the feeling of existence, so these opinions must be defended against other opinions which are different. So giving the opportunity to establish a common game, which gives a certain satisfaction to all participants with their various opinions, fighting against each other or confirming each other.
PS: So what one can do about it? Continuing with the game and when one becomes tired of it then one can have a critical look and ask oneself some questions, then maybe recognizing ones game or at least amplifying ones opinion and seeing the similarity in other different opinions and understanding that they all are valid for the one who has and owns them... And then maybe doing a step beyond?

When the truth is hard to swallow, what do you chase it with? 
InkyPinkie:When I'm aware that this is a truth that fits into my already collected and well established other truths and so I can accept and welcome it, then it might be bitter to swallow, but I don't mind and will not have resistance, as I know that this bitter medicine will cure me of some of my ignorance and silliness.
PS: Although I know that as a collector of 'truths' I am still bound to this and not really free...

When you meet the Dragon on the road, do you fight or let him have his way? 
Do you take up your amour? Do you make nice with him? What do you do?
InkyPinkie: If I have an encounter with a 'dragon' on my road, this might be a male or a female, and then I observe the beast and try to find out about the intentions of this being. If a communication is possible I will go nearer, being aware that it is important not to have any fear. If one reacts with fear, then this could be dangerous. We have the experience with dogs, if one is afraid of dogs, then they might react by attacking. So it is very important to be aware of ones own reactions when confronting the dragon. The dragon might provoke us by blowing smoke into our face, stay cool, he/she only want to check our position. Smile, but watch out that this can't be taken as provocation and show that you are not going to attack, not even have the need to defend yourself, so better let your armor behind, this anyway makes you less flexible and closes you up. Your friendly behavior probably will surprise the dragon, as she/he is used that people when they meet the dragon are having strong reactions of fear. So use this moment of astonishment and show that you also love dragons, the same as you do with your animals you are taking care of. For sure the dragon will respond by showing his/her friendly side, although I wouldn't suggest that you go much further as the friendliness might change from one moment to the other, unless you are very secure of yourself and you know that you can stay calm and in balance even in extreme situations. A relationship with a dragon is not every body's challenge, but of course, if you have met one, then this is exactly what you need.

If I was to say to you "I see you", would could I mean? 
InkyPinkie:That you can see behind the appearance, that you understand what I am trying to communicate and that you can sense me beyond my words. 
It could also mean that you can look behind what I am pretending to be and you can understand why I do so, but then probably you would not say that you 'see me', you might just say that whatever the reason there is, you still love me.

How do you cope with everything life throws at you? 
BeiYin: Good question. How to cope is a question of attitude in the first place. Thinking about it now I must say that I don't remember how I came to my attitude, probably as a résumé out of my experiences in life, but for sure not out of the concept from a religious belief. I might come back to this later...
My attitude about dealing with difficulties that come to me in daily life, is that I am convinced that all and every thing is exactly what is the best and most effective to give me a challenge. I need to confront this the best I can, out of my self responsibility and the abilities I have. Oh boy! This is easier said than done and just in this moment I am in a difficult situation and it is good to answer this question so I can update my position. Yes, I'm still sure that whatever shows up is exactly the right thing. That doesn't mean that I like it and I can try to avoid it, but if I can't then there seems no other way than to deal with it and when I think that this is what I need, even though I can't see why this is so, then I can use my full energy to cope and I'm not wasting energy in resistance or feeling like a victim. 
Yes, this might be extremely hard and goes up to the limit, but I can understand that sometimes one needs to be beaten to wake up… I can give you a few examples out of my life that you see that I have practiced my attitude and that it is not just a beautiful belief. For several years I had Fibromyalgia and the medical system could not offer healing. There was no hope, but with my positive attitude and seeing the situation as a challenge, I could cope with it and so I started to investigate and then treated myself. After one and a half year I was completely healed, although there is no cure for this disease. Then I had an inguinal hernia and I rejected surgery that is the only way offered from the medical system. I saw it as a challenge and again investigated and then started my own treatment. After about one year I was healed, although surgery is the only way to repair an inguinal hernia, that's what the doctors say. Lately I broke my foot and my leg and the doctors said that surgery would be necessary, I rejected this and now I'm healed… But all this is not a big thing. What I'm going through the last thirty years is more difficult: I'm trying to establish a kind of ‘Intentional Community’ although I don't call it like this. I really tried hard for all those years and I'm coming now to the conclusion that it is not possible if I do it how it feels right for me and not in the usual established way. The conclusion is that probably I have to give up. After thirty years of hard work this is not easy, you can understand? My energy is not that high as it used to be and to keep up my positive attitude it needs some serious reflections and so I'm grateful to answer this question, so I can do a check up… 
Oh yes, the question was how I cope with all this what is thrown at me. Well, I cope with it; in the best way I can. Even if I fail, I can see that I have learned a lot, that wouldn't have been possible without confronting the challenges. So where ever the next failure or success brings me, I guess this is another step in my growing process. So lets see what comes next… Oh boy!
PS: I remember now that in school we were talking about Martin Luther (not Martin Luther King) and that he had said: “If I would know, that tomorrow the world ends, even though I would plant a tree today!” So finally I came to this kind of attitude, which helps me to cope with daily reality…

Visionaries, dare to share your truth; what do you see? 
BeiYin: Give up all hope... Dare to question your established self-image and all what you still are holding...
Quote: "There is no communication, there is no possibility to exchange creativity, and that's how it is right now. So then I wonder what can be done about it?"
Whatever you do, the intention might be good, but still coming out of illusion. Continue 'doing' until the doing vanishes into being.

What is life without love? 
BeiYin: Life is what it is. It might be 'love' by itself, who knows? 
Life is what it is. It does not depend on our interpretation.
Life is what it is. We are alive, that is what counts. That is real, that is what we can experience, what we can feel with all our being. 'Love' is a concept, as long we are not living it. Life gives us the opportunity to fill it with our existence and everything we are and capable to express and be. 'Love' might be part of it, but we are the ones to create and live it.

How do you deal with rejection? 
What do you do to get rid of that feeling? Not just temporarily, but get rid of the feeling so that it doesn't pop up later when you least expect it. 
I can't get rid of it. I have been able to suppress it for a while but not completely.
BeiYin: To get rid of the bad feeling when you are rejected, you need to go to the root and this will need some digging. A work with yourself about yourself. You will need to ask some questions and these only you can answer. Why do you feel rejected? Is there an expectation and you need a response from people? Or is it your self-image that needs confirmation? When you had the experience of being disappointed when you had the expectation to be confirmed and this was not fulfilled, then this creates insecurity and the need is getting stronger. So your urge becomes like a demand and it is not surprising that then people ignore you or reject you, because they more or less have the same need...
What you can do to get rid of this dependency that is causing your reactions and feelings of disappointment? Observe yourself when you meet people, observe your behavior. Probably you are provoking people, without being aware of it, so that you get the confirmation you need. But people are reacting differently as you expect it and then you feel bad about it. Observe your reaction; don't try to suppress your feelings. Just let it happen, then you will also recognize what your expectation is and also what has caused this. Maybe the origin lies in your early childhood, when your parents didn't give you the attention you needed, so there is still a lack and you are trying to fill this need up. If you would get from people what you need, then you would go on all your life like this and stay in dependency. That you don't get the confirmation you are seeking and therefore reacting, gives you the good opportunity to check yourself and then being aware of the root of your need, then you are able to change your old worn out program and so you will not have the same reactions giving you bad feelings. I think you can understand this, but understanding is not enough, you need to work on this, it is a challenge, so go for it!

Can a fool ask more questions that 3 wise men can answer? 
That is a Dutch "saying" when you run out of answers. 
BeiYin: If a fool asks a question, then he is not a fool. Fools and this is the majority of people, ask no questions, they depend on that what they are told, - no questions ask. 
So, let's say some body, who is a fool or not a fool, that is not important, asks a question to a 'wise' man. Now the question is who calls this man 'wise'? Or he himself believes of himself that he is wise? If he is wise because he knows a lot intellectual, then he might not be able to answer a question that comes out of the urge to solve a serious personal problem. If he is really wise, then he will be able to give an answer, pointing out that it is necessary to look at oneself and finding out about ones true human nature, then the answer will be found. If the wise man who is not really wise calls some one who asks, a fool, then this is an excuse for not being able to answer, giving the fault to the other and this indeed is foolish, although the usual behavior of wise fools.

Are you a religious or a spiritual person? 
BeiYin: No, I'm not! I'm not a religious and I'm not a spiritual person. I can't tell the whole story here but at least so much: I had thought that I am spiritual, because I had meditated for many years and had come to insights about myself and this world, but then when I wanted to do a project and was looking for like minded or better said 'kindred spirits', then I found out, that all those people who where seeing themselves as 'spiritual' in my view where not at all spiritual. These people had a self image of being a spiritual person and that because they had a spiritual concept and a well established belief and they were trying to live these concepts, but even though these people had a good intention, they seemed to be so rigid and moving around like in straight jackets. And then these 'spiritual' people were looking for confirmation for their concepts and so they were looking for others to use them. I needed some time to realize that with such people I could not do anything together. These people were just not able to relate to daily reality, they were seeing and valuating everything through their spiritual views, but they were not able to look at things or people in an objective way and they were not able and interested to look at themselves. For them the most important is that they can convince others of their religious or spiritual view. I have learned to avoid such 'spiritual' people. So then of course I can't see myself as 'spiritual'. 
If you ask me now as what I see myself, then I can say that I don't see myself as anything special. At least I don't want to give it a name. I am a human being, living under certain conditions I need to deal with. How I relate and respond in daily life depends on my conditioning and I try to find out about it and see the need to clear up my unconscious background and part of this are old beliefs and concepts. I see daily happenings as the best way to do so, when I'm confronted and then reacting. Observing my reactions I can recognize my program and then I can decide if I want to stay in it or drop it as worn out. 
Seeing myself as responsible for my doing, I can see that giving the fault to others or to the outside if something doesn't work, is not a creative way to deal with daily happenings and so probably when I avoid situations or do not relate to them then I will encounter the same situation again. 
Well, there is quite a lot more I could tell about my way to be spiritual, but I think you got the idea...
PS: I just read here in these answers about a ‘spiritual’ group that has 8.000 centers in 120 countries, so obviously they are very successful. I am wondering why I could not find in thirty years enough people to fill one small center, which is established in it's material aspects, that means the place is there for about 20 people and enough work and even plenty of food, but no people are interested, or when people are coming then they leave because no spiritual concept is offered. Now it is becoming clear to me: 
When a child grows up, then it is introduced to some basic concepts, how it should behave, how things work, etc. then growing up, more education is done and nearly all is about concepts, including religious ones. Then with these concepts the person goes into life, having goals coming out of what was learned, mostly about the material aspects: Having a career, making money, buying a house, having a family, etc. So people are occupied and there is no further question. But then there are showing up problems of all kind and to solve these then what was learned is not enough and so one needs to look for new information to add another concept, so spiritual concepts might give an answer. So it is not surprising that a spiritual group, who are coming from a long tradition and having well prepared answers for every thing, is successful. While a group who is just trying to live in a conscious way without religious or spiritual concepts, because these are seen as traps, can't find members. Now I can understand why all people who passed this place, were people with strong spiritual concepts, who left after short time, because they didn't find confirmation, or were people who just were looking for a place to survive, because they couldn't in the usual way of this society and these were mostly people who had some serious mental or emotional issues. These people also were not willing to question their condition, although being able to stay longer… 
Spiritual people not supported by spiritual concepts seem to be very rare and those who might exist are probably not willing to live together with others because they know enough about people and human nature and they know from experience about the difficulties when people live together…
So things are pretty clear for me now and the consequence is that I need to offer a spiritual concept or to give up my intention. This is sad and not so easy after working hard for thirty years, but I don't see it as wasted time, as I have learned about reality and human nature.
Rahmona: I dropped out of being religious when I started to think about it critically, but I had though that I was spiritually, but lately I also questions this and ask myself: What is 'Spirituality'? 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
“Spirituality, in a narrow sense, concerns itself with matters of the spirit. Spiritual matters are those involving humankind's ultimate nature not merely as material biological organisms but as beings with a unique relationship to that which is beyond both time and material existence. As such the spiritual has traditionally been contrasted with the material, the temporal and the worldly. A perceived sense of connection forms a central defining characteristic of spirituality — connection to a metaphysical reality greater than oneself, which may include an emotional experience of religious awe and reverence, or such states as satori or Nirvana. Equally importantly, spirituality relates to matters of sanity and of psychological health. Spirituality is the personal, subjective dimension of religion, particularly that which pertains to liberation or salvation (see also mysticism)
Spirituality may involve perceiving or wishing to perceive life as more important ("higher"), more complex or more integrated with one's world view; as contrasted with the merely sensual.
Many spiritual traditions, accordingly, share a common spiritual theme: the "path", "work", practice, or tradition of perceiving and internalizing one's "true" nature and relationship to the rest of existence (God, creation (the universe), or life), and of becoming free of the lesser egoic self (or ego) in favor of being more fully one's "true" "Self".
- - end of quote - -
BeiYin: Well, that stays pretty much with the usual stuff, but what is the most essential is the last sentence: "...becoming free of the lesser egoic self, in favor of being more fully one's true Self." So this is important for me and this is what I'm working on and spiritual or not, I don't care about it, this kind of work is what I'm doing and the set up is my daily life with just the ordinary circumstances I am encountering.

What is wrong with society? 
Who is to blame? Parents? How can it be solved?
When will the madness end? Why is it that the poor getting poorer, and the rich are getting richer?
BeiYin: We are ‘society’, there's no one else to blame.
It is our limited world view, which is based in the first place on materialism, covered by a paint of idealistic, religious and spiritual concepts, satisfying egoistic 'personalities'. Everything and all serves to satisfy and confirm personalities, up to the most sophisticated intellectual and spiritual states of being. Property is the most important, first material property, then intellectual, emotional, with all those ready served and promoted concepts, fed from childhood on through education and well established in knowledge about every thing. There can't be any doubt or criticism and all is absorbed into the personal system made to ones property and so giving a frame and security. No questions ask. Created total dependency in a game used to manipulate zombie like people to gain power. An established system where the strongest, the most clever wins and so getting ones satisfaction out of it. Of course selfishness, pretending and lies serve best, caring for others has no place. Every body must protect themselves with closed doors and close hearts. 
Yes, this is madness and our daily reality and we call it like this, when we step a moment out of the daily condition that sucks us mostly totally. Reflection is rare and questioning oneself in ones condition, position, attitude and habits hardly exist. And only here might be the solution that one realizes that society is what we are holding by our own lifestyle, our way of thinking, by our attitude and habits, by our dependency and our laziness. 
Your question is a good one as a starting point, answering we might come to the conclusion that we need to ask ourselves what we are doing wrong supporting conditions that at the end not only will bring misery to the poor but also to the rich...
So better to continue with questions to find out what is wrong and how we can do something about it.

