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Where is truth?
Might it be possible to be a realist?
Are there facts, or only interpretation?
Am I insane?
What is a transformational change?
To be or not to be? That is the question!
Why do we live in a world with secretes?

How can we know that our goals and intentions are our true calling?
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Do you believe that some things can only occur once in a person's life time?
We have Rights but what about Responsibility?
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Why do people project their miseries on others and cannot see that they are their own miserable perpetrators?
How we can find out what is our own self image and concepts about life?
Can a fool ask more questions that 3 wise men can answer?
Do you agree with the idea of 'questioning everything'?
What is the meaning of Life?
What is the point in life? I just don't get it.
What is the purpose of life? On which point must a person concentrate?
Do you think life is worth living without love?
What is the one thing necessary for a meaningful life?
Why am I so caught up on finding meaning in my life?
Have you found meaning in life?
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Am I missing out on life?
What are the factor that are responsible for the creation of a persons personality?
Why am I not happy? I have everything a person could want?
The more conscious we become the more we die and the more alive we become?

How do you free yourself?
Explain the concept of personality!
How do we know what reality is if the way we look at the world is limited by our brain and our senses?
Is a 'Positive Attitude' the basic condition for a better Tomorrow?
How do you become fully aware of yourself and your surrounding?

Why we always face problems?
Why does silence make people nervous?
Why stupid, ignorant people are happier then conscious ones?
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I still feel something is missing!
Forms of self-expression?
What is the opposite of Consciousness?
What is the best way to use our tools of observation to drop our conditioning?
How can a person have a better attitude and be optimistic?
What do you know now, that you wish you knew when you were younger?
When someone says it's human nature, what does this mean?
Give me advice on how to be myself!
What is society's culture of 'labeling'?

The concept of God makes it difficult to experience God?
The ancient definition of god is what man could not explain?
What is God?

What is ‘soul’? Are you a soul in your body?
Why do people question others and their beliefs?
Are you a religious or a spiritual person?

What is'disease' really, not what we have been told?
If a serious ill person refuses medical treatment, can this be seen as self destruction?
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Anyone agree all those medicine drugs are not good?
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Meditation and Stress Release:
Can meditation induce greater self consciousness?
How can I meditate more effectively?

Can't meditate, my mind is full of thoughts. What should I do to get rid of thoughts?
Why we get into stress?

Problem solving: 
Can conflict be managed? If so how?
What should I do?
Why is everything as is? Can I be guilt free of a self-destructing humanity?
Are we our own enemy?

Why there are so many conflict situations in daily life?
Why people are violent and destructive?
How do you cope with everything life throws at you?
What do you do when you really need to talk to someone but can't find anybody safe?

Living alone or together with others:
Living alone or living with others?
How can we make this world a better place to live in. A place full of life, full of forgiveness and full of love?

Have you ever felt the urge to leave civilization and live by yourself or with a few close friends/family in the middle of nowhere?
Have you worked as part of a team? What did you find difficult?  What did you find rewarding?

Environment - our World: 
What is wrong with the world?
How can I help the world as fast as possible?
What do you want to ask Melinda Gates?
Do we need a new kind of leader in the world today?

Are you doing your part to help our environment?
What is wrong with society?
What would you do to help end poverty? What can you do... or rather, what are you willing to do?
How can I improve the world we live in, or simply the world around me?

Animals - Plants: 
Should I really give up my German Shepherd?

What happened when you tried a Ouija Board?

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Where is truth?
BeiYin: The way you are asking tells that you are looking for truth 'somewhere' and you want to know 'where' this might be. It also tells that you have a concept of what truth is.
Now, let's see who is asking: Obviously a human being who is in a certain state of personal evolution. This means that the perception and possibility of understanding is limited. Why limited? Because humans are conceptual beings and they are identified with their concepts, these they see as 'truth', mainly because this forms their personality and out of this they are getting their feeling of existence. The result is that they are defending their established truth and are not open for something different, unless this feels better, maybe because it fits better to the other established concepts. So in this state 'truth' is totally subjective and can be changed in any moment if the old and worn out truth has collapsed for some reason. The personality 'owns' truth and is trying to live this conglomerate out of self-image, beliefs, wishes, dreams, needs and all those concepts formed and build up during lifetime. This collection of 'truth' gives security and more or less sense to the personality, but is constantly challenged being confronted by daily life happenings. The individual is trying to live ones 'truth', but the daily reality makes this difficult if not in certain situations impossible. That creates disappointment, frustration and a lot of stress. Why? Because the discrepancy between ones imaginary dream world created by ones gathered truth and daily reality doesn't want to be seen by the individuals. They don't want to accept this fact; they don't even want to look at it. So they will repeat again and again similar situations, where they fall on their nose or on their bottom, until they look at themselves, realizing that there is a truth that is different than theirs and then maybe realizing their limitation and then maybe start to ask questions, critical questions. Not to confirm their established truth, but finding out about a truth that might be 'higher'. That will cause that they go beyond their personality. Then connecting with a truth that is not limited to personality and subjective perception...
This is possible although very few humans are ready for it, mostly staying in their zombie state, caught by the truth they are holding tied.
Is there a way out of it, with the possibility to find real truth? Yes, there is. It is a long way, it is the growing process that includes us all... The key is 'self knowledge' starting to observe, learning about human nature and being aware how this works within one self. Observing ones reactions, becoming aware what triggers these...
To create a basic condition to make it possible that one can get out of ones personal cage, I can strongly suggest to meditate regularly or do a simple exercise that I call 'StressReleaseExercise'. All the information how to do it and to start right away, you can find at: http://falconblanco.com/release/
This exercise is simple and very effective; although it is better not to expect spectacular results. If there is showing up a difficulty, caused by your individual condition, then you can ask me for help, that will be freely given...
"Where is truth?" is difficult to answer. It is similar as if you would ask: "Where is life?" Of course it is everywhere and we can see it and relate to it when it has form like the truth when it's expressed in words, but being interpreted by the individual's mind it becomes a concept and then this is the worst, it will hinder the direct perception.

Might it be possible to be a realist?
BeiYin: Yes, it is possible to be realistic. Experiences are one of the influences that form the personality and so is subjective. The majority of humans in the momentary state of evolution are not capable to relate in an objective way to reality because they are identified with their personality and this is a conglomerate out of beliefs, concepts, dreams, memories, experiences and a self-image, well established and built up during ones life time. Out of this people are getting their feeling of existence and it is limited to this. Out of this they are reacting to outside influences and there fore it is not possible that they are objective or realistic.
But when one has cleared up ones personal background, what is a life long growing process, then the perception of the world is not filtered anymore through ones personality and limitations to relate to the world. Then ones perspective becomes objective and so realistic. This is no ideal but a state of being and the future state of humans, although at the moment there is not much of it visible...

Are there facts, or only interpretation?
BeiYin:This depends from where you ask. Leaving your personality behind and asking from an (theoretical) outside stand point, then there are facts and these are what they are and this doesn't depend on any observer.
Or you ask as a person observing something, then the observed will look as a fact for you, but indeed this is only your interpretation, as you see it in a specific way depending on your personal structure, what means determined from your unconscious background and from your gathered knowledge, also influenced by your physical and emotional condition. And because of this for another person the same thing might look different and will be interpreted differently and so the 'fact' will have a different description.

Am I insane?
BeiYin: I will answer beyond that what people call 'insane' and of course you are not 'insane' otherwise you wouldn't question yourself and ask here. In contrary, for me it es clear that you are healthier than the majority of humans on this planet.
Isn't it obvious that every thing that is in contact with humans is absolutely not healthy at all? Humanity is sick and insane as a whole and not many individuals are questioning their condition. But this is the first step to enter into a *healing process* and for this one doesn't need any professional helper, as these, - as part of the system, are more insane than those they are pretending to heal, by just eliminating their symptoms.
You are confused and so out of balance. There is nothing 'wrong' with you and it is OK that you are critical with yourself and that you observe yourself, then trying to find out what goes on. That gives you the opportunity to question yourself and do something consciously about it in a creative way. Instead of adapting yourself to the zombie like conditions of the majority.
Understand, that you are in a learning and growing process. This is at the same time a healing process! This only can happen in your daily life situations with all happenings and encounters. That is what life is about! See whatever shows up as a challenge that asks you to relate and respond the best you are capable.
If people would adapt this attitude, then they could heal themselves and with this whole humanity could go into a transformation. But people are stuck in their growing and their learning is limited to the survival need of their personalities. This condition indeed is 'insane' and causes all misery and disastrous conditions around!
Don't compare yourself with others, trust yourself and your inbuilt *growing force*.
Ask questions! Without questions, there is no answer! But ask real questions and not just those, even though these sound so intelligent, who are looking for confirmation for their established 'insane' condition! 
Question: Why do you say that those helpers are more insane than their patients? 
BeiYin: Because they are totally stuck in their well established personality, having the good intention to help people who are out of balance. Not knowing, that this imbalance comes from the urge to *heal* oneself, getting out of the stuck personality. These 'professionals' don't support the *growing force* within each of us! They suppress this with their treatments and medication! These people are slaves of the pharmateutical industry that represent the materialistic social system...

