Abundance -  how can one achieve this? 
We all want abundance in our life. Right? Then our longing could be fulfilled and we would have every thing we want. That's why we look with a kind of admiration to rich and famous people. We try to identify with them and we copy them as much as we can, although this is not really possible because we don't have the money to buy and to do all those things these rich people can allow themselves. But still we do our best striving to complete the common goal, at least to own all this what other people already have. Why we do this? Does it give us satisfaction? Does it let us feel our existence more or better? If we can get all what we want, does it allow us to go beyond our boundaries and limitations? Or might it be that those expectations and goals and the way we try to reach these are the reason why we are stuck in our limitation and struggling so much to get out of it. Then how can we achieve abundance? Let's see: 
Abundance is present every where and always. We are part of it. If this is not a realized fact in our life, then because of our own limitation by separating ourselves from the whole. We are educated from our society that we must work hard to get what we need and want. On all levels: mentally by collecting knowledge, emotionally by getting attention and doing things to feel good and the same on the body level, mainly by consuming a lot of products. People are trained to believe that all this they can achieve with means they can buy with money and so they need to work for it hard to get as much as possible, so that then they can buy all what they want in abundance, happiness included. 
Fulfillment is seen mainly as this can be gained through matters and means from the outside. All doing goes into a specific direction wanting to complete ones goals and self image as part of the common concepts, how life should be and what the best is to own. This primitive materialistic view is still dominating humanity, although a few people realize that this is not all and that there's a whole different world to be discovered and to be lived in a way most people even can't imagine. 
When people who had experienced new dimensions by going beyond personal limits, having expressed themselves about it, then these expressions were interpreted from the limited personal viewpoint and automatically integrated into the established concepts and with this loosing their real value. As long one is stuck in personal conditions, formed by ones self image and established concepts, coming from the common pool of traditional concepts, one is not even capable to ask questions, when it shows that ones life style, way of thinking and behavior doesn't work and one is disappointed and suffering. 
The established concepts that are part of ones self image provide a frame or function as crutches and give a certain help and security. This shouldn't be touched by anyone otherwise this for sure will cause defense reactions. This indeed can be dangerous; the established system, individually and common, will eliminate the disturbing influence, by ignoring it or fighting against it. The established  values in our society can't be questioned, otherwise the whole system might collapse like a card house. That our society is built out of Potemkin-villages needs to be discovered individually and then there opens up a new view, not depending on common concepts. 
Then one will become free of the pressure to complete common images and to act in a way that is too much directed and so function as blinders. One only can see what serves the purpose and nothing else, with this abundance is excluded. Getting out of dependency of dictated rules and behavior, one can open up and take self responsibility, doing what is necessary and what feels right to be done. With this attitude one can relate freely to what ever shows up and can respond creatively out of ones most capacity. 
Then realizing that whatever shows up is a challenge and the best what can happen in ones life in this moment and this can be exciting and so one can engage ones whole being. One can understand that there is nothing negative what must be rejected or avoided, if there still is, then this is caused by ones own conditioning. One can see clearly that every thing around is just waiting to teach. There is abundance and one will be open to receive, because one is open and there is trust. Then ones trust is growing when one is experiencing the abundance and the sense of all happening. 
Then it is possible to discover that abundance is connected with ones inner state of being and that the outside manifestation is the exact reflection of this inner state one is holding, in it's limitation and as well in it's openness and connected realization. When the inner boundaries fade away, then all sorts of doors open up, also on the outside and what ever one needs on all levels comes, without the urge to struggle for it. 
People are working hard and suffer when not getting what they want or getting what they don't want and they believe that all the stuff offered in this consumer world would be necessary to create the conditions to be happy and to feel fulfilled. When then finally they have reached their goal and get what they desire, then they find out that it doesn't give what they had expected and then they continue striving for the next goal or gaining more of what they have already, with the illusion that then they will realize their highest feeling of existence. Until after struggling for decades they might get tired and sick and then ask themselves that maybe they are searching for happiness and abundance in the wrong direction. Yes, there are a few people who start to reflect and when they ask, then they receive an answer. This answer might come from the outside, but then maybe it happens the first time, that there comes the confirmation for this answers from a very subtle voice from inside and then this person knows without doubt, that this is the truth. Not a fake one like the mostly offered answers, but something real, having to do with oneself in an authentic way. 
Now here starts real abundance and one can understand that what ever happens is part of life's teaching and accepting this opens the door to a new fountain of energy as there is no resistance anymore, or at least not that much and when there is, then one becomes conscious about it and can let go of it. That's what 'growing' means, as it is in good part a cleaning and cleansing process. So whatever happens and that means whatever, (that might specially mean ones 'disease'!) serves to bring you in touch with your authentic real being, that what you really are and not the identification with concepts and a self image that is mostly fake and has created a personality that had kept you occupied but was simply a trap. So let abundance help you to get out of this to be abundance.
Is it clear by now, how it is possible to achieve the condition to be able to live abundance and to grow into a life of full abundance? Then you will become an artist of life and be able to relate and respond to whatever shows up and you will enjoy the creativity in it and live your existence by expressing yourself from your authentic being. 
If now it is not yet clear or you need to know details, then ask... 

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