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? 
One needs to believe in something when one can't see and understand the reason.
BeiYin: I don't need to believe that things happen for a reason, because I can observe this around me, in the world and within myself.
We can look at it in two ways: Things happen for a reason now because this is caused by created conditions in the past or things will happen because we are creating conditions now. There is always a reason. Humans have the tendency to give the fault to the happening and are not asking for any reason behind and they are hardly capable to look at themselves for a possible reason. They are used and that is so much easier, to give the reason and fault to the others, to circumstances or calling it destiny or bad luck. If it is something good what happens, then people feel good and are satisfied, if it is something that creates disappointment, because it is not like the person would like it to be, then the reason is always seen in the outside and the sufferer feels as a victim. In both cases, being a victim or getting satisfaction, the person gets ones feeling of existence out of the happening and that's all, there is no questioning about it, going with the same attitude to the next happening. 
To have a reason to look at things happening to oneself or to the world, one needs to change ones limited and primitive way to see the world and oneself. One needs to change the attitude to see oneself as the center of the world and every thing else turns around this. One has to see that we are not separated from each other and the things outside oneself. So then one will realize that what happens, even though one personally has not caused it, one still participates by having the same attitude and world view. This is not philosophy or a ‘spiritual’ concept, this is an experience when one steps out of the limited mass consciousness with it's worn out tracks of behavior and habits, well established and well defended. 
Look for the reason and you will find it. The dilemma is that you need to look at yourself first and this is something people are not used to do and they try to avoid this with all means. To be able to question oneself and to look at oneself, one needs to do a step beyond oneself. Being identified with all ones properties: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and last not least all ones material stuff, that makes it difficult if not impossible to let go of something of all this. 
So that you ask a question like this might be a start…

To all the trolls on here! 
What is it about giving nasty or rude answer that pleases you? do you enjoy it when you see that you receive multiple thumbs down or something? do you enjoy getting a negative reaction? why? are you dealing with anger issues or something and it helps you to be nasty on here?
BeiYin: I'm not a troll and I think it will be difficult that a troll answers here, because they don't reflect about their doing and they don't want to be confronted. So I can't answer from the viewpoint of a troll, but I was attacked several times and I tried to understand what goes on in a troll. They are mostly very intelligent and that makes them so dangerous. They use their computer skills to enter into systems and destroy programs or they disturb or destroy a forum with multiple posts. I lost one forum this way. But also I have had experiences with people in person who had the same attitude and were threatening me when they didn't get what they wanted. 
So I would say that these are people who were disappointed deeply because they were rejected and now have chosen to get attention in a negative way. They feel alone and outside of groups they can't join because they don't agree, they even might look behind the often false attitude, pretending something to live, but only following rigid concepts. The troll looks behind and feels that he needs to uncover the falseness, feeling as a warrior, even though being in a lost position. Indeed these people suffer, trying to survive in their way. Probably this attitude was planted in early childhood when the child wanted attention from its parents and were very brave and did all what it was told, but when this didn't work, then the child switched and did 'bad' things, so with this getting enough attention. I remember the story when two boys met in the street and one asks the other: "Why you look so sad?" The other answers: "Because my father doesn't care about me, he doesn't give me any attention!" Then the other said: " Oh, my father gives me a lot of attention, every Friday when he comes home from work, he beats me up!" This story is pretty sad, isn't it? But it shows how the need gets fulfilled. And probably it is similar with the troll; he gets what he needs in a negative way. 
So what could be a solution, to stop him from doing damage just because he needs attention and probably has given up to get it in a good way? What I have done was that I didn't react at all, meaning that I didn't give special attention and even more important I didn't put any blame on this person. At least it worked in so far, as this person didn't continue with threatening. 
Maybe we should try to just accept the trolls and understand them in their extreme behavior, seeing them in their loneliness and suffering. We can't change them, but they might change themselves if we don't feed their negative needs. Then maybe they might realize that they could use the effort they are doing to find satisfaction in a different way. So don't let us put the label “bad guys” on them, knowing that we all at least some times behave like trolls in our daily private surrounding.

Bomoon:Yes I see, but why are trolls or people in general are seeking attention? Why is this so important for them? I think it is because when they are getting a response for their self-expression then they are confirmed in their existence and this works also if they are getting negative attention. We know that there are criminals they do horrible things just because then they are on the first page of all newspapers. Just for one day and then they go into prison for twenty or more years, but obviously it was worth as they got attention!
This gives me stuff to think about in how far I depend on other people's attention. I know that my way is to be a 'good child' but I realize that sometimes in extreme situations, mostly under stress, I switch to the 'bad girl'...

Why we get into stress??? 
Bomoon:  Stress is produced because ones system is reacting to influences from outside. Why? Because the system is encountered with something that is not known or something that is different as it is wanted. So then being alert and under tension. Right? So the first thing is to relax and then do a check up of ones program, what means to look out for the reason why ones system gets upset in the first place. As one probably will not be able to change situations and conditions, one will need to change ones own condition, that is ones conditioning. Those concepts and ones self image connected with all those goals, wishes and needs. 
There are many reasons why one gets into stress and it is a challenge to find out about it, but it is worth the effort...
Indeed helping a lot in this process, which is a 'growing process', is meditation or the 'StressReleaseExercise', that I can recommend as the best one can do to create the basic condition, first to relax and then being in the favorable condition to look at oneself. That's right: One does not depend on a place or a specific time, one can do it everywhere and any time...

Give me advice on how to be myself? 
Tell me what is needed to be your self freely and not give a thought about anything else. Not caring what others think. No self pity. No wallowing in depression negativity.
How do you rise above it all and be you and just be how to be natural in your actions?
No doubts. I'd like detailed answers.
BeiYin: What is needed to be your self freely?
First you need to find out what you are not, so you might question yourself. You are what you believe you are, but you are right, this you are not 'freely'. So find out about what makes you to a slave of your present condition. How? By observing yourself and being aware of your reactions when you are relating to the happenings around you, with people, things and all what shows up in your daily life circumstances. Your reactions are triggered by your (mostly) unconscious background structure and this you need to clear up. Understand that this is hard work. You need to be alert, because you will trick yourself, as it is part of human nature to hold on ones self image, that what you believe you are and important part of this are your concepts, beliefs, self image and also your reactions. Are you willing to lose yourself - to be yourself? Very few people are capable for this. But that you ask this question shows that you are serious about it. So let me continue: "Not to give a thought about anything else" will not be possible, at least not at the moment, because you will need to use your critical mind when observing yourself and your surrounding. You need to distinguish and to make decisions, for this you need your mind as a tool, but the difference is that you don't must be identified with it and for sure it is a better instrument when there is not the load of your personal properties behind... But you need to use your mind anyway, so just go ahead with what you are. 
So it is clear now, that it is not possible to give you advice how to *be yourself*, only what you can do to *become yourself*? It is a growing process and hard work, that might last all life long...
What you list up in your question will be a result when doing the 'work', because these are all part of your reactions caused by your personality that is still programmed. As soon your conditioning is cleared up, you will enjoy the desired result. 
For the moment there will be still doubts and so you can continue to ask questions, you can have the trust that every thing you need will come to you, that will give you the openness to receive. You only need to decide what you want to accept and what you reject, always being aware what  influences you in your decision. 
One thing more:
I strongly suggest, that if you are serious about your intention, that you practice regularly meditation or a stress release exercise. This creates the necessary basic condition that you can become 'your self'. You can find advice how to do it in a simple way at:
At this link you also can find help if there are showing up some difficulties. 

What is the meaning of Life? 
So this question sounds stupid, but I think about it all the time. What do you think the meaning of life is?
BeiYin: For sure this is not a stupid question! Isn't this the most essential one can think about? But why it happens that when one thinks and really goes into it, that then one comes to a point where the thinking ends. It is like coming to a wall that can't be climbed or in any way one can overcome it? The thinking just doesn't work any more and indeed one might feel stupid when the limitation of ones mental capacity becomes so obvious. 
Being aware of ones limitations, one still can use ones mental capacity to find out more. One can ask more questions. Why it seems impossible to find out with ones thinking about the meaning of life? Probably because we are trying to use the wrong tool. So let's look first at this mental tool. Humans have developed their thinking capacity pretty high, but they not only use it as a tool, they are identified with it and this makes part of their personality, but often inhibits them to observe their thinking and also they have difficulties to be objective, because their thinking is always connected with their personal conditions. 
Let's look nearer at the question: “Meaning of Life” means that we want to find or give an explanation about life. This can only happen on an intellectual level using words. All words are symbols; they stand for a concept that gives meaning to something we receive with our senses. We give a description for what we perceive and this becomes a concept, so another person can understand something not even having made the experience by oneself. It is clear that the description of a taste for example can't be a substitute for a direct experience when one is using ones taste. 
Here we can realize how primitive our mental capacity still is and that we are stuck with it, using it not as a tool but as a means to proof our existence with it. Being identified with it and so one gets the feeling of existence from it. The word ‘life’ stands for a concept. We might use now other words to explain this concept, but we will not be able to produce the experience of life, as we are stuck with our established concepts and not being able to go beyond the thinking. 
Conclusion: We can turn around ourselves, finding satisfaction by using our mind, but we will not be able to make a direct experience, the concept will always stand as a wall between the direct experience and ourselves. Is there any solution? When we are aware of our dependency, in this case from our mind, then we might be able to do a step beyond. What could this be? Can we be conscious about our existence without using our reactions, mentally or emotionally? Yes we can, although this is a step beyond our personality. Our personality will always be stuck with reactions on the emotional and mental level and being identified with them, not being able to observe these or do a step beyond. How is it possible to create the conditions that a person can develop beyond ones personality? The majority of humans in the present state of evolution are not capable, but there are individuals who are ready, although they need to work on it and use all their intention to get out of the cage of thinking and concepts. 
Now, these are many words. Is your question answered? Obviously not, because words can't answer this question. What will give an answer is that you live your life: NOW! You are aware that you are alive and there is no question left open…

What would you do to help end poverty? What can you do... or rather, what are you willing to do? 
BeiYin: Poverty is a symptom of the disease of our society. Like on all fields in our society, symptoms are treated, mainly by trying to eliminate them. Hardly anybody is asking for the cause or better said 'root cause', because reasons for the symptoms are always found and in the first place on the outside, never or seldom the cause will be seen in the system of society or within oneself. Are we not each of us distributing our part to the society and with this also having part producing the symptoms???
So the first step will be that we get out of dependencies and start to think by ourselves. Then we will be able to ask critical questions, not staying in a dumb, hypnotized or depressed condition. Then we might be motivated to search for answers that will include ourselves but not be limited to our own interests. 
What I am doing to help? Knowing that the root cause for most problems in our society are coming from our attitude, habits, world view and our human nature, I am distributing information about meditation or 'StressReleaseExercise'. We need to work on our materialistic and egoistical attitudes. But these are so strongly established, that hardly anybody is interested or open to do something about it. There is a lack of education and that is also a symptom of this society, which is stuck in it's structure, the same as the individuals, and rejecting any change and things that would be produce a change. 
The only way to treat the root cause, whatever this might be, poverty, disease, depression, war, destruction of our world, etc. is to start with ourselves. As we are trapped in our personality, whatever we do is a turning around ourselves and the only way and I am very convinced of this, is to sit down and go back to ones personal root, that means relaxing and being aware of ones silence, observing ones reactions... 
A detailed advice you can find at the link below. You can start right now and you will benefit from it and not only you but also the whole...

What do you do when you really need to talk to someone but can't find anybody safe to talk to? 
What can you do you get rid of those bottled up feelings? Especially when you have been feeling like that on a regular basis and for a long time.
BeiYin: Write it down. Talk to your journal or to an imaginary person when writing down your thoughts and feelings. Do it every evening. If there are questions coming up, then you might post them to ''. Probably you will get answers and you will see that out there are people who care...
You can find other ways to express yourself. You can sing or scream, alone in the forest or you can join a theater group. 
There is another option: You can talk with a plant. Seriously, it works. Go to the forest, chose a tree and talk. You also can talk with an animal, you will see, they listen to you. Don't forget to say thank you to them for giving you their attention...
PS: By the way: Writing poetry is a good way to express oneself, feelings and every thing that needs to come out. I have done it for several years; have a look at the link below. I haven't written any poem for about a year. Now I realize that I indeed need this and I will start again... Thank you for reminding me!

Can we prevent death, disease and old age? 
WE the human beings have progressed a lot, we have come a long way from the stone age to the present. And still we are to go a long way. I do not think that we had any chance of conquering the above three that is death, disease and old age.
InkyPinkie: I read all answers and see that all are staying at the most primitive and dense level and that is the materialistic field. ('Personality' for me belongs also to this.) As this is posted in 'philosophy', there should be something more than just this.
Where are all those 'spiritual' and religious people? As far as I remember from school in classes about religion, there was a man Jesus who told people that there is not such a thing like 'death' and he also demonstrated this by showing up alive after he was killed. Well this might be just a nice story to satisfy his followers, as it also belongs to the primitive aspects. But what about the philosophical part of 'eternal life'? In this of course the body is seen only as a changeable form that will be renewed, not really important, because there is a permanent entity and for this there is no death. Sounds good, maybe too good? Or why it is not mentioned when something about it is ask? 
Well, this just shows that we live in the first place with a materialistic world view and philosophy serves to confirm our position. Right? Religion is just the way to manipulate people and to keep them calm. Wasn't it Marx who mentioned this? 
Anyway, I was just surprised and was wondering where are all those religious people who usually show up in all occasions.