What is a transformational change?
Question: In answering this myself I would answer: A change that makes one start a completely different lifestyle. One where the person is so certain that what he/she is doing on the deepest level is right and for good that there is no room for fear, or wrong actions and decisions. All actions are completely in tune with the rest of the universe.
This is my understanding, I am interested in hearing yours.
BeiYin: Your explication is describing a possible result of a transformational change but not what it is by itself. Indeed, a ‘transformational change’ will have significant results, which will turn out and show in one’s lifestyle, behavior, etc. There might be no fear anymore, as fear is a reaction coming out from one’s unconscious background and this might be cleared up and also is the result of a transformational change.
Now how does this happen? If ice melts and becomes water, then this is a transformational change. If waste goes into the compost and what comes out is good earth, or if a seed grows and becomes a plant, or a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, then this we might understand as a transformational change. The problems with humans is that they can’t really ‘understand’ what ‘transformational change’ in a human is, unless they have passed this change themselves, - as it includes one’s whole being... ‘Understanding’ as long as it happens in the mind, just can be a concept and then this even might hinder if not inhibit such a change, because the individual does not want such a change and will do everything to avoid it. Concepts do a good job in this and there is no end in this kind of understanding. So whatever I might explain it will be added to one’s already stored concepts and this will not help to further any ‘transformational change’. So that means that I have to refuse to talk about it as whatever I might express it will be used to add to your concepts.
So the only thing I can do is to point out why it is so difficult that there happens a ‘transformational change’. This should be a new subject, but at least I will start here: It has to do with what might be called ‘Personality’, that what we believe we are. This is not specifically ‘human’ because also animals have it, but humans are totally identified with it and that’s what makes it so extremely difficult to go beyond it. The system of ‘personality’, like all systems, wants to keep itself together, for sure not wanting to lose itself, instead of this the personality is trying to gain more and more, whatever this might be: Property on all levels, security on all levels, power on all levels, etc. If there is property, then there is power. Property not only on the material level, although the tendency in our society puts the most importance on this, but after this comes the intellectual property. If one is rich, then one has the possibility to manipulate others and they will serve to get even richer. The same with intellectual properties: one can manipulate others and make them to followers or make that they do what one wants. There is no end and one can never get enough.
Do you think those people want a ‘transformational change’? So then who might want it? Probably nobody. Those who are professionals for ‘transformational change’ are using their knowledge to manipulate the individuals and the masses for their own purpose. For example: The professionals in spiritual matters like the churches and religious organizations. What are they doing? They offer concepts and rituals. This is enough to keep people as followers and keep them quiet. (Churches are still the richest companies in the world). Next: Professionals for psychological changes: They have their techniques to treat people, charge a lot of money and if they can’t help, then they describe medication: Prozac, etc. Do you think they are interested in a ‘transformational change’? Hahaha. Politicians: For sure they are not interested in any ‘transformational change’; this is so obvious that I don’t need to say more about it. Medical doctors: There might be a few interested, but what happens is that they are mainly interested in treating symptoms by describing medication. Are there individuals among those professionals who might be interested in a ‘transformational change’ for themselves? Probably not, because they use their professional knowledge as part of their personality to be confirmed in their existence and if they can combine for example the knowledge from psychology with spiritual concepts then they are absolutely unbeatable and any ‘transformational change’ is kept out. Why? Because whatever might happen and whatever challenge shows up, it will be successfully rejected and put in its place where it belongs. One’s superiority will stay untouched. Change might happen always, because adaptation is necessary and wanted for one’s personality, but for sure no ‘transformational change’.
Question: Yes, I know that ‘I’ don’t want to give up and ‘I’ don’t want to know about the possibility that ‘I am’ still hanging on with an intellectual concept or other kind of trick - fooling myself. So then my other question is what is the yardstick that we can use to measure ourselves - in an independent way without needing an authority to tell us - if there might be something currently needing transformation?
BeiYin: Dropping one concept in exchange for another one is not a ‘transformational change’. But if you become aware that you are identified with your concepts and getting your feeling of existence out of it, then this might be the beginning...
Of course we are fooling ourselves and we are clinging using all kind of tricks. All and every thing turns around the ‘I’. If you can measure yourself? A good question. You can’t, there isn''t such a 'stick'. Do what feels right at the moment, knowing that this is not a measure, but the only way to do it, because your feeling of what is right is still too much influenced by yourself: your needs, your wishes, your dreams, your self image, your concepts, your unconscious background. But if you sensitively are aware then you will observe yourself and discover the tricks you are using, again being aware that with this you are going into another game, etc. Your own reactions towards what shows up in daily life from your surrounding and from people are the best measure, if you are aware of this and observe and reflect about it, that’s all.
So better relax and trust that finally it will come to an end, what means you will not react anymore because your background has been cleared up, more you can’t do. And then a ‘transformational change’ might happen.
Question: It seems to me that it is a good thing for any individual to have some kind of change, especially to make it more in touch with its spiritual side.
BeiYin: “Some kind of change?” Is there a real change? Or is there just a change in concepts? Does it make any difference if somebody is killed because of materialistic reasons or killed by religious reasons? For the killed person for sure it will not make any difference, although the religious motivation might give more strength to the killer...
What is the ‘spiritual side’ of a person? This seems to be part of an image and so has little or nothing to do with ‘spirituality’. An example: I am observing a person who is in a strong ‘spiritual transformational process’. She is pretending, although she believes totally it is true... It is not real, but this person is totally involved in it and obviously believes that she is nearly enlightened. But her daily life behavior showing up in her reactions are still totally unconscious and to such an extreme, that no communication is possible. Doing this old game of provoking reactions in another person and then using the situation to react even stronger and of course finding a reason for this and giving the fault to the other. Trying to draw the other into arguing: to win the game. If this doesn’t work, because one doesn’t join this game, then getting into a desperate situation with the need to pull the emergency brake. You see, it is much more complicated and the ‘personality’ owns a huge arsenal of tricky ways to defend itself that the ongoing game can continue and the personality can survive. There seems to be no limitation, but infact there is: There happens an inner blockage where no trick will help to find one’s ‘self confirmation’.
This is called ‘guardian of the threshold’ and keeps the door close for everybody who is not ready. There is no trick possible and always turns the pretending person back to oneself. So the last trick might be to end in total ‘craziness’ to save oneself. Pretty absurd and sad, but it works...
But don't let us be confused by extremes. Transformational change is possible. Let's water the plants, clean the dishes and don't let us worry too much about transformation.

To be or not to be? That is the question! (Shakespeare: Hamlet)
BeiYin:Who ever is asking this question, obviously is disturbed in ones feeling of existence. Out of ones doubts there might come the need to find out what it is that makes oneself feel 'being alive' and so: *being*... This 'questioning oneself' will probably not happen when one is still fighting and struggling to reach ones goals and dreams, - trying being involved in ones personal ups and downs, to fulfill with all ones strength what seems to be the 'meaning of life'.
After a life long suffering, not really capable to reach what one dreams as the real state of 'being', one might come to the insight, that being identified with a mindset that includes all those ideas that have developed during thousands of years, - actually since existence of humankind, - and that all this is limited to the primitive mind capacity of our species, even though we believe of ourselves, that we are the most developed beings of the whole world, - so this mindset might turn out to be a total 'flop'.
What was seen as never doubted 'reality' until now, we might recognize as just the interpretation from ones primitive state of 'being'! So then of course this was mostly a misinterpretation! Not to mention the manipulation that was done from the beginning of humankind from all those clever individuals who used others for their own benefit...
Indeed nothing has changed! So coming to the point, that one might realize, that we are living in a self created fake reality, then this will, - as a conclusion, - bring one to the question: "To be or not to be?"
So then: What is it that 'I am'? I am what I believe is my 'personality'? Now seeing, that this is a composition built out of a mindset that is the result of our established 'fake reality'. Then of course ones whole feeling of existence might collapse, leaving one with the question: "To be or not to be?"
Then one might come to a state of being, where one is left reduced to just that: 'Being' and one might experience a state of 'existence' that goes beyond any kind of dependency or identification.
So, this is my answer. 
Why? Because this is my self expression coming out of my state of 'being' at this very moment. It still is limited, as I'm human - but I am able to reach out to connect with you! Because apart of the fact that we are all enclosed in the cage of the common mindset, - we are all connected in our 'pure being' and so each of us will connect with it when we finally free ourselves from our so used strait jackets and then stepping out of our fake reality into the space of our *true being*...

Why do we live in a world with secrets?
BeiYin: We live in a world with secrets, because we live in a world with a majority of innocent, ignorant, silly, blind, dumb, dull, sick, screwed up, manipulated, trapped and unaware humans. Who believe of themselves, that they are the 'crown of creation', but in reality they live in a self created fake dream world. That makes, that they are so blown up turning around themselves, that even a slight pinch at their 'ego balloon' might make them collapse. That's why people must try to keep all what holds them in their ridicules condition as a 'secret'. So people who are somehow conscious about these facts and see the limitation in this and also the destructive results of people's infantile 'secrete games', feel urged to change this so much suffering causing condition and so they try to reveal those 'secrets'. These idealistic helper engage themselves very much, but their effort doesn't really work, because the survival need, that is part of the human nature, is so strong, that it has build up an effective defense strategy, by rejecting every thing that does not confirm ones established position. This might be seen as something negative from the 'helper position', but having a different standpoint, then this condition can be understood as a protection of those 'underdeveloped' individuals and gives them a certain security, even though this is an illusion and false, but within this cocoon of personal limitation, people can grow the strength, to break their personal straitjacket in their time.
Who wants to change people, having a good and idealistic intention, but doesn't know enough about oneself and others, mostly is using ones activities, not being aware of this personal background fact, - to find confirmation for ones own concepts and views and this will not be effective to influence people or conditions, so that they can grow more *freely*.

How do I free myself?
BeiYin: I want to answer this question without too much interpretation of the question. As you put your question into the category "Philosophy", so this gives the hint that you know about that humans are not free, but that there is the possibility to free oneself, although you might not know how this can be done.
To be able to free oneself, one must first, as a basic step, know what makes oneself not being free. This might be: Ones limited knowledge. The solution would be to gain more knowledge. So that's what we are doing now. So let's say we have the knowledge of what makes us limited in our freedom. Then we know, that humans are, in their momentary state of evolution, 'conceptual beings', that means that we find sense and meaning by giving every thing and all a name and then we explain what it is, creating a concept that we can establish into our worldview and our self image. As our knowledge is limited because we can't know all and in all its various aspects and how it is connected with other conditions and facts, so our knowledge always will be limited, but a concept about something doesn't include all, it serves by giving a certain image, even if this is diffuse. So far so good. But what does it mean in respect to our lack of freedom? Our concepts and our self-image let's us relating to every thing that comes to us in daily life in the same limited way as our established concepts are limited. We relate limited, then we respond with the same limitation and we are not free to do so in a different way: We are not free! So what can we do to free ourselves? It is not possible to free ourselves from our self-image and from our concepts, because these are an important part of our personality and we will defend these with all means. But we can make one step by avoiding our strong reactions happening because of our limitations. When we encounter a situation in daily life, then we are reacting. That is the moment, when we can do a step to free ourselves by observing our reaction and being aware of it, because mostly we are not conscious about our reactions. That's the first step. Then when the same situation repeats, then we will become more and more aware and then it will happen, that we will not burst out with our reaction, but we still react with thoughts or emotions, but now keeping them for ourselves. Then later we will be able to observe and be aware from where the real impulse comes that has triggered our reaction and we will see that the real reason is not coming from outside, but from inside of ourselves. Then we can do the next step and making a decision, that means eventually dropping the part of our self-image that has caused our reaction. If we are able to let go of it, then we have freed ourselves from it.
This might give you an idea how you can free yourself, although it is a quite large field to work on and not done quick and in an easy way. That's the reason why not many people are ready for it and even though here and there a question like yours appears, that doesn't mean that something serious will start about it. It is good that you ask, so better continue asking. Without question there is no answer, let's go on!
Self-knowledge is the key to free yourself!

Explain the concept of personality?
BeiYin: Personality is a fiction built up as a 'fake entity' by human beings because they identify themselves with their senses and their emotions and their mind. Out of this identification and the experience of daily encounter with reality a 'personality' gets their feeling of existence. It is totally subjective because it is based on concepts and an artificial self image that let the individual react caused by ones limited and stored concepts to what ever shows up. These reactions and what has caused them is mostly not conscious and the individual is living them as part of their existence, turning around oneself and finding the reason for being hurt or feeling happy at the outside, but not being capable to see that all reactions are caused by ones own concepts and programmed self image.
The personality is not capable to go beyond ones limited built up structure, because receiving a kind of security and meaning out of it, the self defense is strong and will not allow influences that might reduce or change ones self-image.
Personality is a self containing system that in a growing process is loosening up its structure and in an analytical process of self knowledge the individual is growing beyond 'Personality' and might finally find its *source*. Trying to get out of ones personality *right now* is like a person standing with both feet in a bucket and wanting to lift oneself up with the handle.

How do we know what reality is if the way we look at the world is limited by our brain and our senses? 
BeiYin: What we 'know' of reality, is the erroneous result of our interpretation coming from our limited capacity of our consciousness. This has created a mindset during history of mankind, that is giving the feeling of existence to individuals by being identified with their mind and emotions and the gathered property. As the 'feeling of existence' is the dominating force, so there is no logic involved or only that much, that can support oneself. That makes it so difficult for evolution, because it would be necessary to go beyond the established mindset, - entering into unknown fields...
That's not what people want, as they are getting their satisfaction out of what they 'know', even though this is fake and as a result they are living in a fake reality that they have created themselves!
That's is exactly the situation of humankind at this moment of evolution: We are stuck in this limited level and even though we are suffering, we continue to turn around ourselves! But there are questions like yours, showing that there is a need and urge to go beyond, - freeing oneself from the straitjacket of the established common mindset!
Great! Continue asking! 

