If you were given 30 seconds to air live internationally on TV, what would you tell the world? It will also be the last thing you say for the rest of your life.

Audio of the text: 

BeiYin: This is a good question and reminds me at a happening many years ago: I think it was 1972 when the Olympic games started in Munich. The moment when the president was going to open the Olympic games, a young woman took the microphone and started to talk: "People of the world..." and then the police took her away. The whole world were listening to this few words... and even though we didn't know what she was going to say, it had an effect, at least to me. I thought about it and had asked myself: What is it I would have said? And I had said to myself: If it ever happens that I have the occasion to talk in TV or radio, I will try to say something essential. In this over thirty years that has passed, I had a few occasions to talk in TV and also in the local radio and I always remembered this girl from the Olympic games. Now I am making my own videos and still I am following my intention to be essential.
To answer your question what I would say in 30 seconds to the world, this makes me feel like if I need to put an elephant into a matchbox. It seems to be impossible, but I can try: I would say:
"People of the world! I am given the unique possibility to talk to you all for just 30 seconds. In this time I want to share what is the most important and the most essential for me. You are all overwhelmed by information and entertainment from the best professionals. I am a simple man and can’t satisfy your mind and can’t do much to give you good feelings, but I will share the most precious possible for us all and I can give it to you right now. It is something you hardly ever can get with this medium: It is silence. Please close your eyes and enjoy the last 10 seconds filled with precious silence: right now… Be aware of your existence without distraction…” And the TV turns black and is without any sound for the remaining time.
I checked it with a stopwatch and my talking was 40 seconds. So I try again:
“People of the world! I’m given 30 seconds to talk to you. For what I would like to say this is too little, my heard is too full. So I will share the most precious you can receive, so please close your eyes now and enjoy the next 10 seconds. Be aware of your existence in silence without distraction, right now!” 
And the screen turns black without sound. 
- - -
Thank you for this question. Now I ‘m glad that I can go and make my videos without being squeezed so much. And thank you for reminding me to be essential!
PS: After I had posted this answer to 'answer.yahoo' I had some thoughts: The young woman who had tried to say something in the Olympic Games in 1972 now might be about sixty years old. Wouldn't it be 'funny' if she would read this answer and then remember, how disappointed she has been, when the police took her and she couldn't say more? And then now she would see, that even she had said only four words, it had an influence on the life of maybe many people... 

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