Why do people project their miseries on others and cannot see that they are their own miserable perpetrators? 
You know the sayings: 
: you are what you think of others 
: you are what you say of others
: if you want to be miserable, tell it to someone who cares
: if you have something good to say, then say it or keep silent
: if you have nothing good to say, then keep silent
So why do people blame a miserable moment on a poor soul who is just at the tail end of their venom?
BeiYin: People project to the outside their own condition, because this is part of human nature in the present state of evolution of humankind. People see and find always the reason and mostly for negative things, on the outside. People have established their self-image and their concepts about life, that makes their 'personality' and they seek confirmation for this on the outside. They are identified with these concepts and out of this they get their feeling of existence. If people are not confirmed from the outside, then they give the fault mainly to other people or circumstances. That is the easy way. That's the best way to avoid looking at oneself, because that would mean to maybe change something, but the personality doesn't want to change, that would be a step in ones evolution and there are very few humans capable for it. The huge majority of people project to the outside, that's the usual way to get out ones anger for being disappointed because ones self image and concept about life doesn't fit into reality, so people are reacting and so getting their anger out by putting it on others. 
Here we can realize in what a primitive state of behavior and attitude humans still are. 
That's the condition and that's the cause why there is war, destruction, fight everywhere, suffering, stress and disease. 
Yes, there are many 'sayings' and many concepts, but what is actually happening is quite different. We might come to the point, when we realize that we need to confront reality and look at ourselves. There we might find the cause...
Asking good questions like yours for sure are a good start. The answers will show up and it will show if there are people who not only reject answers because these don't fit with their concepts, but also might have a critical look and question oneself.

How we can find out what is our own self image and concepts about life? 
How we build up these? How we can get out of this to become free?
BeiYin: It should be clear by now, those things are not that simple. Life by itself might be simple, but what we make out of it is every thing else but for sure not simple.
To find out what our self image is, in so far is difficult as this image is mostly unconscious, that means it is stored in a way that we are not aware of it, but we are living and reacting out of this image and also our reactions are like automatic, we don't really know why we are reacting like this, but what we do is that we find the reason for our reactions on the outside and so we give the fault mostly to other people and bad circumstances in happenings. Now there starts the misery with all conflicts, disappointment, frustration, stress, etc. because we are entering into a game involving others. The people at whom we are reacting, giving them the fault for our miserable condition, will react to us out of the same reason, they all have accumulated anger, etc. Now to your question: How can we find out about our self-image? We can find out when we observe our reactions and in what circumstances these come out. It will need some time and some effort, because our self-image is integrated part of our personality and it is part of our human nature, that we don't like to change. That what is established, we want to keep and if we need to let go of something, then this is felt like a loss or as if something of us is dying. So if some one is not ready, then the usual attitude will continue and the fault will be seen on the outside and this will be also used to defend oneself. But if one is willing to have a critical look at oneself then ones system will open up. The same with all the concepts we have built up about life and all what is part of our surrounding.
How we have build up our self-image and our concepts? Mostly from our education through parents, school, etc. and all what influences us: Other people, books, TV. We are integrating all this in our ‘data base’ and it is formed depending our personal abilities. Connected with our self-image are our needs, wishes, likes and dislikes and we are reacting from early childhood on to what comes to us. Then there are happening traumatic strokes that might have strong impacts on our self-image and our world view. About all this we are not really conscious. We are kind of aware when we are reacting and we are aware of our feelings, but we mostly don't know the origins, even though we are getting our feeling of existence out of it and this is absolutely not ‘simple’ as it depends in it's quality from so many different conditions and we are depending totally on all these. So to get out of this should be our main interest, but this is not the case, people prefer to suffer or to use all kind of tricks; also tobacco, alcohol and drugs serve the same cause, to avoid the confrontation with oneself.
How we can get out of this to become free? If you really want to get out of it and not only get confirmation for your ‘misery’, then you will need to work quite hard. What I wrote before: Observe your reactions and what causes these on the outside, then reflect about it and ask critically about your own background as the real cause. You will realize after some time parts of your background structure and then you can decide if you want to cling on it or you see it as worn out and can let go of it. 
This is a growing process and I must tell you that this is not simple, but you will get out of the endless turning around of yourself and new horizons will open up, light will come in and your world view will expand and most of the problems you have will vanish.
PS: One thing more: To create favorable conditions in your work on yourself, you should be as much relaxed as possible, but daily life situations create constantly stress and to release this I suggest to do a simple (and indeed it is!) exercise. If you do it every day you will have a great benefit from it. You can find advice how to do it and you can start immediately with it after you read my Web page:
If there is showing up a difficulty, then you can ask for help…

Are you doing your part to help our environment? 
Ok, you're recycling and saving electricity by maybe changing bulbs or simply turning lights off but have you considered the ramifications of using store bought cleaners, vitamins, etc on our health and our environment - the chemicals and synthetics in these products cause greater harm to our families and our environment than most consumers are aware of. There are safer alternatives to going green and they don't have to cost a fortune - I've found lots and my family and my environment are being cared for properly.
BeiYin: When we noticed the problem here on our island the companies have with the wooden pallets that come from the mainland with goods and then many of them go to the dumpster because the companies can't do the effort to send them back to the mainland, so when we got to know about it then we collected those pallets and send them to the mainland. Trees are cut, pallets are made out of them, then they are used maybe only once and then they go to the dumpster. What a wasting of resources! We did this for some time and we felt good with it. Money was not our motive at all, but we had to pay the transport and that is not cheap. So we found a reseller of pallets who paid something, not much, but enough to pay the transport and the diesel for our van. But selling stuff we needed to be legal, so we made a company. But this was too expensive and then there was nothing left, so we gave up after some time. Then we wanted to make a foundation and we waited about a year, but the layer was very occupied and at the end it tuned out that the foundation also would be too expensive. We are still looking for a solution... We are still recycling pallets, but probably we have to give up. Connected with the pallets is that we are recycling all kind of food from the same companies from where we pick up the pallets. We put the food on our compost what we can't use for our animals (and for us), then we bring the plastic or glass container to the recycling place. All this we do without money, just that it can be reused. But now the police came and told us that we can't do this, because the biscuits contain animal fat and this can't be fed to chicken. They told us that juice is a toxic liquid and can't be put on the compost. (I ask myself: If this is toxic, why they are allowed to sell it to people?)
We calculated that we have saved about 10.000 trees by recycling the pallets. We felt good about it, but now we might be forced to give up all our good intentions. 
Who is making the laws? I am asking myself. Who is really interested in saving the environment and who is interested in recycling? 
Yes, they put rubbish bins for paper, plastic, glass and other waste, but are people using it properly? No, they don't, after several years they still throw all mixed into the waste bin. 
It seems to be hopeless...

What are the factor that are responsible for the creation of a persons personality? 
BeiYin: The main factor for individual creations in any living system and so as well in a human and ones personality is the inbuilt 'growing force'. In this growing process the system gathers every thing on all levels that will enrich the system, to make it stronger, more resistant and able to defend itself, with an other word: To survive. 
In the momentary state of evolution of humankind it is the personality as the center of the system and is developing mainly the mind and the emotions, using these also as a mean to survive and mostly seeing these as 'property' being totally identified with it. All life situations serve and are used, from the first days on, to gain experience and with this 'knowledge' that is stored and becomes part of ones personality. All experiences are stored, also those that were triggered by vital needs of the organism. Also traumatic experiences become part of the personality and mostly stored in a way that it is not accessible, with other words: it becomes unconscious, even though the person is reacting to influences coming from the outside through this unconscious background.

Why am I not happy? I have everything a person could want? 
I am married to a wonderful man, have a great job, good family, nice house, etc., etc., for some reason I still find things to complain about. Why am I doing this? How do I break this? I want to stop finding all the bad things and start looking at the good things.
BeiYin: It is similar like with people who play those video games. After some time it gets boring and then they need to go onto another level that will challenge them more.
With you it is probably the same, only your game is life and you also need to go to another level. 
You don't give enough information about yourself to know on which level you are now, so I can't give you more advice. Isn't it obvious that if you can't enjoy what you have, that you are longing for something more essential or more profound? 
That you ask questions is a good sign and a good beginning to go onto another level. I suggest that you do a simple exercise that will relax you and opens you up for the next step. Go to:
There you find information how to do it. It is easy and effective. If there is showing up any difficulty, then you can ask me. I have been doing this exercise for more than fifty years and I know it works... At least I can say that I'm happy and this doesn't depend on what I own or in what conditions I live.

The more conscious we become the more we die and the more alive we become! 
BeiYin: When you say 'we' then obviously you are talking about human beings. In the momentary state of evolution the center of humans is the personality, which is a conglomerate of ones self-image, established concepts, needs, wishes, dreams, beliefs, etc. The strong identification with mind and emotions and all the gathered content, which are felt as properties, makes the illusion of personality. When the individual becomes conscious about oneself, then the identification with properties is shacked and might be recognized as worn out and so can be dropped. That can be seen and felt as dying. As more during ones growing process the individual becomes conscious about ones background structure, the more alive one becomes, because being programmed by unconscious influences makes humans to zombies, they are not really alive. They are not capable to relate and respond to reality because they are reacting automatically to whatever shows up, because they need to react, this is how they experience and feel their existence. They are constantly trying to find confirmation for their established personality and so they are reacting constantly in the same automatic way. Once these unconscious programs are cleared up, has died, then the individual can fully enjoy life, being conscious about ones existence, directly and without being identified with secondary parts of an illusionary personality, being free and just being alive. 

Should we fight ARROGANCE with arrogance? What are the best ways 
BeiYin: Why do you need to fight arrogance? Is it because you dislike this behavior in other people? Then why you dislike it? Has this to do with yourself? Is it your self-image you need to defend and you feel offended? 
You haven't thought about this? So what is it you are doing when you meet an arrogant person? You are just reacting. Right? Might it be that you need this provocation? Until you respond maybe in a different way? What could this be? 
Being aware of your own condition and being in the position of not fighting anything you don't like on the outside or other people, you might open yourself for what shows up and then you will see what is there without wanting it in a specific way. Then you might see the other person and understand their behavior, being able to look behind and recognizing the need of this person. Then being in the position of a real healer, who has healed himself and now is able to heal others. 
Isn't this a better option than to fight and eliminate the other?

Where is truth? 
If the mind finds truth for itself and the heart finds truth higher than itself... where is truth?
BeiYin: The way you are asking tells that you are looking for truth 'somewhere' and you want to know 'where' this might be. It also tells that you have a concept of what truth is. 
Now, let's see who is asking: Obviously a human being who is in a certain state of personal evolution. This means that the perception and possibility of understanding is limited. Why limited? Because humans are conceptual beings and they are identified with their concepts, these they see as 'truth', mainly because this forms their personality and out of this they are getting their feeling of existence. The result is that they are defending their established truth and are not open for   something different, unless this feels better, maybe because it fits better to the other established concepts. So in this state 'truth' is totally subjective and can be changed in any moment if the old and worn out truth has collapsed for some reason. The personality 'owns' truth and is trying to live this conglomerate out of self-image, beliefs, wishes, dreams, needs and all those concepts formed and build up during lifetime. This collection of 'truth' gives security and more or less sense to the personality, but is constantly challenged being confronted by daily life happenings. The individual is trying to live ones 'truth', but the daily reality makes this difficult if not in certain situations impossible. That creates disappointment, frustration and a lot of stress. Why? Because the discrepancy between ones imaginary dream world created by ones gathered truth and daily reality doesn't want to be seen by the individuals. They don't want to accept this fact; they don't even want to look at it. So they will repeat again and again similar situations, where they fall on their nose or on their bottom, until they look at themselves, realizing that there is a truth that is different than theirs and then maybe realizing their limitation and then maybe start to ask questions, critical questions. Not to confirm their established truth, but finding out about a truth that might be 'higher'. That will cause that they go beyond their personality. Then connecting with a truth that is not limited to personality and subjective perception...
This is possible although very few humans are ready for it, mostly staying in their zombie state, caught by the truth they are holding tied. 
Is there a way out of it, with the possibility to find real truth? Yes, there is. It is a long way, it is the growing process that includes us all... The key is 'self knowledge' starting to observe, learning about human nature and being aware how this works within one self. Observing ones reactions, becoming aware what triggers these...
To create a basic condition to make it possible that one can get out of ones personal cage, I can strongly suggest to meditate regularly or do a simple exercise that I call 'StressReleaseExercise'. All the information how to do it and to start right away, you can find at:
This exercise is simple and very effective; although it is better not to expect spectacular results. If there is showing up a difficulty, caused by your individual condition, then you can ask me for help, that will be freely given...
PS: To ask: "Where is truth?" is difficult to answer. It is similar as if you would ask: "Where is life?" Of course it is everywhere and we can see it and relate to it when it has form like the truth when it's expressed in words, but being interpreted by the individual's mind it becomes a concept and then this is the worst, it will hinder the direct perception.

Which would you choose? A life with a lot suffering and a few joys, or a cocooned life with no suffering? 
BeiYin: The thing is that you cannot choose. Even when you are trying to avoid one or the other, life will get to you sooner or later!
You can hide and not relate and respond to life, trying to avoid suffering and so suppressing your reactions, but these will bottle up and then come out with so much pressure, that you have no chance to control it, then more suffering will be the consequence.
So better to take self responsibility and confront reality...
Why are humans so desperate, fearful, insecure, anxious and always on guard?
BeiYin: If one wants to find out about it, then an intellectual answer is not enough, one has to dig deeper finding out oneself by getting to know oneself. One needs to understand human nature by observing oneself and ones surrounding. 
Self-knowledge is the key to these questions. One needs to ask many questions about the subject and the first might be: Who am I? Yes, I know that I am human, but what does it mean? In how far I am different from animals? There are obviously many similarities, so what makes a human different? 
Well, I think it is the more developed 'personality'. We can observe that animals also have personality, but humans have advanced thinking capacity, but the significant difference is that humans identify themselves with their thinking and also with their emotions and then and this makes it that they blow up themselves so much: They identify themselves totally with the gathered content they store in form of concepts, beliefs, memories of all kind and also of traumatic ones. In the state of evolution humans are now, they are mostly not capable to do a step beside to realize that there is something more. Then they would be able to have an overview and decide what of the owned knowledge really serve them. That's not possible, once it is established and part of ones personality, then is must be kept and defended. Now the tragically consequence is that there is a constant confrontation with daily reality and the personality in ones rigid defensive attitude and behavior is reacting all the time, needing confirmation for once established condition, but when not being able to receive these then reacting with disappointment, frustration or with anger. Indeed being in a desperate, fearful, insecure, etc. position. But also these serves the purpose because the individual feels confirmed in ones existence, in a negative way when suffering, but better than nothing... That explains the phenomena that sometimes sick people are clinging on their disease, because then at least they get attention and feel their existence! 
So that's how the majority of people live. They develop their personality by gathering more and more sophisticated knowledge, beliefs, etc. and a more complete self-image. But life and their own inbuilt growing force will not allow that they blow themselves up more and more. People, without knowing it, provoke themselves situations where they are confronted with happenings they can't avoid and need to confront. They don't know that they are confronting themselves and of course they are using their old tricks to deal with it and - they will encounter the same situation again and again... Then maybe one day the coin drops (we say in Berlin) and the individual wakes up, realizing that the happenings are a confrontation with oneself. Then the first critical questions might arise. Self-critical! Because critique and complains were the way of dealing until then, giving the fault for every thing to the outside and others. Then the clearing up can start and then one is able to get out of the vicious circle...
There are ways to help ones condition of desperation, fear, insecurity and to create a condition that gives a base to deal with the disturbance, especially in times of transition, I have written about it a lot. You can read about it at the link given at the bottom. 
I hope that it became clear now that we don't need to be desperate because we can't live our self-image and our beautiful beliefs and concepts, we can go beyond and find new spaces and new horizons. So let's go for it, the personality still serves us, but we must not cling too much!
PS: The fact that people ask questions not only serves to get information for ones established beliefs and concepts, it also shows that people might be ready to find out about their existence in a more essential depth...