Is a 'Positive Attitude' the basic condition for a better Tomorrow?
Quote: "To make positive change for tomorrow, we must make positive change for today. To make positive change for today, we must make a positive change to our attitude." (Allen Steble)
BeiYin: This quote sounds clever and wise, - but that's all.
What is wanted is that conditions are differently than they are. Changing these one might see these conditions then as 'positive' because they fit to ones image or desire how one want things to be. How does one know that then these new conditions are better and really 'positive'?
An example: You are walking half an hour to your work and then half an hour back. You want to change this and your desire is to have a car like every body else and you believe that this will be a positive change. So you are working hard to get this money and then one day you buy a car. You are proud and you feel good. You reach your working place in five minutes! - If the traffic allows it. But then you are looking for a parking space. The streets are full with cars, there is no space left open! Every day you are getting into stress and you have to pay to parking that is far away from your work. You do this for some time, but then you might find out, that having a car is not 'positive', paying for gasoline, insurance, tax, repairing and parking, you feel not comfortable any more because you are missing your morning and evening walk. Your belly is growing and your health is declining...
So far the example about 'positive changes'.
One should ask oneself from where those dreams, wishes, desires, goals, values and images are coming from. All those ideas planted into ones mindset. And as we are identified with our mindset and self image, then we want all this to be completed and that's then seen as 'positive', but what the truth is nobody wants to know and only after decades of suffering, there might show up some critical questions about oneself and the influences one is receiving. First of course, - like always, - the fault is given to the outside for what ever conditions one has developed and then one uses all those means that are offered from the same source, to change the disturbing conditions. Always wanting to 'change', -  with manipulation on all levels. That seems to be 'normal', because that's what every body is doing.
Unless one is practicing Meditation or the the 'StressReleaseExercise' and with this finding a new space within oneself. A space that gives a new feeling of existence and from there one has a new feeling of what is really 'positive' and not just accepting what is part of the common mindset of this society. One might even find out, that we are all living in a fake reality! 
But finally one finds an authentic feeling of oneself and a clear view. One will gain a new attitude, but not from 'making' ones view 'positive'. One has done a step out of the common limited mindset and one will not buy any more those clever and wise words... 

How do you become fully aware of yourself and your surroundings? 
BeiYin: Our awareness is the most essential part of our existence and we as individuals are all in a growing process, even though it doesn't look like, because we might feel totally stuck. When you ask such a question, then it shows that there is an urge to become aware and now you are looking for the best way. The best way is given to us all by being *alive* and being able to relate and respond to what shows up in our daily life, - with all its happenings, encounters and conditions. When we *relate*, then we are using all what we have, all our senses and the awareness we are capable of. We will not be able to respond to all what we encounter or only in a reduced way, because we are relating out of our established mindset and that is limited due to the programs we have received coming from our society. This has the function of a cocoon that protects us within our growing process, but at the same time it is felt as a straitjacket. There are people that feel comfortable in their state of being and others struggling to get out when growing. 
Understanding this, one can have the trust, that what shows up in ones daily life is exactly the right thing to grow, seeing it as a challenge and a lesson. This positive attitude will us let be open and we can *relate and respond* the best way, not having the strong need to defend ourselves. 
When we struggle through life, then the usual way is, to give the fault to every thing that shows up and is not as we would like it to be, - to the outside and others. That is the best defense, not looking at oneself and so keeping ones self image untouched. But with ones growing awareness, one realizes, that it is not the outside that makes one react. It is ones established mindset. 
So then comes the moment, when one starts to look out of ones 'cocoon', when one becomes aware of ones reactions, - not just being identified with what we might see as 'self expression', but being able to observe it. The next step is, that one realizes, what has caused ones reaction. It was triggered by something from the outside, but was caused by ones own background condition. Then one might be able to let go of this worn out program... Clearing up oneself and so becoming more *aware*. 
Then we might also become aware, why we are attracted by certain happenings, conditions, places and people and we might understand, that we are not just looking for entertainment and excitement, but for the challenges that give us the opportunity to grow and to become more aware. 
From my own struggling and growing over several decades I can tell you something that really helps in this process. It is easy to do and gives the base to make the best out of ones life. If more people would practice this exercise, then very soon the whole world situation would change in a creative and positive way. Unfortunately this is not yet part of our common mindset and rejected by people stuck in their 'cocoon'. But those who are struggling to get out of their straitjacket, will find a great help with it. I am offering advice how to do it at the link below. It is totally for free and not connected with any kind of money or other interests.


The concept of God makes it difficult to experience God?

What is 'God'?
Question: I was asking myself this question and tried to find out about it. I went to various discussion boards and also talked with a lot of people, but as more I think about it and talk as more confused I'm becoming. I was told that I need to believe then my confusion will disappear. But somehow I refuse to believe in something I don't understand. Is there a solution? Can you tell me what is 'God'? 
BeiYin: On your search to find out about it, you probably got to know the various concepts about what 'God' is. Why these were not satisfying you? 
Question:Yes, this is another part of my problem. I see that most people are not asking further on, they just believe what they are told in their Sunday school, then when they grow up, they join the common goals: Going for a career, making money, having a family, children, etc. and they stay with their belief they were told as children. But then after having worked hard for thirty or fifty years, they are becoming tired and sick and then they are mostly occupied with their suffering. They have problems with their children, with their partner, etc. and this goes on and on, until they break down.
If this hasn't happen before because they have ruined their health with drugs, alcohol or just their eating habits. So for what was serving their belief they were thought in their childhood? Maybe it gave them some kind of 'moral' direction, but the worn out picture of 'Hell and Heaven' doesn't seem to work anymore, as the rising amount of crimes, desperation and suicides show clearly. Isn't there a huge discrepancy between what the regions tell us and the daily life around us? Isn't this world in the first place materialistic and nearly everything people are doing and especially the people who have the power and the possibility to do it differently, are striving for materialistic goals? And isn't it obvious that with this humanity is destroying this planet and all life on it? And all this with our beautiful beliefs and in 'God'? So how can I honestly believe in this? There is something profoundly wrong about it! 
When I look around me, then I observe that the people who want to sell me their products, are using the same methods: They are telling me what will make me happy, promising me satisfaction and a kind of heaven on earth. They want that I believe in their honesty and they all just want the best for me.
Very similar to what all politicians are pretending. But can I trust in all these promises? When I see the corruption everywhere then I doubt this and it becomes clear that probably they all just want my money. And then seeing their religious phrases used, I just feel disgusted and realize that they are trying to manipulate me. Looking at it I am even more confused and only want to go away from so much falseness all around. Is there a way to get out of it?
BeiYin:  You see it pretty clear and I don't have to add much to it. My simple advice for the moment would be: Twice a day meditation for at least 20 minutes. Try to stay away for some time from too much influence from outside: Switch off the TV, avoid any junk food, (eat mainly fresh vegetable and fruits), avoid all drugs, no tobacco, no alcohol. Go for long walks in nature. Relate to animals and plants. Talk and try to connect with simple people. Listen to good music. Do something with your hands, like repairing something, etc. And for the moment take it easy. Then you will see that your confusion
will clear up and then you will be more capable to look beyond your position. Then come back and we will talk about what 'God' is... 

The ancient definition of god is what man could not explain?
BeiYin:Any explanation or definition even though coming out of an direct spiritual experience and not out of an already formed and established concept, will be made to a new concept or integrated into one that already exist. Concepts are part of the personality and the individual is identified with them, getting ones feeling of existence out of it. That was the same in ancient times and is still today. Founders of religions were obviously still too simple minded in ancient times and had not enough self knowledge and knowledge about human nature, otherwise they would have known, that humans always use every thing for their personality games, to protect themselves from the unknown finding security... using beautiful ideas, for example of 'Love and Harmony', integrating these into their self image, but continue living their primitive survival instincts, causing destruction and suffering. Not wanting and not being able to go beyond...
Probably the best would have been for founders of religions, just to live a normal daily life, not even teaching, but giving an example with their attitudes and their behavior, without talking about any sublime experience, but telling people if they ask, because they are touched by their presence, to sit down to do a simple exercise: Being aware of their pure existence and breathing... The world now would look quite different and there would be real growing and realization of love and harmony...

Concepts inhibit to relate to reality? A concept about God makes the realization difficult if not impossible? 
BeiYin: There is obviously a discrepancy between concepts and reality. This causes disappointment, frustration and a lot of stress in most humans. The high number of diseases, suicides and depressions are the result. Spiritual concepts about Love, harmony and Oneness and religious belief systems providing images about God and how to live to go to heaven, for sure give a certain frame in which people can live, but their own reality is different and giving effort in trying to live adapted concepts doesn't really work to make people fulfilled and happy. What's going wrong? Is it that humans need to wake up and realize that they are caught in a game with themselves?
Comment: I  don't understand your point here, do you mean that religion conflicts with how people live their life? That their religion does not fully benefit their life by giving them a belief from that they can gain a more positive attitude and world view?
BeiYin: No, that's not exactly what I mean. I said that there is a discrepancy between concepts and reality. A religion is a concept or you might call it a dogma, right? So this dogma includes rules and advises how one should behave and live. It gives a picture of reality and people make it as part of their self-image. Right? So far so good, now people know what to do and they feel some how good. They have a frame in that they can move and it gives them a certain security. But then there is the daily reality and then there are appearing conflicts because it doesn't fit to ones concepts and so the result is disappointment.
Comment: If that's your point, I totally disagree. Indeed there are religious demands, but most followers will take it as part of their commitment that they can never meet up to the standards of their religious rules. Religion is part of their life and gives them security and a background so that they can deal with reality.
BeiYin: It is not about standards. It is about the fact that established concepts inhibit to relate directly to reality. There is always the filter from the concepts how things should be and then the person is reacting and accepting or rejecting what shows up, but not being aware of it, only finding always a good reason for ones reactions, mostly giving the fault to the outside conditions or the behavior and action of people.
Comment: For example: A person feels totally lost and doesn't find sense in ones life. When this person finds sense in a religion, then this gives them peace and so this person can be happy. Christianity teaches self acceptance, love and hope. Becoming familiar with their belief people can then accept and follow the religious rules, for example giving up sins and growing stronger in their faith. They might also give up self-destructive habits and chose new ones.
BeiYin: Sounds good as a concept, but what about reality? Has there changed anything in tow thousand years? Is there more peace than before? No, there isn't. Are people more happy? For sure not. Look at the high number of diseases, the rising number of suicides, the extreme amount of divorces, abuse and crimes... "Becoming familiar with their belief people can then accept and follow the religious rules" Really you believe in this? Then look around. "Giving up sins?" How can people give up sins by following a 'religious demand'? Just go around the corner and observe what is happening... Self-destruction where ever you look: In life style, consumer habits, entertainment, relation ships and most of what people do.
Comment: Yes, many might not be aware of their self-destructive life style when in their present body - but, they can still gain a kind  of fulfillment because they were doing their best in following the rules of their religious concept.
BeiYin: Yes, people might gain a sense of fulfillment when they join a belief system and doing some effort to suppress needs that are showing up and that are not allowed by the rules of their dogma, but what is it they really have gained? Have they fulfilled their longing? Have they grown? Are they content and happy with their life? Do they relate to reality, feeling responsible to what happens and respond out of their best capability?
Comment: Are concepts and reality two different things? How can you prove reality to a person? Reality are concepts of our collective mind. What people perceive depends on their personal background and will not be exactly the same than how another perceives something.
BeiYin: I don't say that concepts and reality are two different things. I say that having concepts doesn't allow to relate to reality in an objective way because one receives and is interpreting every thing through ones established concepts that are working in ones unconscious background. Didn't Jesus say: "Become like children to gain the kingdom of heaven?" That is because children don't have yet concepts, they live more in the presence and relate in a more direct way. What would Jesus have said to your comments here? Maybe: "Oh you clever brave women, you are so good in your belief and what you have learned how to be a good christian, but forget about all this and become like a child or even better like a new born child and then breath the air and live without any contamination of sophisticated thoughts and dogmas..."
Comment: You seem to believe that religions are an obstacle to gain happiness, that's simply not true. People will always be in a game within themselves and they don't have an inbuilt reset button.
BeiYin: I don't see it like this, I observe it every day all around. People were trying to live their concepts for a long time and they were fighting and struggling, getting more and more frustrated and disappointed. Life becomes very stressful. Why? Because they are fighting against 'wings of windmills', as Cervantes in 'Don Quixote' has described it... Even having beautiful concepts, being disappointed enough, then life doesn't make sense any more. People can't find satisfaction and happiness. The discrepancy between the concepts of the collective mind that are supposed to give value to life and the reality of daily conditions and happenings are too obvious. Desperation is taking over. When you say that there will be always an ongoing game within ourselves then this is the most negative and destructive statement that is possible. Indeed there exist a 'reset button' and that is to free oneself from games, getting out of concepts and belief systems. Taking self responsibility and relating and responding out of ones own awareness. Going into a growing and healing process. That is the 'reset button'. Of course this is not done instantly by pushing a button. This is hard work, not because of the resistance and difficulties from the outside, but because of ones own established structure and the old way to hold on it, not wanting to let go what at least gave a kind of sense. No, one need to let go of worn out ways of thinking, even with the danger to fall into a void, where nothing gives sense... Then one might find something new. Something that doesn't need to be put into words to become a new concept. It will be a state of 'being' in which one will be able to appreciate the simple fact to be alive and this does not depend on conditions or any belief... Live your existence right here and now! Then you will be able to enjoy it and out of this will grow real happiness! Without any conditions! - - - 

