When there is balance and freedom of mind?

Question: Is "Balance," when I feel completely confident and have no questions or completely without doubt in my mind? Is this true freedom of mind?
BeiYin: For sure that's not what it is. Freedom of mind is when one is not identified with one's mind. You are in balance when you are the observer, when your awareness is in the point between the two moving parts of the balance: on one side there are the thoughts and on the other side there are the emotions, coming and going. The balance moves all the time up and down but the middle doesn't move at all. As long you are identified with your thoughts and emotions, you are not in 'balance', but the center is always in balance. The reactions of the individual: thoughts and emotions, can't put the center out of balance. The quality of your feelings, being confident or not or if you have doubts in your mind or you have established concepts, doesn't really matter. This might cause that the balance gets stuck but I think you got the picture?
'Personality' or 'Ego' never really can be in balance because it exist by being identified with the content of ups and downs of the two sides and so constantly feeling good or bad, high or down...

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