Is it possible to be a realist? 
I think it is not, as everyone's perspective of the world is subjective because everyone has unique experiences. Realism is an idealistic idea, so by saying your a realist, and therefore, admitting you have succumbed to such an ideal, you are proving you are not a realist.
BeiYin: Yes, it is possible to be realistic. You can't state that "everyone's perspective of the world is subjective", because you don't know everyone. You are right, experiences are one influence that forms the personality and so is subjective. You are right that the majority and nearly all humans in the momentary state of evolution are not capable to relate in an objective way to reality because they are identified with their personality and this is a conglomerate of beliefs, concepts, dreams, memories, experiences and a self-image, well established and built up during ones life time. Out of this people are getting their feeling of existence and it is limited to this. Out of this they are reacting to outside influences and therefore it is not possible that they are objective or realistic. 
But when one has cleared up ones personal background, what of course is a life long growing process, then the perception of the world is not filtered anymore through ones personality and their limitations to relate to the world. Then ones perspective becomes objective and so realistic. This is no ideal but a state of being and the future state of humans, although at the moment there is not much of it visible...

How well do you know yourself? Are there things you still haven't learned about yourself? 
When I was a kid, my life was full of discoveries. I was changing and learning about myself continually. It seems that now (age 28) I am what I am and I know and understand about 90% of me. So, my question is: Do you feel you know yourself well or are there new discoveries to be made. Answer in any way you wish or elaborate on this subject, and please include your age if you feel comfortable doing so.
InkyPinkie:If you know yourself detailed and well, then also you will know that the 'Ego' or your personality is using all kind of tricks to keep itself going. Really all tricks: Pretending, lying, hiding, attacking, threatening, camouflage, playing all kind of roles and if necessary changing these from one moment to the other. There is nothing too dirty, nothing too holy that cannot be used. So then also you will known, that you trick yourself and every body around if you know it or not, but of course better not to look at it, otherwise it might take off the carpet you are standing on or the throne you are sitting on. You are using your self expression to confirm yourself, tricking yourself, giving your sophisticated self image an untouchable outfit, helping others in their poor position.
You see how dangerous it can be to ask a question? So better not to ask too much and getting to know is probably the most dangerous thing you can do, although on the long run there is no way around as this is part of owns growing process, one can try to avoid as much as possible, but at the end one will need to confront oneself. Here in the ‘answers’ at least you can find out how to find a way to survive with your personality by making it highly sophisticated and then enjoying this position. Then better not to question oneself more, because it could happen that the blown up personality bubble explodes and the illusion of ‘ego’ disappears! 

Bomoon: InkyPinkie, how you can give such an answers? You can't shake a system to its very foundations! Humanity as a whole and each individual is based on 'personality' and all those  established values and sadly also limited to them, so better don't touch this! It might backslash and eliminates you and for sure I don't want to miss your fine underlying humor!! 
I'm not sure: Saying the truth about something nobody wants to hear does this make you to a 'hero'? Might be interesting enough to put it out as a question to 'answers'...
Anyway, the question is good and should get all the attention and answers it deserves! Questions like this makes a difference and makes it worthwhile to be here.

BeiYin: What is the most efficient way to get to know oneself? An efficient way is to go into psychotherapy with a good therapist, but that's not what I mean. I ask about a way in ones normal daily life, being somehow in balance with ones mental and emotions. The best way one can practice in ones daily life circumstances and that is to observe ones reactions. These can tell us a lot about ones background structure, that means the program one has established during life time and that is working in ones unconscious background; this makes that one is reacting kind of automatic, without thinking and not being really conscious about oneself in the moment when one is reacting. The bad thing is that one behaves like a robot, reacting to situations but not really relating to a situation and then responding, just responding with ones reaction and this seldom is adequate or meets the objective need of this situation. So it is pretty clear that one doesn't do any good, not to oneself and not to others and it would really make sense to get to know oneself and ones background. Another bad thing is, how InkyPinkie pointed it out already, that the personality is holding on ones established self-image and doesn't want to look at oneself, even using tricks to avoid something like 'self knowledge'. But observing ones reactions can be a good start and is not that difficult. For example in the answer from Betsy it shows that she is reacting strongly to the comment from InkyPinkie, who didn't attack her, just using her to show how the personality is using ways to avoid self observation. So she feels attacked and reacts with a strong defense by attacking. Doesn't this show how the personality defense works? 
We also can observe that people are provoking reactions with their self expression, then being able to use appearing reactions to react against it and mostly much stronger, because they need to get out their accumulated anger, but now they feel they have the right, because they have a reason to give the fault to the other. Wouldn't it a good thing to get out of this game with oneself using others? 
Indeed there are so many things one can learn about oneself and about human nature in general...
PS: My answer is not directed to any person in particular, so I hope nobody will feel offended, although sometimes it is not possible to avoid this. But being in this space with the subject 'self knowledge' one can expect people with the capability to look at themselves and that they not react out of defense. But of course, if there is accumulated anger or other stuff then this will look for any chance to come out... We can observe and learn from it about ourselves...

What can I do? 
I hate when people are mean to me, so I hate fighting with other people, but some times I find myself starting crap with people I don't even know just because they were mean to my friends, then I end up regretting it later. How can I stop myself from doing this and how do I stop a fight that I'm in right now with out looking like a scared cat?
BeiYin: You are involved in a ‘game’ with yourself and other people, who do the same with you. Provoking you, because they need your reaction to be able to react on you. You go into this game because you need to clear up your unconscious background structure. What you can do? In the moment when somebody is provoking you, observe yourself and be aware of what comes up, then this will calm down your reaction and after a while you will also see what is causing your reaction, not the outside situation or provocation but your inside condition, that probably was established in your childhood when you were treated in a mean way but couldn't yet defend yourself... If you can recognize this, then you can let go of it and other people will not be able to provoke you anymore.
Your question is a good start to get out of your limiting condition, but be aware that it will need some 'work' but support and help will always come to you...

How do you react when you get an answer that you don't like? 
BeiYin: The motives why people ask questions are different and so their reactions to answers will differ. If the question is ask to get confirmation for ones established self-image or already accepted concepts, then any answer that doesn't fit will be rejected. A reason will be found easily and any reason serves. 
A person who asks out of an urge to clear up a situation, wanting to find out about the background of a condition, will probably be open for any kind of answer, what doesn't exclude a critical attitude, knowing that the answers are coming from people with their own conditions and maybe being in a situation that is completely different than the one from the asker. There also might answers showing up that don't seem to be right for the person who had asked. This might cause more questions or this answer is recognized as nonsense or a misunderstanding of the question.
In any case, if there is a strong reaction to an answer, then this might give a hint of ones unconscious condition and it would be worthwhile to look at this to find out about it and maybe to clear up...

Can conflict be managed? If so how do you manage conflict? 
BeiYin: To be able to manage a conflict, we need to know and understand what a conflict is. A conflict appears when there are two or more conditions being contra dictionary and the situation needs a decision to choose one of these. It might be that these different conditions are manifested in the outside and then there is the condition of the person who needs to make the decision. The discrepancy between the inside and outside condition creates the conflict. If one is aware about ones own condition that means ones conditioning, then this would be the best and basic step to manage ones conflict, but as this conditioning mostly is unconscious, so this makes it difficult. What causes the conflict is ones self-image and the established concepts, from there are caused the conditioning and on this background decisions are made. The conflict is that the outside conditions are too often not in favor with ones self-image and concepts and this is felt as an obstacle one needs to fight or one must try to avoid. If this is not possible, then one might be forced to change ones self-image or ones concepts and this will be a serious conflict, because once established, the individual is not easily willing to change something about it. This is the serious conflict. 
The best way to manage a conflict without doubt is to solve the conflict. By trying to check the outside conditions in the most objective way possible and then to be aware of ones own condition, checking if a change might be indicated. 
Conflict can be seen as positive, because it gives us the opportunity to grow... With a positive attitude we can use our energy in a more efficient way to manage and solve our conflicts.

Living alone vs. living with others? 
A woman said how much she would like a week of peace and quiet in her own home. I could really relate, as a mom of 4... ages 8 (he is autistic), 13,14 and 17. However, a couple of people who live alone say that they would prefer a noisy, bustling household.
Personally, I think this topic needs to be put under,’ The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence... category.
I think those of you who live alone would probably go nuts in 2 hours of my house's chaos... and appreciate your quiet nest all the more. What are your opinions?
BeiYin: When I was thirteen years old I started to have the idea about a place where people would live together in a different way than in this society. They would do things they like to do and not just for themselves but for the well of others. They would express themselves freely and also in an artistic way. Finding out about themselves as the most important ‘work’ because knowing that we are all in a growing process, to free ourselves to connect with spaces beyond ourselves. I designed places like this and years later I studied architecture still with the same vision. 
Since I was sixteen I have been living alone and I felt good to have my undisturbed space. I was free to do what I wanted; I traveled, studied, worked, met people and enjoyed my life. 
Then life took over for twelve years with family life, making money, etc. until this finished and I found a beautiful place in midst of unspoiled nature. I bought this land and started to realize my dream. The first years I was living alone with my animals, horse, dogs, cats and chicken. I was working hard but I was happy, being able to realize my dream and I was building up the place. Some times alone, some times with paid workers. When the buildings were finished I offered the place to therapy groups. This went on for a few years. I still was living alone the most time, because it was difficult to find people for such a project, except hippies in those days, who wanted to space out. I was strictly against use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and there seemed hardly anybody without. People came, were staying for some time and then left. This went on for several years and I learned a lot about human behavior… To make the long story short: I tried for more than thirty years. Once I wanted to give up and I had sold the place already with a small down payment, but then the buyer had an accident and I had to move back. Years past by and again I wanted to give up and offered the place for someone who would continue with a similar intention. I wanted to give the place for free, but nobody responded. Probably people thought this is a trick or I'm crazy. So I continued and sometimes there were times when up to twenty people were living together and were feeling good, things worked quite well. But all were traveler and after some time they left, again a coming and going. That was not what I had imagined. I wanted to live with a few people with a similar intention, but people were not much interested, they came to have a good time and to learn something but not wanting to engage themselves too much. Meanwhile the place is pretty well organized: There is living space for about twenty people, there is plenty of food even for more people, there are absolutely no money problems and there is all the freedom one can dream of. 
But still it was not possible to find people who want to live permanently here. Reading the various answers here I can understand why, people don't want to relate much to others, they want to have their space where there is no disturbance from others, although this is possible here as every body has ones own living space. But of course there are always difficulties that have to be resolved. At the moment there is too much work for the few people living here, but with four/fife people more it would be easy and with four hours of daily work we could maintain the place, animals and the people here. The last two years there was a lack of people and work has accumulated, so we need still to clean up, but the chaos is not worse than somewhere else… We are working on several projects like distributing information about meditation or how we call it now: ‘StressReleaseExercise’ and also we are offering our place to all kind of groups and this for free. One word more to the money aspect: We don't deal with money, every thing we do is because it feels right, we don't charge and we don't pay. It really works! We get all what we need and more… A really exciting experience!
You might ask now why there are not enough people interested to live permanently there? The main reason is, that we don't offer concepts, not spiritual and not religious. There is no leader or guru or any kind of authority, that's what people prefer, but we need people to take self responsibility. We need people who are capable to let go of their established concepts and deal with reality how it shows up, whatever this might be and then respond in a free way, not just reacting out of their unconscious background or at least being able to observe their reactions. Most people who come here are bringing their well established self-image and concepts with them and then they want confirmation for this. And this is not what we can give. We can give space to experience oneself, to work on oneself, etc. but not giving confirmation for whatever concepts and for sure not for spiritual ones! How many people came here and then wanted to convince us of their beautiful spiritual concepts! Oh boy!
The last few months we went to a heavy experience with a kind of ‘troll’ who nearly destroyed all. Several people left and now there can happen a new beginning or it might be the end of my intention. The last few weeks I engaged myself in ‘’ and I enjoyed it. I might continue writing here, but to do this I don't need this place, I can do so from everywhere in the world. Sorry, I'm off the subject. 
You might ask now what was the advantage living together with people vs. living alone. I can say that I never would have been able to learn so much about human nature and myself when I would have lived alone. After the many years of experience with people I must say that I would prefer indeed to live alone with my animals and my partner. The problem is that this place is too big and for two people there is too much work just to maintain the place, but this of course is no reason to continue living with others. I also must say that I love to be with others, if these are people I can trust and they are really participating in our intention and not just using the place for their easy survival. I'm really tired of people who are just using others. But also it has been a great experience if there are a few people together working on the same project and apart of this just feeling good being together, sharing their meals and having some fun together and if there is a problem showing up, being able to resolve this and supporting each other. The advantage working together on a project instead of doing this alone is really significant, apart of that it can be more fun. 
I will do now another intent to find some more people to be able to continue... 
About the aspect of your question 'finding ones peace' I can say that this doesn't depend if one lives alone or with 'noisy others', It is exactly the intention of this place 'FalconBlanco' to provide the facilities that one can find ones own inner peace, then the outside conditions will not disturb ones gained inner balance. One has the space to explore oneself and finds the trust to go to new horizons... and it is still my vision to do this in togetherness with others and not alone. So...