Is there a way to heal my inguinal hernia without surgery?
BeiYin:I healed my inguinal hernia without surgery! About three years ago when I was healed from Fibromyalgia and felt recovered and full of energy I started to work again and also lifted heavy things. For two years I had not worked and my whole system had become week and also I had gained weight. So then also my muscles and tissue had become week and as a result, when lifting something heavy, I got an inguinal hernia. The medical doctor who made the diagnosis told me that this must be operated immediately otherwise I could die within 5 hours. I listened critically, because I was going several years through the experience with the medical system and I didn't believe in it anymore. So I said just NO. I really didn't know anything about inguinal hernia and just felt that there must be a way to heal it in a natural way. So I searched the Internet. Hundred thousand of Web sites showed up and all about surgery. But I didn't give up, I searched for about half a year and finally had a kind of treatment together, which I did every day for some time. I felt better and something (intuition?) told me that I was on the right track. Then I had an email exchange with somebody who healed his inguinal hernia himself and without surgery. This gave me some uplifting energy to continue because I felt pretty alone with my intention as from all sides I was told to let do the surgery and that there would not be another way to heal this condition. So I went on with my exercises... It is now several months ago that I noticed that my hernia didn't pop out when I was taking a shower or doing the sauna. Before I had to protect the hernia with my hand when I had not the belt on, but now this wasn't necessary anymore. After so long I couldn't believe that my hernia might be healed, but when I didn't wear my belt and just was doing normal things, walking, even lifting things, then there was no hernia anymore. There was no pain and no other symptoms. This has been now for about half a year and so I can conclude that I am healed. This is unbelievable and I can see why it is so difficult that I could believe it myself, after all this telling me that there wouldn't be any other way than surgery. This established opinion is so strong, that there is absolutely no doubt about it. But that it is false it is clear now for me, I am the proof! A few months ago I had an accident and had to go to the hospital. There were two doctors and they ask me about my history, what diseases I had before. When I told them that I had Fibromyalgia and that I had healed myself from it, then they said nothing. I ask them if they know about Fibromyalgia, then they only said 'yes', nothing else. But they looked to each other and I could see what they thought: "This guy is crazy!" But when I told them that I had an inguinal hernia recently and that I have healed myself, then they didn't say one word and probably thought that I am totally out of mind. So when I post here, then it might be the same. But I don't want to convince anybody. I have made a Web site about it and described everything I have done to heal my hernia. I can tell you that it was not easy especially because I was never sure that it would work, so for somebody else who now wants to do the same it will be much easier knowing that indeed it is possible to heal oneself without surgery. Just I need to tell you that it still is not easy. It is a process, which includes the whole being with all levels. It is in fact a transformational process. It is a real healing and not just a repairing of your hernia. Go to my Web site. If you have a question you can ask me, but I am not a health professional and I can not give you an advice, I only told what I have done and that doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. It is your responsibility what you want to do with the given information. There are about 200 million sufferers from inguinal hernia on this planet and many who can't effort surgery just suffering without hope. So if some of them can at least start to do something about it by themselves, then my experience was not only good for myself.
Just that you know: I am not offering any cure and I am not selling any thing.

If a serious ill person refuses medical treatment, can this be seen as self destruction?
BeiYin: This depends very much on all the other conditions of this person and not just on the physical state. Answering this question now would mean only to give an interpretation of a possible condition and situation.
It needs much more details to conclude that refusing treatment means that this person wants to give up and doesn't care if his/her life ends.
There is another possibility why this person refuses treatment. I can tell my own story to show a possible different reason:
I was seriously ill and went from one doctor to the other, from one healer to the other. All gave me a different name and reason for my symptoms and different treatments, mostly painkiller, which I refused to take. Then I investigated myself, what was extremely difficult for me because of my bad physical condition, but thanks to the Internet I found alternative treatments. I put together all what I found and treated myself: After one year I was totally healed! Even though the medical doctors said that there is no cure and I have to live with this disease. You can imagine what my opinion was after this experience... That I had refused medical treatment probably had saved my life.
Next part of the story: As a follow up and because my body was weak because I haven't had body exercise for more than a year, I got an inguinal hernia, when I lifted something heavy, starting again to work because I felt strong and full of energy. The medical doctor said that this must be operated immediately; otherwise I could be dead within 5 hours, if... I refused this kind of 'treatment'. I was convinced that surgery has little to do with healing. So again I investigated the Internet. This time it was easier for me because I had my full energy, but it was not easier to find something that was not surgery. Actually there was absolutely nothing, all about surgery. But still I refused surgery and for sure not because I wanted to commit suicide! I searched for about half a year until I found some hints and I could start to treat myself. To shorten the story: After one year I was totally healed! No pain, no symptoms anymore!
Next part of the story: I broke my foot and my leg... In the hospital two medical doctors tried to convince me that this must be operated. What means putting metal plates and screws. I refused this and told them simply to put the bones in the right position and put plaster. Probably they never had experienced such an attitude from a patient. When they ask me about my health history and I told them that I had healed myself recently from an inguinal hernia, then they looked at each other and I could see that they thought: 'This guy is crazy!' and they didn't ask anything more! They put the plaster and let me go, telling me to come back in six weeks to take the plaster off. To shorten the story: I took off the plaster myself after four weeks and treated myself with footbaths and clay. After a few weeks more my foot was healed. I don't want to think about that with the operation I would go the rest of my life with metal plates and screws in my foot!
Does this makes it clear that refusing treatment doesn't necessarily means that one wants to commit suicide? Looking into the medical health system, one should be very critical when one needs a treatment and at least should ask for another opinion. But people in general are depending totally on the so well established medical system and there is no question or doubt. There are people and this might be the case of the person you are talking about, who has already enough experience with the medical system or have seen how people were suffering when treated, that they don’t want also to go into this and so refusing any treatment, but possibly not having the energy to investigate and treat themselves.
There might be other reasons why this person refuses treatment, who knows?
If there is somebody who is interested to know more about my story, can go to my Web site. I have written in details a testimonial that might help others in a similar situation.
Resume: It should be clear, that healing doesn’t mean to treat symptoms. Healing includes the whole system: Body, mind, emotions and more and refusing a treatment that only is directed at the body, might be the first step to real healing… It is worth to find out, but it seems to be needed that every body finds out by oneself, as the medical system is not of help in this, sad but true.
I did not "refuse" treatment out of a suicidal depression but out of the possibility to find another form of "cure" and I keep a very strong and positive attitude towards life. I must tell you that the 'suicidal depression is also present, even though I have a strong positive attitude towards life. Just at this moment I am going through a crisis and I am confused. Continuing with my 30 years long intention might kill me within a few years or months, because I'm getting really tired, but giving up is a form of committing suicide, but continuing also... At the moment it seems that whatever I do, I'm running against walls, no responses, ignorance or rejections coming from resistance (I'm not referring to this question). I need to step back and wait, meanwhile taking care of my health that is becoming delicate... Thanks for your reminder.
You wrote: "The Ayurveda in you is pretty well balanced in that you don't let it get you down which shows in your ability to heal where others have given up hope." I don't think it is a question of 'having hope or not'. It is the dependency of people, clinging on established authority, not taking self-responsibility. People don't want to grow up, as it is much easier to be manipulated, then to take the risk to go into something unknown and finding out oneself... The dilemma is that then they stay in this infantile attitude and cut themselves off the possibility to grow, the same as the established health system, so they both help each other. The patients by being innocent followers of the system and the system by holding patients in dependency, strengthening the attitude of patients that they are victims of circumstances and that they need help and must be fixed from specialists and medication…
What’s the difference between “Medication” and “Meditation”? Only in the center: where a 'c' is a 't'. So it seems very little difference, but in fact there are worlds between...
Sorry for this silly question 'off topic', I wanted to prepare a bridge from the usual treatment with medication to the more subtle way of healing with meditation. Now I just read in one of the following answers that this field is covert in a convincing way. Nothing left to say? One thing occupies me: With the same rigidity people holding on their dependency and trusting completely the established health system, with the same rigidity they close themselves against something that is new and unknown, like *meditation*. To reject meditation is easy because the word is connected with images of religion, spirituality and mystic. Probably any exercise will be rejected because it involves the initiative of the person and that's not wanted, as it is so much easier to swallow some pills or let a treatment be done on oneself. It makes me think that this has to do with 'growing up' and to do something by oneself would mean to do a step out of ones children's shoes. And the tragically is that people prefer to die if they are desperate and tired from their suffering and have given up to expect to be healed by medical doctors. It seems that there is something missing, what can this be? A kind of bridge between medication and meditation?

Stress Release and Meditation:
Can meditation induce greater self consciousness?
BeiYin: Don't worry, continue to meditate. Twice a day for about twenty minutes is enough. Do it in the morning and in the evening, every day!
That beside the benefits you see a negative result coming from it, shows that you have certain expectations, be aware of it and then drop this. Of course you have a strong personality like every body and you are involved in a game with yourself, - like every body. You can't yet be aware of it, but this will come in its time. It has lessened as you say, just give yourself space...
You are practicing your meditation for about two years so it would be good that you let check your meditation from some body who knows how to do it. If you don't have anybody, then I can do it. The easiest at the moment is that you watch my video about meditation: "Just do it!" at YouTube.
If you have any question about it, you can use the feedback form at the end of this page.

You are probably doing nothing 'wrong'. It is just a fact that 'growing' is causing disturbance on various levels and it would be useful if you have enough information about it. You need to know about 'human nature' and what can cause that reactions are showing up, that are mostly defense reactions because the personality doesn't want to change and is using all kind of tricks, so it is good to know about it not to fall into the trap to be too much involved...
There are certain steps to be taken depending where you are in your growing and learning process. 
You are becoming aware of yourself and at the same time you become aware of your background conditioning, clearing this up and with this the identification with your reactions that are caused from your unconscious background. This is a 'healing process' and needs your engagement, what indeed for some time feels heavy and intense. But as you are becoming sovereign and not dependent on conditions, so you can manage this.
That you are able to express yourself and ask questions is important and shows that you are on the 'path' and I hope that could help you with it. 

How can I meditate more effectively? 
BeiYin: You can meditate more effectively, when you don't expect any benefit, even though you have experienced good results from it before. The intention of meditation is not to have those positive results that you are describing, these are just side effects.
You might understand meditation as an 'awareness training', what means that you are doing nothing else in meditation than just being aware of yourself and whatever shows up. But without giving special attention to it, only that much of being aware of it. Don't be troubled by thoughts because you feel disturbed by them, these thoughts are reactions, let them pass, don't give any importance to them, then they will become less and disappear by themselves. 
The more important aspect of meditation is, that it helps you in your *growing* when relating and responding to what shows up in your daily life, because it let you be more aware about yourself and your surrounding and furthers your understanding, because you are going beyond your old established thinking habits. So that you can recognize, that you and the whole world is in a transformation, even though it might not look like this, - when you observe how silly people are and how much stuck in their fake reality, - they have created by themselves. 
That most people live and are identified with their limited mindset, ist just a step in evolution of humanity and the many problems and all suffering is the inevitable consequence of it. 
Meditation would be the resolution for all, but if people are not ready, then they are not interested, but if you meditate, then you are in this transformation and even so you are not talking about it, there is an influence effecting others... 
So don't worry, just practice your meditation, twice a day for twenty minutes, - every day!  - - - 
If there shows up a problem, you can ask me and it might help to further your meditation, if you watch my video "Just do it!" I have made about it.

Problem solving:

Can conflict be managed? If so how?
BeiYin: To be able to manage a conflict, we need to know and understand what a conflict is. A conflict appears when there are two or more conditions being opposed and the situation needs a decision to choose one of these. It might be that these different conditions are manifested in the outside and then there is the condition of the person who needs to make the decision. The discrepancy between the inside and outside condition creates the conflict. If one is aware about ones own condition that means ones conditioning, then this would be the best and basic step to manage ones conflict, but as this conditioning mostly is unconscious, so this makes it difficult. What causes the conflict is ones self-image and the established concepts, from there are caused the conditioning and on this background decisions are made. The conflict is that the outside conditions are too often not in favor with ones self-image and concepts and this is felt as an obstacle one needs to fight or one must try to avoid. If this is not possible, then one might be forced to change ones self-image or ones concepts and this will be a serious conflict, because once established, the individual is not easily willing to change something about it.
The best way to manage a conflict without doubt is to solve the conflict. How? By trying to check the outside conditions in the most objective way possible and then to be aware of ones own condition, checking if a change might be indicated.
Conflict can be seen as positive, because it gives us the opportunity to grow... With a positive attitude we can use our energy in a more efficient way to manage and solve our conflicts.

What should I do?
Question: I'm 24 years old and I don't know what to do with my life. I don't feel alive. Life feels pointless with no meaning.
BeiYin: One can look at any kind of condition in a positive way and with this creating a base to go ahead with a more objective and clear view. You might think that it is not normal not to know what you want, because some young people seem to be very certain about it, even though they don't know where this certainty comes from. Your insecurity gives you the advantage, that first you can check out, what possibilities there are, then investigate carefully what the facts are and not only being attracted by beautiful images that are covering the 'dirty' reality one can find behind the scene. Most people follow an image or you can call it a 'dream' and then they spend years and a lot of energy trying to realize it. Often, not to say mostly, it turns out that even they could reach their goal, their expectation is not fulfilled. Maybe at the most outside level, by reaching a certain position and finding a kind of satisfaction, but then what about their more essential longing for 'acceptance, love and happiness'? There is just too much behind the curtain, they couldn't imagine before...
If you can proof the possibilities before hand, then this can avoid that you go into something and then you are stablished in a frame, from that you can't escape any more and so you will stay with it for all your life. That then you will not be real happy is pretty clear.
Now you say that you don't feel alive. The fact is, that you are *alive*. Maybe the only thing you need to do, is to be *aware* of the fact that you are alive. Now this feeling seems to be blocked because there is an expectation connected with this feeling 'alive' that is the artificial product coming from this society. If you can realize what this is, being aware of your conditioning, then you will be able to 'feel alive' without being limited by a program or a specific expectation. You can be glad that you have not yet established the common mindset of this society with all those things, goals and beliefs that gives 'meaning' to ones life. Really, you can be glad, because you haven't entered yet into this trap and you have still the possibility of choice.
Question: I don't know whether to stay in school or just stop and FOLLOW my dreams. It's hard. I'M NOT HAPPY WITH MY LIFE. I am miserable. I cry a lot. I'm emotional a lot. Everything makes me cry because I'm just so torn inside. I don't have any friends. I have no social life. I work and go to school. I don't get along with my family. I don't have a boyfriend. Sometimes I feel worthless and not worthy of LOVE. I don't believe in love because I don't know what love is and I don't think love is for me or think that anyone would ever feel love for me because people have always stepped on me and made me feel like SH*T most of my life.
BeiYin: Well, that's a whole package in which you are caught. It is necessary to sort out and clear up. If you don't feel good with yourself, then this will cause a chain reaction and influence all other aspects of you and how you react to whatever comes to you. Be clear about the fact that you are reacting with emotions because you have certain expectations how thing 'should' be. Can you see this?
You are emotionally disappointed. This goes probably back to your early childhood and so you might be programmed in a negative way and then you were confirmed by your negative experiences, letting you be trapped in this condition. Then you are exactly creating those conditions that then causes you those desperate reactions. Not allowing and being open to let different condition happen. Of course about this you are not conscious, but if you reflect about it, then you might see the old pattern and then you can drop these, - they might be worn out by now!
You are programmed and so you depend on outside conditions and situations and of course on people and this of course will give you disappointment, because people can't fulfill your needs of acceptance and appreciation. People are looking in the first place for confirmation for themselves and this happens in a social setup. If you are not in an established position within this 'game', then you will not be able to participate and so you will feel lost and outside of it. - With the good chance to look through these games and then you might never enter this 'trap'.
Question: But what keeps me alive is dreaming. Dreaming that I one day I'll be able to be a big hollywood star. That one day I will walk on a red carpet and express my love for film to people. I LOVE FILM! I have the biggest movie collection. I love acting. I'm kind of shy but acting allows me to be someone else. I was thinking about moving to California a year from today. I keep trying to figure out who I am and it always leads me back to ACTING. What do I do?
Drop out of school keep working and move to California or stay in school and further my education maybe go to med. school in the future.
BeiYin: Dreaming does not keep you alive, it just helps you to escape from your reactions of feeling desperate because in your present situation you can't find enough confirmation for your existence. So you are anticipating this confirmation in dreaming of the 'red carpet'! Pretty clear, isn't it? OK, you love acting. I can understand this, because I also love it, although I haven't had many opportunities on a stage, but I can do this by expressing myself in a special way in my daily life and it works. I can entertain people and lift up their mood, make them get out of their depressed attitude at least for a moment so that they can laugh, also about themselves. You should try this, it is really amazing and also what it makes to you, probably that is the feedback of good energy coming from people! This might be already enough to give you a good feeling, when expressing yourself beyond your not so favorable self image. You don't need to enter into the false glamour world of entertainment business...
Question: I know going to school seems more realistic.. but what about my dreams?
BeiYin: Going to school is what you are doing now and in so far it is more realistic, although there are more options that you could explore if you would give yourself this choice. Your dreams are dreams and better investigate about the possibilities you can find, before moving to Los Angeles. The reality there looks much different and if you could wake up from your dream, before you go into the tough challenge realizing the reality, then this would save you from extremely disappointment! Oh, oh, that would be a chock you are probably not able to take. (I know a bit about it, because I have been there and in contact with the film industry, with a project of a film and I got a taste of the tough reality...)
Question: I'm in school to become an RN and I need 2 more years to finish. I was thinking about going to Med. school to become a Child Psychiatrist (not right after graduating and becoming an RN) but later on in the future. I wanted to do nursing first just in case I didn't really want to keep going with my studies in the future. I understand that things change in life, I might want a family or fulfill other things in life but caring for people is what I've always wanted to do whether it be nursing or medicine.
BeiYin: I don't know what a 'RN' is, but if you want to go to a med. school, then you should better investigate carefully about the medical health system how it is established as part of this society. You will find out that it has little or nothing to do with helping or healing people. It is all based on a materialistic world view and serves in the first place a power system that is not even interested in healing, but to keep people in dependency... (Not the med. doctors, they are just slaves of the system!)
Question: I work at a hospital as a CNA and I love caring for people but I hate my position. I hate that I can't diagnose my patients or prescribe medication for their pain. I hate that all I do is wash people, feed people and take vital signs. Don't get me wrong is not that I don't want to do these things I just want to do so much more for them. I know I have to go to med. school for this but I can't help how I feel.
BeiYin: Wanting to care for people is a healthy attitude and does not depend on a certain situation or position, you can do this wherever you are, because it has to do with giving your energy and a hospital probably is not the best place as you are squeezed into the rigid and false system, limited to treat symptoms. Now you are in direct contact with people and you can give your attention and take care of them, so you can experience 'love'. That's what people need the most, - you know this. You know this from your own need. So just give it and then you will experience it and 'know' what it means, even though you know that these people are lost in the corrupt medical system and that there is no real healing for them. Caring for them is all you can give and that is more what they get with their medical treatment, so you are in the position to give *real healing*. It is your *clear energy*, that does not depend on any condition.
Experience this energy and *beam* it, this will give you more satisfaction and fulfillment than you can imagine now. This will be a practical mean to break out of your vicious circle of frustration.
Question: I feel like I'm not respected or acknowledged in my career. I'm doing so much and it gets overlooked. Doctors act like I'm invisible and the nurses step on me and kick me around so bad.
BeiYin:You are in a tough 'training' that in the first place has to do with your personal *growing process* and not with your 'career'. You need to develop self confidence and a position from where you can observe your surrounding in a more objective way.
That will be possible when you clear up your unconscious program in your background. Your daily reality gives you the opportunity for this and your reactions are showing you, where they are coming from, so that you can free yourself. This is your *real work*, more important than the fulfillment of your expectations coming out of the common mindset...
Question: I don't know, so what can I do?
BeiYin: Relax and trust your own *growing force*, that will give you all the opportunities so that you can relate and respond out of your best intention and ability, being aware of the given situation and so staying in a positive and creative attitude. Then you will be able to enjoy situations and yourself.
If this turns out to be a valid answer for you, then out of this there will come more questions and you can be sure that answers will also come to you in one way or the other, because - although staying in a critical attitude, - you are open and you can trust yourself: That what you really are in your *inner being*, that does not depend on outside conditions, situations, people or what ever.

Why is everything as is? Can I be guilt free of a self-destructing humanity? 
James: The other day, observing people, I couldn't help but notice the narcissism in some people. I started thinking of how I used to be like that when I was younger. I, no longer, am like that and I view it as good. However, I once was that and the majority of other people are like that. Arrogant, stupid, historically causing so much pain and suffering. Sometimes I highly hate humanity because it reveals such a low level of consciousness and stupidity. I would love it if there were more conscious of everything, but for some reason I'm not optimistic that it will ever reach that point. Instead I see humanity on a downward spiral to self-destruction, due to the environment mostly, which would then in turn cause an anarchic state. Should I just focus on life as a big game and join the materialism, only to ignore the pain and suffering of all others? How can I rid myself of the guilt associated with being human? Sometimes I wish I could just disappear, with all of humanity, into a state of conscious and heavenly beauty. Lastly, do you think that humanity would be the same even if all the materialistic, ego-driven people were eliminated and only people of higher consciousness were on earth?

BeiYin: James, you are in a conflict and again I must quote Albert Einstein: "One can't solve a problem out of the same mindset that has caused it!" What means that you can't find back your balance by using your mind to find an explication for what disturbs you. The identification with their mindset keeps people in the limited level of consciousness and that makes it that they are that arrogant and stupid, with the result of causing destruction and suffering. You are in the conflict of still holding on this mindset, but your individual growing urges you to go beyond. So you question yourself and the situations and conditions around. But as these questions are coming out of your mindset and when answered are limited to it, so this can't really help you. That's what is Einsteins saying is about.
To find the answer and the balance, you have to realize this within yourself, - beyond the mindset.
How to do this? For sure not by making a split hating humanity because of their stupidity and also not by joining into the materialistic games.
Understand and accept that humanity is still in a quite primitive state of evolution. At this step humans are stuck in their identification with their mind and emotions. They are getting their feeling of existence out of this. So they are acting and reacting, because they are programmed with goals and values as part of the common mindset of the present society. This of course includes limitation and manipulation and has made a 'big game' out of life, where a few clever people are pushing some buttons and so using all others for their own benefit, - even making people believe that they are 'philanthropic', probably they are believing this themselves'! Because they are caught in the same mindset! Does this make clear, that the most essential and significant is, that you go beyond yourself and that is the identification with your properties: Body, mind and emotions.
To do this your daily life is all what you need. Why is every thing as you encounter it? Because it is what it is, just that you see every thing out of your personal background from which you are interpreting it and also comparing with how you would like it to be and so accepting or rejecting it or trying to manipulate it so that it fits into your expectation. Right? Observe your pain and suffering! Now you know where it comes from and you might also be able to recognize the background and when it happened that you received this program. Seeing this, you might be able to let go of it...
So freeing yourself from dependency...
- - - connection cut - - - 
Just let me tell you what has happened: I wanted to write this answer, even though I have plenty of urgent other things to do, - so I started. People came and needed to talk with me. I continued writing. The van hit one of our cats and she was seriously hurt, I had to deal with this... I continued writing. An other interruption. I continued and nearly finished. The fire fox crashed! And so what I wrote for two hours, disappeared. All lost! I really hate computers and all what has to do with it!!! This is the most stupid thing on earth!!! Like this I could have reacted! But actually it was my fault, knowing about the possibility that this could happen, as it has happened before, so I should have saved what I was writing. But I was so much sucked in my doing, that I haven't done it, so I am not wasting my energy giving the fault to the outside and instead looking for a solution. OK, I made a 'restore' to an earlier time and after some hassle: Tahtah! It was back! You see? If I would have gotten lost in my reaction, then indeed it would have been lost and even willing to write it again (what I hate!) like now that is much better...
- - -
OK, now you might see, that no talking can bring you out of your confusion. You need to trust your own inner *growing force* and accept every thing that shows up in your life as what it is: part of your reality and see it as a challenge. Relating and responding with this attitude, will give you the opportunity to clear up yourself and find new spaces within yourself. I suggest, that you start with meditation if you are not already doing it. This will give you the basic to go forward and beyond your mindset. (See links!)