How do you free yourself? 
I'm intentionally being vague. Interpret it as you want.
BeiYin: I want to answer this question without too much interpretation of the question. As you put your question into the category "Philosophy", so this gives the hint that you know about that humans are not free, but that there is the possibility to free oneself, although you might not know how this can be done. 
To be able to free oneself, one must first, as a basic step, know what makes oneself not being free. This might be: Ones limited knowledge. The solution would be to gain more knowledge. So that's what we are doing now. So let's say we have the knowledge of what makes us limited in our freedom. Then we know, that humans are, in their momentary state of evolution, 'conceptual beings', that means that we find sense and meaning by giving every thing and all a name and then we explain what it is, creating a concept that we can establish into our world view and our self image. As our knowledge is limited because we can't know all and in all its various aspects and how it is connected with other conditions and facts, so our knowledge always will be limited, but a concept about something doesn't include all, it serves by giving a certain image, even if this is diffuse. So far so good. But what does it mean in respect to our lack of freedom? Our concepts and our self-image let's us relating to every thing that comes to us in daily life in the same limited way as our established concepts are limited. We relate limited, then we respond with the same limitation and we are not free to do so in a different way: We are not free! So what can we do to free ourselves? It is not possible to free ourselves from our self-image and from our concepts, because these are an important part of our personality and we will defend these with all means. But we can make one step by avoiding our strong reactions happening because of our limitations. When we encounter a situation in daily life, then we are reacting. That is the moment, when we can do a step to free ourselves by observing our reaction and being aware of it, because mostly we are not conscious about our reactions. That's the first step. Then when the same situation repeats, then we will become more and more aware and then it will happen, that we will not burst out with our reaction, but we still react with thoughts or emotions, but now keeping them for ourselves. Then later we will be able to observe and be aware from where the real impulse comes that has triggered our reaction and we will see that the real reason is not coming from outside, but from inside of ourselves. Then we can do the next step and making a decision, that means eventually dropping the part of our self-image that has caused our reaction. If we are able to let go of it, then we have freed ourselves from it. 
This might give you an idea how you can free yourself, although it is a quite large field to work on and not done quick and in an easy way. That's the reason why not many people are ready for it and even though here and there a question like yours appears, that doesn't mean that something serious will start about it. It is good that you ask, so better continue asking. Without question there is no answer, let's go on!
PS: Self-knowledge is the key to free yourself!

What are some alternative therapies for Fibromyalgia? 
I am currently on several medications. Lyric works the best but my insurance won't cover it and Neurontin gives me migraines. Other than muscle relaxants and pain relievers, is there anything else I can try for some pain and joint relief? 
BeiYin: You are asking for an alternative therapy, but then you only ask for something to relief the pain in your joints. Probably you are not even considering that you might  be healed, because the medical doctors told you that for Fibromyalgia there is no cure and you must live with it and then they are prescribing nothing else than medication. That's the same what happened with me a few years ago. But then I rejected any medication and searched myself and after this also I started to treat myself and after about two years I was totally healed. That's now three years ago and no symptoms have been coming back. 
The healing process was not easy, because I had no support at all and had to do every thing myself, but it was worth the effort! I have written a report about the whole process and you can find it at my Web site:
I am not offering any cure and I am not selling anything. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.
PS: I need to mention this: I am not a health professional and I can't give any advice and so I'm not doing this. I only write about my personal experience and what I have done. It is up to you and your responsibility what you do with it.

Does life hold any more surprises for you? Or do you think you've pretty much got it all? 
BeiYin: A surprise is a feeling reaction about something that happens when you didn't expect it. It surprises you because it doesn't fit into your concepts how things should be; so then the surprise is felt as negative. If your expectation is fed by negative experiences and then it happens differently then this is felt as positive and this surprises you giving you good feelings. 
So what can we learn from this?
That we are reacting because we have certain expectations and these are built up by our self-image and our concepts we have gathered through our lifetime. Of course we prefer good surprises to be able to feel good, but this also tells us that we are depending in our emotional condition on happenings because of our personal condition: the self-image we have and our concepts. Here we have the possibility to get out of this dependency, by observing ourselves and finding out about the cause of our dependency. If we are tired of the ups and downs of all those 'surprises' then we might want to change something about the cause and these are our concepts. The dilemma is that we are identified with our concepts, these are part of our personality and we don't want to let go of them. But suffering long enough, we might consider checking it and then being more open and then maybe let go of one or the other established idea. 
Yes, then it might happen that we are not that easy be surprised because our expectations are not that determinate anymore, but then surprisingly there opens something new and we will be surprised about all what we discover and see in a new way, - not limited by narrow minded expectations... A totally new field opens up, creative and in any moment surprising! That's what life is about, before it was not life, it was only the concept we had about it...
Is this an answer? Or it just opens a number of more questions? Then indeed it is a good answer!

Anyone agree all those medicine drugs are not good? 
Since I turned 18, as I was reading about medicine and the effect of it, I decide never take any medicine not even cough medicine or sore throat medicine. And as I was watching TV on montel, I seen this story about married couples really love each others, and now the wife killed her self and her kids cause of what bipolar medicine cause to her. 
I even did a lot of research on cancer medicine and etc, if we know it do other side effect why don't we be natural. 
Now if someone at work say oh they have fever, first thing I tell them don't take medicine u'll be alright just eat, exercise and sleep anyone here believe in this would get u out of it without the medicine. I mean I do but just wondering.
BeiYin: I agree totally with you. These drugs are good to make money and it is the biggest business that exists. Treating symptoms has very little to do with healing. The producing side effects guarantee that the patient is kept in dependency, from the medicine and from the established health system. Medical doctors are educated to treat disease with chemicals; they are salesmen for the pharmaceutical industry. Health insurance are supporting partner in this lucrative game. People are depending totally on the authoritarian system and hardly anybody is capable to be critical and to think by himself or herself. The common concept about disease is supporting the businessmen and there is no creative way to deal with disease. People feel like victims and as they are looking for a quick cure to get rid of their disturbance there seems no other way than being treated by drugs. Taking self responsibility is not wanted and so the medical system has an easy game...
A few people, who had to go through disease and the usual treatments and were alert enough, started to look behind and are getting to know about the reality. The consequence is to take ones healing into ones own hands. Due to the Internet there is some alternative information available, although it needs quite some work to find it, as the information from the established health system is overwhelming. 
I guess it will need much more time and much more suffering, until people come to the understanding that disease is not just a symptom but is the result that the person has falling out of balance and that in this the whole system is included, that is not only the body but also the mental and the emotions.
For sure medicine drugs will not heal in any way...
Thanks for your question. If much more people would ask, maybe something would change...

What is closest to reality in your opinion? 
Some are realists. But does reality lie somewhere between the deterministic belief and free will. Our destiny is somewhat set by so many factors in life, but we have the free will to make changes. What do you think is closet to the truth for you?
BeiYin: Yes, some people believe that they are 'realists', but this only means that they have a specific concept how they perceive the world. The first step to be able to recognize reality, is to realize that all what we receive through our senses is individually interpreted and filtered because of ones personal background. A 'realist' believes and this is part of his self-image, that he/she is able to look behind certain games happening in our society, but that doesn't mean being able to be conscious about ones owns games. 
To believe that one has a free will is part of a concept; reality shows that their unconscious background still determinate humans. Most people are not aware of their reactions and why they are reacting, there are hardly any free decisions and that makes real changes extremely difficult. 
Closest to reality is that people are full with illusions, dreams, hopes, beliefs and all kind of concepts about all and every thing. All this forms their self-image and they are trying to get confirmation for it in their daily life situations. They are reacting constantly and their feeling of existence is depending on what they receive from the outside. This is most peoples reality but they are far away from being able to realize what reality is or realizing even that they are dependent because of their limitation to be aware of themselves and their lack of capacity to relate and respond objectively to the outside and also to themselves. 
Reality is that the human species is still in their beginning of evolution and not so far ahead from animals, although they like to believe this. But critical questions like yours show that something is moving and this might give some hope that we slowly are getting out of the turning around ourselves…

What is the real essence of being a human? Best answer
BeiYin: The most advanced capability to be conscious about oneself, being aware that ones consciousness is part of the whole and that in reality there is no separation. Realizing this essence of being is the most essential humans are capable and this is fulfillment of ones existence. 
If from this answer there are arrising other questions, then this would be good and creative.

Do you like to take it easy? Or have an easy way out? Best answer
BeiYin: I would like to take things easy that are not easy, but this is not possible. It is necessary to deal with difficulties, if we hide or escape, then the same situation will show up again. So better not to try to trick oneself and the best is to take the situation as a challenge, using ones abilities the best way one can. This will move ones energy and one is forced to react and this gives the way to find out about oneself, what means to get to know oneself. This is the key to deal better with life and whatever shows up. Then we can take it easy because it is easy, at least we will not make it more complicate as we don't disturb with our resistance and are able to respond more objective. 
Question: If we live in an ever changing world why are we trying to keep it from changing?
BeiYin: Because that's part of nature conditions. Every system, from the one cell creature to the most complex system, has the tendency to grow by strengthening the existing structure and making it bigger. The same happens with humans. The established conditions will be defended and influences will be rejected as good as possible. Humans have developed concepts about the world and themselves for a long time and the rigid structure of these concepts and the resulting self-images of humans has brought humanity to the point of self-destruction, causing enormous suffering and pain, forcing people to reflect about their situation and conditions. Starting to be critical might be the first step to be open for a change. So a question like yours is a good beginning for a change, by questioning the situation and finally oneself. Only when we change ourselves the world can change, pretty clear, isn't it?
PS: OK, now the next question might arise what we can do to change ourselves... So it is up to you to ask.

What is one quality that would sum up your overall concept of true love? 
InkyPinkie: Oh dear! I'm not an intellectual, - I'm more simple minded. Does this mean I can't participate here in 'answers'? Can't you rephrase your question and make it a bit clearer? I'm not sure if I really understand what you mean. Anyway, I can give it a try:
First I must say, that I have no concept about 'love' and for sure not about 'true love'. Once I read about Eskimos and that they have two hundred different words for snow, pretty clear because they live all the time with snow. Isn't it surprising that we have only one word for love, although there are so many different kinds of love? That tells something, doesn't it? I know when I love and I know that this is something more than just an emotion. It has more to do with my state of being, because then I am kind of uplifted and feel like a different person. Things that seemed to be important before are loosing its significance. I notice that being in this state makes me being more open. I can see things and people in a different light and can even look behind the appearance, what then widens my understanding. Now writing this I'm not sure if love brings me into this state or if this state has the result that I have love. This love is not directed to one specific person, although this is possible and it happened, but it is more that it goes to every thing without exception and into all directions and the very special surprising result is, that there are not anymore those normal reactions like hate, anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, jealousy, and all that what seems to normal part of behavior and daily life situations. I can't say that I'm totally free of all this, sometimes something comes up in extreme situations, but being aware and observing it, it dissolves by itself. 
I'm not sure if this answers your question, but this is what came up. 
OK, I see. As you are a person with concepts, then you are probably looking for the concept of 'enlightenment'. 

BeiYin: The 'one quality' is the end result of a personal growing process that connects all and gives the final answer in transforming the individual beyond ones personality, that is beyond all concepts and so as well the concept of 'love' which then is not only felt but   l i v e d ! As an expression of ones   b e i n g !

How is a video game easier to play than the real game of "life"?
BeiYin: Because in a video game you only need to push buttons. You also need to relate to the happening and then react, but the consequences are not serious. If you win, you will feel good for a moment; if you loose, you just play another game. In a video game the situations are artificial, this fake reality does not demand one's real engagement, the challenge is superficial. In real life people also try to push buttons to manipulate their surrounding and people, but they must expect unexpected reactions they will need to deal with and that makes it difficult. In real life the 'player' also wants to gain satisfaction, mostly coming out of confirmation of ones established concepts, but mostly reality doesn't meet with concepts, dreams and ones self image and the result when confronting life is frustration, disappointment and stress. The 'player of life' can't just change the game to another one, all players are caught in their individual game, mostly because they are programmed but not being conscious about it. The established social games in our society are connected with hard work and goals that are mainly based on materialistic views that does not help to get out of the rat race and the endless repetitions of games.
That it is possible to get out of games and find real satisfaction and happiness - is another question open to be ask...

What would you do if....? 
You see someone yelling at their kid and calling him/her awful names! Would you intervene or just keep going?
BeiYin: I would go nearer and check out what is going on, but not intervene, just calmly observing, keeping my own energy in total balance. Being near enough so that my presence can be noticed. When the mother or father looks at me, I would just look into her/his eyes and say nothing, without judging the happening. It might be then that this person says something to me. Depending what is expressed, I would respond but keeping my calm energy. Then I can expect that the situation will also calm down...
From experience with people I know that my own energy has an significant influence on my surrounding and is received and calms people down so that they can get out of their reactions even these are violent. One can see this in Cesar Millan's TV show "The dog whisperer", when the dogs change their 'bad behavior' in the moment when the owner changes his energy... So in an ideal case I could talk to this parent and make her/him understand that her/his energy might be the reason for the bad behavior of the child and that it is much better to look at this and change it, so then the child will behave better and normal. But of course this would be rare, usually the outside represented by the child must serve to put the fault on... Any more question?

What does someone have to /say/do or like to be humorous? Best answer
I was just wondering... when do you consider someone being funny or even humorous?
BeiYin: It will be something that shows that this person has done a step beyond ones personality and doesn't take oneself so serious and important, knowing that in this way a stressful situation can calm down and come back into balance, with the experience that 'laughing is the best medicine'. Out of the more relaxed situation there might come a creative solution...
Some times when writing and the topic is getting too serious, then I take the role of a humorist and write in a funny or more ironic way, - at least it seems funny to me. In any way it was relaxing me and I could express myself, still hoping that the essence of my message comes through...

Do you believe that there is someone for everyone? Best answer
Are we meant to be with that one person or not? 
BeiYin: Before answering this question in detail, I would like to go into it more in general: Is 'life' as we live it for everyone? Are situations and happenings for everyone? Are all the different conditions for everyone? Yes, of course. What makes the difference is how we relate and respond to those situations that show up. As we have different backgrounds, that means we are differently conditioned, so we react in our specific personal way. If we have a need, then we will look out to fulfill this need and we will see the possibility for this easily at the outside, projecting it to what shows up, but without really looking at what is objectively there.
We have all kind of needs and the basic ones are biological, emotional and last not least the need to be confirmed in our existence. So then we are looking out for 'someone' who can complete our desire so that we can survive in our existence...
So we look out for 'that one person' and find her/him, being happy and feeling complete, but probably only for some time and then realizing that this person is not fulfilling our ideal picture we had carried for so long. Then we can continue because we have established a certain frame - or we can disappointed break up the connection and look for a better one. Going from one to the next or withdrawing oneself from the need to connect and finding ones satisfaction in another way.
Resume: In the first place we need to find ourselves, not projecting our need for completeness to the outside. For this we need 'life' and all happenings, so that we can relate and respond and in this way get to know oneself. If one can find someone who can consciously go with us, then we will support each other and whatever happens will serve in our growing and so we can grow together and then it might be for our whole life time... And this couple might experience a happiness that goes far beyond the fulfilling of needs and indeed has something 'magic'.