James: What you are saying really helps me out. I'm grateful for your answer even though you had urgent matters to tend to and I hope your cat is good. 
BeiYin: I'm not so sure if what I wrote really helped you. It is obvious that you are getting your feeling of existence mainly from your identification with your mind. So it helped you to continue... 
The cat had to be 'put down'. The Vet said that the damage was so serious, that there was no way to help her and she was under strong pain. 
James: I know that my conscious wants to become more enlightened and I continue having questions that probably arise from the mind. 
BeiYin: It is You who wants to be 'enlightened' and not your 'consciousness'! You have some ideas and concepts what 'enlightenment' might be and you are identified with these thoughts. You are holding on this, as it gives you the feeling of existence and so of course you continue having questions. 
James: These questions are not questioning higher consciousness and whether it's real or not, but more so how do I know when I've reached a higher consciousness. You said:
"Why is every thing as you encounter it? Because it is what it is, just that you see every thing out of your personal background from which you are interpreting it and also comparing with how you would like it to be and so accepting or rejecting it or trying to manipulate it so that it fits into your expectation. Right? Observe your pain and suffering! Now you know where it comes from and you might also be able to recognize the background and when it happened that you received this program. Seeing this, you might be able to let go of it...
So freeing yourself from dependency..."
James: So if I consciously chose to see everything as good and beautiful and it made me happy in doing so, would I be considered at a higher consciousness or would I be considered another common man in denial?
BeiYin: There are nearly endless tricks to hold and continue being identified with ones established mindset. This has developed to such extreme sophisticated 'high' levels, that from there every question can be answered and satisfy your mind. 
To see 'every thing as good and beautiful' is a trick to create a fake reality within the already so strong established fake reality of our society, similar as the traditional religious belief concepts are delivering. It is obvious that this old way of survival technique doesn't really work, but the newer ways also can't solve the discrepancy between those beautiful concepts and the reality that one has to encounter in daily life. 
James: This is one of my final questions. I really think I'm almost at the end of the path to a higher consciousness.
BeiYin: Sorry James, but what you express here gave me a good laugh! Not about you, but it tells how easily one can misunderstand every thing that is expressed by words. I read your other questions at Yahoo Answers and there is no doubt that you are looking for confirmation for your self image. In one way or the other you will get it from there, as Y!A is the made play ground for it. But I don't join this game and so you will need to reject what I'm telling you or better just ignore it. I don't want to convince you about any thing, I only answering your questions, that seem to come out of questioning yourself, as this would be the first step of the beginning of the path to 'a higher consciousness'. There is no arguing about it. 

James: In all honesty I know that you aren't trying to convince me of anything. I, as consciousness, have chosen to pursue this path out of all others. 
BeiYin: 'Honesty' you have made as part of your self image and if you want to follow 'the path of consciousness' then you will need to find out about what there *really* is. I only can repeat myself again and again: The first step on the path of consciousness would be to question yourself and find out about what is really there. Human nature is not based on 'honesty', it is based on 'survival' and for this every thing else is used but for sure not honesty. That is used as a picture within ones fake reality and when not looking what is there. 
James: I have read many books, from Osho to Tolle, and seen many documentaries such as "What the bleep do we know", "Spirit Space", and "The Human Matrix".
BeiYin: All those many books and documentaries have built up your mindset. All in the frame of the established fake reality, just making it more sophisticated and so the trap is more complex. Hardly possible to get out of it! You need to pull yourself out of the mud on your own pigtail. I have written about this lately several times, but it seems nobody understands it or better said: Nobody wants to understand it, because for this one needs to be ready to question oneself and willing to give up ones need for self confirmation and self defense. 
James: I have seen the sheer stupidity of mankind myself and do not want to be there in the future. All connections I see today seem artificial and rarely have I found a genuine person.
BeiYin: You want to realize a new and different self picture, but you don't want to see, that you are that what you criticize at the outside and in others. The 'connections' serve in the first place to confirm each other and so can be felt as 'artificial'. Only a 'genuine' person can recognize some one else as being a 'genuine' person, otherwise it is just projecting your own images. 
James:I don't want to have to conform but everyone around me has already been conformed. 
BeiYin: Every body in this society and in the present state of evolution of mankind, is trapped in the game of conforming and confirming each other and so getting the feeling of existence out of it, being totally identified with ones mindset. That is part of the common social knowledge and understanding that has created and is holding the picture of our reality. This reality is the interpretation and mostly misinterpretation, coming out of the low level state of consciousness of humans. 
James: I'm in an American college that hypes the media. 
BeiYin: The 'media' are keeping people busy and occupied, so that they are supported in their established picture world and even though it is used when people have their own and opposite opinion or special 'spiritual' views. It doesn't really matter, standing up or fighting against something, also serves ones purpose to confirm oneself in ones existence! 
James: I just want to live every day like it's my last. 
BeiYin: That's a very high pitched goal that you picked up from those books. Better drop this, it's an elephant shit picture! Don't put yourself under such stress condition! Taking care of the present moment is enough and that means: Relating and responding to what shows up in your encounters with daily reality. - As good as you can. Knowing, that you are programmed and reacting and responding out of your mostly unconscious background structure. Be aware of it and that is the only way to clear up your mindset, that is messed up and has brought you out of balance, so that you can't feel 'happy'. 
James: I want to make my family happy. 
BeiYin: So I guess you mean something else and not just providing them all material aspects. The first and most essential condition to be able to make your family happy, is that you are happy yourself. When you can beam this energy, that comes out of your own realization and of course not from making the beautiful concepts of happiness to your own, then you have the base on which your family will be happy. 
James: I see your wisdom through your web site and answers and wish I had what you have. Not for my own selfish reasons, so I myself could help others. 
BeiYin: You are still using the same technique and strategy as always and all around: Trying to integrate what you pick up and what seems to fit into your already established property. Then believing, that it is not for the enrichment of your own personality. Oh boy! It is so easy to trick oneself! You are doing every thing to survive with your precious personality! Being able of helping others would even give you the position of at least a 'half god' and so blow up yourself even more! 
James: Am I just not supposed to care? 
BeiYin: First take care of yourself and get out of the straitjacket of your dream and picture world, that is your mindset! Recognize the fact that you like every body, is stuck in ones personality and what ever you do, is part of your personality game! Whatever! 
James: Please, I used to be happy and just want to be happy again. When I say I used to be, I'm speaking of my early adolescence and very early childhood. 
BeiYin: You have been happy, because you were innocent and naive. Yes, you have been near to the happiness of just pure *being*, but then you were filled up with 'knowledge' and all the influences from education and every thing else around you, becoming an adapted member of our society and so you lost your innocence. I guess Jesus, - this guy who started 'Christianity', - said something about 'becoming like little children' to be able to... Then this was integrated into the Christian belief system and the real meaning got lost and that was 'to go beyond the identification with ones mind'. 
James: I've seen a psychologist and what they say I know. - What you say I do not know and want to know.
BeiYin: It should be clear by now, that what 'I am' can't be transmitted by words so that you can make it to your own knowledge. I only can give you some information that you can use to help yourself going beyond your personality and the games in that you are involved. I am doing my best, so that you don't use me and what I express for your games and I take the risk, that out of defense, you will turn against me. 
James: Just so you know, I am immersed in this media. I am from a suburban area, where you see it EVERYWHERE. I see how people act and think, it's ridiculous! I know words fail in getting across the point, but I have no other choice in my circumstance. That's all I have to say, I hope you can try to emphasize.
BeiYin: Well, I tried. More I can't and I must leave it to you, what you can do with it. It will depend on your readiness. That shows when you can recognize your own tricks you are using, for example finding good reasons not to follow a suggestion, by saying you will start 'soon' what means: probably never, - so protecting your precious self...
You probably will need to start with the basic step to get to know your human nature. That will be difficult, as you see yourself as advanced and to come down to basics you will not like. Don't forget: You can see me as your friend and you can ask me whatever! But I understand totally if you avoid me...

Are we our own enemy? 
BeiYin: Asking in this way indicates a negative attitude how you are looking at yourself and others. You are right, - indeed it looks like as if we are our own enemies, because we behave in ways that are not favorable at all for ourselves. We are even destructive, not only damaging our body with junk food and eating habits that make us sick, filling up our system with poison and toxins, - we are also doing harm by exposing ourselves to influences that squeezes our mind into a frame that turns out to be a strait jacket. We are identified with it and see it as our 'personality' not being aware, that this is a conglomerate out of misinterpretation and manipulation, that makes us to puppets, consumer and victims. It seems, that we are our 'own enemy', because we suffer from our limited condition, but at the same time we are clinging on it. We are stuck in a game with ourselves, that gives us the feeling of existence, but at the same time holds us tied in it. It keeps us busy and so gives us a kind of feeling of sense and meaning, hunting and going for goals and values, that are introduced to us through the established mindset of this society.
Humanity is stuck in this still primitive step of evolution and holding on it, - as this seems to be the most important, so it is causing all the negative results in our life against we are fighting and giving the fault for it to the outside, but not looking at ourselves, realizing that we are the cause.
If we could understand this as a process and that we are in transition, than we wouldn't need to hold on our 'property' in form of a rigid mindset and we could explore our existence that of course goes far beyond our present condition. Then we could become friend with ourselves and with this also come together with others. Not to be confirmed in our feeling of existence because we believe or strive for the same common goals, but because we are realizing, that we are coming and going, being connected to the same *source*. 