I'm always jealous of other's successful career, when I look at others, I feel low self esteem. Best answer
I don't know why I feel like that... how can I stop thinking?
BeiYin: You don't need to stop thinking, you better start a more critical thinking that doesn't depend so much on established ways of this society. Humans are like sheep who like to follow where all the others are going. This doesn't need thinking. You don't want to be like this. Right?
What is a 'successful career'? Are those people really happy? Look behind the appearance, then you will not be jealous any more. There are other values in life, but you need to find out for yourself. Find out what are your talents, what you like to do, that what makes you feel good and not a goal far ahead... Find your way to express yourself, maybe in an artistic way, so that also others can enjoy it... You need in the first place enjoy your existence, - not so much depending on outside conditions, then you can share this with others. You have your own energy, be aware of it and then you can take care of it. Then your 'self esteem' will not depend on what you see on others 'success' that mostly is a substitute for real values, that only can be found within yourself.
You started to ask questions, that's a good and creative beginning to get out of the herd. Continue asking, - be aware that the answers are already there. Answers coming from the outside are just confirmed what you know from your inside.
There's a whole world to be discovered. You can be a pioneer, - that all you can find out by yourself. This is not a career but the satisfaction that comes out of it is an award that can't be compared with the fake success of the many...
This might give you food for your thinking and give you enough 'self esteem' to go on for the next fifty years...

I cannot understand myself!? Best answer
Most important thing, that I am a teenager.
Sometimes I start talking as if I am a 4-year old. most of my answers are adult thinking type. By adult, I mean those philosophies that 'big' persons follow. I have my own way to look at life. Unlike most other teenagers I 'hate' love stories. music is something relieving but not addicting for me. I hate sexual stuff. I myself trust myself the most. What I promise myself is just... I cannot resist. Its once a rule made for me by myself, and it cant be changed. Also, I get so easily excited and depressed but even more easily I kill them. suffering from pains, but don't like to share them with anyone booze nobody cares!! I am exceptionally excellent at computers but don't get much time for it thanks to studies. Another thing is I get interested in whatever I do. If i try, the most bore thing becomes too interesting.
What I can say is that i have great capacity to do something especially when I can greatly control my mind. I am kinda sadistic i think. Your ideas...
At the age of 14 I am planning to build a web site to provide study material and similar guidance to mine like students, so that they find these classes easier than we do!!

BeiYin: You have established a certain self image and that gives you enough security to not depend on established concepts. So far so good, but you are just starting to learn about yourself and in general about human nature, etc. So no wonder that you don't understand yourself yet. You need to search, to study and to learn first before you can do something for others.
You need to heal yourself, then your influence will be strong and heal others...
Maybe you know the TV series with Cesar Millan: The dog whisperer? Then you will understand what I mean: Your own energy, that what you are - is the most essential and important.
Take care of this in the first place, then whatever you do will be effective, every thing else will be just the usual game coming from personalities with their fake reality of ideas, dreams, concepts, beliefs and their mostly blown up self image.
Study human nature, the most of it you can find out by and within yourself.
If there is any question you might want to ask, then contact me...
PS: I don't think it is the most important that you are a 'teenager'. The most important is that you are in a human body and capable to ask an essential question...

Society's culture of 'labeling'?Best answer
The other day, I was in a local library, speaking to a guy in his late 20s/early 30s (i would guess), and im 17. I met him because I was reading a book and he asked me what I was reading, and the conversation went from there, we talked about different things, and he made this observation that when he was growing up, society didn't have all these labels and disorders to explain every human feeling, and that the word 'depressed' didn't even exist, but now, when you're feeling a bit sad, suddenly its "oh, im depressed", and this made me think about this labeling culture, so what I wanted to ask was if you're around that guys age or older. do you know what he means? if so, could you elaborate more also, what do you think the reason is for all this labeling? and what can i do to be free from it?

BeiYin: Looking at this society and behind, one can realize that a fake reality is promoted by people who are manipulating the mind of the mass using them for their power and money games. Concepts of all kind and for all levels are introduced that can be integrated into people's self image, forming the 'personality'. Being identified with all these established fake values, the individual gets the feeling of existence out of it, that in great part is artificial and is not confirmed by the reality of daily life and encountered conditions. The result is disappointment and frustration that guides to a permanent defense behavior to keep ones established self image, all kind of tricks and drugs are helping in this...
Humans are living out of their concepts, they haven't learned yet to relate and respond to reality. Every thing and all is seen through the glasses and filters of their concepts. These programs are stored in people's unconscious background structure and they are not aware that these exist.
So it is not just a 'labeling culture', it is a culture that is not capable to experience reality by relating and responding to it. People react out of their personal self image, defending this with all means and so creating stress and disease. You are right: Then giving these symptoms labels and treating them with chemicals: Zombies treating zombies so that they can remain in their sleep state, confirming each other in their numbness ...
What you can do to be free from it? Wake up and take self responsibility, get out of the dependency clinging on concepts, beliefs, dreams and all this that separates you from reality. Observe your reactions when you encounter daily situations and conditions. Then your reactions in form of thoughts, feelings and body sensations are telling you were you are programmed. Be critical about what ever shows up, from outside and from inside yourself, but without rejecting it or fighting against it. There is quite a lot you can do, search for it. More important and essential might be that you don't get caught in doing, so your better choice is to change some times into a non-doing mode and just observe and then when it feels right, respond as good as you can... Not being afraid of making mistakes...
Ask questions, being carefully about the answers you might receive, knowing that you are still limited in your interpretation as your background is not yet cleared up.
Trust that whatever shows up in your life and daily life, is exactly the right thing that you can learn and grow. Then you can have a positive attitude and use all challenges in a creative way, not wasting energy in defending worn out personality properties.

What do you do when you feel like giving up on life? Best answer
I'm 21 and never been in a relationship, nor desire to be in one. I'm probably asexual. I think society puts way too much emphasis on relationships and finding that special someone. Why can't people just be happy with themselves? People think that being in a relationship will automatically make them happy and solve all their problems. Why is there obsessive interest over relationships?
I'm not really that close to anyone. I only have one or two friends. It's hard for me to get close to people in general... kind of because I don't see why people would want to hang out with me. So I guess in some ways, I have low self esteem. I don't think I've ever emotionally opened up to another human being..
My question is, am I missing out on what life is all about?

Part of be doesn't believe in love and thinks it's just a silly human emotion. However, that means, every other human emotion is silly as well. So I do realize my thinking is slightly skewed. I also realize that just because I don't believe in love, doesn't mean it's not valid.

I also realize that part of my inability to love probably comes from the inability to love myself. However, it's not like I hate myself either. I do think I have some good qualities, but overall, I'm just don't really care.
I realize that when I get out of college, I'm just going to have a career and ultimately die. Work work work.. and then death. On top of everything, I don't know what I really love... Yeah, I like economics, philosophy, psychology... but I'm not passionate about anything. I could find my passion and find meaning.. but why bother?

BeiYin: Deborah, I have the impression that you are not posting here to find an answer. You are expressing yourself and that's what you like and it is not that important what comes back. Right? You are surprisingly advanced in your personal evolution and probably you know this, not that this gives you the feeling of superiority but it let's you be independent from common opinions and established social concepts. That you have low self esteem is the result of not finding enough motivation. Your question: "Am I missing out on what life is all about?" is not a real question, you know yourself that you first need to find out by yourself what it is all about, as in the public domain there is no real answer given. What is available there goes all around confirming the usual personality games... Concepts, beliefs, ideas, dreams and all that what forms personalities. You probably know or at least sense that this is only giving the experience of a fake reality and that's not what you are looking for. Right? You like philosophy and psychology but you are not passionate about it because you know that all this stays on the limited intellectual level and you urge to go beyond all this...
Your thinking does not follow the established way of the average 'normal' people, but I ensure you that your thinking is not screwed. Don't compare yourself with others, there's no need for this.
It is totally all right that you don't believe in any thing you haven't experienced yourself. Humanity was fed with all kind of beliefs and that has messed up totally the ability to relate to the daily reality in a direct way. People are more and more disappointed about the discrepancy between their self image, their established world view and the reality they encounter in their daily situations and conditions. The frustration builds up and accumulates, manifesting itself in suffering and disease. In this way breaking down the strongly defended precious personality...
Deborah, yes, you have good qualities and one of them is that you are critical when observing this world of gamblers including yourself. You want something more real and not being involved in power and money games, not even going into the usual relationship games. You are right. You can't love yourself, you can't even accept yourself, before you don't really know yourself. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water, you are 21! Oh dear, give yourself some space and time! I am absolutely sure that you will not end up in a career integrated as a zombie in this society! But what I'm talking about? You know all this! You have enough passion to engage yourself in writing here, provoking people... I do the same and I enjoy it...

Why can't I just be nice? Best answer
I had a fight with my boyfriend last night and he told me that I'm too critical, uptight and angry. He's right! I have no patience for rude, dishonest and selfish people. I'm a quick judge of character, I either like someone or I don't. He is friends with everyone and cares about even the lowest scum bags of the earth. When ever I think about being nice to some of the people that he is, it makes me want to scratch the drapes! I get flustered and I get this terrible sick feeling in my stomach. I feel like if I was nice to these people then I would hate myself for being such a dishonest person. On the other hand, I know he's right that I should care more about other people but how do I fake it and still feel good about myself??
BeiYin: It is usual in human behavior that people project their own faults to the outside and into others, always finding a good reason for this and if there isn't one then by provoking others getting a reaction and then having the occasion to judge. This is one of the games people play, this keeps them busy and somehow they feel alive, not really happy and content but they experience their existence or at least parts of it as they are identified with their feelings and thoughts. Another game is the social behavior of being 'nice' and holding back ones feeling, not expressing oneself honestly to others. This is another aspect of human nature: defending ones established self image, not wanting to change anything about it and reacting angry if somebody criticizes ones behavior, aspect or any thing else of ones personality. 
Maybe you should ask a few question to yourself. Like: Why I am judging others? Is it because you don't want to join the common games and you want to demonstrate this to yourself? 
You want to be honest and you want to be strong. This is how you want to see yourself and now you are using others to proof your self image to yourself. It is clear that you are not sovereign in your position. You need others. That's your state of evolution and you know that this is a transition. You want to feel good with yourself being honest, not depending on others. That is a good step and more than an average person lives. There is no doubt that you need to go forward and do some more steps. What could be the next? For sure not what others expect from you, being or behaving in a certain way. Maybe first you need to understand yourself and why you are what you are. Think about it. At the moment you are confused. That's good, you will want to clear up yourself in a creative way not following the herd, but finding your own individual path.
Being nice doesn't mean that one is caring for the other. To be capable to care for others one first need to be in balance oneself, not using and not needing the other, but seeing the longing for fulfillment and happiness and the helpless intentions of these human beings that are stuck in a limited personalities, not wanting and not able to go beyond this. How can one care as long as one is stuck in this common straight jacket, although you are struggling to get out of it... And you will get out! It is a transformation. You are growing out of the cocoon...
There is some serious work to do. It is a challenge and not easy. That you know already and you are not looking for an easy way. It seems that you are ready. You are searching and you are able to select what is right for you... 

What's your source? Share the sites you referenced in your research and give credit:
The source is within each of us, we just need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance...

Have you found meaning in life? Best answer
BeiYin: Deborah, you have posted the same text with the question: "What do you do when you feel like giving up on life?" This I have answered, now I will only respond to your question: "Have you found meaning in life?" 
It seems that you are desperately searching to clear up your position. Asking people might give you some hints but the real work you will have to do yourself. OK, I will answer your question:
Yes, I have found meaning in my life. Like with most people in the beginning I had ideas that I wanted to realize. These were kind of idealistic and altruistic and I spend many years working to reach this goal. This was keeping me busy and gave me the energy to deal with all the difficulties when dealing with daily reality, in this way learning about the conditions of this world and human nature. I always had doubts about the reality offered by this society (like you obviously also have) and I was looking for different values and ways to give sense to my life. Early I found out about meditation as a ways to deal in a creative way with daily reality, but I never joined any guru or master, although I learned from several, staying critical and not depending on them, but in a friendly manner. I experienced the connection with my inner source and felt that I was guided. I could listen to my intuition and so could avoid many traps, learning more and more about human nature... To make the long story short: I found the meaning of my life in being responsible for myself and relating and responding to every thing what showed up. Being convinced that this is the best for my growing process that also is a healing process. This I could experience by going through diseases like Fibromyalgia, Inguinal Hernia, Periarthritis and more. I healed myself getting out of the dependency from the medical system, in this way learning a lot what makes sense... By trying to give information for ways that suffering people can deal with their situation in a creative way, I could learn more about human nature... and of course at the same time also about myself. With other words: I learned how to clear up my personality and to go beyond it, to find a reality that IS the meaning of life. The meaning of life is always there and one can realize it when one clears up the personality one is identified with.

The source is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving  abundance from the source.

What happened when you tried a Ouija Board? 
OK what has happened when you have played one? not an internet one a real one, i have heard mixed things, skeptical people say its rubbish and all of that, but i know people that are as straight up as they come and have seen spirits and had names given to them - not through a Ouija board though, so im aware about spirits to a point.
BeiYin: About fifty years ago I used the Ouija board because I had some questions nobody could answer me. The result was astonishing and in this time I thought that it was an entity that was answering from another level. Anyway the given messages made sense to me and pointed my search into a positive and creative direction. The benefit influenced my whole life. At this time I didn't know about the 'ideomotor' effect and that probably my own unconsciousness was responding. The 'ideomotor effect' is a psychological phenomenon wherein the Quija board user makes motions unconsciously guided by ones own unconscious background. Later I used 'automatic writing' with the same astonishing result. But there came the moment when I had to watch out not to became dependent. Later I learned to use my intuition in a similar way, for example when I had to make decisions. That means that I could go beyond my personality and connect with my source...
Looking back I can say that using the Quija board was a help in guiding me into the right direction, but I believe that the use can also be dangerous and I would not suggest the use for every body. For sure it is not a game...

Do you agree with the idea of 'questioning everything'? Best answer
Im a 17 year old guy, and was speaking to this really clever guy in my local library. We had a good conversation and one of the pieces of advice he gave me was 'question everything'. Do you agree with this? How should I go about this? Also, how far should one go in ones questioning, should this even extend to questioning of basic morals/values that I have been socialized into?
BeiYin: As an idea or a concept this probably will not work, but if it is coming out of your personal evolution then a questioning attitude is part of your growing process and important to get out of dependencies from established common programs that give a certain frame to people but at the same time are limiting and are traps and straight jackets. To start with 'questioning everything' is not a good advice, at least not with a more exact explanation. Better to say, to have a critical attitude when relating to what ever shows up in ones life and then from there questions might show up and this also will include al kind of established values that often are part of the many manipulations that are done with people in our society. 'Questioning every thing' would mean to force this attitude on oneself and situations and this for sure is not wanted as it might bring one into another game. That's not what we want. Right? 
Questioning what is there should bring up questions to find out about other aspects and maybe with this going onto another level, so finding new horizons... This for sure will be the outcome of the questioning if it comes from ones personal urge to get out of ones limited state of being and that is ones identification with ideas, concepts, beliefs, dreams and last not least with ones 'precious' self image. 
The 'source' is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness, into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving abundance from the 'source'.

What is the point in life? Best answer
I just don't get it.
BeiYin: The point in life is to     l i v e     it. The most important and essential is that you     e x i s t     . This is the 'point' you need to experience. Be aware of it and enjoy it, then you will not fall into the trap of clever salesmen who are offering all those substitutes with that you can give a dubious sense to your life. Be critical to whatever shows up and observe your surrounding and yourself. Be aware of your reactions when confronting life and don't judge yourself because of this, knowing that you are reacting because of your unconscious background that has build up and is an influence from the society we live in. When you are aware of it then you can leave it behind and find out about more essential values. Trust yourself and that you are guided from within. You will connect to your source...
You might not yet 'get it'. Don't worry, the fact that you are asking questions shows that you are on the right path in your life and answers will show up when you are ready.
The 'source' is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling  and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness, into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving abundance from the 'source'.

What is the purpose of life? On which point must a person concentrate? 
1) Living in harmony and peace and developing good relations with people around us
2) Achieving great things in life( academic, sports or something)
3) Have spiritual interest and seek god
I can't understand on which one and only point a person must concentrate. I know that we cannot be focusing on just one point but yet which requires the most of our attention?
BeiYin: The point in life is to *live* it. The most important and essential is that you *exist* . This is the 'point' you need to experience. From there you will have a result in your life and that is between others also harmony and peace and you might achieve great things. Be aware of your existence and enjoy it, then you will be aware of yourself and your surrounding and not fall into the trap of clever 'salesmen' who are offering all those substitutes with that you can give a dubious sense to your life. Be critical to whatever shows up and observe your surrounding and yourself. Be aware of your reactions when confronting life and don't judge yourself because of this, knowing that you are reacting because of your unconscious background that has build up and is the influence from society and all what you have encountered up to now in your life . When you are aware of it then you not only can leave these pseudo values behind and find more essential values, you also will clear up your unconscious background and you will be 'free'! You don't need to seek for points to concentrate on, they show up in the same way as new horizons open up for you... Trust yourself and that you are guided from within. You will connect to your source...
You might not yet 'understand'. Don't worry, the fact that you are asking questions shows that you are on the right path in your life and answers will show up when you are ready, you don't need to force yourself...
The 'source' is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness, into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving abundance from the 'source'.

Do you think life is worth living without love?
BeiYin: I answer your question, because you posted it at 'Mental hellth', so you might expect an answer from some body who doesn't think in the usual 'healthy' way.
Off it goes: 
Your question: "Do you think life is worth living without love?" is like the question: Do you think water is worth drinking it? Or: Do you think air is worth breathing it? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without existing? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without being able to be conscious? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without having realized that one is asking silly questions without expecting a sense-full answer just to keep oneself busy? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without the possibility to express oneself, even it is only by posting silly questions in places like answers hahahoo? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without using ones time and space to find out what's all about and finding ones place to clean up this mess around and within oneself? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without having found out that in this state of evolution people have created a fake reality that gives them a fake identity with what they are satisfied and defending it with all means? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without realizing and representing that what you really are when you have connected with your source? Or: Do you think life is worth living it when one stays in ones lousy limited personality, like a hamster in its cage, with the difference that the hamster wants to get out, but the silly human wants to stay inside? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without exploring new spaces and going beyond horizons? Or: Do you think life is worth living it without connecting with ones source and finding all what one is asking and longing for?
The 'source' is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness, into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving abundance from the 'source'.

What is the one thing necessary for a meaningful life? 
The *one* & *only thing* is *awareness* 
master key for relating to existence 
awakened response - responsibility 
unfolded view - cleared back ground 
going beyond worn out programs 
dependencies - left far behind 
new horizons - including all being 
separation - vanished for good 
darkness can't hinder to see clear 
light appears without shadow
opening access to the source
*meaning of life* - fulfilled 
abundance realized - now!
2.4.2009  20:21
The 'source' is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness, into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving abundance from the 'source'.

How do you define intelligence? 
The word intelligence is used all the time by people, to describe someone else, or even themselves, and actually the other day an adult I met said to me "you are very intelligent, that will put you on another level to alot of people" which was nice, however it is a very broad term, what does it really mean?
So yeah, how would you define intelligence?
BeiYin: I don't feel like answering your question, because this morning it's cold and I'm lazy. It might have to do with my body's blood circulation and my brain is not ready. On the other side the difficulty of your intelligent question is a challenge to my intelligence, that as little it might be but I'm eager to use it and a challenge always stimulates me, so let's see if my brain cells are getting animated and activated...
I know why your question is interesting for me: Because often enough I was asking myself how it is possible that somebody seems to be very  intelligent and at the same time obviously is extremely stupid. For example when clever businessmen are creating an imperium and conquering the world and at the same time they destroy their health, family life and the life of others, if not the whole planet. That shows that intelligence doesn't depend in the first place on the capacity of the brain. Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on this planet, but then why animals with a much lesser  brain capacity in part seem to be more intelligent? 
(That's what I like: A good question triggers other questions...)
Aha: They *seem to be more intelligent*, because they don't do things that damage themselves, like humans who follow without questioning a leader who makes a lot of promises but obviously is just pushing buttons to manipulate people. Or people are stupid by destroying their health by consuming all kind of toxic stuff and on the big scale by wasting resources, destroying the base of their life: the whole planet. Animals *seem* to be more intelligent because this is our interpretation from our specific stand point. In reality the animals are not more intelligent just because they *don't* do certain things. So it must have to do with another factor that makes humans stupid in spite their high intelligence. What is it?
Good question, let's see: There must be a factor "X" that makes brain capacity = intelligence, - more or less effective. What is it? 
To find out I will look at humans behavior coming from their background, that's where their motivation comes from that triggers their actions.
To be able to answer this I might need to do more steps. So: What is the most significant difference between humans and animals that causes that intelligence is more or less effective? After thinking about it and comparing animals with humans, I came to the result that the most significant difference is that animals relate directly to situations and conditions in their daily circumstances driven by their instinct, while humans are not capable for this because they have lost their instinct in most part. Humans are *conceptual beings*. What means that they are motivated and responding out of their conditioned background structure and that is their programmed brain condition that contains all established concepts, beliefs, opinions, dreams etc. and all influences included traumatic happenings. Out of this unconscious background humans are reacting to what ever shows up in their life and in the first place in their daily life. So they are not capable to relate directly, every thing is filtered, colored and interpreted through their conceptual thinking. 
That this human condition is a limitation for relating and responding to outside happenings is clear, but why this has so often a negative and destructive result? 
There is no doubt that the factor "X" comes from the limitation of the specific conditioning of humans. The result is called: "Personality" and the characteristics we can find in "human nature". So one needs to find out about it more in details. That's a topic by itself and goes now too far within answering your question. Let me skip this for the moment. (You might ask another question about it here in 'Answers'...)
I see that the extreme stupidity of humans are coming out of being identified with concepts that have developed in human society, given goals and producing a certain common self image, that gives them motivation sense and some kind of security, is strengthening themselves and let them grow in their capabilities, included their intelligence. Still the question is open why humans behave often so extremely stupid?
Because they are conditioned out of a limited view that mainly is based on a purely materialistic world view, although 'enriched' with some idealistic and spiritual paint. This materialistic view make that people give all their energy into it and they find their satisfaction by getting more and more...
So far so good, but what is missing? Beside the "X-factor" there is a "XY-factor" that is influencing 'intelligence' in a positive way. What is it? What can there be apart of body brain function: Intelligence and the capacity to think? The "XY-factor" is that humans are capable to be *aware*, they can be conscious about their existence! Sadly in the present state of evolution this capability is in its beginning and yet poorly developed. Humans are conscious about themselves in a very limited way but they are not yet conscious about their reactions and their background structure, so they also not aware why they act in a certain way when they encounter situations and they are not aware that then they are responding in a stupid way. They are not aware that they are manipulated and used. What could change this limitation of unaware behavior? There is still something missing: Let's call it the "XYZ-factor". It doesn't need a lot of intelligence to understand that every and all existence is *growing*. So there must be *something* a certain *force* that moves existance into a specific direction. We can observe this in nature and so we can resume that this also works within humans (even though there are contraindications happening...) This is the XYZ-factor. If humans are understanding this and are able to trust this *force* then they might experience that whatever happens serves their growing. Whatever this might be! Even though this might be felt as uncomfortable! Then an opening can happen to this *force* and one will enter into a *growing process* that at the same time is a *healing process* that will connect oneself with once *Source*. Then one will have connected with the maximal intelligence humans are capable because one has gone beyond the negative and limiting conditioning from ones personality.
Thanks for your question, but I think the space here in 'Answers' is limited. I welcome your following questions. 
The *source* is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness into a state where we can be intelligent, creative and enjoy receiving  abundance from the source.

What makes you want to live? 
Deborah, as you are not asking: "What might make me want to live?" and you are directing your question to the outside, so I will only respond to your question and not to your other text.
Your question makes me think about it. What makes me want to live? Do I really want to live? - 
Not long ago it happened that I thought about the same question when I read that 80% of all humans have the unconscious wish to die. I was astonished about this high percentage and had ask myself why so many people obviously are not enjoying life. Probably I was surprised about this because I didn't feel the same, at least not in this moment, but looking back I remember that there have been moments when I felt deeply disappointed so that I wanted to die. Not that much that there showed up the wish to take suicide, but I can imagine how this can happen after falling into a profound depression... After thinking about it and looking around, I am not astonished any more, when I see how much suffering and frustration there is every where; nobody seems to be free from it. Looking at myself I can say that after going through many ups and downs in my life, I have learned that disappointment mostly happens because ones image and wish how things should be, are not accomplished by daily life circumstances and so it doesn't help to give the fault for this to the outside conditions and it is better to look for the reason in oneself and in ones concepts, ones world view and ones self image. When I understood that we are all programmed from childhood on and more and more conditioned through out life time and that we because of this constantly reacting to happenings and people, then I felt the urge to clear up my unconscious background. This I have done for many years and now I can take things and happenings like they are and not like I want them to be. So I don't need to be disappointed any more and can enjoy even small things that are around me and I can be happy with what I have. Of course there are more than enough tough situations, but I see these not as disturbance but as a challenge and understand that these are exactly what I need to learn and to grow. This attitude motivates me enough to confront even impossible situations and creatively make the best out of them. In the last time I had no problems with this, only with people sometimes it was difficult, up to the point that I didn't want to see any body any more. This one can understand when I say that I am maintaining an intentional community since thirty years and indeed some times are coming to the point to give up as I don't see that it is possible for example to give space to people expecting self responsibility and motivation. I am surviving and not falling into desperation by seeing all this as a learning process and then I can still enjoy my life. The question doesn't show up if I 'want to live', I just live and enjoy my *existence*. 
Now, when you give me a reason to ask myself if I *want to live* then I can say: Yes, I want to live, because finally I have realized an energy that out of this I have the tools and the knowledge to help suffering people and I am able to give them practical information how they can turn their suffering and disappointment into a creative healing and growing process, so that they can enjoy their life and also find a deeper sense in it, - not wanting to die, but instead of this *wanting to live*. 
I have written this two days ago and I felt good, but since then in a short time so many things happened in the most negative way possible that this was a real tough chellenge for me and my mood went significant down. I will not tell about the details now, that would be too much, but I will report about the influence it had on me. There have been similar problems all the time, but the last few days the 'challenge' was extreme, especially with people, up to the point that I didn't want to see any body and also I dind't want to talk. That's not the first time that this happened, I know what to do about it. The last time I watched the 4-minutes video "I'm Singing in the rain", with Gene Kelly at: It is not just funny, it is the energy that comes through and this really lifted me up, watch it and you will know what I mean. So today when I felt kind of down then I didn't need to withdraw myself from people because it was raining and there was nobody around. I didn't think about the video with Gene Kelly, but I started to cut the Ivy that has been growing strong and needed urgently to be cut down. It was raining, but I felt good and was wearing a good rainjacket. I continued cutting and felt better and better... Then I remembered Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain. Yes he was happy, mainly because he was in love with a beautiful girl. Why I felt happy now? Probably because I'm in love with life... What a beautiful day!