Living alone or together with others:

Living alone or better with others?
BeiYin: When I was thirteen years old I started to have the idea about a place where people would live together in a different way than in this society. They would do things they like to do and not just for themselves but for the well of others. They would express themselves freely and also in an artistic way. Finding out about themselves as the most important ‘work’ because knowing that we are all in a growing process, to free ourselves to connect with spaces beyond ourselves. I designed places like this and years later I studied architecture still with the same vision.
Since I was sixteen I have been living alone and I felt good to have my undisturbed space. I was free to do what I wanted; I traveled, studied, worked, met people and enjoyed my life.
Then life took over for twelve years with family life, making money, etc. until this finished and I found a beautiful place in midst of unspoiled nature. I bought this land and started to realize my dream. The first years I was living alone with my animals, horse, dogs, cats and chicken. I was working hard but I was happy, being able to realize my dream and I was building up the place. Some times alone, some times with paid workers. When the buildings were finished I offered the place to therapy groups. This went on for a few years. I still was living alone the most time, because it was difficult to find people for such a project, except hippies in those days, who wanted to space out. I was strictly against use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and there seemed hardly anybody without. People came, were staying for some time and then left. This went on for several years and I learned a lot about human behavior… To make the long story short: I tried for more than thirty years. Once I wanted to give up and I had sold the place already with a small down payment, but then the buyer had an accident and I had to move back. Years past by and again I wanted to give up and offered the place for someone who would continue with a similar intention. I wanted to give the place for free, but nobody responded. Probably people thought this is a trick or I’m crazy. So I continued and sometimes there were times when up to twenty people were living together and were feeling good, things worked quite well. But all were traveler and after some time they left, again a coming and going. That was not what I had imagined. I wanted to live with a few people with a similar intention, but people were not much interested, they came to have a good time and to learn something but not wanting to engage themselves too much. Meanwhile the place is pretty well organized: There is living space for about twenty people, there is plenty of food even for more people, there are absolutely no money problems and there is all the freedom one can dream of.
But still it was not possible to find people who want to live permanently here. Reading the various answers here I can understand why, people don't want to relate much to others, they want to have their space where there is no disturbance from others, although this is possible here as every body has ones own living space. But of course there are always difficulties that have to be resolved. At the moment there is too much work for the few people living here, but with four/fife people more it would be easy and with four hours of daily work we could maintain the place, animals and the people here. The last two years there was a lack of people and work has accumulated, so we need still to clean up, but the chaos is not worse than somewhere else… We are working on several projects like distributing information about meditation or how we call it now: ‘StressReleaseExercise’ and also we are offering our place to all kind of groups and this for free. One word more to the money aspect: We don’t deal with money, every thing we do is because it feels right, we don’t charge and we don’t pay. It really works! We get all what we need and more… A really exciting experience!
You might ask now why there are not enough people interested to live permanently there? The main reason is, that we don’t offer concepts, not spiritual and not religious. There is no leader or guru or any kind of authority, that’s what people prefer, but we need people to take self-responsibility. We need people who are capable to let go of their established concepts and deal with reality how it shows up, whatever this might be and then respond in a free way, not just reacting out of their unconscious background or at least being able to observe their reactions. Most people who come here are bringing their well-established self-image and concepts with them and then they want confirmation for this. And this is not what we can give. We can give space to experience oneself, to work on oneself, etc. but not giving confirmation for whatever concepts and for sure not for spiritual ones! How many people came here and then wanted to convince us of their beautiful spiritual concepts! Oh boy!
The last few months we went to a heavy experience with a kind of ‘troll’ who nearly destroyed all. Several people left and now there can happen a new beginning or it might be the end of my intention. The last few weeks I engaged myself in ‘answers.yahoo’ and I enjoyed it. I might continue writing here, but to do this I don’t need this place, I can do so from everywhere in the world. Sorry, I'm off the subject.
You might ask now what was the advantage living together with people vs. living alone. I can say that I never would have been able to learn so much about human nature and myself when I would have lived alone. After the many years of experience with people I must say that I would prefer indeed to live alone with my animals and my partner. The problem is that this place is too big and for two people there is too much work just to maintain the place, but this of course is no reason to continue living with others. I also must say that I love to be with others, if these are people I can trust and they are really participating in our intention and not just using the place for their easy survival. I'm really tired of people who are just using others. But also it has been a great experience if there are a few people together working on the same project and apart of this just feeling good being together, sharing their meals and having some fun together and if there is a problem showing up, being able to resolve this and supporting each other. The advantage working together on a project instead of doing this alone is really significant, apart of that it can be more fun.
I will do now another intent to find some more people to be able to continue...
About the aspect of your question 'finding ones peace' I can say that this doesn't depend if one lives alone or with 'noisy others', It is exactly the intention of this place 'FalconBlanco' to provide the facilities that one can find ones own inner peace, then the outside conditions will not disturb ones gained inner balance. One has the space to explore oneself and finds the trust to go to new horizons... and it is still my vision to do this in togetherness with others and not alone. So... 

How can we make this world a better place to live in. 
A place full of life, full of forgiveness and full of love? 
BeiYin: Whatever we try to 'make' it will not work. I have tried this now for more than fifty years and I came to the result, that it is not the question of 'making' but *being*. that means, I am only responsible for myself and need to change myself in the first place. Wanting to change something at the outside is mostly an excuse not touching oneself, but finding ones satisfaction by 'making' something to happen. That's an illusion and just results in turning around oneself.
Resume: To change the world, we need to change ourselves in the first place. Then maybe 'forgiveness' and 'love' will be *realized* and not stay as a beautiful image, of that people are dreaming, but that is not reachable, because they are caught in their 'personality', in their established mindset and in their daily life games, - not being able to go beyond and explore spaces beyond their limited little world they have created for themselves...

Environment - our World:
What is wrong with the world?
BeiYin:The world we live in now is the result within evolution of mankind in their growing process as a species. This was all the time ruled by survival needs and still is in our days. With the mainly used ways of manipulation from the most clever and strongest individuals. That there is something wrong about it, we can realize each of us within ourselves, also in our society as a whole and as well on a global level. Destruction, depression, disease and suffering all over the place... So something went wrong, what is it?
We as humans have created a strongly established mindset, that is the result coming out of interpretation and misinterpretation of all what we have experienced around us and what we have put in understandable concepts. These we have made to our property by being identified with and so we are getting our feeling of existence out of it. It doesn't really matter that our self confirmation is coming out of a manipulated fake reality in that we are acting and reacting. All helps to built up our personality and identity. The problems are showing up, when our self image that is based on our established fake reality, is clashing against daily reality, that doesn't confirm our dream and picture world. Then it shows up, that there is 'something wrong'.
What happens now is, that humans give the fault for this discrepancy in their life, to the outside and others. Then trying to use force or other manipulations to change conditions and circumstances. People have developed different views and values and all are defending their own way and position. They are in the position of victims when they loose, fighting against others or they blow themselves up when they win. Nobody wants to know that this is still part of their primitive survival game.
That's what is wrong. People are not happy and even though they suffer, they are not questioning their condition and they are not capable to take self responsibility. ALL are in total dependency of their established mindset and that includes all belief systems and even the most sophisticated spiritual concepts.
There are keys offered, but these are mostly ignored or buried under 'thumbs down', because the established mindset of our society is dominating every thing and all. That's what is 'wrong' in the world!

How can I help the world as fast as possible?
BeiYin: It seems, that nobody wants help if this includes self responsibility and for example a change in ones life style. Help is only accepted when it is in the range of ones established mindset and confirms oneself.
I had ask myself the same question you are asking now and came after more than thirty years of trying to offer a *key*, so that people are able to help themselves, - to the result, that people are so much programed in their mindset and so much identified with it, that they are not capable to do a step beyond. Not even when they are extremely suffering. They still expect and are open for help from the outside and the social and medical health system, precisely that, what has brought them into their desperate condition in the first place. "You can't solve a problem with the same mindset that has caused it!" (Einstein) Yes, that's true, if you have a solution for the problems and with this one needs to go beyond the established mindset, then nobody is interested. Maybe a very few who are so tired after going through a life long struggling, realizing that we live in a false reality created by ourselves, that finally they question every thing and then take the reigns in their own hands. 

One person said: "Market your *key* and sell it." Yes, this is how it works with any thing that is produced and then sold in our society and as more expensive you sell, as more it will be appreciated. But it doesn't work with the *key* you might want to offer, because it will need a different approach that it can work: One needs to get out of the attitude as a victim, taking initiative and self responsibility, - with other words: Getting out of dependency! At least that is the case with the *key* I have found.
I don't know what kind of *key* you imagen, - I have the impression that this is a fantasy and not a real question. To save the world from disease would mean to interfere into evolution and the process of growing, as there is a good reason for all results. Better and more real would be to be able to offer a key that makes disease and deprivation understandable as part of our learning and so could make it to a creative process, were people are involved with their own responsibility and motivation...
If you want to know what I have found out and what I can offer, then you can ask me or look for an answer at the other answered questions.
When I use the word *key* then I don't mean a new high pitched sophisticated spiritual concept. I am giving information and advice about practical things one can use in daily life and that will further ones growing and healing process. - And to make it clear: There can't be money involved, because this belongs to the field we have left behind...
And then this maybe is part of the answer, coming out of our motivation, initiative and action. 

What you would ask Melinda Gates? 
The Yahoo! News Team will interview Melinda Gates. As co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she works to help empower people in impoverished areas around the globe, especially women and children. The foundation has made more than $23 billion in grant commitments since 1994, giving good reason for her to be named one of the most powerful women in the world.
What do you want us to ask this philanthropist, businesswoman, wife, and mom?
BeiYin: Melinda, you are helping poor people around the globe, not only providing food and better life conditions, but also helping with their education to empower them. This is great and it shows that you want to do something where it is most needed and it shows, that you care for people, - but wouldn't it be much more important and effective to do something about the *real reason* why there exist poverty in underdeveloped countries and also poverty and all kind of suffering in the USA and also in many other countries?
Isn't the *root cause* for all suffering and all kind of sad conditions on our globe, that what humans have created and these conditions have become our 'reality' with all the facts and results around? For example, that the rich people getting more rich and the poor people even poorer and also that, as one of the many 'side effect', that our environment is destroyed and so our base of life? Isn't it a fact that people all over the globe are getting sicker and the number of depression and suicide is rising constantly? In poor countries people just suffer and die, in 'civilized' countries people suffer and are kept alive with medication, surgery and other 'sophisticated' treatments. Isn't it pretty clear that this is not *healing*? Is there any body doing any thing effective about all this? These conditions are not changed by a few rich people like you giving money for charity, while others getting richer because of these conditions...
Melinda, wouldn't you like to do something about the root cause of poverty on this planet? Do you agree that the real poverty is the underdeveloped and stuck evolution of mankind in our present state of personal growth and consciousness? This poor state is manifested within the established common mindset, represented and lived in all countries and shared by all humans. It is the result of poor interpretation and mostly misinterpretation of reality and has built up goals, values and concepts, that in it's totality has created a 'fake reality', separating us all from *truth* and the goal of evolution to grow into realization of our *real being*.
Melinda, wouldn't you like to do something creative about the poor state of this mindset that is so strongly dominating people in our society and are the real cause of all our problems?
Would you also do something, when it goes against the interests of some of the richest people, who are so rich because they use the limited development of humanity by manipulating peoples values and goals and so the common mindset, making them dependent and to slaves of the money making system?
Do you agree with what Albert Einstein said, that "one can't solve a problem with the same mindset that has caused the problem?" That would mean you are wanting to use your money with an intention, that is coming out of your mindset, to change something that was caused by the same mindset. That's why you spend money, with the best intention, on treating the symptoms and not the cause, - and that of course is trying to fill a bottomless barrel!
So, - are you willing to do something effective about the root cause of humanities stuck evolution?
This is possible! - What this could be, we can find out and probably this project would need much less investment from your foundation, than big 'humanitarian help projects'.
- - -
We are a group of friends and we are working on a design for a 'project' that could be used by your 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation', so that you can give your intention the most impact. We will give the link for it here, when it is done - or we will present the project later on, personally direct to you - if this is wanted! (There is no money involved!)
Here you find also some answers of my friends...