How did you find inner peace? 
Right now I'm a 21 year old college student. My major is International Economics/Business, and I'm not really that happy with it. Yeah, I am semi-interested in it, but it's not what I want I want to do with my life. The problem is, I don't really know what I do want to do. I just don't know that I'm not doing what I want to be doing. Honestly, I don't get enjoyment out of many activities. Part of me actually wants to drop out of college, but I only have a year left, so it's not an option. I just don't know what I want to do. I feel that even if I do get a great job... so what? I'm going to be a wage-slave my whole life and then die. We're all going to die, so what's the point. But it's sort of reassuring that we're all going to die, because it leaves us more freedom to do whatever the hell we want.
Another issue is that I've never been in a relationship, which doesn't bother me so much. I also have no desire for sex. So perhaps I'm asexual. I think society puts way too much emphasis on relationships. People think that if they don't have someone they are incomplete or a loser. Why can't people just be happy alone? Why can't people be happy with themselves? I think there's more to life than relationships and love. What's with society's obsession over love. Because when it comes down to it, if you're not happy with yourself, and don't love yourself, you're not gong to be happy in a relationship. Relationships are not a cure to make yourself happy.
Between school and relationships, I'm just at a very confused point in my life. Society's typical path of good career, marriage, white picket fence, kids is not for me..
On top of everything, I have an extremely overbearing mother who won't stop telling me what jobs to apply for and what to do with my life.
BeiYin: You ask me how I found inner peace so that then you get inspired from my answer and it serves you to find your own peace. OK, here it goes, even though it might be impossible that you capture what I'm going to express, but try to sense the energy and don't cling too much on the words... I will do the best I can: 
(As you seem intelligent enough and also ready and open and critical and aware, so I will express myself freely not considering any confusion you might be into it at this point of your life.) 
How did I find as this human being that I am, 'inner peace'? As you have no 'inner peace' as an experience, otherwise you wouldn't search about it, - so you have an image about it and you will judge my answer comparing it with your concept... If I would sit infront of you, then I would ask you what you understand with 'inner peace' but as this is not possible, so I will just express myself...
First question I need to ask myself: Do I have really 'inner peace' and what is the proof for it? Otherwise I should stop writing and go to get it first! Let me look at it closer: Yes, there is peace within me and I have access to it. How do I know and what is the proof? I know because I'm not effected in my calmness from outside situations and happenings, even if these are chaotic and dramatic. No body can provoke or insult me, I will stay calm and observe the others in their reactions. I relate to what shows up and I respond out of my energy being aware in what state I am. When I'm calm and centered, then this has also a calming influence on the other, even in extreme situations, like with violent people and when in  panic. It's not about talking or doing something... You might know the TV series with Cesar Millan "The dog Whisperer", where he is treating dogs with problems, but in reality he is treating the owner of the dog, making them aware that their energy is causing the bad behavior of their dog and he gives them the experience that when they change their energy that then the bad behavior of their dog changes nearly by itself... 
So the most important is to take care of ones own state of being, healing oneself, that with other words is getting into this state of being what can be called 'being in peace with oneself'. Understanding this one will not any longer go for goals given by our society, trying to reach these, believing that then one can find satisfaction and happiness and with this also ones peace. I have given up any goals of this kind, I just are dealing with the daily chaos and the chaos people are representing, that's not really funny but a real chellange for staying calm and in peace. I believe I'm doing pretty well, at least I can still find some space to have some fun and enjoy myself and if the outside is getting too crowdy, then I withdraw myself and go to answer a question at 'Answers Yahoo', like now, enjoying it... Thanks for your inspiring question!
Back to your question: As long as 'being in peace' is an image, it might not be possible to find 'peace', because ones image needs to  be confirmed by outside conditions and that is hard to get. Reality is mostly different than ones concept about it and so once one has understood this then  one will be willing to look at one's established self images, finding out that these are limiting ones direct relationship with reality and then inhibit to find or realize one's peace. Now you might ask me what I have done to get to this state of 'inner peace'? That's easy to answer: I have been  meditating for many years and indeed this is the most effective way that one's awareness is rising and that one clears up one's unconscious background. I am convinced of it and I'm distributing information about it all over. You can start to do it just by going to my Web page: I call it 'StressReleaseExercise'. Go there and do it! That's the best I can give you...

Do you feel guilty when you do nothing? 
Do you feel guilty when you do nothing? Meaning - do you feel that you are useless, that nobody cares when you don’t do anything or are you capable to relax and wait for the moment to act?
BeiYin: Absolutely not! I don't feel guilty when I do nothing, because I have so much to do, that there is hardly space to do nothing. I can't do all what I would like to do and what needs to be done, but I do the best I can and do that what seems to be the most important. Among what is important for me is also the space for doing 'nothing', because I know that this is essential for being effective in my doing. So twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for twenty minutes, I do *nothing*. You can call it 'meditation' or what ever you want. I am convinced that these times of doing *nothing* are the most important in all the other set up of 'doing' and knowing this of course I will not feel guilty. Out of this doing *nothing* comes clearness and strength, not disturbed by unconscious conditioning.
I am that much convinced of the effectiveness of doing *nothing* that part of my doing is dedicated in distributing information about it. I believe that this specific exercise of doing *nothing* could change the life of every body on this planet from the state of suffering ignorant creatures into creative joyful ones...
I know that it works, because I am the proof! The other part of my 'doing' is expressing myself with the energy coming out of the *nothingness*.
Meditation video

Why am I so caught up on finding meaning in my life? 
BeiYin: You are that caught up because you are aware of the fake reality offered by this society. All what is offered serves obviously to satisfy the primitive need of blown up egos, to be confirmed, to strengthen ones position and to blow it even up more... You observe this and you question the sense of it... Asking: Is there some real meaning behind all this games in that people turn around themselves trying to find their satisfaction in it? Obviously this doesn't work, nobody is really happy! So what is the sense and meaning of it? You are crashing with all your strength against the wall of this established primitive state of human nature. But don't forget that you are still in the same state so you might think about it and come to the conclusion that you might need a different tactic or a different tool...
What could this be?
You find out yourself... I need to go now, but will come back...

Am I missing out on life? 
BeiYin: Truth-seeker-darling, you are without doubt my favorite here at 'Answers', I am joining your questions now for some time and have answered quite a lot. You are the most intense 'asker' I have seen here and I can say that you are also one of the most aware, observing what shows up... So by now you might soon change your strategy...
Do I need to say that you are NOT 'missing out on life'? I guess that you are receiving more than you can digest, so I suggest that you take your time. You don't need to provoke that much any more. You can relax and wait what comes to you, that will be just the right thing and you can relate to it and then respond...
And then you can ask specific questions or going deeper into the gathered material you have received by now.
I suggest that you read some of my other answers I have written. You can find them all together at:
There are not only my last ten or more 'best answers' but others, that might give you enough food for thoughts... Or not? Ok, then I wait for your follow up questions...

Thinking analytically is a capacity we all have. Do you agree with this?
Analytical thinking becomes essential because our world and issues around us are extremely complex with numerous inter-relationships and inter-dependence like several threads intertwined into a complex ball. These threads need to be separated in our mind through analytical thinking so that we can apply our process of logic correctly and efficiently to achieve the desired outcome for which the thinking process has been undertaken. In the absence of analytical thinking, our thought and decision process would become a bundle of confusion leading to wrong or incomplete conclusions!
BeiYin: I agree in so far as thinking is a capacity we all have, even people with brain damage or incapacitated are able to think although not clear and probably not analytically. Indeed analytical thinking is essential in all growing and healing processes and for sure this is needed in our days more than ever...
Due to the yet low level of consciousness in average human beings the growing process is stuck because of the absence of analytical thinking and it is a sad reality that too many people are just a 'bundle of confusion' because of their programmed unconscious background. They react out of their confusion they have established and they are identified with and suffer with disappointment and stress, when confronting their daily reality and this accumulates so much that disease develops on all levels, making it more and more difficult to find out about their confusion they are identified with. People getting more and more stuck in their personality and relating and dealing from there, they are not finding a complete conclusion.
That analytical thinking can more develop, people must become more independent and critical, then they might be less under the control of established concepts and the ongoing manipulation from power and business people and then the might be interested to find out about the background why people has been living in straight jackets during centuries and giving them from one generation to the next. And then they might start to use their analytical thinking to understand and look behind human nature and ongoing games.
Indeed it is urgent to think about it and your various questions about 'analytical thinking' can people make to be interested in it and so start their conscious growing process! Thank you for your initiative.

Why don’t all of us have the analytical thinking capacity?
BeiYin: All humans can't have 'analytical thinking capacity', because the evolution of humans is still in the beginning and the thinking capacity is not enough developed yet. Also because the average awareness is still very low and humans are mostly identified with their thinking and so their thinking is strongly influenced by their psychological personal background structure, that is mostly unconscious so that it does not allow to relate in an objective way, not to outside happenings and not to inside conditions and so also not to ones own thoughts. That makes analytical thinking difficult if not impossible.
People with an analytical thinking capacity are more developed than average humans, although that doesn't mean that they are not identified with their thinking, they might also widely be unconscious about their psychological background, but they have the ability to concentrate and use an 'analytical' thinking that is separated from their 'daily life thinking' that might still stay at a fairly unconscious level.
When more advanced and in a healing and growing process, then analytical thinking is necessary to look through ones established concepts and ones eventually worn out self-image. A 'critical' thinking without analytical thinking is not possible or at least it is not creative and can't find out about the background and details as it stays on a limited personal level.
To have a clear analytical thinking capacity it is basic to be able to separate influences and to be conscious about the thinking process and oneself

How can I prepare to stay calm, rational, and in control when my dad starts yelling and screaming?
I am 23 years old and my dad is 64 and whenever he isn't happy with something, he handles it by yelling and screaming in my face. I won't get into any details about the arguments because that is besides the point. I believe anything can be handled rationally by staying calm, and talking things out. Anytime my dad gets on me about something, if I feel I have a right to defend myself, I do. But in his eyes, he is never wrong and when I defend myself, he freaks out and starts yelling an screaming, and it turns into a huge screaming fight fest between me and my dad. So, I am going to visit my parents this weekend, who moved away, and I have a gut feeling my dad is going to get on me about something that I feel is unfair and unjust. If I defend myself and he starts yelling, I want to be able to stay in control, stay rational, and not blow it into anything bigger. I know that if I just stay calm and talk with a low and normal toned voice, this should help a lot. But when I am in the situation, it is really hard for me to do this. I love my dad and all, but he is just way out of line when it comes to any argument and I just want it to go as smoothly as possible. So, my question is, does anyone know a good way to prepare for this kind of situation, and how to practice staying in control and not letting myself get angry and irate and drop to my dads level. If any advice please let me know.
BeiYin: There is no instant solution. You need to really understand the situation and the conditions that are the cause for the confrontation between you and your father. This is a challenge and a learning process that needs some time and engagement, especially from you as it seems that your father at this moment is not capable to receive any information. So it's all up to you. It is important that you still have a positive attitude and you want not to enter into this kind of confrontation. You are right: There is no use to go into arguing and screaming. But how can you avoid this silly fights? Trying to stay calm is not enough, because your father will use all kind of tricks to provoke you, so that you finally react and then he has a good reason to react on this even stronger and without wanting it you are again in his game. You first need to understand him in his behavior and in his need to get something out what is accumulated since a long time. He is disappointed and frustrated, he is not happy and in balance, - whatever the reason might be. He is not conscious about it, but he has the urge to express his anger and you are just right for this. So see his need and his call for help.
Now your wish to stay calm will not work, you need to do something more. Staying rational and under control is not enough. You need to understand that not the words are important and not that you keep control, it is something different. I will use an example: Do you know Cesar Millan's TV series "The Dog Whisperer"? There he is working with dogs who have serious behavior problems. The interesting thing is that in reality he is not just working just with the dogs, he is working with the owner of the dog with behavior problems and he let the owner have the experience that when he changes his energy, then the dogs bad behavior changes nearly by itself. Screaming and controlling didn't work, but at the moment when the owner changed his energy, then without any words the dog changed!
I can say that from my experience that this works also with people. I had several encounter with violent people who wanted to get out their anger and were looking for a reason to beat me up, provoking me with all means, but they couldn't because I was looking through their game and I didn't react at all, in one case a guy came up to me and was going to hit me, but I didn't move at all only looked into his eyes. He screamed: "Defend yourself you coward!" But I didn't move. I said: "No, I don't need to defend myself and - you don't need to attack me!" It was not what I said and it was not that I was totally calm, it was my energy that calmed him down, so that he turned away and left.
You will understand now that to have this kind of energy you can't make it with any kind of behavior. It is a learning process and might need some 'training'. But you can see the situation with your father as a challenge that he gives you the opportunity to train and learn so that then in the future you will be able to help your father in a very effective way and then you might have a communication in that he might understand what was going on. And you will be stronger and sovereign in any kind of situations in your life, due to the training your father gave you...
You also can prepare yourself by being in a good condition so that you can be relaxed and calm. Then you observe all happenings and also yourself. Be aware of your reactions when they arise, your feelings and your thoughts, then it might not be necessary to control your reactions because they will not come out as words or as an energy at that your father are waiting to react. Be aware of what goes on and don't fall into the trap of joining the game. If you do, then you know that you have to learn more, to understand more, to be more aware, more sovereign, - so more training will be necessary!

Why do people seek for meaning?
BeiYin: The question comes to my mind if people *really* seek for meaning or if they need to give a meaning because this is part of human nature.
Humans are *conceptual beings*. That means that they give to every thing and all a *name* that stands for a concept. This name is stored and is connected with a picture of the thing or is connected with a sensual impression or if it is something that doesn't fit into ones experiences then there is a given concept as a belief. The name doesn't give a real meaning only a very superficial one and this is enough for people, they usually don't seek for a deeper meaning. For example the established health system gives names to all symptoms that are showing up and with this name of the disease they pretend and make people believe that they know what it is. But mostly these 'health professionals' don't know the cause and they are treating just the symptoms - and the patients, being in total dependency, trust them without any doubt or question.
The average person is satisfied by knowing the names and a vague concept. All names and concepts together give a picture of the whole and so the person builds ones world view out of it and feels as part of it and so it has its *meaning*. Doubts show only up when happenings doesn't fit together or when different world views clash against each other. With this it might come to serious conflicts between people, up to the extreme that they kill each other when they defend their specific concept. All wars happened because different belief systems or material interests were clashing against each other.
If a person has adapted a belief or a concept, then this is felt as part of ones 'property' and because the person is identified with ones property, this gives *meaning* to the person and their life. So it is easy to understand that the property must be defended and one will not like that this is touched or changed.
Seeking for a deeper meaning only will happen when the established 'fake meaning' has collapsed and the person needs to get out of the void that shows up, then seeking for an alternative meaning, that not necessarily must be deeper, like religious or spiritual concepts.
When these also fail to give real meaning to a person, then *real* seeking might happen that can't be satisfied by concepts but need direct experience of levels that go beyond the level of personality and established concepts. With this a change might start that is a total transformation as it gives new and different meaning to ones life and goes beyond names and knowledge of any kind. Then *meaning* is fulfilled and *life* and *meaning* are falling together into *One*.

Which is bigger the universe or the imagination?
BeiYin: This question comes out of imagination as a product of a limited human mind that is still in a primitive state of evolution.
Imagination is bound to this human mind's limitation and so, as much it wants to blow up itself, it still remains small.
'Universe' is a word that represents a concept created by the same limited human mind and so in reality might have dimensions humans can't imagine. This dimension will probably go beyond of any level of human imagination and obviously asking which is bigger is just silly and ridiculous.
We can see and learn from it, how the human mind uses what ever it can find, to keep itself busy. Humans are identified with their mind and their thoughts and see these as their property that gives them importance and confirms them, giving them the feeling of existence. That's a game humans are playing with themselves and that is blowing up more and more and wants to include every thing and all up to the point of feeling 'bigger' than the universe! Oh boy!
The source goes beyond imagination of human mind and also beyond the 'universe'. To take conscious part of it, one needs to go beyond 'mind' and all the 'games' humans are involved in...

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