Teddy Keeper:
1.) What is your strategy to make your help the most effective and direct it to those places where it can have the greatest impact and that without doubt is to go to the root cause for all problems?
2.) What is your strategy to find out about the root cause of the bad conditions you want to change with your help? Are you willing to change then your strategy and go for more essential goals, even though these might be against the interests of politicians and other power people?
3.) Do you know about the fact, that what ever you do and what ever strategy you are using, the efficiency depends in the first place on the state of consciousness that is involved for these actions?
4.) Do you know about the fact, that the consciousness of humanity is limited to the established common mindset of society and that this mindset is the result of mostly misinterpretation developed during history of mankind? Do you know, that this mindset is manipulated and programed by clever people for their own benefit?
5.) It is clear, that nobody can jump over ones own shadow, but are you willing to go beyond your own established personal mindset? As only then you will be able to recognize the underlying cause for the conditions you want to change and only then your help will cause a real impact being the most effective.
6.) Don't you think it would be a good strategy, first to find out about the limitations of what and who is involved and then investigating about strategies for doing something about it, to go beyond these limitations? Don't you think the first should be yourself, because then this could initiate a positive chain reaction to all who are participating with a real creative result and so make the end result, that is the help you are giving, also the best possible.
7.) Don't you think that actions of help, with the intention to change negative conditions, is or should be a transformational process, that includes all who are involved? - Even those here at Yahoo Answers! ;-)

InkyPinkie: Melinda, I don't want to be mean or negative, for sure not, but I would like to know your motivation, why you made this foundation? Are you really a philanthropic business woman? I guess you started this foundation with the same reason why other big companies are doing it, so they can give money to their foundation and so reduce their income tax. Making a huge amount of money feels good, because that is the highest goal and dream of most people. Right?
You had to spend the money of your foundation for a good purpose and then you found out, that this also makes you feel good and of course it is very positive and it would be good if more people would use their power to help others and not only to make more money and gain even more power.
Having this foundation not only gives a better image to your business, it also gives you a self image that makes you feel better and justifies being unbelievable rich.
So far, so good. Now comes my question:
Melinda, you know, that having money and so 'being rich' at the outside, doesn't mean that also one is rich at ones inside. Are you also rich inside? What is it that makes you rich within yourself? At the outside you are rich enough and I guess you are not striving for more, but what are you doing or looking for to become rich as a human individual?
You are a child of this society and so you were receiving the education like every body else, adapting all the goals and values that are part of the established mindset. One of these goals is to make a lot of money, this you have achieved, as well that you have a good husband and nice children and every thing you need in your life and more - . What is it that is still missing?
Might it be that you got the good taste when helping others, that now you want to achieve even more? Something that has such a strong impact, that it can change the whole world? Did you ever had the idea to hit the root cause of why humanity is in such a miserable condition on all levels? Even coming near to the destruction of our living space the planet Earth!
There are practical ways to initiate a transformational process into the lives of every body, not only through basic education, but this goes against the interests of the established money making system and so it is hard to find support for such an intention. I am not talking about religious or spiritual belief systems, these have failed since centuries, apart of giving an emotional frame for helpless people, who are underdeveloped in their personal growing.
Do you have any open question or an urge to find out about it? Because any project you might want to support, can only go so far as your own conscious level goes...
If you are interested, we can go further into this. (We are a group of friends, who would like to support you in your 'philanthropic' intention.)

Rahmona: Melinda, I read at your Web site about your philanthropic work and your strategies to make your effort the most beneficial possible. I suppose you are working together with professionals who find out the best ways. As you have had all your fantastic success with business strategies, so it might be, that you are using these also for trying to make your philanthropic work successful. But you probably know what Albert Einstein said: "One can't solve a problem with the same mindset that has caused it!" 
There is no doubt, that the common established success thinking, that focus in the first place on the fulfillment of materialistic and money issues, is the root cause for the misery and self destructive condition of humanity and also our living space the Earth. 
In consequence: To make a positive change happen, one must go to the root cause and that is the established mindset of our society, that is stuck in its condition and limited to it and totally depending on it. 
Your help goes also in this direction by supporting the 'Khan education', they do a good work, but they stay at the usual school education and this doesn't go beyond. 
We are a group of friends and we are working on a project to do something about the *root cause*. If you are interested, we can talk about this. We are not involved in any money aspects. 
This 'Yahoo Team' question is interesting and can move something, but doesn't bring many creative answers you can use or can be used in an interview with you. I suggest, that you ask questions directly here at Yahoo Answers. Even though you make it very clear that you don't give money to people who ask for it, you will probably get a lot of answers similar as in this question, but there are a few people here, they will engage themselves to give you creative and realistic suggestions. At least my friends and I will do our best to answer you. I believe it would be a good idea to involve people outside our foundation into your work. 
Your question might be: "What could be the most effective way to do something for a change of the miserable conditions of many humans? What is the real root-cause of humanities misery and self destruction? What can our foundation do about it?" 
Edit: Thinking about that Melinda could ask directly a question here at Yahoo Answers, probably she doesn't want to read all those extremely poor contributions. So I have ask this question I mentioned in the same category and some of my friends will do the same with similar questions in other categories. Then we will make a selection of the best answers and give the link of a page we will make. 
We should do something ourselves to make a change happen and not depend on people who might give some money, - this will support an initiative, but more important is the initial energy to give it a start!

Emma: I just read in one of the answers at the Y!A Melinda question: "Bill Gates declared: First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”
Does this really mean, that Bill Gates states that he expects vaccines to be used to reduce population growth? "When Bill Gates speaks about vaccines, he speaks with authority. In January 2010 at the elite Davos World Economic Forum, Gates announced his foundation would give $10 billion (circa €7.5 billion) over the next decade to develop and deliver new vaccines to children in the developing world."
I don't want to do an interpretation of this, but if this is true, than this would mean to intentionally cause disease to reduce population! Doing this pretending to be philanthropic is part of the common dirty game. Is it possible that Melinda doesn't know about it? Or that she just ignores it, so that she can keep her beautiful self image of being 'philanthropic'?
I would ask her about it.
And then maybe pointing out, that a real help about our miserable world situation, over population included, would be to do something about the root cause and that is the stuck and low level of our consciousness. Doing something to rise this would be the most beneficial for all, even for those who now make their big fortune by using the dump and dull condition of people.
To go for this, it might be the most necessary and important that Melinda rises her own consciousness... But this might be too personal to touch!

Do we need a new kind of leader in the world?
What characteristics would they need to have? What kind of person could we trust? 
BeiYin: You will not like to hear it, but we have exactly the kind of leader we deserve. They are representing us and our state of consciousness. That is the mentality of sheep. These of course need a leader and watchdogs, - to be able to do what is the most important for them: To eat, to sleep and to copulate, without needing to think, because they are always told what and what not to do. 
Question: But people beside of what sheep need, have more wishes and demands they are striving for. People want to be happy...
BeiYin: You are right: Sheep are just happy, not asking for more. People want entertainment and excitement, they want to see 'meaning' in what they are doing...
And the same shows up in our society: It is the manifestation of our state of evolution and that is obviously still on a primitive level. About this there can't be any doubt when we look around and observe our world and people and the big mess that they have created...
The leader coming out of this dump and dull society are on the same level, they are just more clever and know how to manipulate others, using the same tricks that are common,  creating needs and then fulfilling these. Making people to brave consumer of articles or beliefs. That keeps the sheep busy and in dependency and so the benefit for the clever ones is guarantied. 
Question: OK, I agree, our society is corrupted and is based on primitive survival needs. The leader are using this and keep us on this primitive level for their own benefit. So we must change them!
BeiYin: Now you give the fault for the misery that is showing up all around to the leader, wanting to change them! Now I remember the story about a roman emperor who was ask why he keeps all those fat deputies around him and not change them for others. Nero answered: "Those that are now during years, grown fat and rich, they do their job the same as new ones will do it, only that these will take and steal from me until they are also fat and rich! So I prefer to keep the old ones..." 
So we can conclude, that this will be the same for new leader and it is useless to ask for characteristics they should have, as these will not be different than before and it depends all on the people they are leading. 
Question: But there have been leader in human history who were advanced and more aware than the mass of people and people even liked them...
BeiYin: Yes, there have been several. With the tragical result that then they were eliminated and the system went back to the used level. - Remember Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Muhyun Roh and other...
Question: So then what would be the 'characteristics' of people so that as a result will have a new kind of leader?
BeiYin: That you can answer yourself, as it easy to describe, although difficult to fulfill. 
Question: Yes, people should get out of dependencies and be responsible for their life and their doing, they should be more critical about what is offered from society and those clever guys who use peoples dullness for their benefit and not caring about others, getting more and more power, becoming more and more rich and destroying our world... 
BeiYin: Again your are giving the fault to the outside and others! Look at yourself! Those 'clever guys' are only using the conditions as an opportunity to do the same as every body would do if they would have the power and knowledge, but you are giving them the chance with your behavior and innocence. And that is your low level of awareness!
Question: So then what can be done to rise this level? 
BeiYin: Maybe people should think about, why they need a leader... That means looking at themselves and questioning themselves. Then asking questions, - not just to receive confirmation for what they are already know, but to enter into new spaces, even though they might need to enter into unknown fields, what they usually try to avoid... 
Question: Yes, this will be difficult, because the 'unknown' is felt as scary. What can people give motivation to ask questions and to doubt their own existence? 
BeiYin: There is hardly any thing that is left 'unknown' because there are explications for every thing, at least it is an interpretation that makes one think that one knows what it is. If it is not based on facts, then a belief will do the same and that is giving a certain security and the feeling of sense and meaning, in so far protecting oneself from the 'unknown'. 
Question: The feeling of sense and security seems to be the most important and logic obviously doesn't count. What can motivate people out of their own will and decision, to leave this feeling by questioning themselves? 
BeiYin: Indeed, this is an obstacle that holds most people in their dump and dull state of awareness and only when they have been running against walls and fighting long enough, then when they are really tired of their suffering, then there might come the moment, when they are ready to question themselves and their existence. 
Question: What happens then? 
BeiYin: Even before people have doubts about the given goals and values they are trying to accomplish, they are under stress, because daily reality are full of obstacles and so they are using the many substitutes that are available in this society and part of the daily habits, like taking coffee, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, tranquilizer and other things. These makes them even more dump and dull, making it even more difficult to get out of it, as often their will power is broken down. 
Question: Yes, we can observe this around us and see the misery that this is causing. But what about those people who are lost but not drown into substitutes and finally are questioning themselves and also the given conditions? From where are coming real and valuable answers? 
BeiYin: Good question. Sorry, I need something to drink... 
Question: You are serious? 
BeiYin:Of course not, I was just joking. Let's come back to your question: From where might come *real* answers? - - - 
Question: Yes, tell me...
BeiYin: OK, here it goes: A *real* answer only can come from deep inside of yourself, after you have turned off being sucked by the outside and being occupied with yourself, That means turning around your thoughts and feelings and also your body sensations. 
Question: How can I do this? That seems to be impossible! 
BeiYin: It is much easier than you can imagine. It is called *meditation* and is a practice used since thousands of years. You can do it just after you watched the video I have made about it, go to: 
Or to the Web page with the advice how to practice this exercise.
If you have any problem when practicing, then just ask me about it. 
Question: That sounds great and I will go there. Thank you! How much is it?
BeiYin: It was a pleasure to answer your questions! - Every thing I give is for free, you just need to do it! Go and heal yourself...

Animals - Plants: 

Should I really give up my German Shepherd? 
BeiYin: The best for him without doubt, is that he is with you. You found each other and under what ever circumstances, you should do all you are capable, to stay together. See all difficulties as a challenge and part of your personal growing process. You are confronting reality and in this you learn. He is with you and will support you as a faithful friend you can trust more than any human...
I am talking out of experience. Many years ago I met a German shepherd, an older lady couldn't keep after her husband died. So I took him. I tell you: There have been a lot of incredible difficulties, but I kept him and indeed, he became my best friend and we had a very good time together. I wouldn't have want to miss him anymore and we were together for more than twelve years, until he died in my arms, - but he is still with me...
So stay with your dog! Make your parents understand the importance this has for you and that you will love them even more, if they can understand and accept this.
What I want to express is, that your dog has an important meaning not only for you but also for your life. That means for example, that you need to work on your relationship with your parents and that you learn how to relate and response to your father. Understanding that you need to see him not only as your father, but also a person independent from yourself and so accepting his specific character. Now doing your best to make him understand your position. So that you come nearer to him. Your dog has helped you to go for this! Do you understand what I want to say? That's what is 'life' about and your dog is an important part of it!

What happened when you tried a Ouija Board?
About fifty years ago I used the Ouija board because I had some questions nobody could answer me. The result was astonishing and in this time I thought that it was an entity that was answering from another level. Anyway the given messages made sense to me and pointed my search into a positive and creative direction. The benefit influenced my whole life. At this time I didn't know about the 'ideomotor' effect and that probably my own unconsciousness was responding. The 'ideomotor effect' is a psychological phenomenon wherein the Quija board user makes motions unconsciously guided by ones own unconscious background. Later I used 'automatic writing' with the same astonishing result. But there came the moment when I had to watch out not to became dependent. Later I learned to use my intuition in a similar way, for example when I had to make decisions. That means that I could go beyond my personality and connect with my source...
Looking back I can say that using the Quija board was a help in guiding me into the right direction, but I believe that the use can also be dangerous and I would not suggest the use for every body. For sure it is not a game...
The 'source' is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate, looking for happiness, - into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving abundance from the 'source'.

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